Love is in the air

Double Penetration

Love is in the airI went inside his car, still full of desire for him. He started driving to bring me back to home but I was not able to stay quiet. I took off my seatbelt and I came closer to him to lick his ear.. in the meantime I opened his trousers and.. wow, his dick was still hard and wet. I was not able to resist to it and I came closer with my mouth to his dick, I want to smell it: it smelled of his cum and of me. I took his balls with an hand, squeezing them while with the other hand I was clutching the base of his venous dick. My mouth were on the top of his dick, my tongue was out to taste it. I started licking his tap, on the most sensible points. I squeeze more his dick base and in that moment the first drops of pleasure came out from the top. I sucked them, I was thirsty of him. In that moment I feel his hand behind my head, he pushed my down on his dick letting it enter in my mouth up to my throat. I was not ready to that, I was feeling choked by him for a few long seconds after which he lifted up my head leaving me breathe. My spit was going down long his dick. He pushed again my head on his dick but I was ready: I started moving on his dick with my mouth while he accompanied my movement with his hand. I started to squeeze more his balls and to suck the whole dick. I didn’t want to make he cum in that bahis siteleri way. I felt his pulsation in my throat. I would have like to stop my movements since I dind’t want to make he cum but his hand was stopping and moving me. I felt his cum splash out from his dick, it was bully, it was rude. The only think I could do was to swallow it and catch back my breath. He is a bastard.In the meantime we arrived at home. We went out of the car and started walking towards the door of the house. I was still full of desire. Before to arrive at the door I pulled down the top of my dress leaving out my tits. Arrived at the door I tried to open it but he pushed me against it, he turned me and he kissed my lips and he started to suck greedily my nipples putting my tits inside his mouth, grabbing them with his hands. I pushed him away to take the key and open the door but he came back immediatley pushing again me on the door and starting to kiss my neck from behind. His hands were on my legs and he pulled up my skirt. He stooped on his knees and started kissing my butt, opening it with his hands. In the meantime I finally opened the door, but I was out of my mind, he suddenly lick my ass and I felt his tongue pressing my arse. I start moaning and I started moving my ass on his face stopping his head with my hand. He slap my canlı bahis siteleri butt, with his strength he freed himself from my hand and he got up pushing me inside home. I turned myself to kiss him, we started to snatch our dresses from our bodies. We stumbled on the sofa and we stopped there: the sofa could be ok, we want our bodies, our moans, our minds, not a place. I straddle it, sitting on his legs. Immediatley I felt his dick entering inside my soaked pussy. I felt every inch of his dick. I started moving slowly on it I was driving in that moment, it was my round. I heard his deep breath, impatient, I sense the b**st grow up inside him. He clutched more and more my hips, he bit my lips, he bit my tits. I was screaming, moaning in his ears, enjoying our pleasure. With an hard stroke he putted the whole dick inside me: I knew what was happening. Without realizing it I was under his wet body, I was in his possession. He squeezed me while he was fucking me. I loved that, I was his slut, I was feeling like a slut, he made me feel like his slut, I need to be his slut. He was enjoying that vision, satisfied. He bring me to the orgasm with his stroke, with his shot, with his strength. My orgasm was so strong that I pushed out his dick from my pussy to flood it with my squirt but he was unstoppable, he took canlı bahis his dick with his and and putted it inside me, again. He continued to fuck me, I was squirting everywhere, screaming.He was very satisfied to see me squirting like a slut under the movement of his cock. He stopped, He kissed my lips and with his strong grip turn me upside down, his body on my back. He started to rub his dick on my holes, stopping o my arse. I felt his pulsating dick pushing my arse. “No, please, don’t do it, it will hurt me” I tried to stop him. But the b**st had taken over him. He lifted up my ass taking me by the hips. I was so soaked and rady for him that also my ass want it. I felt his dick pushing my arse, I felt it widen for his dick. I screamed, without breath: his dick was inside me “Oh my God, please me gentle”. But he was not gentle. He moved his hips to let the whole dick enter inside my ass and I felt it all inside me. I was not able to breathe anymore. I heard his snarl, he was trying to control himself… he started moving slowly to open up my arse. My pain was turning into pleasure push by push. He started moving faster but my ass was so tight that he exploded immediatly inside me. His hot cum bring me to the orgasm again, and again and again.He stopped his movement for a while… but early started again to fuck me in every way, in every hole, in every place. We fucked on the table, against the walls, on the floor. We reached a lot of orgasm together that night as long as we collapsed with our exhausted bodies one on the other, one inside the other.

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