Love Letters


This story includes some S & M incidents between consenting adults – if you don’t like that sort of thing, then don’t read on. It was inspired by the sort of letters my mother and I wrote to each other when I lived abroad, and the memory of the year she gave me a short whip for a birthday present. (The other present, which we both enjoyed, was using it on her naked body!)


I’d just got in, and as I went up the stairs on the way to my room I heard splashing noises coming from the bathroom. The door was open, and I went in: as I expected, my mother was in the bath, soaping herself.

Her face lit up when she saw me: ‘Come and kiss me, darling!’ she smiled.

I bent to kiss her upturned mouth, caressing her wet breast with my hand as her tongue slid between my teeth. I felt her hand cover mine, forcing my fingers to crush her soft, yielding flesh, and then I sat on the edge of the bath as she continued to hold my hand.

‘Tell me about your day, sweetheart!’ she said gaily.

‘I’d rather just look at you like that, Mum – we can talk later!’ I murmured, and she glanced down at her naked body. I saw her give a slight shiver, and then she lay back in the bath, staring at me. She loved me seeing her naked – she said it excited her in all sorts of ways. It made her feel vulnerable, and at the same time she knew it aroused me – she could almost imagine feeling my eyes on her skin, and it invariably led to something else.

I looked at her contemplatively, wondering what I’d do to her later. Last night we’d made love with warmth and passion, but seeing her lying there like that prompted thoughts of being rough with her.

She began to slowly soap her body again, at first concentrating on her full breasts – kneading them, lifting them as though testing their weight, running the tips of her fingers round her large, dark brown aureoles and tugging her nipples between finger and thumb until they jutted proudly of their own accord. She ran her hands down over her body, then lifted first one leg and then the other from the water to soap her thighs. Then she sank back into the bath, and one hand returned to her breast while the other slipped between her legs.

‘Please let me see your cock, darling,’ she whispered hoarsely.

My penis was already half-erect, but I managed to free it from my trousers and toyed with it while she stared at it as if hypnotized.

‘Don’t make yourself come – I want it, darling – that’s Mummy’s prerogative!’

Mum began to squirm slightly, her hands busy on her body, and I saw her bite her bottom lip as she became increasingly more excited. Then she gave a little moan and her body arched. I saw her fingers digging into her breast, and she looked at me almost pleadingly, her body jerking spasmodically. She lay there, her breasts heaving, as her orgasm swept over her in wave after wave, and then she slowly crawled up onto her knees.

I kissed her fiercely, running my hand over the wet skin of her back, and then she pulled away and lowered her face to my cock. She kissed it and licked it for a few moments, then opened her mouth to gently suck the tip. I knew what was coming, and tangled my fingers in her hair as I felt my cock easing into her throat. I saw that she still had the fingers of one hand between her legs, and then she she was taking more and more of my cock into her mouth until her lips reached its base.

Her body was still shuddering in the throes of her orgasm as she slowly began raising her head on my cock. What she was doing to me was almost unbearable – I felt her throat tighten around me, then relax as her head started to bob up and down with increasing speed. At last I could hold back no longer, and I suddenly erupted into her. I ground her face against my groin, and she coughed and gagged, then eased back to let my cock slide out of her throat so that my semen could continue to spurt into her mouth, and then she began swallowing, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked my jetting cock.

At last she straightened, staring at me, and I slapped her face, hard. Her eyes gleamed, and then she lay back in the bath, smiling secretly to herself, her breasts heaving and her body still shuddering spasmodically, gently fondling my softening penis as I sat there gazing at her.

Mum and I had been having sex – passionate, sometimes violent, always driving each other crazy with lust – for about two months. It really began while I was on a student exchange term in France.It was the first time I’d been away from home for any length of time, and my mother was very upset, saying how much she was going to miss me.

We wrote to each other regularly, exchanging news – at first I tried to write every week or so, but Mum wrote to me two or three times a week. After a while I noticed a strange element creeping into her letters to me – a more bitlis escort intimate, almost physical undercurrent that I had difficulty in understanding. She often said she missed me hugging her, and that she’d love to be able to give me a kiss, but I didn’t take much notice.

But then I remember her writing that she’d received a letter from me that morning, and she’d read it before getting dressed, sitting in just her bra and panties, and then she went on to describe them – they were new, cream-coloured, and very skimpy, leaving very little to the imagination, she said. Another time she asked me if I was making love to lots of French girls, and that she was jealous that they should have me while she was alone at home – I didn’t quite know how to take that.

I wondered even more when she said it was a very hot night, and she was writing to me sitting up naked in bed. She went on to say that she’d gone out to dinner with a man who told her she had a wonderful body – did I mind the thought of a man saying that, and holding her in his arms and kissing her?

I began to respond in the same vein, hesitantly at first, in case I was misinterpreting her remarks, and that they were really just innocent chatter. I risked saying that I thought she had a lovely figure, and legs too – I missed hugging her, and I wished I could hold her in my arms and kiss her, but no, I didn’t mind her going out with somebody if that’s what she wanted.

She opened her next letter with a kiss implanted on the writing paper, her heavily lipsticked mouth clearly defined in every detail, saying that this would have to do until I got home. Then she told me that she’d enjoyed writing to me with nothing on, and from now on she’d always write to me like that. Would I like that? Of course I said I would, and I risked saying that I’d try to picture her writing the letters like that when I read them.

Her reply came back immediately: to help my imagination, she’d give me a few details. She was writing sitting at her dressing table naked, she said. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, studying her body and thinking that she didn’t look at all bad, with nice breasts. Over her shoulder she could see the bedroom door, and visualised it opening and me standing there, looking at her, and I’d come in and kiss her …

Then she started to talk about her boyfriend – Ralph, his name was. She said she didn’t love him or anything like that, but she was crazy about the things he did to her. If that made me angry, I could take her clothes off and spank her when I came home. Would I like that? She’d seen Ralph the night before, and he’d been rough with her, and it was nice. And anyway, what about me with those French girls? Did I have sex with any of them?

I wrote back and said the thought of spanking her excited me. I told her about Juliette, the girl I was going with, and what she looked like. Mum said she was a little bit jealous, but she was enclosing something that would make me think of her- the ‘something’ was a Polaroid photo of her standing naked in her bedroom doorway, smiling enticingly at the camera. She said Ralph had taken it – it was his camera, and he liked to take pictures of her with nothing on. Did I like the photo? Did it excite me? If so, did I do anything about it? She’d love to know.

By now, there was no mistaking the meaning of our letters – we were writing to each other almost every day, and getting more and more explicit all the time. I said the picture had turned me on terrifically, and that I’d taken my clothes off and masturbated looking at it. And then I’d masturbated again thinking of her in bed with her boyfriend, and him doing things to her body, especially if he wasn’t important to her. I told her that I was rubbing myself while I was writing to her, and then I ejaculated, spurting my semen all over the writing paper. Mum wrote back saying that she’d licked the letter, trying to taste me, and rubbed it over her body. Would I masturbate for her when I came home, and spurt my stuff all over her? She wanted it on her breasts, and her face, and in her hair.

I told her that I’d do anything she wanted when I got back to England, and perhaps she should make a list of things she’d like. I said I often thought of her and her boyfriend in bed together, and that I wondered how many men she’d been to bed with – I hoped it was a lot!

Mum said she was overjoyed that I liked thinking of men fucking her – that was the first time she’d used the term. She didn’t know how many there’d been all together – she’d had several lovers, and dozens of one-night stands. Of all the times she’d told me that she was spending the evening with her friend Joyce, most of them she was really with a man, getting fucked. Ralph liked other men to fuck her as well – he enjoyed watching, and sometimes bolu escort taking photographs, and then he’d give her a hiding and fuck her himself. Would I like to see her being fucked? She was enclosing a couple of photos anyway.

There were two Polaroid prints with the letter – both of them showed my mother with a very tall young black man – he looked about twenty. They were both naked, and mum was on all fours with the man kneeling behind her, fucking her from the rear. In one of them his glistening black cock was only partly in her, and it looked huge – its circumference just about matched that of mum’s wrist. He was leaning forward over her, one enormous hand clutching her hanging breast, and she was smiling back at him. In the other picture he was kneeling upright, his hands gripping mum’s hips and his belly crushed against her bottom – his buttocks were clenched, and he’d obviously just plunged his gigantic cock fully into her vagina. Her face was turned towards the camera, and her expression was one of pure ecstasy.

Then she wrote to say that when she’d had sex with Ralph the night before and he was ramming his cock into her she’d suddenly thought of me doing the same thing to my French girl, and she’d immediately orgasmed. I’d told her that I often thought of her when I was making love to Juliette, and then Mum suggested that she’d go to bed with Ralph at exactly eleven o’clock on Saturday night, and I should do the same with Juliette at the same time, allowing for the time difference, and that we should both think of each other while we were having sex.

I said I thought it was a wonderful idea: of course I didn’t tell Juliette, and I fucked her thinking of what the man was doing to my mother at that precise moment. Juliette said she’d never known my cock to be so big and hard, and even after I came I was still fully erect, and I fucked her again. By the time I’d finished Juliette was sobbing, saying how wonderful it was, but all I could think of was of my mother being fucked while she was thinking of me.

On Sunday I wrote to Mum saying it had been the most marvellous sex of my life, only to get a letter from her, also written on Sunday, saying exactly the same thing. She told me everything Ralph had done to her, and she’d done to him, and how she’d imagined it was me. She said that after he’d fucked her she’d sucked his cock, still thinking of me, and did Juliette suck me? Mum said she loved sucking men, and having their cocks down her throat – could I imagine having my cock in her mouth? She was afraid she might shock me if she told me all the things she liked, but she didn’t want us to have any secret desires.

I wrote back that I couldn’t think of anything she might like that would shock me, and that I’d masturbated again at the thought of my cock in her mouth. Yes, I said, Juliette sucked me – she was very wild, and she particularly liked me to fuck her up her bottom. Mum said she’d nearly fainted with excitement, thinking about having my cock up her backside.

But then I didn’t hear from her for over a week, and I started to get worried. Then, at last, a long letter arrived, and I stripped off my clothes and lay on my bed to read it. Mum said that Ralph had broken off with her – he’d met a couple of teenaged girls They were sisters, and Ralph had told her that they were completely uninhibited and behaved like animals, and he loved the feel of their soft young bodies. Mum had responded by putting on her most revealing dress and going to the bar of a nearby hotel were visiting businessmen often stayed.

Sure enough, a man had offered to buy her a drink, and when they sat at a table she’d let him put his hand up her leg under her skirt. They’d gone up to his room, and he’d fucked her all night – he didn’t seem to mind that she didn’t have a soft young body, she added bitterly. She’d done the same thing for the next couple of evenings, meeting different men and letting them fuck her – once there had been two men, and they’d taken turns with her.

Then she’d received a reply to an ad she’d answered in the local paper – a married couple wanted to meet an unattached woman for adult fun and mutual pleasure. They all met for a drink, and found that they got along well together. Then the woman took Mum’s hand and asked her if she sometimes enjoyed pain – just looking at Mum turned her on and made her want to hurt her. Mum said yes, she loved to be hurt, but not too badly, and the woman had kissed her as they sat in the pub, and said that she was sure they’d all enjoy themselves, and would Mum like it if she peed on her, and things like that? Mum said she was getting wet thinking about the woman peeing on her face, and then they agreed that Mum would spend a weekend with them as their sex slave.

When she arrived at their house on Friday evening they burdur escort stripped her clothes off and put manacles on her wrists, joined by a length of chain, and told her she’d have to stay like that, naked and chained for the whole weekend. Then they both started to kiss and fondle her, and made her undress them. Mum said the woman had a beautiful body, and she kissed her all over, and when her head was between the woman’s legs the man fucked her from behind.

Then the woman produced a short whip and started to use it on Mum’s naked body, pausing to slap her breasts and pinch and tweak her nipples, until Mum begged to be fucked. They spent the night with Mum sleeping between them – they were all naked, and during the night Mum woke up to feel the woman’s mouth on her sex and breasts, and the man fucked her again.

On Saturday they both slapped and whipped her – they were all kissing and feeling each other, and she lost count of how many times she used her mouth on both of them, and how often the man fucked her, in her vagina and up her bottom. Whenever the woman wanted to pee, Mum had to lie in the bath while the woman squatted over her, and a couple of times her husband had pissed on her too. That evening they’d invited some friends, another couple, round, and Mum had had to answer the door to them naked, and let them feel her, and then she served them dinner before they all fucked her. Again she spent the night sleeping between the man and his wife, naked as usual, and again they both used her.

Sunday was spent with more beatings alternating with more sex, and they both peed on her again, and then they all kissed and hugged each other and promised they’d have another weekend together soon.

Ralph had left his Polaroid camera behind, and Mum took some photos of herself in the mirror to show me the marks they’d made on her body, and how puffy her lips were from using her mouth on her new friends. She said that often she’d imagined it was me whipping her and fucking her, and it had driven her wild with excitement.

At long last it was time for me to go home. My mother met me at the front door – she had a shawl round her shoulders, but otherwise she was completely naked. She dropped the shawl, not caring if anyone in the street saw her, and flung her arms round my neck and kissed me. She’d been standing like that, waiting in the hall for me for over two hours, she told me later. I just dropped my bags and kissed her, and then I kicked the front door shut and carried her up to her bedroom. Neither of us said a word, and somehow I got out of my clothes, and for the first time I pushed my cock into my mother and fucked her.

We didn’t leave the house for three days – the time passed in a blur of sex, and we did everything we’d written about to each other again and again. We were both naked the whole time, constantly kissing and touching each other, and even when we tried to eat we’d break off and go back to bed, or I’d simply fuck her on the floor or the kitchen table. She pleaded with me to hurt her; she’d bought a small whip for me to use on her, she told me she’d masturbated with the handle thinking about how it was going to sting whenI whipped her body. She had an old-fashioned brass bedstead, which made it very easy to tie her wrists to it and then whip her or spank her and slap her breasts while she writhed in torment. As I’d promised, I masturbated for her, squatting on her with my balls resting on her naked belly as I rubbed myself. She raised her head to watch me, and I ejaculated wildly over her face and throat.

We finally stopped though sheer exhaustion, and we slept for nearly a whole day, and then decided to go out for a walk. Mum reluctantly put on a dress, although she was naked beneath it, and when we stopped for a drink at a pub I put my hand up her skirt to feel her. Then on the way home we found an alleyway, and Mum hoisted up her skirt and I fucked her against the wall. I’d had a couple of pints of beer, and when we got home my bladder was bursting. Mum took her dress off and knelt in the bath, and I pissed all over her. After she’d showered, she oiled her breasts and kneaded them around my stiff cock until once again I came under her chin and over her face, my semen trickling down onto her breasts to mingle with the oil.

As I sat on the edge of the bath, staring down at my mother’s naked body, seeing her fingers still idly moving between her legs, thoughts of everything we’d done since I’d been home flashed through my mind, and my cock started to stiffen once again. She smiled up at me.

‘The water’s starting to get cold, my love,’ she said, and got to her feet. I wrapped a towel round her and briefly rubbed her body as she climbed out of the bath. Then I tossed the towel aside and took her left nipple between my finger and thumb, gradually increasing the pressure as I squeezed it. Mum shivered, then smiled at me adoringly.

‘You’re going to hurt me tonight, aren’t you, dearest?’ she purred.

I pushed her back until she was half sitting on the wash basin.

‘Yes, you gorgeous bitch!’ I grunted. ‘But first I’m going to fuck you!’

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