Love to Cheat on my Partner


Love to Cheat on my PartnerIt started about a year ago. My hairy bear partner loved playing softball. I’d go to his games and team practices to watch him play from the sidelines. It was always fun, because I knew we would fuck like rabbits after we got home from the games. I never knew I would find something else to admire also.Sitting behind the dugout watching the game, it was not long before I noticed a masculine hairy man gazing at me. It was one of his assistant team coaches. He nodded his head at me, when our eyes locked. Seconds later he got up and walked to the restroom.My heart raced. I hungered for his hairy sweaty body, but I knew I also had my other half with me. What to do! My hairy 7 inch cock twitched in my wranglers. I got up and walked towards the restrooms also.Inside the restroom, the hairy bear named Russel was at one of the urinals. I moved over to the next one and unzipped my wranglers. My semi-hard cock flopped marsbahis güvenilirmi out. I looked over at Russel as he moved his hand over the hairy patch of fur above his 8 inch thick piece of man meat. “Nice man… that’s real nice,” he said.I smiled, as we both zipped up. As I left the restroom, he slide a card into the right pocket of my wranglers. “Call me during the next practice. I’ll come over and give you a workout, while you are alone okay,” he said then walked out the door.After the game my bear partner and I returned home. I was so horny. We sucked, jacked, and fucked for quite awhile that afternoon. As my partner slide his thick dick inside my hairy cowboy hole, I closed my eyes. I could not stop thinking about Russel’s offer and how his cock would feel inside me. My partner pounded my manhole harder and harder. I imagined it was Russel breeding me. “That’s my hole cowboy. I’m gonna nut deep marsbahis yeni giriş inside your ass,” my partner moaned out.As he started shooting his man cum inside me, I fantasized about Russel. I shot my cum load all over my chest and spurted some in my mustache. My lover was shocked I cum so hard and moved up to kiss me with the cum on my mustache. It was so hot. After my partner got up he put his underwear back on and went into the other room.The next day my partner had softball practice in the evening. While at work, I got up the nerve to call Russel. “Leave the door unlocked and ready for my cock. I want to nut inside you bareback…that hole will be mine now.”After my partner left for practice, it was not long until I heard the front door open. I knew I only had about two hours alone. I was ready and lubed for him. He came into the bedroom and got naked. The sunlight from the window made the hair on marsbahis giriş his chest shine. He looked down on the floor next to the bed. “This your partner’s underwear,” he asked.I answered yes. Russel quickly put them on and slide his cock through the slit of them. It wasn’t long before he was on top of me with his 8 inch thick cock pressing against my hairy cowboy hole. “Awww fuck yeah that’s a nice tight hairy cowboy hole,” he said as he slide inside me.He pounded me for several minutes, then started hitting my spot inside my hole. It was not long before I was spewing man cum all over my chest without even touching my cock. “Don’t you tell your partner I am pounding your ass okay…its our secret,” he grunted as he began to nut inside my hole.After he breed my hole and pulled out, he pulled off my partner’s underwear and got dressed. It was so fucking hot and still is. Russel and I play about once or twice a week secretly. Lately, he has been telling me that he wants to be fucking me, when my partner comes in. I’m not sure about that, but does sound hot. For now, I like things as they are. I get double loads inside my cowboy hole some days, and my partner tells me how hot and juicy my manhole is a lot.

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