Lovely Day for a Ride


We wake in the morning to a bright sunshine streaming through the window. You kiss my lips tenderly, running your fingers lightly through my hair.

“Good morning my little Minx.” you whisper softly, “Did you sleep well my love?”

“Mmmm.” I moan, “How could I not with you here by my side?”

As you gently stroke my body from head to hip we discuss plans for the day. We have nowhere that we need to be. We decide to take a ride, anywhere the road takes us. But first…

I giggle wickedly as an idea strikes me. I touch your chest in the lightest of caresses, sending shivers of goose bumps dancing along your skin. I watch closely as your nipples tighten and harden. At exactly the right moment I lean in and bite the left one, making you call out in surprise.

“Oh, you little Minx! I’ll get you for that!”

I laugh and try to roll away, but you are too fast. You grab my hips and say with a deep chuckle, “Now you will pay!”

I laugh harder, knowing what is in store for me now. You begin to tickle me mercilessly. I try to squirm away but between laughing so hard and you straddling my legs it’s no use, I am at your mercy. Quite suddenly I notice the change in your touch. It’s no longer a tickle but a caress. I moan aloud. I see you becoming erect. I stop squirming altogether. You lean down and kiss me.

At first it’s a tender, loving kiss. Then it deepens, becoming more passionate. Your fingers hold my head, your thumbs stroking my jaw. Slowly and gently you slide your hands down my neck, over my shoulders, your eyes locked with mine. My heart beats faster. You draw your hands down my arms causing me to lift them in response. Your hands reach mine, gently stroking the backs on their journey. Your fingertips touch mine and you pause. After what feels like a lifetime but is only a heartbeat you place your palms against mine.

Holding my hands captive by the lightest touch, our fingers outstretched touching from tip to palm. Slowly you interlock your fingers with mine. Still holding my gaze, words never spoken. You bring each hand to your lips and kiss the knuckles where our fingers join. The meaning is clear to me. Together forever, as it was meant to be.

You lift your fingers, one by one, and our hands separate. You continue on your journey of touch, stroking the insides of each wrist. Down the inside of my arms, past my elbows, to my armpits, lingering there for just a moment, a slight smile on your face. Deciding not to break the spell you have me under you continue. Lightly touching the outsides of my breasts, making me moan out my pleasure, the only sound for several minutes, as if the world has fallen under your spell as well.

Down my sides, the gentlest caress, to my hips, thumbs caressing each bone. Farther still, thumbs touching the skin of my groin, making me catch my breath, as your hands move to cup my upper thigh, as far as you will be able to reach without moving and breaking the enchantment. Giving each thigh a gentle squeeze you make the return trip, a little more pressure with your hands. I know without looking that you are hard as steel. Your hands meet over my pubic bone and you pause. I feel you press both hands into the skin that covers my clit, sending shockwaves through my body.

I moan aloud, I want to close my eyes in sheer ecstasy but don’t want to break the connection that we have. You continue to move up my body, over Escort Bayan my belly. Reaching my breasts you linger. Cupping the fullness of each one in your hands, rubbing the nipples with your thumbs. As they become more erect you continue to move upward, over my upper chest, over my neck, touching my face, my lips, my cheeks, sliding your hands into my hair. Leaning in to kiss me once more, eye contact is broken as our lips press into each other and I can’t help but to close my eyes.

I feel your body shift slightly as you kiss me passionately. You lay fully on me. I feel your chest hair tickle my breasts and groan into your mouth. I feel your knee probing my legs, asking me to open them and I willingly comply. I am ready for you. Our bodies have made this journey enough times to know the way without help, our souls many more.

I feel the head of your cock against the waiting entrance to my pussy. You kiss me even more deeply as you press yourself forward into me, my hips lifting to meet your thrust. You are buried fully in me in one thrust. You stop for a moment for us to savor the moment of filling each other as only we can. Your hands drop to the bed, one on each side of my head, to support the weight of your body and give you leverage for each thrust of your cock into me.

Finally I feel I can touch you. I lift my hands to your face. Stroking your stubble, your goatee, and your mustache. I cup your head in my hands, looking into your eyes with what I hope is all the love that I feel for you. I slide my hands down your neck and over your shoulders, feeling the muscles move in your arms with each thrust of your body. I move my hands down your chest, loving the sensation of the hair on my palms. Caressing your sides and finally coming to rest on your hips, which I hold in my hands, guiding your movements with slight pressure, that slowly increases as the sensations within my body start to build.

My breathing gets faster, matching your own. Lifting my hips to meet you, your thrusts coming in quicker succession. I slide my hands up your back. As I feel my release coming on my nails dig into your back ever so slightly, a small amount of pain, just enough. I feel you get harder inside me and I know that you are about to cum.

“Oh God, baby fuck me. Cum inside me.” I say in a near purring voice.

“Cum for me, my minx. Cum with me.” you nearly gasp.

The words, the sounds of our lovemaking and our moans send us over the edge and we explode together. Taking each other to heaven and back.

You collapse on me, but swiftly roll and bring me on top of you. I lay my head in the crook of your neck and breathe. Our heart beats and breathing match, we have become one body.

After a few minutes I feel you slip out of me and I whimper. You stroke my hair, telling me without words that there is always another time. When words are finally spoken it is a declaration of undying love from each of us to the other. We get up and head for the shower together, washing each other swiftly so that we may begin our outdoor adventure. We towel off and dress then head to the living room and our choices.

With a roll of the die we decide to head due east. We hope on your bike and begin our adventure. Stopping many times along the way for a stolen kiss, looking for a possible secluded spot. We finally find one in the mountains of Virginia. There is a slight Çankaya Escort trail that tells us lovers may have used this spot before. You guide the bike down the trail as I follow behind. We reach a clearing, small but cozy.

The ground appears to be solid enough to support the bike for an extended period so we decide to picnic there. As we eat our lunch on a blanket we talk about life in general, nothing specific, for well over an hour. As I am wiping a small dab of butter off the corner of your mouth you turn your head just a little and suck my finger into your mouth, making me gasp in surprise as well as pleasure. You capture my hand in yours and give the same treatment to every finger on that hand. I lean forward and kiss you as you lower my hand from your mouth.

“This is your opportunity to fulfill a fantasy.” I say in a voice that is slightly breathless.

“Mmm, and what fantasy would that be, my love?” you ask with a knowing tone.

“To bend me over your bike and have your way with me sweetheart.” I giggle.

“It does appear that way doesn’t it.” you say with a chuckle.

We get to our feet and step into each other’s arms. After several minutes, and severe petting, I look around and see that you have maneuvered us near the bike. I laugh and look at you, seeing the twinkle in your eye. You turn me around and kiss the back of my neck, making my knees weak. I have to catch myself to keep from falling and what do I lay my hands on but the seat of the bike. I hear you say what sounds like “perfect” and I giggle.

I feel your arms go around my middle. I feel you tug on the fastening of my jeans. When you have them open you slip them down around my ankles, effectively trapping them. I feel your hand on my back, using gentle pressure to bend me over. I know that the other hand is occupied with your own clothing, releasing your cock from its fabric prison. I am ready.

I feel you press against me, seeking entry into my pleasure center. I lift slightly and open as far as my bound ankles will allow. You enter me in one hard thrust. I cry out in both pleasure and pain. You stop, fear of hurting me causing you concern. I back myself against you, telling you that I am fine. I love the feel of your cock inside me, possessing me. You begin pumping into me, slowly at first then faster as my juices surround your cock, making the way easier. I can hear your grunts and groans of pleasure. Those sounds, combined with the feel and sound of our bodies joining bring me near orgasm. Then I hear you speak. You are telling my how good my pussy feels around your hard cock. How wonderful it is to fuck me.

“Fuck my ass. You know you want to. Please baby, I want you to fuck my ass.”

All I hear from you then is a groan. I feel your cock leave my pussy and find the puckered hole just above it. Pushing slowly you enter my ass and stop. I ask you to take it back out then give me a moment. You do and when I tell you I am ready you enter my ass again, causing me very little pain. When you are in as far as you can go, you stop. Just entering my tight ass has nearly made you cum. I hear you moan. You tell me how my ass fits you like a silk glove. I am nearly to orgasm. You begin thrusting into my ass, slowly. I feel you reach around me and rub my clit as you begin pumping faster. The tingle begins at my feet and I tell you not to stop, I am about to explode. Ankara Escort

“Rub it a little faster babe, I’m going to fucking cum! OH GOD…”

As my orgasm wracks my body your hands grab my hips and you thrust into me, hard and fast. Just a few strokes and you are there, cumming harder than you ever have, filling my ass up with your sperm. Our shouts of release join together as I have a second orgasm feeling your cock explode inside me.

We stand there a few moments, not wanting to separate just yet. I have straightened up and you are holding me, my back pressed tightly against your chest, your cock still inside my ass, as you kiss my neck and whisper in my ear how much you love me. A park ranger steps into the clearing, out of the trees where he was watching, his cock in his hand. We break apart quickly, not quite knowing what was about to happen.

“Folks, I sure enjoyed the show.” He says with a grin, shocking us both, “Now if you would be so kind as to allow me to fuck your woman, I would be much obliged and will let you go on your way with nothing said.”

We look at each other and grin. This is what we had talked about doing. You wanted to watch someone fuck me that wouldn’t become involved. Now was our chance.

“Sure mister, as long as you wear a condom and my husband gets to watch.” I say with a saucy smile.

He agreed to the terms, provided that we didn’t tell a soul either, his wife would kill him. I take my jeans completely off and ask the ranger to lie on his back. When he is in position, condom in place, I straddle his hips and slide him into my still dripping pussy. I turn my head slightly to make sure that you are watching and see your cock nearly standing up again.

“Turning you on to see me fuck him babe?” I ask in a wicked voice.

“You know it does, Minx.” you say with a smile.

“Then stroke it for me baby, let me see if you can cum again.”

Then moans of pleasure from the man under me tells me that he is just as turned on by being watched as we are by the activity. Watching you stroke your cock as you watch me fuck this stranger brings me to the brink of another orgasm. I glance at the man and see he is nearing his own release. I look at you and see the pleasure on your face. I get a sudden idea to fulfill another fantasy.

“Babe, fuck my ass while I ride him.” You come closer to me and enter my ass for the second time. It doesn’t take long. We all reach the peak together. Our cries mingling with each other as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure races through our bodies.

As the spasms subside you slip out of me and I stand up. I pull my clothes back on and walk unsteadily to our picnic area. I grab a sandwich baggy and hand it to the man, “Can’t have you leaving trash laying around. Put the used condom in here.”

When he has done as requested I take the baggie from him, close it up and place it with our trash from lunch. We thank him for the fun and tell him that we will be on our way now. Packing everything back onto the bike we hit the road yet again. The next place to stop is a gas station where we dispose of the trash and clean ourselves up. I hug you close to me and whisper of my love for you.

Time to further our adventure. We hit the road again. A couple hours later we wind up at a beach. We park the bike, take off our shoes and walk in the waters edge, barefoot in the sand for the first time together. We walk along the beach hand in hand talking and laughing about our adventures so far. Our bodies satiated for the moment, but knowing it won’t be long before we are making love on the beach, possibly under the stars, with the moon our only witness.

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