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***Contains some Spanish dialogue!! Translations will be inparenthesesafter quotes! Story is a work of fiction*** Hello, my name is Ian and I am a 16 year-old, half-white half-Mexican, teen. I also have a mild form of muscular dystrophy that weakens my muscles. My upper body strength is probably at 75% compared to a person who does not have this disease, and my leg strength is at around 30%. This means I use a powered wheel chair to get around, as I can’t walk. I can go a few steps if I had someone help me, which is how I get in and out of my chair, bed etc. My parents divorced when I was really young, and I live with my mom and step-dad in a suburb of San Diego, CA. I am closer to my mom’s side of the family, my Mexican side, because my dad’s side lives in another state. We have a really tight family. My mom is the eldest of 3 children. My uncle is married and is expecting a child with his wife; and my Aunt, the youngest daughter is also divorced and has a daughter that is about a month younger than me. Her name is Alexandra, or Ale for short, is what we always call her. We grew up really close as we Escort Fikirtepe are both only-children. Ever since we were young, I always felt a little crush for her. When ever we played house we would always be husband and wife. Our parents thought nothing of it. Little did they know what would happen in the future… After middle school Ale hit a growth spurt and really matured fast. She developed into a very sexy girl. We go to the same high school and she is part of the popular crowd. She’s never treated me any different though. We have different groups that we hang out with and all my guy friends beg me to set them up with a date with her. I just laugh and tell them it will never happen. I have always been an advanced student, and during our sophomore year they put me in a pre-calculus class which is full of juniors and seniors. Ale was somewhat known for going after the upperclassmen and in class I would over here some guys brag about how they banged the “Hot sophomore chick”, referring to my cousin. I would just get this burning feeling of jealousy in the pit Sancaktepe escort of my stomach. I didn’t know why, it’s not like I would ever have a chance with my own cousin, wouldn’t that be wrong? Ale is short maybe around 5 feet 2 or so. She has beautiful slightly tanned skin, wavy brown hair and big brown eyes. She had agorgeousface. Just absolutely beautiful. She has perfect size C breasts, a flat belly, and juicy tight thighs. Her ass was perfect and slappable. Some times in our grandparent’s pool I would just watch her swim. I was mezmorized by her form as she moved in the water. I knew she knew I was watching but she just continued and acted as if I wasn’t there. Now, this story begins in our junior year of high school. We are both 16. It is early December and my grandparents are throwing their annual Christmas reunion for our extended family. All of our parent’s cousins and their kids were there along with friends of the family. My grandparent’s house is really big and since there will be a lot of drinking, we usually stay in their guest bedrooms. One üsküdar escort bayan tradition of sorts in our family, is that after we turn 16 we are allowed to moderately drink alcohol; an occasional beer or two and glass of wine with dinner. It is 7:00 pm and we are all gathered around the table eating a delicious feast of rib roast, turkey, and ham along with mashed potatoes, yams and green beans, all prepared by my grandmother. Ale and I are awkwardly sharing a glass of wine, already feeling silly with only a few sips. We make small talk about school gossip and what teachers suck, and I try to explain to her a concept of physics that she is having trouble with. “You’re such nerd dude!” says Ale with an appreciative grin on her face. “Really?” I reply, “I’ll remember that next time you beg me to do your English paper!” One of our parent’s cousins over hears us talking. “Wow you guys are like brother and sister!!” says the cousin. We both laugh and look at each other smiling. I look into her big beautiful eyes and my heart feels like it’s melting. My smile fades as I yearn for what I can’t have. The cousin continues: “Ale, would you be jealous if Ian had a girlfriend??” she says jokingly. “No, why would I be??” says Ale with a blush. I feel a slight flutter in my gut as I see her reaction. “Well cause you guys are super close!” replies the cousin laughing. Ale picks up the glass of wine and downs the rest.

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