Lubrication in the Tool Shed


It brought it all back to me but I never guessed anything like this would happen. Anyway you may have read Carl’s first hand account of being caught with his pants down. Yea and that’s an understatement.

Anyway it was two years since I went on that biking holiday with Bobby and I had almost given up ever being able to fulfil what began that evening in the youth hostel.

But the sight of this young completely nude guy brought back all those feelings, like causing my cock to have problems finding space in my shorts But I had never seen Bobby really nude like that. The furthest I got was feeling him under the quilt.

This all happened so quickly. The four of us were out taking an early morning jog to keep fit.

It was no surprise this guy was embarrassed. Perhaps he thought no one would come down the tow path at that hour.

But wow what a body His bare bum got sort of highlighted as it was all white, where he had taken his pants off. It stood out in contrast to the light tan of his smooth thighs. Then as he jumped up you could see his modest biceps and pectorals. He was so youthful and boyish looking. It was the first time since Bobby that I had seen such a sexy looking young guy.

So there we were; a bunch of rough hulky Rugby players with this young nude when the scene got even more revealing. Hank, who was standing to one side as he got up, saw at first hand this creamy dildo or plug slip out of his bum slit. The poor guy, in his panic of hastily trying to find his pants had revealed a lot more about himself.

To be honest I felt immediately sorry for him at the time and I actually put my arm around him and told him not to be too embarrassed. I said something like ‘we were all human beings and anyhow we Rugby players are broad minded’.

Ian had already greeted him really casually like: “Hi Carl Good to see you about so early in the morning” He acted as if he found it all very normal. Because I had just joined the team, I didn’t realise they all knew him from school days. You would have thought they’d have made more out of catching a guy doing anal masturbation.

Maybe Carl had been tempting providence but anyway he was happy to accept Ian’s invitation to jog along with us. Brian Hank and I went ahead a bit while Ian accompanied Carl. But the comments and banter were getting hotter. Brian had said something loudly about not being ashamed to show your needs but it was audible to Ian who deliberately misunderstood ‘needs’. Perhaps he hadn’t seen that Brian was holding that dildo.

It was obvious he knew them quite well and seemed to relish the banter. Anyway he caught up with us and with his very brief shorts, tight sleeveless shirt, bare arms and shoulders, he so much reminded me of Bobby. I guess I had better quickly tell you what had happened between us that time.

It was our last night in a youth hostel and I had found Bobby in the top bunk with his head on his chin reading a book. We often discussed fitness during our weeks holiday and he liked to talk about his muscle tone. It had been making me excited because he had such an attractive and youthful body just like Carl but I had never got to see him in the nude. I still had this vision of his beautiful smooth firm muscles, his tight T-shirt and shorts which gave him such a good profile. But then I was far too shy to say or do anything about it. I didn’t consider myself gay and I couldn’t see that any one could deny how irresistible he looked.

As Bobby lay there his lower legs and calf muscles were bare where the quilt didn’t quite reach. I didn’t have to think of an opening remark for an excuse to touch him as he immediately started saying how he found lying on his stomach best to avoid cramp in his legs. That gave me my excuse Of course I began with his calf muscles and when I progressed up under the quilt to his thighs he just went on reading his book as if nothing was happening. His young legs felt so firm and smooth.

I don’t know what happened as I was shy but I just couldn’t help myself. My hand progressed beyond the crease at the top of his thighs. It was pure instinct that had me fondling his bare buttocks then, realising I had gone too far, I looked furtively at his face. All he did was smile back at me in a sort of inviting way. As I ventured my finger tips into his slit, I realised that my cock was getting raging hard. Honestly I had never thought of doing anal sex with him but it was like my own body which was telling me what to do.

But then alas we heard voices and others entering the dormitory. So that was where it had ended some two years ago and I could not get over a longing to go further. ‘Did he really want it?’ I had been asking myself. It was like I was the only person in the world with these thoughts and that I could never share them with anyone.

So to get back to the present, Ian started offering Carl the groundsman job at the Rugby Club. But I knew he and the committee had already turned down dozens of applicants and as far as I could see Carl eryaman escort hadn’t even applied for it .

We had slowed to a walk now and they had gone ahead slightly. “Will this be a first time for you then Sandy?” Brian asked casually.

“What do you mean?” I answered.

“What he means is” Hank had a coarse way of putting things. “Is this the first time you’ve stuffed your cock up a dandy boy’s asshole and given him a fucking good shafting?” .

“Hey keep your voice down he could hear us” Brian said.

“Anyway” I tried to reply steadily but feeling my cock responding to the hard talk, “I reckon he probably wants it anyway.”.

“It’s got nothing to fucking do with what he wants right? It’s what he fucking needs right? Hey you see his pretty buns under those panties? Well under there is a boy cunt just aching for a man’s meat Look you don’t know him do you? Well I’ll tell you he’s ripe for it, right up his fucking bum hole You see his ass is wobbling as we speak. He needs just one fucking thing and that’s to get gallons of fucking sperm and spunk spurted up his tight little asshole. Look at him He’s a beauty He’s gonna get it forced up him He won’t even be able to get his plug in, by the time we’ve finished with him, there’ll be so much fucking spunk oozing from his slit” Hank thumped me on my shoulder but was making us all get really hard. Brian was having to make adjustments under his shorts.

Ian and Carl had stopped so we all gathered round eager to offer Carl help with any machines that, as Ian suggested, might be too heavy for him..

It was a sort of mix of testosterone and team spirit but quite frankly I was dizzy with horniness At that point I could willingly have participated in a gang rape if Carl had tried to get away. It was like we were a team of hunters and he was our captive prey. But captive or not he was being lead like a lamb not to slaughter but as Hank put it ‘to give his boy cherry a fucking good seeing to’ we were going to ‘pump his bum up’.

“OK he’s been to college and learnt from books and got all clever and that but look at him He may be over eighteen but he’s still a boy If he’s going to be groundsman he’s going to have to be one of the team and that means not just helping him with machines but it means giving him the right tools for the job and he’ll get lubrication right where he fucking needs it”.

“Mind you I wouldn’t mind spunking between his buttocks what do you reckon Sandy?” There was a sort of pent up pressure in Brian’s voice.

By the time we got to the tool shed (aptly named as it happened) Ian was explaining about mowers. We all wanted to get to work on Carl but then as it turned out so did Ian. He faked an apology for interrupting Carl’s naked reverie back on the tow path. From then on all restraint was off.

In a team atmosphere like that you don’t think twice about stripping off and we were all getting naked as Brian invited Carl to come down and suck his hugely erect cock. We were used to seeing one another in the nude in the showers so our erections were no embarrassment. As Carl bent down to get at Brian, Hank went straight for his pants pulling them right down to his ankles and baring his bum which seemed even bigger and more enticing at close quarters. Ian and I lifted him so Hank could take his pants and socks right off from under his feet. Carl was now completely nude from the waist down and making no attempt to stop us getting at his boy cunt.

“Come on open his bum up he’s ripe and ready for fucking Oh yea just look at that” Ian the team captain was now taking the lead. They pulled his buttocks well apart so there was Carl’s cherry right there in front of our faces. That very part of Bobby I had longed to get at. Nothing else mattered at that moment except focussing all our attention on those pink star shaped creases of sensitive skin that came together to focus on that all important point of entry to Carl’s youthful body.

Brian was first to apply his tongue to the soft pink creases of his anus and as he did so I could see Carl’s hole opening. I went in to join him. Both our tongues tasted his mildly salty juices. His sphincter was relaxing more and more so we were licking him right up inside his pink boy cunt.

Hank was ready and waiting with a jar of cream which he wanted to apply to work into Carl’s asshole.

“That is what is called a ripe cherry all pink and soft and ready to be fucked” whispered Ian in my ear as Carl bent over a bit more. Ian had got this little glass pipette thing with a rubber bulb which he had filled with olive oil. He was teasing his anus with it and when he touched the rim of Carl’s sphincter his hole would open as if ready to receive some thing big. Then Ian would squeeze some oil just inside him to help lubricate his anal canal and internals. With such momentary glances of the interior of his bottom, I was getting to know Carl intimately and sexually before I even knew him as a person..

All the while we could see Carl sucking at the eryaman escort bayan whole length of Brian’s rigid cock so Hank, who was getting impatient gave Ian the cream and went round the front to get himself sucked, but very soon he came back with his huge and I mean, it was fucking massive erection He seemed to have swelled after getting sucked and was near to orgasm when he pushed his hard knob hard into Carl’s juicy anal cunt. We had a close of view of the action. Carl was still bending over but the force of Hank’s body was pushing him over so he grabbed him around his hips and pulled him back against his rigid fuck pole. I could see Carl’s face wincing as Hank upped the pressure. His muscles bulged as he pulled Carl’s bum back on to his cock and his thick hairy thighs clasped on the fair skin of Carl’s slim legs.

His anal sphincter was being stretched to its limit by the sheer force of Hanks cock. Hank’s whole body seemed in a pent up state like a huge steam engine but as he repeatedly probed Carl’s cunt he seemed to be loosing control. His hood had just started to penetrate his sphincter when he suddenly lost it. You could see his huge pink member going into orgasm. From behind his large dangling scrotum to the tip of his cock the powerful rhythmic spasms between his massive hairy thighs showed Hank’s male equipment was in ejaculation mode. With his hood still just inside Carl’s cunt the pressure of the spunk ejaculation and its lubricating power suddenly forced him to yield. Hanks drove his still spurting dick down into the depth of Carl’s bottom. He forced his massive meat right down so it disappeared into this beautiful smooth boy bum. You could say this was ‘anal’ then closely followed by ‘rectal insemination’ in close up.

Carl seemed none the worse after taking such a huge guy right up inside him and then getting utterly ploughed These was semen all over his bum cheeks as Hank withdrew his huge slimy dick which hung from his broad hairy frame like a flaccid fire hose He seemed even more puffed after his exertions than Carl was.

His asshole looked like it was smarting from Hanks fucking. His sphincter would open then close tight as bubbles of slimy cum oozed from inside. Anyway in less than a minute Brian was burying his ‘steel rigid injector pump’ deep in Carl’s juicy cunt and believe me he was at least as big as Hank .

Brian’s penetration was really sexy to watch. His cock looked as big as Hank’s as he directed it along the base of his slit until he engaged with his cunt You could see Brian’s huge pink hood slowly being enveloped by Carl’s outer sphincter and then very gradually at first his huge meaty fuck pole started to enter Carl’s bottom. There was this huge hairy guy drilling his prick down as Carl was now in a position like a sprinter about to start a race but with his smooth lily white bum up and Brian’s huge cock now descending into the depths of his rectum. Now he was again getting what he really needed It was then that I determined that I was going to get Bobby over for the night. I was going to fuck him like this. Brian’s fuck pole had got slimy from Carl’s bum so well fertilised with Hanks sperm. It looked so much like a man’s working tool as he thrust its juicy length in and out of Carl’s asshole. As his boy cunt was being slammed, Carl was tossing his head from side to side in ecstasy. I was going out of my mind with excitement but I couldn’t help thinking of Bobby. So I resolved that any virginity he might have left was now at an end He was going to get it BECAUSE HE FUCKING NEEDED IT, even if I had to rape him and force my fuck up deep between those virgin buttocks I had once begun to feel.

On each up stroke poor Carl’s grossly stretched sphincter could be seen clinging helplessly to Brian’s shaft. Then it would be forced back in as Brian rammed his rod mercilessly up his ass cunt. Brian told me after that it was Carls’ tight hole gripping his hood that made him loose control. He had such a smooth sexy body you felt, once you got up inside him, like you just had to shoot. Brian was shouting out that Carl was a ‘pansy bitch’ then with his cock deep inside his bottom you could see his genitals ejaculating. The base of his shaft between his hairy legs and below his huge balls went into a sort of pumping action. There was no sperm wasted this time, every squirt found its target somewhere deep inside Carl’s rectum.

I have got to admit this too and I said I wasn’t gay but oh shit The sight of Brian’s hairy ass slit as he pumped Carl’s bum made me want to fuck him too. I had never felt like that about a guy before.

Now at last I was to get my turn. Carl’s bum was even more juicy and slimy now and his cunt was oozing cum down the back of his balls as he was still bent over. I was so pent up I didn’t let Carl suck me as I knew, if he did I, would loose control and shoot it all in his mouth. Anyway at that moment I noticed he was sucking Ian so I wanted to get in before Ian decided it was his turn.

Somehow though we were doing escort eryaman what we always did in a Rugby game. It is a team sport so naturally each player has his own task. I felt like I was going into a scrum while Ian was doing his usual Scrum Half job of collecting the ball. But it was actually Carl who ‘collected’ a mouth full of cum when Ian lost it and filled his cheeks with floods of his ejaculated sex fluids.

It was a big moment for me and I hesitated for a few seconds just watching his cunt twitching and opening in expectation of my cock. He was dribbling Ian’s spunk from the side of his mouth.

Now my dick isn’t quite as thick as either Brian or Hanks but it is a lot longer. I had read about anal sex but never before done it, so I knew I would be able to penetrate further up him if only I could get him on his back with his legs up. There were already more team members around who had heard us in the shed and came to investigate. These guys, all already in the nude, helped me get him out on the grass. It was a bit public, I mean anyone could have watched but I didn’t care, this was my moment and no one was going to stop me giving this pansy boy the fuck of his life The others held his legs up while I positioned my dick over his oozing cunt hole. In the end it was so easy I just slipped my raging penis up his lovely boy bottom. I say ‘slipped’ because he was so slimy and well fucked already and his cunt was well dilated by the others.

So as good manners require I then introduced myself, although I had already introduced myself rather more physically I looked down on his young smooth chest heaving as I began to probe him inside. “I’m Sandy by the way and you are a very pretty boy Carl. I have always wanted to fuck a boy like you so now I’m going to fuck you up your bottom right? And its like you don’t have much choice because, well you are down there and I’m up here on top of you” I said smiling and looking directly in his eyes. Carl giggled as if to provoke me. “I’m going to send my male sperm up your boy bum whether you like it or not” I don’t know if I actually said all that but that’s what I meant to say and he said something like it. ‘Go on then’ he replied in an impish sort of way. But once I started provoking his gland his was unable to manage any more comments.

I watched his eyes and his face closely as I pushed my knob into all his secret places inside that lovely boy bum. Oh how I loved him as I looked down on his helpless body squirming and his smooth chest heaving under my provocations. His cock had been flaccid until now but I began working it with my hand. I felt it swelling when I got to probing his internal genitals. The feeling in my cock of these sensitive parts of his body was driving me crazy. But I wanted him to experience the thrills with me.

His dick swelled even more as I probed his semen tubes and his sex gland. We were both near to climax when Carl started to get this massive rectal orgasm. I could feel it through my knock and it send me way over the edge. I squeezed his dick, it was doing spasms but the poor boy couldn’t ejaculate as I was so big inside him. My cock had squeezed and overpowered his tubes so he couldn’t get his spunk out.

In that last moment before I lost all control I began kissing him under the locks of his boy hair at the back of his ears, then on his cheeks, then finally on his lips as I felt my own spunk starting to spurt out of my raging cock. I felt the pressure of it as it flushed through my spurt hole and straight up his anal canal. I wanted to flood his rectum with everything I had. He so much needed it right up inside him It would put hairs on his chest and thighs. These were my intoxicated thoughts as I inseminated his bottom and nourished his youthful body. But in the my last few ejaculations I thought again of Bobby and wished I could be fucking him too.

Carl said sometime later that he preferred being fucked on his back as he could see the full naked bodies and muscles of the guys fucking him. He was complimentary about me and had been trying to kiss me all over while I was shafting him. But I had got to places inside him that I don’t think the others did.

I had fucked many girls but never a guy before. It was a new experience for me. His bottom was so hot inside and he seemed to have a way of clasping my prick that sent me wild as I was ejaculating. Carl said I shot more up him than anyone else. I felt really satisfied after doing him too. He was so sensitive inside. Oh how I wanted to do it to Bobby.

It gives you a special feeling when you fuck a fit young guy. Even though he is not rugged like we are, he needs that contact with big muscular guys to confirm his masculinity and nourish his manhood.

Anyway that wasn’t the end of it. With two guys holding his legs up, Carl got fucked by just about every other team member and some extras who were both aspiring young players as well as some middle aged guys. In fact he got one hell of a fucking and all the time he just lay there groaning as cock after cock drilled his bum hole and spurted more and more semen up his asshole. I just don’t believe he had never been done before it’s impossible. The guy can’t be telling the truth or if he is then he’s the biggest born cum-slut imaginable.

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