Luck of the Irish


I have always been as avid sports enthusiast. Besides enjoying the actual sporting events itself, it is a terrific place to see great looking men; Couldn’t ask for a better place for a lady to be. When a group of friends suggested we attend our local hockey teams “Green ICE” game for ST Patrick’s Day, I was all for the idea. In honor of the holiday, besides turning the entire rink GREEN, a local radio station was doing promotions. Just prior to the face off, the announcer came on and explained that they would be calling two ticket numbers of all the tickets sold to be VIPS for the evening. These people would have special seats with the team, meet all the players after the game, and attend a special St. Patrick’s Day party with the them.

I had just returned to my General admission seat with a tray full of “Green Beers” for everyone when they announced that they were calling the lucky numbers shortly. As they read the first number, I was still passing out beers to our group. One of the other ladies of the group looked at her ticket and said “OH, I was only ONE number away!”

I dug my ticket out. It was MY number! I was so excited. After being congratulated by my group, I went to the PA stand to collect my prize. The thought of sitting and being close to those fabulous hockey hunks for the evening was enough to put me on quite an incredible high. Then to get to meet the players after the game was just such a rush.

I was standing talking to the announcer, while we were waiting for the other lucky person to come forward, so they could take us to our “special” seats. Up walks a gal, holding her ticket. If you put 500 people in a line and said “choose the hockey fan”; she would have the 499th pick.

She was in her late twenties. She had shoulder length straight mousy brown hair, slight build, glasses. A fare complexion was the back drop for her soft thin pink lips. She could have easily passed for any librarian in the world. She wore loose jeans on her slender frame, with a sweater buttoned all the way to the top. A crisp white collar poked out of the neck of her sweater covering what little curves she had. Her flat white sneakers added no additional height to her already above average height. She was shaking she was so nervous at approaching us with her ticket.

I had now had several green beers, and am very out going anyway. What a contrast my partner of the evening and I made. I am in my late 30’s, but still get carded buying alcohol occasionally. Standing just 5ft , my long golden blonde hair appears long and full. I am full figured and always smiling. My full size 38D’s filled the entire front of the hockey jersey I had on for the occasion. Being so short, I could have wore the over sized jersey with nothing underneath, but donned a pair of matching leggings and black heeled boots. The white in the jersey showed off my golden brown tanned face.

The PR people from the radio station and arena introduced themselves to us; we to them. The library mouses’ name was “Jane”. How appropriate, plain boring Jane.

I was just about thinking to myself “I left a group of wild fun people to spend the evening with this gal?” when we approached our seats. We were basically sitting right WITH the players. These young fit studs look good from a distance, but up close, with their skates making the appear much taller, and the pads making them look much bigger, much sexier, wow, it was like smorgasbord. I loved the curious glances we received from several of the players as we approached.

We took our seats as the music was playing and people were really getting into the spirit of things. The “mouse” had not said 2 words up to this point. She looked timid and frail next to these burly hockey players.

The announcer called people to their feet for the national anthem. I turned to face the flag. When I did, thats when I saw Shay for the first time. The players had taken off their helmets, and I got a good look at faces rather then just bodies. He was looking directly at me. His eyes were probing to lock together with mine. I had no choice but to connect with him.

His eyes were a vibrant deep green. I could see the green tones and highlights with him standing next to the green ice. He appeared to be one of the older members of the team. His dark short styled hair was tossed and ruffled from removing his helmet. A thin scar showed up lightly across his cheek bone. No doubt an injury suffered in a game. His strong and well defined chin framed out the rest of his rugged look.

I could hear the National Anthem coming to an end. I hated to look away from him, yet knew in seconds the spell would be broken. In an instant, he had winked at me, and smiled showing me beautiful white teeth and eyes that lit up with excitement.

People were still on their feet and clapping. Queens “We are the champions” was blaring in the back ground. I watched the whole team begin to suit up and begin to wish each other good luck. It was so cool being right there with them, listening kadıköy escort to them talk to each other. I was really enjoying my “prize”.

I looked over at Jane. She had sat back down and was wringing her hands. “Come on girlfriend, isn’t this incredible? What a view we have from here!” I said motioning to the players now bent over in front of us.

She made some non committal comment as I stood there in awe of all the prime meat displayed in front of me. I was trying to locate Shay, to see if he was going to start. It was hard to tell them apart after they had their helmets back on. As my eyes searched, I saw him. He had his glove off, he gave me the “thumbs up” sign, then, held his finger out and pointed at me and made eye contact. Sexiest thing I have ever seen. Off he skated.

The game was fast and furious. You cannot be at a hockey game long, even not being a fan, and not get caught up in the incredible force and pace these men keep up. Even Jane was showing signs of life now and then.

I had to have another beer and use the ladies room. I asked if Jane wanted a beer. She of course declined, saying she didn’t drink beer. Geez, there was a surprise. I made it to the concession stand. The line was endless. So as not to miss any more of the game, I ordered a few extra large beers. I also noticed they served wine as well. Now, that looked more like Jane. If they made a foofoo drink with an umbrella, that would have been better, but I figured the wine would be a good ice breaker for her. Maybe loosen her up a bit.

I was delighted to find when I returned to my seat that she did in fact like wine, and said that she was very thirsty. She slammed the first glass down before I had even got back settled in my seat.

The next quarter started as her wine disappeared again. The game was very close. The announcer did an excellent job keeping people into the game. Music played at every quiet interval, the play by play announcer had you on the edge of your seat. My heart raced every time I saw Shays number skate quickly by. I was watching his every move. He was fantastic. Right in front of where we were sitting he stole the puck from the opponent and sent an awesome slapshot right at the goal. It all happened so fast, no one had time to defend the goal as the puck sailed into the net. As his team mates congratulated him , he turned to look at me. Yes I was watching. He raised his hand to me as if to say “ALL RIGHT”.

I copied a “high 5” in the air to him.

I sat back down. Jane leaned over to me and said “he is fascinated with you , you know”.

I said ” I am sure he has a whole stand full of ladies ooohing and ahhhing over him”

The wine definitely had loosened her up. We made another trip out to use the ladies room and for refills.

With just minutes to go and 3 glasses of wine, Jane had become quite a lot of fun. She was clapping, hooting, hollering. My plain Jane had loosened up and was even talking about the physiques of some of the players. She was enthralled with the goalie. Before the start of each period when he would scuff the ice in front of the goal, and limber up. I have to admit, my heart did a flip watching this 200 pound plus man, doing the splits, and on all 4’s.

I couldn’t resist reminding her she was going to meet him after the game at the party. As I did, her face became a crimson red.

“Relax” I said to her. “He won’t bite, well maybe not hard enough to leave marks anyway.”

Janes face once again turned a bright red. “I have never even spoke to a man like that” she confessed.

“Well girlfriend, tonight, you have the luck of the Irish with you, because you are going to get to talk to a WHOLE team of men, JUST like your goalie hunk. Who knows, maybe we will even get to steal a kiss or two.” I replied to her.

I saw a smile spread across her thin lips.

The game continued on with an exciting finish. Our team won easily 4-2.

The celebration had already begun with the men skating over and shaking hands with the other team and slapping each other on the backs. It was so exciting to be right there on the ice being a part of the festivities.

I noticed Jane looking for her goalie hunk in the malay of pumped up men. Her eyes lit up at the sight of him and a flush spread quickly across her fair complexion.

I followed her suit and scanned the ice for my hockey hunk, Shay. About the time I located him, he had skated in front of me stopping with a quick edge on his blades.

For the first time in a long time I was at a loss for words. As he took his helmet off, and reveled his dark, wet hair, he couldn’t have looked any more “manly.”

“Good game, I really enjoyed it” was the best I could come up with.

He smiled that rugged, white dazzling smile again, exposing a to die for set of dimples on the sides of his mouth. “We aim to please ma’m” was his response.

He might as well of said “Let me make love to you right now” judging from the way his eyes caressed kadıköy escort bayan me and his words made my body feel.

Just then the promotions manager from the radio station approached us. “You’ll get your turn to talk to these fella’s later, ladies. We need you to come with us for some pictures and to take you to the party.”

I shrugged and caught his eyes as they whisked us away. I saw Jane still staring at her goalie.

We were lead to an annex area that was set up with all kinds of Irish food and an open bar. Shamrocks adorned the tables full of food. I truly felt at that point like I had picked up a four leaf clover that day myself.

I reached out and grabbed Jane and pulled her close as we mingled in and out of the forming huge crowd.

I recognized media personal from TV as well as local dignitaries and sponsors.

Jane and I had just managed to get a drink when the crowd erupted. The music stopped for a moment and the MC pumped the crowd. “Ladies and gentleman, YOUR WINNING TEAM”. In poured the players, now in their street clothes. Other then most of them having freshly washed and wet hair, it was almost impossible to distinguish the players from the guests.

As the crowd grew, Jane snuggled even closer to me. So close I could smell her delicate flowery scent.

She was searching the crowd, as I was, trying to get a glimpse of our players.

I saw her goalie first. Standing well over 6ft, he was easy to spot. I saw him at the bar. He had downed one beer immediately, and was drinking a second with a third in his hand as he walked away. I was trying to keep track of where he was headed when I saw him reach out and hand a beer to someone. It was Shay.

“Oh my GOD,girlfriend, follow me” I told Jane as I grabbed her hand and started pulling her along, heading in the area I had just seen the goalie and Shay.

On the way I spotted one of the radio promotions people. “There you are ladies, we need to get a few pictures of you mingling with the players” she quipped.

And I had JUST the players in mind as I pointed to our targets.

She ushered us right along. “Gentleman” she called to them. “Would you please pose for a few pictures for our Green Ice promotion”.

I saw that almost “eyeroll” look on their faces, till they realized who they were going to get their pictures taken with.

No one seemed to mind as the photographer asked us to move a little “closer” to each other. Or to “squeeze in”. We made quite a little four some actually.

I could tell by the look on Janes face that she was in total awe. She looked at her big goalie with the most adoring eyes. The surprising thing was the softness he had taken on when returning her gaze.

The last time Shay put his arm around me for a picture, he whispered in my ear “I was so afraid I would never see you again”.

I still have that picture hanging in my den, that they took right after he said that. I was beaming ear to ear, he was smiling so sly and sexy, and Jane and her Goalie were cuddled up like old high school sweethearts.

It was at that moment our “lucky” evening took a turn even luckier.

The four of us stood together making small talk, laughing. We had worked our way back to the bar for more cocktails. The music was playing a bit loud, making too much conversation a bit hard, but it was one of those moments, when words really weren’t needed.

All too soon, the lights got brighter, and the music stopped. “We’d like to thank all of you for coming out this evening. This ends our post game reception” the announcer informed the now thinning crowd.

I could tell by the look on everyone elses faces, that they were as disappointed as I was.

The goalie spoke up ” You know, I know a place where we could continue this ST. Patricks Day celebration that is not too far from here”.

We all agreed and immediately made our way out to the parking lot. I was worried about Jane going along with this twist in plans, so I suggested she ride with me.

As we followed the men, she bubbled with excitement and nervousness. She confessed that her sexual experiences were very limited. I sort of thought that from the first minute I laid eyes on her. I assured her that she would be fine. The wine that she had consumed through the evening certainly helped take the edge off. I could tell that she was very turned on, and a little infatuated with her goalie.

Its wasn’t a few miles away that we turned into a very upscale condominium complex. They drove us through security gates and to a private culdesac. The goalie seemed to do well for himself.

Jane was having cold feet as I had to pry her from the car. As I was helping her out of the car, the goalie came to my rescue and offered his elbow to her. For being such a big rough and tough guy, he had the sweetest romantic side. I had no doubt, Jane was in good hands. Shay had that “bad boy” look in his eye, and gleam in his smile. He radiated sexuality, and escort kadıköy I couldn’t wait to get a taste of it.

We entered the condo and settled around a bar area. Drinks were served. When I looked over and saw the Goalie plant the most romantic long deep kiss on Janes lips I had ever seen; MY heart fluttered, I can’t imagine what that tonsilectomy did to my innocent new friend.

Shay took this as his cue, and came and led me out onto a secluded deck area with a hot tub. It was a warm evening for March as I finaly got to taste his lips. The kiss was incredible. There was nothing shy or tentative about it. He kissed me with raw passion and hunger. His tongue found mine instantly. I followed his lead kissing him back with pent up passion from a whole night of lusting him. Our bodies pressed harder and harder together. I felt his harness pressing against me. I loved the way it felt. I pressed myself even harder against him. “Last one in is a rotten egg” he teased, as he pulled off his shirt.

Not to be out done, I pulled off my jersey and stepped out of my pants. As I pulled my sports bra over my head I heard his breath catch. “Oh my GOD, do those things have their own zipcode?” he asked me captivated with my full breasts.

He came to me and cupped both my breasts in his hands and began kneading them, pushing them together. “Oh baby, I;d love to titty fuck that nice pair” he moaned.

He was now totally naked and I was in awe of his rock hard body. From skating, his thighs, legs and ass were rock hard and rippled with muscles.

I eased him toward the hot tub so he could rest on the edge. I bent over him, letting my breats fall forward. Pushing them together with my arms, I slid his very erect cock between my cleavage. It was such an incredible sight, in the moonlight seeing his hard cock head sliding up and down between my big mounds. I could tell by the precum forming on the tip of his head, that he was enjoying the show as well.

As his head of his cock came forward toward my mouth as it was sliding up and down in my cleavage, I teased the very tip of his head with my wet tongue. His precum, my saliva, and the cool air, was creating quite a sensation for Shay. I saw him throw his head back, increase the momentum, and his hands grabbed my breasts and thrust them even tighter together.

“You like fucking my tits don’t you babe” I rhetorically asked him.

“Pinch my nipples now” I commanded him.

I could tell he liked me talking nasty to him. Every time I said something, I could see the look in his eyes and his thrusts increased.

I could tell he was very close to cumming. I wasn’t sure if he could recoop enough after an orgasm to return me the favor or not, but it was so so sexy watching that cock now dripping with precum, sliding between my cleavage.

“Cumm on my tits babe, let me see you spurt your cumm all over me” i encouraged him.

Thats all it took, he erupted with a loud moan as his cumm spurt all over my breasts and chin. I stuck my tongue out to catch the next round of drops flying from his head. His salty cumm hit the end of my tongue as I greedily licked it up.

He smiled at me, and bent down to kiss me again. In the middle of a long playful kiss, he leaned over and pulled me close, cascading us backwards into the deep hot tub.

I loved his playfulness as well as his sexuality.

We soaked a bit, talked, exchanged views on world peace, laughed. It felt very natural, very comfortable.

I was warm so had pulled myself up onto the edge, my feet dangling in the water. He came before me, still standing in the hot tub. He spread my legs, pushed me back a bit more. Looking in my eyes, he took his fingers and began exploring my wet and slippery pussy. Even the warm water had not washed away my wetness. His fingers slid in and out of my fuck hole, as well as slid across my clit, now getting harder and more sensitive by the minute. I began to rock my hips with his motions, rocking against his fingers sliding in and out of me.

He spread my pussy lips wide, and began lapping my pussy with his tongue. The contrast of his warm mouth and the cool air was sending shivers up and down my entire body. It was not long before I felt the beginnings of an incredible orgasm building. I could feel his tongue probing my hot hole, and then flicking my clit. He would get my clit in between his lips and suck it into his mouth, creating the most intense feeling; almost painful it was so exquisite. I threw my head back to arch my body closer to his mouth. That is when I saw Jane and her Goalie through the sliding glass doors.

The Goalie had Jane layed back and legs spread on the kitchen counter. She was completely naked, showing the fairest creamy skin I had ever seen. Her bush was a light brown, like her hair. He was squeezing her nipples in each hand, as his face was buried between her legs. He was literally sliding her back and forth on the counter as he was eating her and tongue fucking her pussy.

It was an incredible sensation to watch Jane getting the same thing I was. It intensified immediately my orgasm building. In no time at all, I was cumming in waves all over Shays face. I knew it was turning him on. I could feel him moan and the vibrations sent waves to my pussy.

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