Lucky Ch. 01


Author’s note:

A new year, a new series! This has just been an idea I’ve been toying around with for a while. I hope you all enjoy it!

And thanks once more for all the incredible feedback I’ve gotten. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I feel the need to reiterate just how much it really drives me forward! You guys are the greatest!

– your city bird

I’ve got to tell him tonight. I can’t lie to him anymore.

Liam paced in circles around his New York apartment, nervously biting his nails as he awaited his lover’s arrival. He had been with Tristan for six months now–something Naomi, his girlfriend of just under a year, knew nothing about. And unfortunately, Tristan knew nothing about Naomi either.

All that would change tonight, for better or for worse. Liam wanted nothing more than to surrender to Tristan. He felt as if everything in his life was completely expendable if Tristan would stay by his side. That’s why he had to tell him about Naomi. Tonight he would confess and the next morning, he would end it with Naomi.

Liam was literally stopped in his tracks as the knocking at his front door pierced through the fog of vexing thought. He rushed toward the door, pausing at a mirror to ensure his hair was appropriately fashionably mussed before answering to that persistent knock.

The moment the door creaked open on its hinges, a pair of long thin arms wrapped themselves around Liam’s body as if they would never let go.

“Tristan,” Liam chuckled, his worries temporarily erased as he lifted the younger man off the ground until he could wrap his legs around his waist. Tristan peppered Liam’s neck and shoulders with gentle kisses, his fingers twining in Liam’s soft brown hair as the older man shut the door behind them with a swift kick.

“Hey now, take your coat off stay a while,” Liam chuckled, spinning Tristan in a quick circle.

“I know I just got here,” Tristan said in a smoky voice as his scalding tongue traced around the shell or Liam’s ear, “but I want you, Liam.” Tristan leaned back slightly, his tongue briefly flicking across Liam’s lips before finding its way to refuge. Liam returned the kiss fiercely, pushing Tristan roughly back against the now-closed door.

“You sure you don’t want to talk a little?” Liam said, already panting as he briefly broke the kiss, “I went shopping today. I bought you a present.”

“What a sweetheart,” Tristan cooed, kissing Liam on the cheek. “But I can’t wait,” the kisses trailed slowly and tenderly around his jawline. “I want you right now,” Tristan’s mouth returned to Liam’s, his tongue plunging between Liam’s easily yielding lips.

“I want you too, Trist,” Liam moaned into Tristan’s still-open mouth as he ground his hips between his lover’s spread legs.

“Where do you want to fuck me?” Tristan replied with a guttural groan, his head leaning back against the wall behind him, “I’ll do anything.”

“Ugh,” Liam groaned, his cock growing increasingly and unbearably hard at the sound of his lover’s impassioned voice. He pulled Tristan’s back from the wall and nearly ran the five feet from the door to the kitchen table on which he sat Tristan down gently. “Get ready,” Liam whispered, kissing Tristan lightly on the cheek as he turned to exit the kitchen. “I’ll be back in ten seconds!”

Slightly frustrated, but more excited than anything, Liam sprinted into his bedroom, retrieving his bottle of lube and managing to at least get out of his shirt. Visions of the scene about to unfold filled his mind as he began his return. He felt impossibly lucky to have fallen in love with a guy like Tristan.

That feeling was only intensified as Liam turned the corner and reentered the kitchen.

Tristan lay on his side on top of Liam’s kitchen table. With his chin supported by an elegant hand, Tristan’s long lean body lay stretched out before Liam, every square inch of bare skin a glowing ivory in the dim overhead lighting. His raven hair swept slightly over his hooded eyes which seemed to be eating his lover alive. Liam looked on in a daze as Tristan’s other hand slowly roamed down the length of his body and briefly disappeared behind him. A look of pleasure overtook Tristan’s face, his breathing quickening slightly as he tightly closed his eyes. “Liam,” he whispered wantonly, his cock twitching as his hidden hand continued to perform its unseen acts of hedonism. “Ahhhhhh,” he sighed, the tension in his body disappearing in an instant. Slowly, Tristan’s hand came back into view as he withdrew a rather long graduated plug from between his legs.

Looking up into Liam’s eyes, Tristan sighed. “If I’m not ready right now, I never will be,” he eryaman escort laughed slyly. “I’ve been sitting on this all day.” He set the plug down on the table beside him as he continued to smile up at Liam. “What are you waiting for? Eat up,” Tristan cooed as he spread wide his smooth white thighs.

Unable to withstand his own inaction any longer, Liam quickly and clumsily unbuckled his belt and stumbled out of his trousers. Tristan turned to lean back on his elbows, his legs hanging gracefully from the edge of the dining table, as he watched his lover approach.

As Liam arrived, he found his hands magnetically attracted to Tristan’s body. Even when he was clothed, Liam found it difficult to restrain himself from pouncing on Tristan, but when Tristan was completely nude, it was as if he didn’t look complete without Liam’s hands, his body, his tongue.

Liam gently caressed the side of Tristan’s beautiful face as his other hand found its way to the sultry heat of Tristan’s entrance. Tristan moaned, turning his face slightly and laving the gaps between Liam’s fingers with his scalding tongue.

“You really did plan ahead, didn’t you?” Liam said, suddenly forcing two long fingers inside Tristan’s now trembling body. “You really should have come over earlier.”

“But I liked waiting for you,” Tristan hissed out through clenched teeth, “I’ve been so hard for you all day.” Tristan began to move his hips in smooth ellipses, forcing himself down against Liam’s slowly thrusting fingers, “So c’mon… I want you… No foreplay…”

Ungluing his hands from Tristan’s body for just a moment, Liam rushed to uncap the bottle of lube while pushing the strained elastic of his boxer briefs down to his ankles. Moving like a man with a purpose, Liam greased his length like greased lightning. He leaned forward, aligning his body with that of his beloved as he wrapped his arms just beneath Tristan’s, bringing him forward for a blindingly intense kiss. The moment Liam’s tongue thrust forward to meet Tristan’s, his hips drove forward at full tilt, their bodies joined in a frantic instant.

Tristan let out a muffled howl that would have shaken the walls if his lips weren’t sealed with Liam’s. As Liam’s hips began to thrust forward with wild abandon, Tristan bared his teeth, clamping down on Liam’s tongue, drawing blood and spurring Liam’s passion.

Liam tightly twisted his fingers in Tristan’s sable hair, pulling him backward, ending their fervent and now bloody kiss and allowing both wildly thrashing parties some much needed oxygen. Despite their burning lungs and aching bodies, neither man showed any signs of stopping. Sweat poured over Liam’s lightly tanned body as he lost himself with frenzied movements in Tristan’s burning heat.

“Fuck….. Fuck, Liam…” Tristan groaned, his hands reaching out like a blind man’s, exploring the firm expanse of Liam’s chest and abdomen as they forced themselves repeatedly between his legs. “I love you so much.”

“Ugh…” Liam grunted in reply, leaning forward to gently claim Tristan’s soft lips once more. The words Tristan moaned in his ears in ecstasy, the vague taste of his own blood on his lover’s lips, the scent of Tristan’s hair and the sweat that shone on their bodies–it all suddenly became too much for Liam. “I’m coming, baby… fuck…. Come with me, Trist…”

Tristan was already with him. With the blinding heat of a solar flare, both men’s bodies collided in a mass of desperately writhing limbs; lips and teeth devouring flesh with a savage passion as they celebrated their release. Even through the pain of Liam’s nails raking deep trenches in his back, the feeling of Liam’s hips as he wildly thrust forward, the rapture of his own orgasm, Tristan could feel Liam’s warmth spread throughout his body from within.

“I love you so much,” Tristan moaned, his fingers lacing in Liam’s hair as he brought him closer for another searing kiss.

“I love you too,” Liam mumbled against Tristan’s lips, his hips stilling as he pulled Tristan closer in his arms, “I’d do anything for you, Trist.”

Being able to share a moment so fierce and tender, so intimate and passionate with someone who he truly loved, Tristan realized just how lucky he was at this moment. He was being held by a man who not only accepted everything he was, but embraced him unconditionally as a friend, as a lover, as a partner. He had met his once in a lifetime man.

Tristan folded himself into Liam’s arms as he was carried from the kitchen to the bedroom. In a blissful daze, Tristan fell asleep in the arms of the man he loves.


Half-conscious, Liam could eryaman escort bayan feel a faint tickling at the back of his neck, followed by the feeling of long, cool fingers sliding from his neck to touch his cheek. Slightly annoyed at being disturbed from his sleep, Liam tried to escape the sensation plaguing his dreams.

No use. Liam slowly opened his eyes, the searingly bright morning sun silhouetting the figure before him. As his eyes adjusted and focused on the face of the man beside him, any shred of annoyance or his usual morning grumpiness disappeared in an instant. With a smile as bright as that morning sun, Tristan continued to slowly run his fingers through Liam’s hair, twisting the ends gently with his fingertips.

“I’m sorry, boy, you’re just so cute when you’re asleep,” he beamed, propping his head up on his fist.

Liam reached out, pulling Tristan close in his arms. Seeing him so happy suddenly reminded him of the pain they would soon be going through. He hadn’t managed to tell Tristan last night of his relationship with Naomi. As much as he wanted to come clean and allow Tristan into every aspect of his life, all he wanted to do was hold him like this forever. He didn’t want to see Tristan cry, but what would be better–blissful ignorance or an honest and equal partnership?

“Tristan, I need to tell you something,” Liam spoke softly into Tristan’s ear as he continued to hold him tightly in his arms. Slowly releasing him, Liam sat up in bed with his back against the headboard. Slightly confused, Tristan did the same, clinging to Liam’s hand like a lost child, “What is it?”

“This is going to be a little difficult, but I need to get this off my chest, because I have something big I want to ask you…” Liam said, fidgeting a little in his seat.

“What is it?” Tristan repeated, the lost look in his eyes growing more frantic as the atmosphere grew tense

“I’ll just say this flat out and then we can go from there… Uhh… When I met you, I was sort of seeing someone,” Liam paused, taking in a deep, ragged breath and rubbing his temple with the heel of his free hand. “And, um, I never really broke it off with them.”

Liam could feel Tristan’s hand go limp in his grasp as he grew a shade paler before his eyes.

“But I want you to know that I’m ending it with her. She lives out of state and I haven’t touched her since you and I got serious…”

“She’s a SHE?!” Tristan said with a deafening gasp, his watering eyes going wide. He withdrew his hand completely from Liam’s as he began to rock back and forth on the bed. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” he said softly, hiding his face in his hands as he began to cry.

“I was so scared that you would leave me,” Liam sobbed, turning to Tristan and trying to pull him close, “I know I’m stupid, I’m a fucking coward, but I love you so much… I just…. I don’t know what I would do without you… And… I wanted us to be completely open with each other now because… well… I want you to stay with me forever. No lies. No secrets. I just love you so much…” Liam cried onto Tristan’s shaking shoulder, his arms encircling Tristan’s body.

Reaching behind him with one hand Liam’s hand found the black bag that sat in front of his nightstand. Retrieving the small box that lay inside, Liam turned back fully to Tristan. “Remember how I said I went shopping last night and I bought you something? I got you this,” Liam said, placing the box on Tristan’s folded knee. “It’s a ring,” he continued, nuzzling his face against Tristan’s neck, his tears falling on smooth pale skin, “I want you to keep it. If you never forgive me for as long as you live, I’ll understand. But if you ever decide to come back to me, I want you to know that I’ll love you until I die.”

Tristan shook his shoulders, forcing Liam to part with his beloved’s body. He looked up into Liam’s eyes, his own eyes raw and red with tears, and shoved the box back into Liam’s hands. “I don’t need a ring to know you love me,” Tristan said, his despondency evident on his shaking voice, “I already know.” Tristan reached out, taking Liam’s hand and placing a kiss in his palm. “I just need to clear my head for a day or two… If you’re leaving her, I’m not leaving you,” Tristan whispered, squeezing Liam’s hand again.

Liam’s disheartened face lit up for an instant at those nearly silent words, “Trist! I…”

“Wait,” Tristan interrupted him, holding one finger up in the air, “I just want to know who she is… I have a right to know…” He broke eye contact with Liam again, staring at the sheets he toyed with in his fingers.

Liam sighed, “I met her on campus. She was only here for a few weeks, escort eryaman helping her brother move into his apartment here from South Carolina. Her name’s Naomi.” He shook his head, “I had no idea…”

“What’s her last name?” Tristan said sharply, cutting Liam off mid-sentence. Liam looked up and saw every last bit of color drain from Tristan’s face like the receding tide as his breathing sped up almost to the point of hyperventilation.

“Um, Portner. Why? What’s wrong?” Liam said, his concern for Tristan’s well-being becoming overwhelming. “Are you alright?” Liam reached out to tuck a stray lock of silken hair behind Tristan’s ear.

The moment Liam’s hand came in contact with Tristan, Tristan flinched away. “Don’t touch me!” Tristan shouted, vaulting himself off the edge of the bed and shimmying into his clothes. Tears filled his eyes once more as he frantically moved about the room before Liam’s eyes, “Don’t ever call me again. Don’t come to my apartment. Don’t try to contact me at all. Go back to your girlfriend, I don’t care, just stay out of my life!” he shouted through his falling tears and violent sobs as he pulled his sweatshirt over his head. “I don’t ever want to see you again!”

Completely shell-shocked, Liam scrambled out of the bed as fast as he could, trying to catch up to his fleeing lover. “Wait.. WHAT? What’s going on? What happened?Did I say something wrong?! I don’t love her, Tristan! I mean, I understand I’m a dickhead, but what happened? Didn’t you say you just needed some time to think,” Liam blurted out, following behind the quickly escaping Tristan. “Tristan, WAIT!”

Tristan suddenly stopped before he reached the apartment’s front door and turned on his heel to face Liam. His face was stony as he glared at Liam through his tears, “None of this ever happened. Forget my name. Forget my face. Forget I ever existed.”

Before Liam could speak another word, Tristan was gone and he was standing face to face with a closed door. Just like that, the love of his life ended his life. He would never love another.

“Tristan,” Liam sobbed, his fingers sliding the wood of his front door as he sank to the floor, holding tightly onto the little black box. Tristan never even opened it.



“Ahh, Liam! It’s so nice to meet you after all this time! I’ve heard so much about you from Naomi,” Patricia glowed, drawing the young man into a vice-like hug.

“Has our Naomi been talking trash again?” Liam laughed, managing to move his arms a little in Patricia’s grip to weakly return the hug as he smiled to a sympathetic Naomi over her mother’s shoulder. “I hope she hasn’t given me too bad of a wrap!”

“It’s all been glowing praise from that daughter of mine,” Patricia said, releasing Liam and holding him at arms’ length. “Only that you spend a little too much time in New York, but I assume that’ll change after the wedding, am I right?” she said, a stern look briefly straining her still-youthful features.

“Of course,” Liam said, quivering slightly with nervous laughter.

With the warm quality restored to Patricia’s face, she wrapped an arm around Liam’s shoulders and lead him into the living room. “I’m sure she’ll love it there,” Patricia smiled at Naomi. “You know, my son is a student at Columbia too! And he absolutely adores New York.” Patricia beamed proudly. “In fact, he’s home for the holidays right now. I don’t know why he isn’t down here. He can be so rude sometimes. You know how boys are,” Patricia nudged Liam playfully.

As Patricia released Liam once more and walked to the foot of the stairs, Naomi replaced her at his side, her warm fingers twining with Liam’s cold ones.

“HONEY!” Patricia shouted up the carpeted stairs toward the room her son occupied, “Naomi’s boyfriend is here!”

The faint sound of a door opening and closing followed by heavy footsteps echoed through the hallway. Liam’s eyes focused on the steps as Naomi’s younger brother slowly materialized. First came the snow-white, delicate feet, followed by slender, denim-clad calves, then thighs. A lissome, slightly tapered waist came into view, draped in a long, lean-cut T-shirt. Long graceful arms then appeared, leading up to slight yet completely masculine shoulders. As this exquisite creature reached the foot of the stairs, a heartbroken look corrupted the angelic face surrounded by a black halo of short ruffled hair.

Liam’s eyes widened with a sharp intake of breath through his nose as he took in the sight. The lover he thought he would never see again had just appeared before him like a vision. Is it really you? “Liam, this is my son, Tristan,” Patricia beamed, wrapping her arm around the stunning, melancholy young man.

“Nice to meet you,” Tristan spoke in a near-whisper, his boyish face turning a deep shade of crimson as he intensely focused his gaze on his toes.

“Liam, is it?”

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