Lucy’s Story Ch. 04


Chapter 4, The Date

By the time Lucy had finished ravishing her aunt from head to toe, with much attention to Brenda’s shaved pussy, it was about 10pm. Both women were spent sexually and Brenda wanted to do nothing but sleep.

Lucy on the other hand was now wide-awake.

“I’m going to get dressed and go down to the restaurant and get something better to eat than this cold dried up cheese sandwich.” exclaimed Lucy.

“OK Sweetie, I’m going to try and get some sleep and I really don’t think that is going to be too hard.”

Brenda moved only enough to pull the sheet and cover back and slip her naked body under them. Adjusted the pillows and curled up in her favorite sleeping position, knees to chest.

Lucy quietly rummaged through her bags and found some jeans and a top. She slipped them on not bothering with either panties or bra.

“Hell, I’m just going down stairs to eat. I don’t need to get that dressed.” she thought to herself.

She ran a brush through her hair a few times and walked out of the room.

As Lucy got off the elevator on the first floor she looked around for some kind of sign that told where the restaurant was. She walked toward the main desk knowing that surely someone there could direct her.

“Can you direct me to the restaurant?” Lucy said as she approached the young lady behind the counter.

“Sure, it’s down that hall to your left.” And she pointed to a hallway.

“Thanks.” Lucy replied and headed down the hall.

As she approached the door to the restaurant Lucy notice the sign that indicated the hours of operation. It said that closing time was 10pm.

But Lucy pushed on the door and it was not locked so she entered. There were still two or three tables with people in the last vestiges of eating their meals. It was obvious however that the staff was in the close down mode. A girl about Lucy’s age who was the “Greeter” came up to Lucy and said, “I’m sorry we are closing.”

“Well, that’s just my luck.” said Lucy. “Is there any place close that I can walk to and get something to eat?”

Before the girl could answer Lucy’s question, a young man walked up to them.

“Hello again. Do you remember me? he said.

Lucy blushed, “Yes, you brought my cheese sandwich and I didn’t tip you.”

“Oh that’s OK, I get stiffed every now and then, it’s no big deal. Are you wanting to eat now?”

“Yes, I starving to death. I didn’t get to eat my sandwich.”

The “Greeter” left the two talking as she had work to do and there wasn’t anything she could do for Lucy anyway.

“Do you know where I can get something to eat?” she now asked the young waiter, since the “Greeter” had never got to answer that question.

“You want a good place or fast food.” he asked.

Lucy had slipped a twenty-dollar bill into the back pocket of her jeans. “Anyplace that has good food close, I’m afoot.”

“If you will wait here for just 10 more minutes I’ll take you to a nice place and wait while you eat and then bring you back.

“Oh my, you will really want a tip for that service, won’t you?” laughed Lucy.

“Now don’t think I’m being fast or anything. As a matter of fact, I haven’t eaten either. The place I’m güvenilir bahis thinking of is in the opposite direction from where I live. So I’ll have to come back this way anyway.”

“OK.” Lucy said. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“I’m Greg. Greg Stafford.” He extended his hand.

Taking his hand, Lucy said, “Hi Greg Stafford, I’m Lucy Vandergrif. Pleased to meet you. Now get to work so we can get out of here I told you I’m starving to death.”

Greg laughed. “Have a seat and I’ll be right with you.”

Lucy sat at a table close to the doors and waited. True to his word Greg finished his part of the closing procedures in about 10 minutes. Greg had just turned 19. He was working at the hotel during the summer waiting to start his second year at a local college in the fall. Standing 5’10 and 172 lbs, green eyes and dark wavy hair that was cut close, he had been the catch every girl was looking for but none had set the hook yet. Never flamboyant, he was soft spoken and really never considered himself a ladies man. He had goals and getting tied up in a relationship was not in the plan just yet.

“Ready?” Greg said as he walked up to the table.

“You bet. let’s go.”

Greg led Lucy out the front of the restaurant and down the hall. Not toward the main lobby but toward a side entrance that opened up from the employee’s parking area. Stopping at a black 5.0 Mustang that was parked just outside the door, Greg said. “Here we are.” and the opened the car door for her.

Lucy sank into the bucket seat and watched as Greg walked around to get in on the driver’s side.

“He is a hunk,” she thought.

Greg slipped behind the wheel and fired up the engine. After market exhaust gave a low rumble as he put the shifter in reverse and backed out. As they headed to the place Greg had spoken of, they talked about themselves who they were and where they were from. About college too since that was a topic Lucy was very interested in. She had been accepted to University of Houston and would attend in the fall.

They arrived at the restaurant and went in. Greg seemed to be the perfect gentleman. They sat at a booth across from each other and after they had ordered, continued their talk about school and plans for after school. Greg was a engineering major at Rice and Lucy intended to go into speech pathology.

“That was really good.” Lucy said. “My stomach was beginning to think my throat had been cut.”

“Yes,” Greg answered, “I eat here a lot. I live alone now since my roommates have gone home for the summer, so I don’t cook much. Like I never really did.”

They both laughed. “Are you ready to go?” Greg asked.

Lucy sighed, “I guess. Mom should be back from the wake by now and she’ll be wondering where I am, if my aunt is still asleep.

“It’s really not that late, only a little after eleven, we could go for a ride if you like.”

“Well, … OK but not long, Maybe we could just sit somewhere and talk and not ride.”

“OK that’s cool, let’s go.” Greg got up and Lucy followed him to the cash register.

“My treat.” said Greg.

“No no I can’t ask you to buy my dinner.”

“I would consider it an honor to buy and besides, a gentleman doesn’t take türkçe bahis a lady out Dutch unless they have agreed to it in advance, and we didn’t. So there, topic closed.”

Lucy went up on her tiptoes and kissed Greg on the cheek.

“Thank you, Greg, you really are a sweetie.”

Back in the car, Greg guided it out into traffic and headed toward the hotel. Lucy then noticed that he didn’t pull in to the hotel drive but kept going. She started to say something but held back to see what was going to happen. About a mile down the road, Greg turned into the drive of a small apartment complex and pulled up in a near parking place.

“We can talk here if you like, or you can come up to my apartment and have a beer before I have to take you back.”

“Oh so you are going to ply me with beer, eh?” Lucy giggled.

“Just come on up, you can have water for all I care.”

“OK, Greg.”

Lucy followed Greg up a flight a steps to the door of one of three apartments that were on that section of the building. Greg unlocked the door and held it open for Lucy to enter. Greg followed her in and flipped the wall switch that turned on a lamp in the far corner.

Greg turned to tell Lucy to sit anywhere she wanted but she was on her tiptoes again. This time she kissed him full on the mouth. Greg wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up off the floor pulling her to his chest.

Lucy wrapped her legs around Greg’s thighs and her arms around his neck. The kiss was long and passionate. Two tongues searching and finding each other. Greg carried her to the low overstuffed couch in the middle of the room. Laying her down softly he knelt beside her and continued plying kisses to her face, neck, ears and back to her mouth again. Lucy was limp like putty in his hands. She felt those hands begin to find new places to explore. She did nothing to discourage him.

Greg pulled her up and lifted her top off over her head. Then he attacked your breasts with the same tenderness he had used on her neck and face. His tongue flicking her now hard nipples as his mouth encircled them. His hand massaging her breasts with light finger strokes. Now his hand found the buttons to her jeans and deftly began to open each one. Now his kisses traveled down her tummy. His tongue playing with the stud in her naval. Lucy breather was coming heavier now as the fire of passion had long since burst from the inside her loins. As he moved his kisses further and further down, Lucy raised her butt off the couch to signal she was ready to have him remove her jeans. He did so carefully and kissed her mons as she lifted one leg at a time out of them.

“You need to get rid of these.” Lucy whispered as the tugged on Greg’s trousers.”

In a flash Greg removed his shirt and pants. Then lifting Lucy up as though she was just a child her carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Climbing between her thighs he began the dance of his tongue over every part of her vulva. Down the outer labia and back up the other side, then circling her clit, then back down the inner labia probing inside her vagina as far as it would go.

“Fuck me, Greg. fuck me now!”

Lucy’s voice had a sense of urgency to it. and Greg sensing this, güvenilir bahis siteleri followed her instructions. He placed the head of his cock at her wet entrance and moved it up and down to collect as much lubrication as he could. Then he eased it into her. Slowly the head disappeared, further and further until he felt it come against her cervix. Then he began to stroke trying to match the movement of her hips has she rose to meet his advance.

Greg stopped stroking and pulled out of Lucy. Then he lay down beside her and said, “You get on top. I’m much bigger than you are and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Lucy scrambled to get on top of Greg, eager to have his cock reinserted into her. She eased down over it and began to ride it controlling each thrust as she moved up and down. Greg had his hands on her breasts and she held onto his arms. Her head thrown back she was in heaven. In a few minutes Lucy could hear Greg’s primeval guttural sound of an orgasm and sped up her movements. She felt his hot cum exploding over her insides and she started her own orgasm.

Spent Lucy lay forward on Greg’s chest. Greg caressed her back and butt with his cock still buried deep inside of her. Carefully to as not to let Greg’s cock come out of her, Lucy straightened her legs and the two lay their molded together. Greg’s hands played with Lucy’s butt and soon he was working the wetness of their combine issues around her anus.. Lucy said nothing, toying with Greg’s hair. More and more Greg applied the lubrication and then applied pressure with one finger. It slipped in. Lucy purred. The finger went in further. Lucy purred more.

“You want me in there?” Greg asked.


Slipping Lucy off of his chest, Greg positioned her on her tummy and lifted her hips so that her knees supported her. He reentered her wet vagina so that he could collect more lubrication on his cock. Then withdrawing it he place the head of it against the light brown circle that was now wet with cum. Slowly he pushed. Slowly the head of his cock disappeared on that forbidden place.

Lucy moaned, “Oh gawd yes. Yes, Greg fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck me hard.”

Her hand down to her pussy, her fingers rubbing her clit to match the thrusts of Greg’s cock in her ass

Greg did not need to be told twice. He started stroking her ass more deeply and with each stroke she moaned for more. Harder and harder he stroked but she was not satisfied.

“Harder, harder, fuck me harder Greg!”

Greg reached up and took a hand full of Lucy’s hair and pulled her head back as far as it would go. With his free hand he spanked the cheek of her ass each time he almost withdrew, then he plunged back in. Lucy felt Greg’s hot cum explode in her ass as he grunted his orgasm. Lucy’s fingers worked well as she now felt her own orgasm surging through her body.


It was almost, 3am when Greg delivered Lucy back to the Hyatt. They kissed a few more passionate kisses and Lucy then opened her door and stepped out into the night air.

“Will I see you again, Lucy?” Greg asked.

“Yes, but I’m not sure when we are leaving.”

Lucy entered the building and went up the elevator to her room. Brenda was still asleep in what Lucy thought was the same position she had been in when she left.

“I’ll shower later.” she thought. “I need the rest now.” Lucy stripped of her clothes and climbed into bed next Brenda and closed her eyes.

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