Luna and Riley Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This story is dramatically fictitious and possesses depictions of completely unrealistic and unattainable body standards. If that isn’t your forte then you may not find this story to your liking. If you decide to read the story regardless I thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

Notice: This story progresses quite slowly, especially when compared to other, short erotic stories. Just a heads up, this one isn’t quick.

Chapter 1: The Johnson Family

Luna was laid back on her bed, mindlessly scrolling through her phone on social media. The summer days were a stark contrast compared to the busy, hectic schedule that came with the school semester. She was about to start her third year in college and she felt herself falling further and further behind as the classes became more and more advanced. She enjoyed the time away from school, but as the days off began to string together in an indistinguishable blur, she always tended to get bored.

She went to a distant college, which meant that most of her friends lived far away. On most of the shorter breaks she would just stay with one of them, both to cut down on travel back and forth between home, and also to have fun with their time off. But during summer when all the students had to pack up all their belongings and head home, she was left stranded many miles away.

She didn’t hate being home, however, as she had her parents and her sister who welcomed her with open arms each summer. They lived in a decent sized two story house, which was adequate for their small, close knit family. Technically there was also a small basement, but it was used almost exclusively for storage.

She was actually very close with all of her family members, and she cherished the time she could spend with them. Unfortunately, her parents both worked during the summer so she always felt like her time spent idly around the house was somewhat wasted. She got along well with her parents only occasionally disappointing them with her grades every now and then, but for the most part their relationship was loving and easy going.

Her and her sister, Riley, however, had always gotten along very well. She was a few years younger than her and starting her first year in college soon. Over their childhood they had grown to rely on one another as a source of emotional support, and the two cherished their loving bond. She had always tried her best to look out and be there for Riley whenever she could, and Riley always seemed to be appreciative and reciprocal of her efforts.

They had unfortunately grown apart some, after she had left for college a few years ago, but Luna figured that was only natural, and she felt that, while weakened, their bond was still stronger than most siblings.

Luna flicked her finger across the screen on her phone, lazily scrolling past pointless tweets and dumb memes. Suddenly, she got a notification letting her know she had gotten a match on tinder. She readjusted her lethargic posture and opened the app. Sure enough, she had matched with a cute girl she had liked a couple days prior.

Luna was nearly twenty one years old, but had had little success with relationships. She was a true Amazonian woman standing at 7 feet tall and having a rather muscular body. Her proportions were impeccable, appearing as a normal, well proportioned woman scaled up, rather than an odd combination of leg and torso length. Her body seemed to default to being much more muscular than the average girl, as she never went to the gym, her only workout being daily runs.

She had brown eyes, and wavy brown hair that she usually let fall over the gentle curve of her upper back. She had flawless skin, and her face had good symmetry and strong yet feminine features, like her sharp jaw, and strong cheekbones. She appeared much more female than male, both in body and face.

Her body had somewhat surprisingly developed into a remarkably seductive female form. Her strong, yet still slender, shoulders flowed down past her ample chest, to her tight slim waist, and further down and out into her wide hips and thick thighs. Her bra size was around a 38 M cup just due to her massive size, and she had 53 inch hips and a 31 inch waist. She had a defined six pack on her stomach and her thighs were ripe with muscle and a pinch of fat to smooth them out.

Her lack of success with romantic partners was not only due to her abnormal height and build, but also her seemingly boundless ability to mess up most interactions with any girl she talked to. Annoyingly, she never managed to have a conversation with a girl that didn’t have an awkwardly long pause or some weird verbal mess up on her part. Her conversational skills with men were fine, in fact most men seemed scared of her, but she always over thought every conversation she had with a girl.

She thought for a second about what she would text her match, looking at the profile for any talking points. While she was doing this however, she received a text from her first.

“HOW TALL ARE YOU!!!” hatay escort The text read.

“7 feet” Luna replied meagerly. That was almost everyone’s first question when she met someone, and she had grown tired of being such an odd “curiosity”.

After a couple minutes she received the reply,

“That’s soooo Crazy! And you look fucking jacked too, do you work out”

“Not really, I go for runs every now and then but other than that, not much.” She replied

“Really!? You’re bigger than my boyfriend and you don’t even go to the gym, that’s insane.” The stranger responded after a bit.

“You have a boyfriend?” Luna texted back, confused.

“haha yeah, I’m just looking for some girls to spice things up.”

Luna was going to reply when she got another text from her saying,

“Sorry but I don’t really want to see you, I just had to ask how tall you were after seeing your pictures.”

Luna looked at the screen apathetically. Of course something always went wrong. This wasn’t Luna’s first time being talked to only to fascinate and entertain some random person until they got bored of her. Normally Luna would have begun to cry, but after years of dealing with this exact situation, she had grown a decently thick skin.

She locked her phone, dropped it on her bed, and sat up. It was almost 6:00pm which meant at least one of her parents would be home soon. She left her room, walking down the stairs into the kitchen. Their house was on the smaller side but it was nice, and the kitchen was adorned with white granite countertops and dark, brushed metal appliances.

She walked over to the pantry where there was almost always some variety of snacks. As she perused the options, Riley came bursting into the room from the hall that led to the stairs. Riley was normally quite reserved and shy, but around Luna and in the comfort of her own home, she was quite lively. Riley was eighteen, and had had trouble developing the womanly body that had come so naturally to Luna.

She was far shorter than Luna, and at only 4 feet 3 inches tall the top of her head was at Luna’s belly button. She had admittedly poor proportions and was fairly skinny, likely weighing around 90 pounds. Despite being incredibly small, she had fat in all the wrong places making her appear heavier than she actually was.

Her mostly flat chest flowed down to her hips in a nearly straight line, barely deviating outwards around her hips. Her stomach was somewhat pudgy and her ribs were sometimes visible depending on how she positioned her body. She had brown hair like Luna which she usually kept short.

While Riley’s body wasn’t very appealing, Luna had always thought her sister was beautiful. Riley’s face shared some features with Luna’s, like her feminine yet sharp jaw, and cute button nose. Her large, almond eyes shined a bright brown that almost looked hazel in certain lights. She kept her eyebrows neatly trimmed but on the bushier side and her skin was flawless, even under close inspection.

As such, she relied very little on makeup, only using a little around her eyes, lips, and eyebrows. Her lips were pout and full and they split into the most heart warming grin of perfect white teeth when she smiled. She was gorgeous, unmatched in facial beauty by nearly anyone Luna had ever seen. Being attracted to girls, it became harder and harder for Luna to remain calm around Riley as her face developed so wonderfully.

Luna figured it was only normal and never felt very guilty about it. She would never act on her secret desires so she decided there was no harm in it. Still she tried to keep her fantasies to a minimum as she really didn’t want to tarnish her relationship with her sister.

Luna quickly eyed Riley up and down as she burst into the kitchen. She was wearing short gym shorts and a sports bra that was perhaps a bit unnecessary given Riley’s small chest. Her small feet were bare and Luna could see she had matching french tip fingers and toenails. It was clear she had recently finished exercising. Her short hair flowed in the wind as she skipped past Luna and opened the refrigerator. Luna closed the pantry, turned to her, and leaned against the nearby counter.

“Hey Luna.” Riley said into the fridge.

“Hey.” Luna cordially returned, gazing at her from the back.

Riley was so short that she didn’t need to bend over to look into the fridge, and her short gym shorts fell loosely around her petite hips and butt. Pale, skinny thighs protruded from each opening of the shorts, unable to contact the shorts at any point due to their emaciation.

“Did you do anything fun today?” Riley asked, turning to Luna after fetching a quart of orange juice from the fridge.

Luna grabbed a glass from the cupboard behind her and handed it down to Riley as she responded,

“Nope, boring day as usual. I’ll probably go for a run here in a bit.”

While she struggled to talk with most girls, it was a breeze for her to make conversation with Riley.

“Aww, ığdır escort you should have told me, I would have gone with you. I just finished my run for the day.” She said as she poured her glass of juice.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were home, I thought you had gone out with Becky.” Luna said.

Riley was quite shy, most likely due to her subpar appearance, and as such had had a hard time making friends. Her one and only friend, that Luna knew of, was Becky who was also a bit of a social outcast.

“Yeah I was going to, but she bailed on me.” She responded, putting the quart container back in the fridge and shutting it.

“Damn that sucks, well maybe tomorrow then.” Luna said.

“Yeah…hey do you know when mom and dad are getting home? I wanted to ask them if I could go over to Charlie’s.” she asked.

Charlie was Riley’s boyfriend of at least two years, though, Luna wasn’t 100 percent sure when they had started seeing each other. Charlie was a shy, scrawny boy that was in Riley’s class. Luna had met him a handful of times, towering over his small, hunched frame easily. He barely ever spoke and when he did, it was almost always in a nervous, hushed tone.

Luna had seen him stealing glances at her, out of the corner of her eye on multiple occasions, but she had never called him out on it. In fact, it made her feel a little nice knowing at least someone found her appealing. All things considered, Luna was happy, if not maybe a little jealous, that Riley had managed to find someone who cared for her.

“I don’t know, probably pretty soon here I’d imagine.” Luna said.

“Mmmhmm.” Riley hummed as she finished sipping her OJ, “Want to play a game?”

“Sure.” Luna replied.

The two of them moved to the living room and turned on the TV. Luna sat cross legged with Riley planted firmly inside her lap, their usual gaming arrangement. She was so small that Luna had no problem seeing over and reaching around Riley, and Riley had found that Luna’s large thighs and breasts made excellent cushions. Having gotten used to it, Luna found it rather easy to stay flaccid, despite the somewhat lewd position.

They played some Mario Kart for a while before their mom, Eleanor, pulled into the driveway. She walked in through the garage and Luna could hear the rustling of plastic shopping bags enter with her. The two paused the game and got up to assist their mother with bringing in the groceries.

“Hey guys.” Their mom said to them as they came into view.

“Hey mom.” The both said almost in unison.

“Thanks for helping with the groceries.” Eleanor said before they had even started helping. “I have to use the bathroom, there’s more in the car.”

The two quickly got to work bringing in the remaining groceries and fitting them into the pantry and fridge where ever needed. The kids were quite willing when it came to doing chores and helping around the house, and it further strengthened the familial bond they all shared. With the groceries all put away, the two awaited their mother making small talk, and soon Luna got a good look at her mom as she reentered the kitchen.

She was in her mid 40’s but honestly looked pretty good for her age. She was a good bit taller than Riley at 5′ 4″, but only slightly meatier. Riley and Eleanor were fairly similar, both appearing rather petite and slim. As Riley had gotten older her face had begun to differ somewhat drastically from their mother’s. It was similar enough that you could tell they were related, but Riley was undoubtedly much more attractive.

Eleanor’s face sagged a bit with age where Riley’s was tight. Eleanor’s legs were long, unlike Riley’s, and a bit thicker, as went for basically the rest of her body, and she had far superior proportions. She also bore a larger chest than Riley’s. She had long, straight Blonde hair that made it a bit past halfway down her back. Her ass was small, but didn’t detract from her appearance at all.

Overall she was what Luna considered to be attractive, yet truthfully she had never thought about her mother like she had Riley. To her, her mother was nothing more than a loving maternal figure in her life.

Eleanor was a receptionist at a corporate office building, so she often wore fairly nice clothing. Today it was a black pencil skirt with a thin, white button down blouse. The tightness of the skirt further emphasized her slimness. She must have removed her high heels while in her room, as she was now bare foot, her toenails painted a dark navy blue.

“Thanks for the help guys,” Eleanor said as she walked into the kitchen. “What are you two up to.”

“Nothing much, we were just playing some games.” Luna responded.

“Ah, sounds like fun.” Eleanor said as she rolled up the sleeves on her blouse and turned on the faucet.

“Hey mom, is it cool if I go over to Charlie’s tonight?” Riley asked their mother.

“It’s fine with me,” Eleanor responded, “But ask your dad when he gets home.”

“Do you know when he’s gonna get ısparta escort home?” Riley asked.

“I’m sure he won’t be long, honey.” Eleanor finished as she began prepping the dinner.

“Okay,” Riley said, turning to Luna, “Want to finish our game?”

Luna and Riley returned to Mariokart as their mother worked on making dinner in the kitchen. Not much later, their father got home and after some settling with work stuff, joined the kids in the living room. Luna was larger than her father, in more ways than one, by a sizable margin. He stood at around 5 foot 10, and was in average physical condition, being neither fat nor skinny. It was a bit weird for her to tower over her father, both in stature and physical strength, but they both did their best to ignore it.

He watched them play for a bit until Riley asked if she could go to her boyfriend’s house. He agreed to let her, so long as she was back before 11:00, to which she promised she would be. Neither Luna nor Riley were one to stay out past “curfew” and as such their parents were much less strict about when they had to be home.

Soon enough Charlie had picked up Riley, and Luna was left with her parents in the house. They ate dinner and talked about their days, of which Luna had little to say obviously. Afterwards the three cleaned the dishes, and her parents started watching a movie in the living room. Luna headed up to her room on the second floor, which was shared only with Riley’s room and their communal bathroom.

Once in her room Luna went back to checking tweets and watching youtube videos on her phone. After what seemed like a few hours on her phone she was getting tired, and decided to call it a night. She locked her phone and headed towards the bathroom to wash up and get to sleep. On her way out of her room she bumped into her sister who must have just returned from her boyfriend’s house, earlier than expected.

She seemed a little startled as she collided with Luna’s legs, which stayed planted like firm tree trunks. Riley quickly apologized, moved past her without making eye contact, and disappeared into her room at the other end of the hall. Luna thought the encounter was a little odd, but overall she didn’t think much of it. Luna continued to the bathroom, ducking underneath the door frame, as she was 4 inches taller than it.

Once inside she pulled down her pants and took aim at the toilet. While Luna’s body was undeniably feminine, with her wide hips and large tits, Luna was rather unique below the belt. Luna had been born with both male and female genitalia, sporting an impressive penis. Her dick was the same length while flaccid and erect, only gaining in girth and stiffness when aroused.

It had significant girth too, preventing her from reaching her fingers all the way around it with one hand. Being born a Hermaphrodite, she had been measured during her doctor visits, and had found that her cock was 18.1 inches long and 10.6 inches in circumference. When flaccid the head of her dick was roughly the same girth as her shaft, but when erect it added another inch and a half to her maximum circumference, sticking out on all sides like a mushroom.

She had no externally visible balls, however ultrasounds had proven that she did in fact possess testicles, tucked up inside her abdomen. Where a man’s balls would be, sprouted a cute little vagina. It was an outie with the pink, loose inner lips protruding past the puffy outer lips. She had a small clit at the top of her pussy, hidden away by her folds when she wasn’t aroused.

Interestingly, she never grew any pubic hair, her genitals, ass, and armpits remaining perfectly smooth and hairless even after puberty. Growing up a hermaphrodite was a struggle. She remained unaware of her uniqueness until her parents had sat her down and explained how she was different when she was eight years old. At the time she didn’t really fully understand, but her parents stressed that she should try her best to hide her penis as best she could.

As she grew older, so grew her insecurity. She became more aware of her condition and the impending humiliation that would have come with anyone else finding out about it. As she had grown and matured, her body had taken on an impressive mix of female and male components. The presence of high levels of testosterone had caused her to become tall and strong, and to compensate, her body pumped out lots of estrogen, giving her wide hips and large breasts.

None of her classmates or teachers were aware of her penis, only considering her abnormal due to her more obvious differences. As she got older, and her penis bigger, it became more of a chore and difficulty hiding it. At birth her penis was average for that of a newborn male. Being born in a somewhat small town, the less experienced doctors didn’t feel confident in their ability to reassign Luna’s gender, so her parents were forced to leave her as she was.

She spent a few more days in the hospital than an average newborn, to ensure she was healthy, and was subsequently discharged after deemed so. When Luna turned five, she was subjected to “special” doctor visits, to monitor her condition and reassure her parents that she was healthy. At her first doctor visit the nurse was surprised to see that Luna’s penis had not grown proportionally to the rest of her body.

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