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I hopped down the stairs as my doorbell rang. Looking through the peephole, I saw her standing there waiting for me to let her in. I took a moment to admire her. She had blond hair, falling around her face and sitting about shoulder length, with beautiful blue grey eyes. My eyes traced her contours, from her shapely legs up to her delicious hips, that never failed to make my mouth water, to her shapely breasts that made me want to reach out and bury myself in their cleavage. I pulled myself together and pulled open the door, pleased at the smile that spread across her lips as she threw her arms around my neck and practically jumped onto me. I pulled her in, closing the door behind her and pushing her firmly up against it as soon as it was shut.

I grabbed her lustrous hair and pulled her head back laying her throat bare as she moaned. I bent in and bit her neck where it meet her shoulder. The pleasure caused her to let loose an even louder moan. I took a step back and pushed her roughly to her knees. She grinned wickedly as she fumbled with my zipper, and then pulled my hardening cock free from its constraints.

“Oh how I missed this,” She said with her hands holding my cock.

Grinning she took my cock slowly into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm and I missed this.” I said, grabbing the back of her head as my cock grew in her moaning, full mouth.

I watched her work my cock in and out of her mouth trying to take it down her throat as her eyes practically grinned up into mine. As I saw her begin to squirm I pulled her up onto her feet, and up the stairs and into my bedroom.

I let loose a low moan and we both practically tore the clothes from her body. I then pushed her back onto my bed. I disrobed quickly with her eager assistance. and then grabbed her wrists pinning them above her head. My eyes afire I devoured her beauty as she writhed beneath me.

“Are you my little cock-slut?” I said with my deepest growl.

“Mmmm ….. Yes.” She let escape breathlessly.

“Good.” I growled and lifted her legs over my shoulder and drove my full cock into her wet and wanting cunt. Her pussy was stretched in one long thrust, I did not have to work it in slowly like during our previous encounters.

“Oh GOD yes!” She screamed and ground her hips onto my erection.

“Fuck me harder! Yes! Pound my cunt!” She practically shouted as I drove my cock deep into her again and again.

I watched her hips move into my thrusts as her face flushed an her eyes blazed with an animal lust I had never seen in them before. As I laid back I pulled out completely and pulled her into a sitting position on my lap.

She grinned as she took my throbbing manhood and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. She rocked back and forth gently letting it spread her lips.

“Are you ready?” She grinned with her wicked smile. I watched as she impaled herself with my cock. Her eyes rolled into her head, her mouth opened wide and she let forth a scream of pleasure to wake the dead, or at least the neighbors.

I was lost in my animal lust as I grabbed her hips and pulled her down fully onto me every time she started to descend. My growls mingled with her screams of pleasure as she rode my bucking hips, growing closer with every bounce the her first climax of the evening. I saw her mouth open as she passed her point of no return, driving herself harder and harder onto my cock. She was silent for a moment as she began to slowly shudder. She then let forth her own growl of pleasure as her orgasm overtook her. Screaming with lust as I continued to drive myself into her reaching for my own climactic release. Her fevered screams reached their zenith, when I heard her moan and scream, “Fucking fill my cunt up! I want to feel you come inside me!”

With that, I flipped her onto her back and felt her wrap her legs behind me as I came thick bursts deep inside her. Moaning we both collapsed in orgiastic bliss. Breathing heavy we both came down from our respective peaks. I started to soften but left my cock buried snugly between her delicious thighs, as I rolled her on top of me.

I thought about the show the neighbors must have just heard as she began to rock her hips back and forth bringing me to slow rising attention. As she began her second ride of the night I lost myself to the lust.

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