Lust in an Elevator


Friday morning began as every other weekday, with Vanya waiting for the elevator in her office building’s lobby. She flipped her long dark hair back as she shifted her large handbag from one hand to another, shrugging out of her linen jacket. She absentmindedly brushed at the front of her low-slung skirt, trying to rid the silky fabric of the light creases caused from sitting during her train ride to work.

She was softly tugging at her tunic top, straightening its side slits when she heard the soft ding announcing the elevator’s arrival as it came up from one of the sub-basements, already filled with a number of people who parked their cars in the building’s underground parking lot.

As she stepped into the elevator, her breath caught slightly in her throat as she spotted Eric towards the back of elevator in one of the corners. He was the IT manager for Vanya’s firm – handling all sorts of computer and tech issues.

He was also a very handsome man that Vanya often found herself daydreaming about. Short dark brown wavy hair and even darker eyes. Tall, on the lean side. Masculine build. Something as simple as faded jeans, desert boots and an espresso brown collar-less button-down shirt looked absolutely sinful on him. The top buttons of his shirt today were undone and Vanya noticed a touch of chest hair peeking from the fabric, which made her stomach do a quick flip-flop.

To make matters worse… or better, they had flirted with one another recently at the firm’s annual picnic and softball game. They’d gotten paired off at the batting cages on the sign-up sheets for practice for four weeks before the picnic and so were pretty comfortable in close proximity of each other, the chemistry between them apparent.

Smiling, she joined him near the back, excusing herself past a few people.

Before she turned her back to him, she greeted him with a “Hey Eric. Happy Friday.”

She was rewarded with a flash of his smile at her and only for her — a smile which made his boyish dimples deepen and only made him better-looking, somehow manly and boyish at once.

“Likewise, Vanya, thank God it’s Friday.”

It made her sigh quietly to herself as her insides fluttered, his voice saying her name in a way that she would definitely replay in her mind later when she was alone.

As more people stepped into the elevator, Vanya was forced back, closer to Eric. Standing nearly in front of him, she stepped back to make more room, but caught the heel of her sandal in the tile grooves of the elevator floor, nearly falling into Eric.

Eric quickly reached out and placed his hands on her hips to steady her. After a series of exchanged apologies and chuckles, a tongue-tied silence settled between them.

And Eric kept his hands firmly on her hips.

Instead of pushing them away or pulling away from them, Vanya luxuriated in the heated sensation they caused her to feel through the material of her short summer outfit, as well as the effect his hands were having on her quickening heartbeat and the warmth hastily spreading through her lower body. She knew she had developed a bit of a crush on him, but the way her heart was beating, you’d think she was the class wallflower being asked to prom by the varsity quarterback!

Eric’s own heartbeat had shot up at the mere sight of Vanya’s lush figure stepping into the elevator. And the feeling of her silk-clad skin beneath his hands caused a slow blood surge below his belt. He was close enough to smell güvenilir bahis her perfume, musky and sweetly nutty, like almonds. Before he could stop the thought of “she smells good enough to eat” from manifesting itself in his brain, the bulge in his jeans heartily agreed with Eric as it pressed more and more against his zipper, as if it wanted to reach out for a taste.

At first, he felt embarrassed and meant to let go of her immediately. But his hands lingered, his thumbs brushing her hip bones, with minds of their own. Seconds ticked by and the thought of letting her go seemed an impossible thing to do as he slowly became conscious of the fact that Vanya had not moved away or tried to free herself from his grasp. Eric’s heartbeat increased further as his groin tightened more. He mentally debated with himself. This small taste of her body against his hands made him strangely brave in this public space as he craved more of her.

Slowly, he slid his hand along her thigh, down to the end of her skirt. When his fingers touched her skin, they both gasped slightly — his hand and her thigh both emanating waves of heat. He trailed his fingers across the hem, running them slowly against her sun-kissed skin. Hesitantly, he slowly went up her thigh, this time beneath her skirt, giving her ample time to object and move away from his efforts.

Vanya could feel goose bumps forming over her entire body. It was so clandestine, so pleasant, so naughty, so delicious and honestly sooo fucking hot – she knew she should stop him, but it felt amazingly crazy and even empowering to be touched in such an erotic way during such a normally mundane activity as riding an elevator. Add to that, not being able to see his face drove her thoughts in many directions at once, as she nibbled on her lower lip, curious to see how far Eric would take this little escapade in a public place.

Eric reveled in how soft her skin actually was — he had pleasured himself more than a few times imagining her bare body lying next to him, above him, below him. Her satiny skin against his own muscled body.

The temptation was too strong. He slid his fingers over her skirt, downward again along the length of her thigh, then up towards her inner thigh even more slowly, taunting her extra-sensitive skin with his long digits through the thin material.

Vanya went from nibbling to biting her bottom lip in earnest from the pleasure she was deriving from Eric’s touch. And when his fingers almost brushed against her hidden center, she did all she could to not cry out.

As the elevator stopped yet again and the doors slid open, Eric brought his hand upwards and slipped it under her tunic top, letting his hand rest low on her slightly rounded stomach, just above the waistband of her skirt and slipped a finger under, to feel the elastic of her lace panties — he growled deep in his throat, almost to himself, remembering how sexy she’d looked at the picnic in low-riding denim cutoffs and an old rock concert t-shirt that showed off a glimpse of her tummy every time she was at bat and swung at a pitch.

Once the doors closed again, he tentatively slipped his hand beneath the elastic. Vanya’s heart skipped a beat when she felt his fingers traveling down past her pubic bone until they nestled themselves into the dark curls between her thighs. Reaching her tiny cloaked pearl, he caressed her softly, longingly before slipping a finger between her lips, along the slit, taunting her hidden nub each time he stroked türkçe bahis the length of her.

Vanya closed her eyes, silently thanking the goddesses above for all the people getting on and off the elevator at so many floors. *Oh my, getting off!* She also thanked those ladies of old for the fact that her firm’s offices were on the 75th floor.

It had been a long time since a man had touched her and this felt so good, particularly coming from such a handsome, smart, funny, sweet and now-apparently deliciously naughty-minded guy like Eric. She kept recalling how much fun they’d had chatting and how much she enjoyed watching him play softball, watching his body like a hawk as he played shortstop.

Involuntarily, her hips began to follow the rhythm of his fingers. But his other hand, still on her hip, deftly steadied her swaying hips. He could not, would not risk the other occupants of the elevator catching onto their little game. Thankfully, Vanya’s large handbag and jacket hid everything he was doing to her.

The elevator suddenly stopped, sending Vanya’s body against Eric’s. Pressed against each other, Eric could not prevent his erection from growing a bit bigger. Vanya felt it between her ass cheeks and it excited her even more, knowing how aroused he was getting from simply touching her.

Feeling her nipples hardening and jutting against the lace of her bra, she wished she could feel Eric’s hands on her breasts as well. But that was impossible in the elevator. So she did the only thing her lust-infected mind could think of in this situation – she stayed pressed against Eric’s front and slightly parted her legs, giving Eric silent permission to continue, if he dared, with his brazen though veiled assault on her body.

Keeping her eyes closed, Vanya flexed her hand around her jacket as her other hand held her handbag in a death-grip as she felt Eric unhurriedly slide his middle finger inside her. It took everything she had not to murmur “More” but Eric heard her body’s encouragement nonetheless.

This was insanity, she was so turned on, so moist, that Eric had no trouble slipping his longest finger deep within her. She had never experience getting so wet so quickly, she swallowed hard as her body convulsed around Eric’s finger.

At first, he kept his finger inside without moving, letting her adjust to the sensual invasion. Slowly, he began to thrust it in and out. With long and deep strokes, her wetness eased him further and further into her body. Eric’s cock felt incredibly neglected but that didn’t stop it from hardening additionally, the man’s eyes closing momentarily as he took in the sensation of the warm heat of the woman before him.

Trying to move nonchalantly and not bring attention to herself, Vanya lazily draped her jacket over her arm holding her bag. She let her other arm fall slowly to her side, brushing it against Eric’s arm and grabbed his muscular thigh in silent ecstasy.

Vanya’s grip on his thigh both excited and encouraged Eric and the way she was reacting to his touch made him feel like his heart and his groin would both burst. He really wanted to please her, he was enjoying her body’s reactions and imagined what sort of reaction he’d be able to coax out of her somewhere more private. Once deep inside her again, he caressed her interior walls, trying to reach and massage her G-spot, knowing full well that he’d found it when her fingernails drove into the muscled flesh of his thigh. Eric resumed his thrusts, sliding in and güvenilir bahis siteleri out of her heat deeper and faster.

But then he suddenly slid out of her hot contours to caress her hidden nub with his wet finger. Vanya could feel a deep moan of frustration wanting to erupt from her throat. She flexed her neck from right to left and sighed loudly as though she were just trying to release some commuting-to-work tension.

And did she need to release some tension! She felt as well as heard Eric chuckle softly in her ear at her play-acting — that husky laugh of his did unnatural things to her, it made her shudder in frustration that just his voice and hand could undo her this way, this quickly. His nose softly brushed up the length of her neck. She could heard his amusement, realizing how badly he wanted to push free Vanya’s vocal reaction from her lips, knowing that he was responsible for driving her towards the edge.

In a decidedly sensual, but cruel manner, Vanya discreetly swayed her ass against Eric’s crotch to share her frustrations with him. She felt a small bit of satisfaction when she felt the sinewy muscles of his arm flex against her and then felt the sharp intake of breath near her ear. What she did not expect were the two fingers he thrust into her in one deliberate move — she barely managed to hide her surprised gasp behind a quick cough.

Immediately, Eric felt her inner muscles contract around his fingers and he waited before continuing. He knew she was reaching her climax and there weren’t that many floors left before arriving at their office. He put his thumb on her quickly swelling pearl and again began to slide in and out of her, trying to brush her G-spot with his knuckles.

When she began trembling, Vanya lowered her head as she raised her jacket to her face, brushing her fingers against her eyes, as though massaging away a slight headache, huffing out a stuttered breathe. Eric increased his speed until he could feel her shake.

Eric felt her hand tighten on his thigh almost painfully, her nails trying to gain purchase in his flesh as her knees weakened slightly. She managed to climax in silence, head down with every muscle fighting against the tortuously heady sensations plucking at every nerve ending in her body that wanted to make her scream out her bliss.

Slowly sliding his fingers out, he let his hand rest on the curls below her stomach for a few seconds before removing his fingers from her panties. While they both recovered and regrouped, he rested his warm palm on her stomach, caressing her skin, lazily drawing circles around her belly button.

Vanya sensually dragged her fingernails along his forearm, in silent thanks and in sympathy for his own very apparent, to her, condition. Her face was flushed after Eric’s attentions and she could still feel his erection against her as she thought about how he’d satisfied her, but hadn’t gotten himself off.

The elevator dinged once more as its doors opened onto their office floor. Vanya straightened her outfit and pushed her damp bangs off her forehead as she stepped off. Turning slightly, she watched as Eric stepped out and reach for his cell phone from its case on his belt and strategically placed in front of a rather protruding part of his anatomy. He winked at Vanya as he raised his free hand to his lips and quickly licked and kissed the tip of his middle finger before turning his attention back to his phone as he headed towards his office.

Vanya strolled away in the opposite direction, swaying slowly as she took some deep breathes to compose herself, her mind on Eric.

She was really going to have to figure out a way to thank him properly…

… to be continued…


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