Lustrous Labia


Lustrous LabiaHe always believed that had she known in advance that they would meet, she would have decided to forego the fresh pair of panties she would normally slip into following her luxurious bubbly soak. He knew that for even the briefest and most casual encounter she would be determined to feel, even if only faintly, some rippling sensation passing over her clit. Outdoors would be better. A relaxbet güvenilirmi gentle breeze most welcome. The risk of a trickle of pussy-juice reaching her ankle where he just might see it would appeal to the exhibitionist in her, serving to heighten her covert self gratification. Meanwhile her belief that he was entirely unaware of the pulsing invitation between her relaxbet yeni giriş thighs would further multiply her rapture. And all the while she would be savouring the almost inconceivable thought that he might, with no warning, thrust his fingers into her ever-moistening hole.Because he believed this he would have, during even the briefest and most casual encounter, looked relaxbet giriş out for the trickle of pussy-juice rolling down her inner calf. The risk of her noticing the pressure building behind his fly appealed to the exhibitionist in him, serving to add even more to the increasingly insistent bulge. Meanwhile just knowing that she was entirely unaware of his certainty, that were he to thrust his hand up her skirt there would be no fumbled tugging aside of fabric, only served to force his cock up to the waist band of his jeans. He knew that in one smooth swift motion he would feel warmth then hair then the glorious sensation of thrusting his fingers into her ever-moistening hole.

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