Luve Ch. 02: Jesse


“This was going to be fun,” I said as I walked out the school.

A tanned Brazilian-type with longer blonde hair, Jorge was a cute boy who reminded me of my first boyfriend in high school. I was eighteen in my fifth year, he was twenty in his seventh (still in high school after constantly failing classes), and actually, calling him my boyfriend would be a stretch. Felix was my fuck buddy.

In my last semester at high school, Felix found his way in the girl’s locker room a couple of hours after school as I was still changing from a volleyball game after everyone had left, and to say it directly, he raped me. But it wasn’t really rape if I enjoyed it, was it? Sure, I made unenthusiastic attempts at struggling, and I let out a bit of a scream once he put his thick, short dick inside my hairless cunt, but it only took a few seconds to realize that I was loving what was happening. He didn’t even make an attempt to undress me; he just pinned me down onto the change room bench, my skirt almost lifted itself in expectation, and he ripped my panties to the side to shove his dick in. I had been invaded and violated by a thug, and I couldn’t be any more aroused by it. I was looking up at the change room lights as this 220-pound rugby player, basically a full-grown man, was laid over my 119-pound body, humping me. As the tempo of his pounding became quicker, I started moaning more loudly.

Right then, Felix lifted himself off my body, slapped me hard across the face, and grunted, “shut the fuck up, bitch.” All I could do was sit up a little and look back at him with a little bit of a smile, with his dick still inside me.

“Slap me again, sir,” I requested politely. He didn’t. He instead pulled his dick out, turned me over, grabbed me by the hair, and dragged me to the edge of the room where there was a table next to some windows, forcibly bending me over the table like the submitted bitch that I was at that point. Ironically, I was looking out those windows straight into the administration office, and saw the school principal smoking a cigarette inside her office. “Ahhh!” I yelped before covering my mouth, as he shoved his dick inside my exposed cunt once more now that he had me bent over the table. His tempo became quicker, he fucked me harder, and I kept my hand over my mouth to stifle my own noises, in case anyone overheard and interrupted my raping. He continued to fuck me doggystyle as he spanked me over-and-over, slapping my ass enough to where it started to redden, but not loud enough to make a noticeable sound in the hallway. I had cum several times, but now I was starting to hear him moan louder and louder.

Without much warning, Felix came and blew his load deep inside my hungry cunt, as I laid over the table still watching the principal—which I had started to guess now, judging by the thickness of the smoke, was more likely weed she was smoking. I wished that she was right in front of me to give me a toke and a kiss on my lips. I was in love. Not with the guy whose dick was still inside my cunt, but with my newfound sexuality, which was like a friend I had just been introduced to, hit it off with immediately, and could now spend time with and enjoy forever.

He pulled his dick out of me. I reached behind to stick two fingers inside my drenched cunt. Cum and blood oozed out and ran down my legs as they shivered. I continued to lay bent over on the table for the next several minutes, long after I heard him zip his pants and leave without saying a word. When I eventually stood up, I wiped my legs with my torn panties, trashed them, and being already dressed, just pulled down my skirt a little bit, and walked out of the school.

As I paced slowly toward the bus stop past the parking lot with my cunt still throbbing and feeling the cool wind up my legs in its somewhat exposed state, I could see Felix in the distance making out with his blonde, college girlfriend in front of her car. I guessed they might have had a fight earlier in the day, and she came to pick him up to make up. I smiled for them.

For the rest of the school year, Felix would find ways to get us alone in the school, and would “pound me out” regularly, and every time, he would cum inside my cunt. After the first time, I had gone to a local organization and got some birth control pills, but I didn’t tell him. I never asked him why, but I assumed that him cumming inside of me with no care was a part of his dominance over me. My cunt was merely his sperm receptacle, and that’s all I was to him. I loved it. I loved being disrespected by a douchebag.

I stepped on the bus, lifted my skirt slightly, and sat down next to a pretty, old lady, with short blonde hair, pink lipstick, and reading glasses which completed a “librarian” look, who must’ve been wondering why I sat next to her on a near-empty bus. I turned to her and smiled as more of Felix’s cum oozed out of my cunt and drenched the seat beneath me. She returned the smile, and then nervously looked away. All it would’ve taken was her putting her hand on my exposed legs, and I would’ve followed her wherever she was going, and fucked her as hard as Felix had just fucked me. I became instantly obsessed with sex, and was willing to do it with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

My stop was upcoming, and I sat up to walk towards the front of the bus, as I used my peripheral vision to watch the lady look at the drenched seat I left. To my amazement, she had discretely patted the wet fabric, and sniffed it slightly. She then looked at me, and I made eye contact with her to pucker my lips and symbolize an imaginary kiss. I winked at her, and stepped off.

Not twenty minutes later, I was in the bathroom of my apartment, finger-fucking myself like crazy, imagining it was that fifty-five-ish grandmother giving me head. My mom even knocked lightly on the door to ask me, if everything was okay.

“I’m fine, mom; I’m just… ‘busy'” I replied, which should’ve given her the hint—not that the topic of sex was taboo for us; we were very open with each other.

I fantasized about everything, about how I would’ve brought the granny back home, and introduced her to my mom.

“Hey mom, this is a ‘girl’ I met on the bus,” as they would’ve hugged and exchanged niceties, “we’re going to my room to ‘hang out’…”

“Wonderful, sweetheart; have fun, you two!” She would reply, as the granny would’ve been amazed by this strange exchange between mother and daughter.

The idea of my mother endorsing my sexual adventures was a huge turn-on, given how open our relationship was. I had spent my entire life watching my mother, white in complexion, fuck other men in our living room—making no attempt to shield me from her lusty sexual encounters, which I always appreciated. Even when my mother would reunite with my black father, who had since remarried, they had no problem fucking in front of me.

I continued to imagine the granny in the bathroom with me, this time bent over the sink as I fucked her old, hairy cunt hard with a strap on doggystyle—both of us looking in the mirror, moaning as loud as possible for the whole floor to hear. In reality, I was still finger-fucking myself, gyrating my hips like a stripper, and feeling up my boobs with my other hand.

With the dress shirt of my school uniform still on, but my skirt off and completely bottomless, I came again, hard, imagining my boobs pressed up against the granny as we both climaxed together. I imagined kissing her on the lips as she got dressed, and her giving me her address so that we could fuck at her place next time, after she dropped her grandkids off at school. I imagined her leaving somewhat nervously out of the bathroom, only to be greeted by my mother on the way out, who would’ve hugged her cheerfully and have said, “sounds like you and my daughter had a great time! Come back soon!”

With my cunt still wet with my renewed juices and still bottomless with my white dress shirt on, I stepped out of the bathroom, and found my mom in the kitchen. She looked over at me, looked down at my cunt, and said casually, “Jess—you know where my dildo is, right? It’s in my nightstand, top drawer. You can use it if you want.” I looked back at her, and with pride, told her, “mommy… I got fucked today…” A somewhat solemn look came over her face, but as I began to smile, she started to as well. Within seconds, she erupted with joy, and rushed over to hug me, not minding my exposed cunt or its moist.

“Congratulations, sweetie!” she said, “who was it?”

For the rest of the night, we talked about my newfound sex life, and I couldn’t have been happier.

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