Mach 1 With Kelly


It was early August of 1977. I was friends with the daughter of the local new car dealer. She had graduated from high school in June. Kelly and I were going to be seniors in the fall, but I had hung out with a number of people in the Class of ’77.Jenny lived in pretty nice digs. Large house, inground pool, four-car attached garage. Jenny threw a big party, mostly because she and many of her classmates were soon leaving town for college.The party started mid-afternoon. It was a most enjoyable afternoon, seeing many former and current classmates in their bikinis. Not surprisingly, Kelly was one of a small handful of girls that would have been described as “eye-popping”.Kelly was five-two, with long legs, a cute little bubble butt that did wonders for a bikini, long, straight hair to her waist, cute size seven feet, and 32F tits that stood firmly to attention. Kelly in any bikini was a sight to behold, but she also knew her audience. Around adults, she looked sexy as hell, but the bikinis were respectable, meaning no one could say “that’s not covered” or “I can see your…”But around teenagers, bahis siteleri Kelly was damn proud of her body, and loved to drive the boys wild! That day she was wearing a white bikini that made her tan look amazing. The bottoms were low, low hip-huggers and the top was a pair of triangles held together by a hook behind her neck (and under a pile of hair). The top was really a couple of sizes too small for Kelly’s huge tits, but no one seemed to mind seeing her boobs squishing out the top, sides, and bottoms of the triangles.The party itself was pretty well-behaved. Jenny’s mom was playing the cool-mom chaperone, but no drinking, no pot smoking. Jenny wasn’t that kind of person. So, the best I had going for a couple of hours was watching the other guys jockey to check out Kelly’s body from any angle that they could.Around the time we were munching hot dogs and burgers, we heard (to me) a near orgasm-inducing thunder coming from the front of the house. A number of guys followed the sound of the pied-piper. We discovered Jenny’s boyfriend, Kenny, had pulled in driving a 1972 Ford canlı bahis siteleri Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet. It was dark blue with black stripes. We all just drooled. Jenny’s dad had just taken it in as a trade and was letting Kenny and Jenny drive it for the weekend.Pretty quickly, Kenny started giving rides, and a line formed like we were at Disneyland. I’m not a fan of waiting in a line, so Kelly and I went back to the backyard and hung out. It was nearly three hours later when Kenny came to the backyard and asked if anyone else wanted a spin. Kelly jumped up and bounced her way to him. I followed.Kelly climbed into the tiny back seat and I rode shotgun. Neck-snapping is the only way to describe the acceleration. It was incredible. Kelly was squealing with excitement from the back seat as she slid back and forth around corners and nearly up and out of the seat when Kenny laid on the gas.We were a few miles out of town and I started begging him to let me drive the car. He was shutting me down quickly. But I was a gearhead and wasn’t going to give up. I offered him a deal: canlı bahis “You can ride in the back seat with Kelly.”He gave me a funny look. Kelly took my bait immediately and started peeling her T-shirt over her head, revealing her bikini, which Kenny had not yet seen. I watched as his eyes bugged out looking in the rear-view mirror. He slowed down and turned around to get a better look at Kelly (dusk had set in). I had to grab the wheel as the car started to hit the gravel. I assured Kenny I had the wheel, he could keep staring.Kelly unhooked her bikini and started to pull down both sides from the top. She stopped before she revealed her nipples. Kelly whimpered. “Can he drive?”Kenny blurted out, “Sure! Sure! Just be fucking careful!” and quickly pulled onto the shoulder. Kenny crammed himself into the backseat as I got into the driver’s seat. I had the time of my life. Kenny did pretty well too!Kelly was topless by the time he got back there with her. Kenny was sucking, slobbering, mauling, and pinching the heck out of her tits and nipples. Kelly reached down and felt the lump in his shorts. Five minutes or so in, she pushed him off the top of her and pushed his back into the corner. She started to tug at his belt and he just pushed his shorts straight off his hips to his ankles and let his cock spring up.

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