Maddie in Cancún Ch. 04


The sun gleamed on the blue Caribbean Sea, reflecting in a shimmering pattern of light. The tide was lapping the white-gold sand of the shore almost lazily. The stretch of beach was deserted save for a young couple lying in the warm Mexican afternoon.

Maddie stretched her legs languidly, enjoying the feeling of the jot white sand on her toes. The bikini Maddie was wearing could barely be called a swimsuit. It was more of a suit for tanning. Barely covering anything. Two small triangle’s capped her large breasts and a barely there triangle covered her crotch. The back of the bikini bottom consisted of a slender string that ran in between her ass cheeks. Forming a ‘Y’ that fastened high on the hips to strings holding the front up. Maddie reached over for her magazine wanting something to read as she lazed in the sun.

Two days had passed since the big fight with Will and Sam’s cold rejection of her. Maddie’s face blushed a little as she recalled the humiliating incident She felt again the hot cum on her face, heard Sam’s cruel laughter as he told her that she was “just a hot fuck”. She felt the prickly hotel carpet on her bare knees and heard again the finality of the click of Sam’s door as he shut her out, leaving her kneeling topless and covered in cum in the hotel hallway.

Maddie had dashed downstairs, miraculously not running into any other guests or hotel staff. Finding a bathroom on the ground floor, she quickly cleaned herself up before fleeing the hotel. Not knowing what to do, the hapless girl had wandered the deserted beachfront for several hours.

At last, she had returned to Will. Poor dependable Will. Maddie had sobbed guiltily, apologising for her hard words the night before.

“I’m sorry Will. I want to be with you, not him,” she had assured her boyfriend, showering him with kisses.

Will did not want to lose Maddie and was very pleased that she had come back and so he chose to forgive her and to try to forget the last couple of days.

“It’s okay Maddie,” he’d assured her stroking her hair. “Let’s just focus on enjoying the rest of our vacation.”

So saying, he’d kissed her hard on the mouth and pulled her towards the bed.

Maddie had flushed, realising that her mouth must still taste of Sam’s cum. She’d pushed that thought away, focussing on Will.

As Will dozed beside her, Maddie rubbed her aching clit.

‘Why can’t Will get me off like Sam can?’ Maddie thought in frustration. But she was determined to forget all about Sam, so instead she focussed on getting herself off.

Her hand went down, curved upward and two fingers pressed into her waiting slit. She gasped as she pumped herself to a breathless climax, stifling her cry, careful not to wake Will.


“Hmm? Oh! Sorry Will, I was miles away”

“I said,” Will repeated patiently,opening his eyes. “Do you want to go for a swim?”

“Naah,” Maddie stretched out lazily, “I’m just gonna lie here and tan”

“Okay, well I’m going to swim out to that rock.” Will pointed at a large rock sticking out of the sea about 800 yards from the shoreline.

“All right, have fun!” Maddie told him, picking up her magazine again.

However the pretty girl now found it very hard indeed to concentrate on the article she had been reading. She could feel an all too familiar warm itch in her pussy, remembering Sam cumming on her face and then leaving her high and dry has left her extremely horny.

‘Stop it!’ she scolded herself determined not to keep thinking about Sam. Determinedly she concentrated on the magazine once more.

But it was no good, as the sun shone on her sexy body, Maddie tossed the magazine aside any pretence at interest in the story forgotten. She ran her hands lustily upon her body cupping her full tits. Her hands worked inside the cups of the skimpy bikini top until her fingers found her nipples, teasing 1 in each hand between thumb and forefinger.

Maddie looked up, she could just see Will’s head as he swam strongly towards the rock he had picked out as his target. She wanted watched him, her hands still busily teasing her hard nipples as she güvenilir bahis tried to focus her thoughts on Will.

But she found her mind drifting back to Sam… Sam dancing with her and kissing her in ‘Coco Bongo’ … Sam dragging her into the bathroom, making her suck his cock as she knelt on the Men’s room floor like a slut…

Maddie’s right hand descended into her bikini bottoms, rubbing her hot slit. She moaned

“You should have seen the look on her face!” Sam laughed. “When I told the stupid bitch to go back to her boyfriend, I thought she was going to burst into tears! And her face was covered in my Cum, I don’t reckon she’d ever had a good facial before. That boyfriend of hers wouldn’t have the nerve to do that to her!”

Sam and Greg were walking on the beach as Sam told his buddy all about his latest exploits with Maddie.

“But don’t you wanna fuck her again?” Greg questioned him eagerly. “Man, if it was me, I’d be wanting to fuck her all vacation long!”

“Ha!” Sam gave a little bark of laughter. “Don’t worry, man, I got that slut where I can just click my fingers and have her running back,” Sam boasted.

“In fact, Will continued crudely, “I’ve got an idea for next time she wants to fuck, I’m gonna just lie back and have her ride my cock, you know, let her do all the work!”

They both laughed. “But I don’t want her round all day, every day. I got other girls I want to fuck as well!”

The two friends continued walking and talking, the conversation turned to other girls they’d checked out on the resort and plans for the rest of their vacation.

“You wanna head back? I’m kinda tired,” Greg asked Sam, slowing to a stop.

“No,” Sam decided. I’m gonna walk some more.”

“Ok, see you later”

As Greg turned round and headed back towards their hotel, Sam walked onwards through the soft sand.

Maddie brought her middle finger up to her lips and sucked it past her lips to wet it, tasting her own juices. She brought her wet finger down between her thighs and felt herself shiver at her own touch…

Sam was fucking her from behind in the Men’s room as she held onto the toilet for support ..

A faint smile played across Maddie’s lips as she worked her finger around in a circular motion over her clit, her breathing becoming slow and deep. Her other hand continued to touch her sensitive nipples as he lost herself in erotic memories…

Sam making her blow him on the beach but refusing to fuck her…

Her head tipped back, eyes closed her lips slightly parted, her hand working over her beautiful snatch. Maddie’s hips were now bucking wildly as the hand buried in her bikini bottoms moved faster and faster..

Sam showing her off to his friends in the club, baring her tits right in front of them on the dance floor… Sam dragging her from the club, abandoning Will, the two lovers all over each other on the cab ride back…

Back went Maddie’s fingers into her pussy and she started rubbing her clit in earnest. The faster her hands moved, the louder the sounds of her wet pussy became. She could feel the fluids running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. She knew by know that the towel she had placed under her would not be enough to stop all of the moisture and most of it was running through the towel and onto the sheet. Her eyes were closed and small sounds were coming from her tightly stretched lips.

Just as she was about to reach a tremendous orgasm, she jumped hearing an unexpected sound. Someone was approaching!

Frantically Maddie pulled her hand out of her pussy and straightened her top. Then she snatched up the her abandoned magazine and buried her flushed face in the article

‘Damn it I was so close!’ Maddie was clenching her thighs together in frustration.

Sam smiled as he saw a familiar figure lounging on the beach up ahead

“Speak of the devil,” he said quietly.

Sam decided he would prove the truth behind his boasting to Greg right now and he totted over towards Maddie.

“Hey, What’s up?” he called casually.

Maddie could not believe her eyes, it was Sam!

‘The türkçe bahis nerve of the man’ she thought, infuriated at his casual greeting after the way he’d left her outside his room.

“What’s up?” she echoed Sam incredulously. “You…You send me away like that then…” Maddie was incoherent with rage, spluttering for words in her indignation.

“You know, you’re beautiful when you’re angry,” Sam told her, his voice softly mocking, looking into her eyes.

Maddie felt some of the anger drain out of her as she stared back into those cool blue eyes he was just so…

‘Damn it!’ thought Maddie ‘Why can’t I control myself around him?’ she asked herself once again.

“C’mon, let me make it up to you” Sam urged, leaning in to plant a gentle kiss on her lips.

Maddie pushed him half-heartedly away.

“Sam, please. Will’s only gone for a swim, he’ll be back soon!” she protested

“Time for a quickie then!” joked Sam, smirking.

“Sam, No! I.. I don’t want to,” Maddie’s voice sounded unconvincing even to her own ears.

“You don’t sound very sure,” Sam told her “C’mon you know how hot I can make you” and he grabbed her head, pulling her into a long passionate kiss.

Maddie pushed him away again but, this time, Sam resisted holding the kiss and Maddie resistance started to melt away and, when Sam moved his hand to her thigh she stopped resisting all together. She slipped her own tongue into Sam’s mouth, returning his kiss.

Sam’s hands cupped her tits, he felt Maddie’s nipples harden against his palms. He pulled her top off exposing her breasts, then licked his lips in anticipation.

She arched up her ass as his hand slid higher up her leg to rub her inner thighs, almost touching, but only teasing her pussy. He moved to the other side, rubbing her thigh. “OOOHH GGGGODD,” she moaned, her ass arching up again as his hand slid between her legs and slowly dragged between her pussy lips as her hips followed upward. It was gone just as fast, rubbing her breasts again. Maddie’s pussy flooded with her juices, his brief touch had almost made her cum, her nipples now even more sensitive if that was possible.

He left her pussy empty his fingers staying on her breasts. He played with them for over five minutes, his fingers hurting and pleasuring all at the same time, his large hands easily able to grasp her breasts in his palm and squeeze tightly. Maddie’s nipples were yanked harshly, pulled from her body as she cried out in pleasure. His fingertips rubbed back and forth over the tip, the pleasure almost giving way to pain as they began to get raw from the attention Maddie’s ass bounced up and down on the sandy beach, her legs opening and closing, looking for more stimulation.

Sam moved one hand down between Maddie’s legs again, his hands forcing her legs to spread, her knees drawn up and bent. Sam removed her bikini bottoms leaving Maddie completely naked. She knew it was finally time. He was going to stop teasing her Maddie screamed in pleasure as two slick fingers slid up between her lips, his other hand pushing down on her hip, holding her open for his probing. The fingers slowly drew through her pussy, the fingers moved from the bottom to the top in a slow, torturous movement that stopped her breath.

Two fingers pushed her lips aside and began a gentle masturbation up and down her slit. Her nipple was met by two fingers, tightening on the swollen nub and twisting as she moaned in pleasure, her hips beginning a gentle fucking motion on the masturbating fingers. Maddie’s legs went back flat on the table, but she spread them wide for him, his gentle masturbation continuing to arouse her.

Maddie’s hips moved side to side, her legs spreading wider, her breathing ragged as his fingers ignited the pleasure between her legs, her sensitive nipples never alone, his fingers or hands always keeping her nipples as hard as darts.

“OOOHH,” Maddie moaned in pleasure. “Fuck me,” demanded Maddie.

Sam remembered the idea he’d discussed with Greg earlier. “Let’s try something different,” he suggested. “You on top. I want you to ride me!”

Sam lay down güvenilir bahis siteleri in the soft sand, his hard cock pointing skywards. Maddie straddled him, holding his cock lovingly. She positioned it so it was pointed directly at her sopping wet twat and slowly lowered herself onto the throbbing erection. She began to move her hips up and down. Her sweet pussy ground against his large cock, sliding down it until it was all the way in. Sam cupped each of her beautiful breasts in his hands, squeezing them happily as she rode him.

Sam was in heaven! He lay back comfortably and watched the hot babe above him ride his cock for all she was worth. He moved his hands onto her hips to control her rhythm. Her long dark hair flew about her and tits jiggled wildly as she bounced on his dick. Sam took one of Maddie’s hands and moved it to her pussy so she could feel his cock as it slid into her, her other hand played with one of the jiggly titties pinching and pulling on the nipple.

“You are so fucking big! Mmmmmm, yes, fuck me,” Maddie moaned.

Maddie was riding Sam’s cock as hard and fast as she could. Gasps and little cries of pleasure escaped her mouth. Her back arched pushing her big tits out, inviting Sam to grab them, play with them, use them. Her eyes were half closed in pleasure

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” demanded an angry voice.

Maddie’s eyes flew open. It was Will, back from his swim, he was furious. Hurt and anger etched on his face as he watched the scene before him unbelievingly.

Maddie couldn’t help herself she kept riding Sam she was so close now all she could think of was getting off

Sam held Maddie’s hips keeping her in place and turned to Will, “Oh hey Will,” he said calmly. “I hope you don’t mind I borrowed your girlfriend again,” he smirked.

“Maddie how could you?” Will demanded. You said you wanted to be with me, not with him!”

“You can have her back as soon as I’m done,” Sam told Will. “All this bitch is good for is a hot fuck anyways. You see she needs a real man to satisfy her. Maddie told me you never managed to make her come. If you want stay and watch you might pick up some pointers.”

“Maddie,” Will sobbed, “I can’t believe you’re cheating on me .. again.. right in front of me and in public!”

“Tell him, Sam ordered Maddie, “Tell your boyfriend what you told me while you fuck me. Sam reinforced the command with a firm spank to Maddie’s ass.

Maddie was riding Sam harder than ever, her tits jiggling wildly. She struggled to speak clearly as she neared her climax

“Sorry Will,” she gasped. “Your cock’s too … oh … small to . Oh God fuck me Sam.. keep me satisfied so I have to keep going…oh…going back to Sam!”

“How can you say it’s too small!” sobbed will.

But Maddie didn’t answer. The only thing that mattered now was her orgasm. “OOOOH.” Her hips thrust wildly.

“Oh, yes, I am cumming baby” Maddie yelled. Her pussy became very tight, and Sam could feel her juices. She rode him faster and faster.

“Turn round,” Sam told her “I want to cum in your mouth,” he lied, another plan in his mind.

Will watched frozen in disbelief as Maddie climbed off Sam’s cock. Sam stood, pushing Maddie onto her knees in front of him. Her full red lips were parted slightly as her head came down on the swollen cock the girth of his cock slowly parted the lips and entered her mouth. Sam moaned rapturously as he felt and watched this process with delight. Maddie began to work the cock in and out of her mouth, sucking on it greedily, her tongue rubbing the underside of Sam’s glands

“Mmm…Oh…Mmppphh…UM!” Maddie moaned around Sam’s hard cock.

Sam’s cock was hard as a length of lead pipe. He thrust it into Maddie’s mouth, holding the back of her head with one hand. She slid her lips eagerly up and down his shaft. Sam got the tip of his cock down her throat a couple of times, and she gagged but he kept on going.

He withdrew at the last moment to come, he ejaculated across her face with some of it going into her hair, onto her chin and lips and on her still-quivering breasts. He held her head to him as the last spasms emptied his dick of cum.

Sam put his swimming shorts back on and turned to go. Will was still frozen in place staring at Maddie

“Well, see you around!” Sam called mockingly as he walked away.

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