Making Friends Pt. 01

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Many thanks to Todger65 for editing. If you’re going to write, you need a good editor. He’s the best.

Making Friends Part 1

A married couple’s unusual introduction leads to adventure.


I locked the deadbolt and put my keys in my pocket. I took Sue’s hand and started walking to the parking garage from the martial arts dojo we ran to make our living. Martial arts were a big part of both our lives before we met. Our service together in the Army was the catalyst for our attraction to each other, but our mutual love of martial arts solidified it. Our first dates were martial arts competitions, both watching and competing. Military service and martial arts brought us together, and the rest was left up to us. We fell deeply in love, married, and opened our dojo after our last deployment soured us on military service.

The parking garage is a few blocks away from our dojo, and our route takes us through the center of downtown. Our walking commute takes us past the finest hotels, boutiques, and restaurants in the state. There is always something interesting to watch along the way. People do some whacky shit. People at the extremes on the social scale do some super whacky shit. I argue that super-rich people are at one of those extremes.

We’ve witnessed a range from casual indifference to outright meanness toward the ‘little people’. We’ve seen debutantes (yes, more than one) pull their panties down in public, pull them off, and slingshot them into the crowd in front of the theatre. What we saw happening in front of us didn’t look like any of that.

Sue and I caught each other’s eyes and gave each other a nod. That was all the time we had. From the moment we understood the situation until it was resolved took maybe ten seconds. Situational awareness is a subject that Sue and I teach as a core principle in martial arts. We carry that forward into our normal day-to-day activities. That makes a certain amount of sense because pretty much every time someone attacks you, it’s a surprise. It’s not like they sent you a card or something with a date and time.

My gaze had been immediately drawn to the couple standing on the sidewalk in front of the premier restaurant in the city. They were obviously waiting for their car and were enjoying the pleasant evening as they waited. They were a very attractive couple and they looked happy.

My eyes had moved on, and that was when mundane went out the window. Two men were walking fast toward the couple. They were totally focused on their targets and moving fast to close the distance. You don’t approach another human being like that because you want to shake their hand and say hello. You approach someone that way when you want to attack them.

Sue and I separated and moved to intercept the two attackers. Those same attackers were pulling pistols from concealed holsters and bringing them to bear on the unsuspecting couple. Sue and I executed our own attacks at that moment. If we had been a second later, they would have killed us both. We weren’t and they didn’t.

Sue had to break her guy’s arm to get him to drop his piece. My guy just needed a couple of dislocated fingers. It was a bit of overkill on her part and something I would make sure to tease her about. If she meant it as a start to negotiations, I would have to say she did well. Nothing sends a message about your intentions like a broken arm. As I think about it, ten seconds seems awfully long.

Both men were in obvious pain, but that didn’t stop them from throwing everything they could at us. Their target wasn’t the focus of their attention anymore. Their plan had fallen apart and all they wanted to do now was get away. Sue and I thought it would be a better idea if they hung around to meet some of the local law enforcement. Subduing them took no time at all. Keeping them that way required significant effort.

The handsome rich couple was looking on in shock, but the man at least had enough on the ball to start dialing for the cops. We were in blue blood territory and there was no shortage of police presence. It was a matter of moments before they were on the scene. Sue and I had trained most of the police on the force and that helped keep things smooth when they showed up. They knew we wouldn’t be beating up random men in the center of town.

The two men were quickly cuffed and taken from the scene. Sue and I gave our statements to the officers assigned to us while one of their peers interviewed the couple. The conversation took a good bit longer than I was expecting. The couple had been clueless about the situation until after it was over. They couldn’t have had much to say as witnesses.

We had just finished up with the police and were taking the first step in our interrupted journey to the parking garage when the handsome couple approached us. The man reached out to shake my hand, “My wife and I want to thank you for what you did. If you hadn’t been here in the moment that you did, we’d be dead.

“My name is Mark Thomas and this is my wife, Taylor.”

I gave them gaziantep masaj salonları both a smile, “I’m David Grant and this is my wife, Susan. I go by Dave and she prefers Sue.”

He let go of my hand and Taylor reached out to shake mine while Mark took Sue’s hand. As her hand connected with mine, I felt an odd rush and looked at her closely. She looked to be in her mid-thirties, but I knew from the scandal sheets that she was in her early forties. Mark and Taylor were quite the celebrities in our city and were well known for their philanthropy. They were also well known for their attractiveness, and during my close-up view of Taylor, I determined that for good reason.

Her hair was platinum blonde and I immediately wondered if the carpet matched the drapes. According to the popular press, the answer was yes, even though nude pictures had never surfaced. Who knows, maybe the lady that did her waxing gave up the information. It didn’t matter to me at that moment. I was looking into those emerald green eyes and lost myself for a moment. A sexy little upturn of her lip told me that she was resisting the urge to smile, and her eyes fell from mine. She left no doubt that she was checking me out from head to toe. I felt like strutting.

I decided that she had set a fine example and let my eyes wander as well. Her Greek nose was perfectly proportioned above her full lips. Her face was very beautiful and my eyes moved downward, taking in her lovely neck. A neck that looked perfect for nibbling and kissing. Her evening gown was just the appropriate side of public nudity and revealed some wonderful cleavage. It was easy to determine that she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples became erect while I admired her breasts. They appeared to be perfectly shaped for her five foot eight fantasy-worthy figure. The swell of her hips was in perfect proportion to her body and her legs were fit and muscular. A slight turn as she looked at her husband revealed an ass that made my mouth water. My not-so-subtle ogling of her body took just a few seconds during our handshake. I noticed that our handshake had changed to her caressing the palm of my hand while her eyes locked onto mine again. The look she gave me would have made a great illustration for the definition of smoldering.

Her lips parted and the tip of her tongue touched her bottom lip before she spoke, “You and your wife put your lives in great danger to save our lives and we would like to thank you in some small way. Why don’t the two of you come home with us for dinner? Mark and I would love to get to know you both.”

I looked over at my lovely wife, “Sue?”

Sue was oblivious. She was staring into Mark’s eyes as if hypnotized, and I noticed that his hand was caressing hers. The handshake was long forgotten, “Sue!”

Startled, she broke Mark’s gaze and looked over at me in question, “Taylor has invited us to dinner at their home. Would you like to go?”

She removed her hand from Mark’s gentle caress and walked over to me, “Taylor, Mark, would you excuse us for a moment?”

The couple smiled and nodded, and Sue and I walked a few feet away. Sue looked at me and bit her lip. I knew that look, “He’s got you horny as hell, hasn’t he?”

She looked down and nodded. I put a finger under her chin and lifted it so her eyes would meet mine, “It’s OK, babe. Mrs. Thomas isn’t making it easy for me either. The question is do you want to have dinner with them?”

She nodded, “It would be such fun to hang out with them, but I feel funny about it. I’ve never been attracted to another man since we met, yet I can’t help but feel drawn to him. I don’t want anything to happen to us. Maybe we should just go home and fuck each other stupid while we fantasize about them. That would be the safe way to handle things.”

I nodded, “Or, we could go to dinner and enjoy the evening while loading up our fantasy bank. What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

She gave me the ‘Duh’ look, “We could end up doing some things that we’d regret later.”

I gently ran my hand across her cheek, “And do you think I would love you any less if something did?”

“I don’t know! We’ve never talked about anything like this before.”

I chuckled, “Listen to us talking as if something crazy is going to happen. It’s just dinner and we both know that this is too great an experience to walk away from. Who knows? We might make new friends. We could use some of those.”

Our reality was that of small business owners. Our business demanded most of our time, and what little we had left rarely happened at normal social times. We had each other and that was about it. We loved each other’s company, but both of us were desperate for adult social interaction.

“So, Babe, what do you want to do?”

She smiled up at me, “You’re right. We can’t miss this adventure.”

We walked back hand in hand and I gave Taylor our answer, “We would love to have dinner with you, but we should probably go home and change first. We’re a bit casual gaziantep masaj salonları escortları compared to you two.”

Taylor ran her hand down my chest, “Nonsense! We planned on getting in comfortable clothes when we got home anyway. You’ll both look amazing just as you are.”

The decision was made for us when their limo pulled up. Their driver was a tall black man that looked like he also filled in as a bodyguard. The man stood at least six foot five and looked solid with muscle. He gave Sue a long appraising look as he assisted her into the limo. Taylor settled back into the seat and patted the leather next to her. I sat down beside her while Mark guided Sue to the seat next to him.

Taylor smiled up at the driver, “Sue and Dave, please let me introduce you to Chet. Chet is our close friend as well as driver, bodyguard, all-around assistant, and sweet man in general.”

Chet gave the two of us a gentle smile and the bass of his voice filled the car, “I owe you both a great debt. You saved them when I couldn’t be here for them. I will never forget what you did.”

I understood where his heart was at, but still, “We did what we would have done for anyone. It was the right thing to do and we appreciate your thanks, but there is no need for you to feel indebted to us.”

He nodded, “Nevertheless, if you ever need me, and it doesn’t conflict with taking care of Mark and Taylor, all you have to do is call and I’ll come running. Enough from me. Let’s get you folks home.”

The ride was silky smooth and the four of us chatted during the half-hour drive. Sue and I were pleasantly surprised at their sense of humor and how in touch they were with the needs of our community. They weren’t just attractive looking, they were nice people, and that held an attraction as well.

At this point, I realized that I was almost shaking with excitement, and from the look on Sue’s face, she was feeling the same. The combination of meeting celebrities, their devastating good looks, and the adventure we were embarking on was an entirely unique and welcome experience. Then there was the physical attraction that was obvious between us. I can’t deny that the vast percentage of our excitement was from the sexual fantasies running through our heads.

Sue and I had a very active fantasy life. We were constantly thinking up sexy scenarios to share with each other, some of them very adventurous. Mine usually ran to her being joyfully serviced by some stud or studs. Jealousy was never part of it because I knew our love was solid. We were never going to allow anyone to come between us. I suppose that is why I enjoyed sharing my fantasies with her. I knew that in the remote possibility that any of them came true, I would rejoice at her enjoyment. At least as a mental exercise, I thought I would.

It was way too early to read anything into Mark and Taylor’s intentions, but what I did know was that the attraction was real. I could see by Sue’s body language that she was drawn to Mark and I can’t say that I blame her. Mark was very handsome. His piercing blue eyes captured hers and had her nearly hypnotized. When we arrived at their home, Mark and Taylor got us settled with a glass of wine and left to change their clothes.

Sue and I were sharing little kisses and speculation about our hosts while they changed and I decided that we needed to make sure we were on the same page, “Sue, If this goes the way I think it might, how far are you prepared to go? You need to tell me what you want.”

She looked me in my eyes, “I really can’t believe things are the way we are fantasizing. But… If they are? Would you be upset if I said I was interested?”

I smiled, “Interested in what? You have to be clear or I won’t know what your boundaries are.”

She patted my cheek, “OK stud, truth time. Yes, I think Mark is sexy as hell and the thought of fucking him excites me. Are you upset with me now?”

I kissed her lips, “Truth time. I would love to see you cum on his cock. I want you to have him if he is a good lover. That doesn’t mean I want you to have an affair with him or fall in love with him.”

Her look was serious, “I would never do that and you know it. Just like you would never have an affair with Taylor or fall in love with her. This would be for fun with friends. Maybe we should just let go of this little fantasy. I don’t want it creating problems for us.”

I rushed to reassure her, “It’s OK, honey. I just felt that it needed to be said. If we are seriously considering doing this we need to be able to talk about the potential downside. I promise that I trust you and that I’m not jealous. Anyway, we may be reading way more into this than is really there. Why don’t we just enjoy dinner and see where things take us, with the condition that either of us can stop it at any time?”

Her smile stole my heart like it always does, “You’re right. We need to be able to talk about all of it and be open with each other. Let’s see what happens and take it masaj salonları gaziantep from there. I know! Let’s have a safe word. If either of us uses it we stop whatever we’re doing.”

“That’s a wonderful idea! Let’s use Ralph. If either of us says ‘Ralph’ we’ll stop and decide what to do together.”

She grinned, “Ralph huh? Who the heck is Ralph?”

“Nobody I know so there’s no chance I’ll say it by accident.”

We sipped the wonderful wine they had served us while snuggling together until they returned. Mark came into the room first, followed by Taylor. Mark was wearing a speedo that left nothing to the imagination with regard to his impressive cock. Sue was like a deer frozen in the headlights as she stared at his crotch. It was a sentiment I soon understood when Taylor stood in front of me. She was wearing the barest slip of a bikini and looked devastatingly hot.

Taylor gave me a grin when my eyes finally stopped exploring and found her own, “Mark and I thought it would be fun to hit the pool for a while. I’m sure Mark has trunks that will fit you and I know I have something for Sue. What do you say?”

I looked at Sue and she shot me a smile as she stood to follow Taylor. I had the option of saying ‘Ralph’ or changing into borrowed swim trunks. No words starting with ‘R’ entered my head as I stood to follow Mark. I was soon equipped with a blue pair of the same type of trunks that Mark was wearing. Sue was waiting with Taylor when we returned to the living room.

It should have been funny watching Sue watch his crotch as his cock grew very obviously erect. My mind wasn’t taking in the humor because my cock was busy getting hard while Taylor stared at it and smiled. Mark was the first to snap out of it and abruptly turned away to move behind the bar, “Why don’t I open another bottle of wine and meet you all at the pool?”

The lucky bastard had a place to hide until his erection went down a bit. I was on display for my wife and Taylor, which didn’t prove as mortifying as I thought it would. Taylor was staring at my erection with such focus I had to grab her before she walked into the patio door. I found her distraction very flattering.

We relaxed at the patio table and enjoyed each other’s company. The conversation covered a variety of subjects. When Taylor asked what we did for a living, she was excited by our answer. She and Mark started peppering us with questions. Taylor became very excited, “Would you demonstrate some for us?”

Sue and I have practiced couples katas for years. We’ve done many demonstrations of our synchronized katas, with and without weapons. It felt a bit odd to be doing the exercise in a speedo, but I couldn’t complain about my movements being restricted.

Sue and I felt like showing off a bit and demonstrated our most difficult kata. A lot of various styles of jump kick were integrated into the kata that made it pretty showy. It also left us both a sweaty mess. When we finished, we walked back to the table and stood drinking cold water while our bodies cooled down. Sue and I had been busy admiring each other as we usually do after a good kata. She looks so smoking hot with her abs flexing, her chest heaving, and her legs flexing in extension. We’re always horny for each other after a kata.

Our focus on each other went by the wayside when we realized that Mark and Taylor hadn’t said a word since we finished. We both looked over at them and they were sitting there speechless. Mark’s cock was so hard the head had escaped the waistband of his speedo and a good four inches of his cock was exposed. Sue zeroed in on it immediately.

For my part, I noticed Taylor’s nipples trying to poke their way through her top. She was breathing rapidly and her hand was wandering up and down her thigh, awfully close to her pussy. I decided that Sue and I needed to cool off a bit and sneak in a little discussion before things escalated further. I took her hand and pulled her toward the pool. She turned to me with her face red from the combination of arousal and embarrassment at being caught ogling our host.

I got her going at a short run and we jumped into the pool. The shock of the water cooled our overheated bodies and helped get the internal heat back under something resembling control. We stood up in water that came up to our chests and I pulled her in for a kiss. We, and especially Sue, aren’t big on public displays of affection, but in this case, we made an exception. It wasn’t all that public and we were both horny as hell. Our kiss kind of got away from us and I didn’t come back to reality until I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her against me. She wiggled her belly against my erection before I let her ass go and our lips broke apart. We grinned at each other and she winked at me, “Well, so much for cooling off. You ready to see where this goes?”

“Yes, I am.”

We worked our way to the edge of the pool. Taylor stood next to her husband while offering me a towel. Mark offered one to Sue and the two of us began to dry off while our personal towel providers looked on with interest. As soon as we finished we sat down at the table again. Taylor refreshed our wine and took a sip of her own, “Well, I must say I have never seen anything quite like that. You move like dancers and I wouldn’t believe you could do those things if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Do either of you have any idea how sexy you are? Your bodies are amazing and you move with such grace it’s hypnotic.”

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