Making Mom Mine!


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I sat holding her as she cried. “It’s ok mom! It’s not the end of the world!” Mom’s face was buried in my chest. The sobs that wracked her body caused her chest to jiggle against my shirt. And this didn’t do anything to help the raging hardon that was threatening to push thru my pajama pants.

The only light on was the moonlight coming thru the window. The cover that mom had pulled over herself had slipped down a bit from her crying and I could clearly see her big tits. Her nipples seemed huge. I wanted to bend my head and capture one in my mouth.

“Oh Sammy! I’m so embarrassed! What must you think of me?” I rubbed her back, marveling at how smooth her skin felt. “To walk in and see your own mother acting like some wanton slut!” This caused a new set of wracking sobs.

“Mom! You are not some wanton slut! And there is no need for you to be embarrassed. Hell! Remember when you walked in on me? I was standing in the middle of the bathroom, a pair of your dirty panties wrapped around my dick, jerking for all I was worth. Now that was embarrassing!”

Mom sniffled but I could hear a slight chuckle in her voice. “I thought you would kill me! Instead, you took me in the room and explained that it was normal for a young boy to want to masturbate. Hell, you told me more about sex that day then at any other time in my life.”

I stopped talking and continued to rub her back. Mom snuggled a bit closer to me, working her head deeper into my chest. “Mom?” I could feel her skin against the open shirt. Her face felt hot and warm and I felt my dick throbbing. I’m sure that she felt it too.”

She sniffed again. “Yes Sammy?” Her voice had gained some of its composure. “Do you remember what I told you when you asked me what I had been thinking about?” I felt her stiffen. I was afraid that she would push away from me and tell me to leave.

“Yes Sammy I do remember. You told me that you were thinking about me. I told you that it was normal for a young man to be in love with his mom, but that good boys didn’t let that kind of thinking go on for too long. Besides, I was much younger then and a lot prettier.”

I laughed. “Mom, you are still the prettiest, sexiest woman I know.” She laughed and nudged me in the ribs. “No I’m not! I’m old! And this medicine has blown me up to look like a blimp!” I gave mom a harder hug. Then I began to laugh.

“Mom! If you look like a blimp! Then you are a blimp that I would love to make love to any day of the week. Hell! You look twice as hot as any woman I have ever gone out with.”

Let me tell you a bit about us. Mom is 49. When she was pregnant with my sister Gwendolyn, my dad decided to split. Mom had a few boyfriends, but mostly it has been just the three of us. I am 28. I have my own business and live just outside the city.

Mom had gotten sick and was taking some medicine that seemed to have an adverse on her. She gained weight and was depressed most of the time. Gwendolyn, my sister, is 4 years younger than I am. She moved out west and has a good job as a business executive.

Mom got quiet as I held her. But she made no move to move away from me. “It must be hard for you with me here Sammy. I know that you have a lot of girlfriends and with me here, you can’t have them over the way you would like to.”

I began to laugh. “Mom! I don’t have near as many girlfriends as you think I do.” Which was the truth. Not too many girls like the kind of sex I truly enjoy. Mom gave a short laugh. “What?” I asked. This only caused her to laugh a bit more.

“Oh I was thinking about something, but I couldn’t say it out loud.” My hand slipped to just below her armpit. In a joking voice I said to her, “we have ways to make you talk”. My fingers slipped in and she began to squirm.

This was a game that we used to play when I was smaller. Both mom and I are very ticklish. And we would tease each other to get them to talk by tickling. Mom gasped and tried to move away. But my arm just tightened further and held her in place.

“Sammy No! That’s maraş escort not fair!” She was laughing as she struggled to get loose. I held her as my fingers began to tickle. “Sammy please! You’re gonna make me have an accident.” Mom was squirming around now trying to get away, but I held her firm.

“Tell me and I’ll stop. Or you will be making up this bed in a few minutes.” I knew that too much laughing would make her have an accident. After a few minutes, she shouted. “Ok! I’ll talk! Please don’t torture me any more?” These were again words from our younger years, and we both laughed out loud.

I eased up my hold on her, but was ready to grab her at the first sign of movement. I knew that she would sometimes do this. Get me to let go, then bolt for another room and lock the door laughing at me. And sure enough, when she thought I had relaxed my guard, she tried to jump from the bed. I grabbed her and this time pulled her back and held her down as both hands sought her armpits.

In a few minutes, she was laughing hysterically, begging me to stop. I had inadvertently, straddled her as I held her down. And the covers had come completely down leaving her big tits exposed. But mom was laughing too hard to even notice.

“Ok! Ok! I give!” she cried! I stopped tickling her but didn’t move my hands away. Mom looked up at me and I could see the seriousness in her face. The moon was bright enough to light the room. Her nipples had grown hard and must have stood out about an inch. Damn, but I wanted to put my mouth on those twin nubs!

“I was thinking, what you must have thought when you opened the door and found me like that. Your own mother, lying in bed naked! Not only naked, but with clothespins attached to her nipples and pussy lips, and working a dildo in and out of her cunt.”

Mom looked at me with apprehension on her face. Her eyes bore right into mine, and she held her breath waiting for me to answer. Then her voice grew even softer. “You must think me some kind of slut!”

I looked down into her face. She was afraid. Afraid, that I had started to see her differently than I always had. My knees were on either side of her hips. And my hands were still between her armpits.

“No mom! I didn’t see you as some kind of slut. In fact, that scene almost made me cum in my pants. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I wanted to rush into the room and take you. I have heard you on other nights, but didn’t have the nerve to open the door. Tonight I decided that if I didn’t do it, I never would. And the image of what you were doing would burn in my brain forever.”

We didn’t say another word to each other. Then she shifted. Mom must have felt my hard dick throbbing against her. The way I was straddling her, it was pressed right up against her pussy. And the covers had disappeared from between us. Mom began to fidget. “Sammy let me up before this goes too far.” I slid my hands from her armpits down her arms and grabbed her wrist. I pushed them up above her head and held them there. I looked down at her and even though her breathing had grown a bit harsh, my actions caused her face to cloud with fear.

“I looked at you lying there, and thought that I had clamps that were so much better than those clothespins you were using.” My hips had begun to slowly rock back and forth. I was dry-humping my own mom. And my dick was throbbing harder than ever before.

“Sammy, let me up! We can’t do this.” I looked down at her. She was frightened. And yet, there was the slightest movement from her hips also. She looked into my face. “Sammy this isn’t right! Mothers and sons are not supposed to act like this.”

But I didn’t let her go. “I told you that I have heard you before tonight. And sometimes just when I hear you cumming, I hear you call out my name. This is right mother. This is more right than you lying here thinking about me using some toy. What do you think I’m doing lying in the next room listening to you?”

Mom shook her head from side to side. “I don’t know. Sammy we can’t do this! You can’t do this!” But I ignored her words, increasing the movement of my hips against her. And mom didn’t stop moving her hips in response. In fact, her breathing had grown faster and her hips mardin escort moved to my rhythm.

“I lay in my bed, stroking my hard dick, thinking about you. Thinking about coming into this room and taking you. Feeling you struggle as I push my dick deep inside your pussy. Making you mine! Making you do things to please me, the way I have fantasized about for so long.”

I bent my head, and captured one of her nipples in my mouth. Mom arched her back, even as her words came from her mouth. “Sammy this is not right! Stop this instant! You mustn’t! You can’t!” But I didn’t hear her words.

Feeling that hard warm nipple in my mouth was heaven. I moaned softly as I softly suckled upon it. Mom struggled for a few seconds more, and then I heard her moan in return. I lifted my head and did the same for the other nipple. And I heard her soft whimper. “Sammy please!” But her body didn’t tell me to stop. Her hips became more animated and her breathing grew faster. “Sammy Don’t! Stop! Sammy please! Don’t so this! Sammy! Don’t! Please Stop! Oh Sammy! Oh Sammy!”

I was sucking harder. Softly biting down on the sensitive tit. Mom groaned and ground her hips up to mine. “Don’t! Stop! Sammy! Oh Sammy! Don’t stop! Please! Don’t stop!” Mom’s hips were bucking up to meet my downward pressure. I knew that if I didn’t stop dry-fuckin her I would cum.

I stopped and lifted my head up to look at her. Mom was breathing hard, licking her lips with her tongue. I bent down and kissed her. She struggled for the briefest of seconds, then sighed and returned my kiss. When I let up, I looked at her. Our eyes locked on each other.

“We really shouldn’t do this.” I looked at her and didn’t say a word in return. But I started to slide down her body. I never let go of her wrist, and was not too surprised that she didn’t struggle. In fact, as I slowly kissed and licked my way down her body, mom spread her thighs open.

I licked the spot right above her cunt, slowly letting my tongue tease her. And mom’s body jerked and squirmed. Then I slid my tongue lower. I didn’t go right for her cunt, but let my tongue slide up and down her swollen lips. She was still slick from her earlier pleasure.

The scent of her heated sex was intoxicating. And I breathed deeply, as my tongue traveled over her soft hair. Mom’s hips moved to the movement of my tongue. She kept trying to maneuver my tongue to her clit, but I was determined to make her wait for it.

I licked inside her soaked slit. And mom’s moans grew louder and more insistent. “My clit Sammy! Please lick my clit!” I chuckled. She would beg even more before I touched her clit and made her cum. I let her wrist go, and used my fingers to spread her lips open wide. Then I licked up and down her slit, letting my tongue slide into her hole.

Her whole body shook, and I felt her hands on my head. But I would not let my tongue stroke her clit, and it was driving her crazy. “Suck my clit Sammy! Bite it! Make me cum! Make me scream! Please son! I need it so bad!” But instead of giving her what she wanted, I slipped down even further and began to tongue the skin between her holes. Mom drew her knees up and I felt her hands press against mine, pulling her slit open even more.

My tongue began to stab at her asshole. And mom’s body almost lifted off the bed. “Shit! Sammy! What are you doing to me! Fuck! You’re licking my asshole! Sammy! Oh Sammy! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

I pulled back and mom shook in frustration. “NO! Don’t stop! I was almost there!” She bean to struggle, grabbing my head, pulling me back to her. My hands reached up and grabbed her wrist, again pinning her to the bed. I moved up until I lay on top of her.

“I told you mom, I thought about coming in here and ‘Taking’ you! Making you do what I wanted! That’s how I’m going to please you. By making you do what I want.” I had pushed my pajama bottoms off as I slid up along side her. And now, the tip of my dick was pressed into her warm, wet slit.

As I slowly pushed it in, mom gasped. “Oh Sammy! It’s so big!” I felt her begin to move, but I stopped when just the head was inside. Slowly I began to stroke into her. Mom groaned, as her pussy lips grabbed the head of my dick.

Mom’s mersin escort hips matched my rhythm. I looked down at her and her eyes were glazed with lust as she looked back. “You did look like a slut with those clothespins on your nipples and pussy. That dildo smeared with your thick white cream. You were cumming so hard, you couldn’t stop it. Could you?”

Mom shook her head. “No Sammy! Seeing you watch me made it even more intense for me. I couldn’t have stopped no matter what. Shove it all the way in. Please? Let me feel you fill you mom’s hot pussy. Please Sammy. Fuck me ‘til I cum!”

I bent down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. As I sank the length of my dick into her, I bit down harder. Mom cried out but pushed her body up to bury me even deeper. Then I pulled out completely to her dry of disappointment and frustration.

“I told you that I would take you! Make you do what I wanted! That is how I enjoy it! And you will not cum until I tell you I want you to. Do you understand mother!” My words were hard and direct. And I saw a flicker of fear once again cross her face. Her eyes looked deep into mine. The tip of my dick was nestled between the lips of her pussy.

With a hard shove, I buried it completely. Mom cried out in pain and alarm, her eyes closing tightly. Then she opened them up and there seemed to be a new attitude about her. A new understanding! Then she smiled. “Yes son!”

Her words were said with full understanding. And her meaning was not lost on me. Mom had submitted. I began to give her long slow strokes, and I felt her legs come up and wrap around me. Her hips bucked to meet mine and she gasped and groaned.

Then she opened her eyes wide. “Please Sammy! Please son! Let me cum? I can’t hold it much longer. It’s been so long! Please?” I smiled. She was trying so hard not to cum until I gave her permission. I began to fuck her even harder and faster. Driving my dick hard enough to make her grunt with each plunge.

“You are gonna be a wanton slut, mom! My wanton slut! You will do what I tell you to and you will please me how I have fantasized about all these years.” I was like a machine, driving into her with abandon. And mom met my thrust and gave them back with gusto.

“Yes son! Fuck me! Fuck your mom! Make her your slut! Make me do what you want! Sammy! Now? Please now?” I looked down at her face. It was contorted with lust and animal need. I knew she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“NOW! Give it to me mom!” Mom’s body rose off the bed, as her cry echoed in the room. I had never heard a woman cry out so when she was cumming. Mom’s body jerked like she was having a fit, and I felt a warm rush of fluid splash my dick and balls.

“I’m cumming Sammy! You’re making me shoot my cum all over your lovely dick. I haven’t done that with anyone in so long.” I wasn’t listening to her. Instead, I felt my own cum boiling up from my balls. It felt like my dick exploded as it splashed into her. And this caused her to cum again.

We lay in each other’s arms spent. When our breathing grew to where we were able to talk, I held her close and kissed her. This time, mom gave fully into my kiss, letting me feel her tongue slipping in and out of my mouth. Then she pulled back to look at me.

With a twinkle in her voice, she laughed. “You wouldn’t really turn your old mom, into your own personal wanton slut, would you?” I pulled out of her, feeling the gooey mess her pussy had created on my dick and balls. I got up on the bed, until I was lying with my back to the headboard. Then I grabbed her by her hair.

“Clean my dick! And make sure that you get it all.” Mom whimpered as I roughly pushed her head to my crotch. But she opened her mouth and was loudly slurping and sucking her juices off my soft dick. I held her by her hair, directing her mouth over my shaft, then down to my balls. I even lifted my legs and felt her tongue tip licking my asshole.

When she finished, I pulled her head up to me. Her face was smeared with our mixed juices. I kissed her hard, and she whimpered as her hands slid around me to hold me tight. “What do you think?” I said to her. Mom kissed me hard then. Her body, melting against mine, as we slid down on the bed.

“I think that my life will never be the same. And I couldn’t be happier.” I felt my dick beginning to grow hard. Mom felt it too. This time, she bent her head and gave me the best head I have ever had. Looking at her ass, perched up in the air, as her head moved slowly up and down, I couldn’t wait to hear her cries as I fucked it.

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