MAN OF THE HOUSE”Billy your breakfast is ready hon” I come inside the kitchen from outback, having just finished the chores. And washing up. It’s 7am and I started at 4am , it’s a lot harder taking care of our small farm with dad out looking for work. He’s been gone a couple of days now. Anyway let me describe our little family I am billy a teenager five foot six inches and built like a bull, growing up on a farm ain’t easy. There is my dad Rob just over six foot and very broad and lean, not very many men look like him at thirty seven. And then there is my mom an Irish woman who wanted to make a better life for her family in the new land ,America. She is five foot nine inches tall one hundred and ten pounds, long red hair and skin that is flawless. Looks tall and slim with thirty four c breasts and an small tight ass. Dad always said her ass still looks the same as the first time he fucked her twenty five years ago . Dad was always taking like that in front of me . He would say to mom Billy boy works like a man we should treat him like one.As I walk in the kitchen, I sit at the table and look at my mom fixing my plate, I feel my cock becoming semi hard , mom has her hair tied back, and even though she has on a dress that reaches her ankles. The way it d****s over her sexy little ass just fucking turns me on. And its not like there is any other female around for fifteen miles and dad has our one horse and any way I am just a fucking horny teenager. Mom looks around and catches me staring. She smiles and asks ” are you looking at my ass hon” yes mom” I reply she brings my plate over ,” poor baby it must be hard for you listening to us going at it,” I am starving so I answer with my mouth full. I’am use to it but dad is very clear in his instructions. Mom laughs “that he is” she walks back to the sink to do the dishes, we have an indoor pump. I could swear that mom is pushing her ass out a little.Later dad came home around ten told us he got a job with the railway and he would be leaving the next day for two to four months depending on how it goes. We all sat down for lunch at about twelve fifteen . “so how was everything while i was gone”‘dad ask” no problem” I say with my chest puff up “‘i can handle it” ” I know you can Billy boy ” my dad says smiling at me. He turns to mom and ask her the same. ” every thing good baby ?nothing interesting.?” dad asks, mom turns from the sink and smiles at her husband and me. ” well I did catch your son staring at my ass this morning.” Dad looks over at me “really, I think our boy is becoming a man in more ways than one. ” do you have any thing to say Billy ” it’s just I hear what you say and do at night , and I wonder about it.” Really what do you hear “dad ask ” I hear momMoaning “at this point mom sits down on dads lap and ask , ” what else do you hear sweetheart it’s ok tell us” dad: “it’s ok We want to hear it” ” ok dad I hear you tell mom suck my cock you fucking whore or lick my fucking asshole bitch or you ask her if she is your fuck toy as you fuck her asshole” mom:”wow” ” dad.: well son I was aware you heard us and my plan has always been to include you in our sex life, what ?” mom ask, dad grabs moms hair ” shut your cunt and listen bitch. ” as I was saying son it was always my plan because your mom is the only piece of ass out here. Now listen your mom wanted to come to this country so bad that in exchange she agreed to become my fuck toy. So you like her ass , stand up bitch , mom stands up and smiles, dad :”turn around” mom turns around but looks over her shoulder at me. Dad : so you like yor moms ass mmm ? Dad presses moms dress against her legs i can see the outline off her ass and her ass crack. Nice huh. ? Asks dad.! oh hea, I reply. Dad : “son i will tell you something, since I am leaving tommorrow for god knows how long, I aim to go a little further than just letting you join me and your mom fucking” . “What do you mean dad” well all these years with you growing I have not been able to truly give your mom what she needs, ok you tell him bitch, and ask him for it. Mom turns around , dad slaps her ass and says ” but do it naked.” mom smiles at me and lifts her dress over her head, she is naked underneath . My cock is so big and hard now I ask dad if I can umbotton my jeans dad tells me to take off my jeans and my big fat cock springs out for everyone to see mom: yum. Dad:” now go sit that little ass on his cock while you tell him, mom sits on my cock with her back to me, my cock is nestled in her ass crack mom starts ” honey the truth is I am very submissive and your dad is very very dominant so because we wanted you to grow up nomal we could not fulfill our sexual needs , ” I interrupt mom what do you mean mom. “as I ask her this I grab her tiny waist and press my cock against her ass crack. This makes her moan, ” mom: ahhh baby that’s nice, what I mean honey is that I want to be dominated I want to be your fathers fucktoy and now that we are treating you like a man ,your fucktoy too.”Ok ok so now that you understand this is what we are going to do. Dad gets up and takes his clothes off. “We are going to break the ice as they say. Come over here you sexy little slut,” mom gets up and walks over to dad. Billy take off your shirt, I get up and take off my shirt , now every ones naked with me and dad having rock hard cocks pointing at the ceiling and mom standing in front of dad with her back to me, her back is fucking sexy as fuck so slim and tall tiny waist with a perfect little ass . Dad grabs mom by her hair and guides her to her knees.. Dad:”come over here son. ” I walk over I feel flippy flap in my chest even though I have rock hard abs and fucking traps of a blacksmith inside I am still a virgin looking at my dad towing above me just as muscled as I with out an ounce of misplaced tissue and my mother my fucking god , wow kneeling before us both looking up at me with love and utmost devotion , when I looked in her eyes I knew that she was mine to do with, whatever my teenage perverted mind could think of, her breasts looked so hot and over her shoulder that sexy ass was just begging be decimated. Son my dad said looking down at me, look at your beautiful mother she looks like angel doesn’t she?. I look at my mom down on her knees hands at her sides her long red hair tied back in a bun, her flawless fair skin covering her beautiful face just a few inches from my now pulsating cock, and those blue-green eyes that have been there for me in every 1xbet yeni giriş way a mother should , now looking up at me with a fuck me please look. Yes dad , Billy she is not just an angel , she is our angel. With that dad stoops down and rests his cock on moms face, dad: say your our angel bitch. Billy rub your cock on the other side of her face. I grab my mother behind her head press my hard pulsating cock on her hot sexy face , my dad and I rubbing our huge hard cocks on her fucking face. Mom started to moan then she said: “that’s it honey I am your angel your own fucking fuck angel , oh baby your cock and balls are so big, and full, please don’t stop mommy is going to cum. Dad then started fucking her mouth after a couple minutes he pulled out and said it was my turn so for the first time I penetrated my sexy slut of a mother, I tried to imitate dad and shove it in her mouth as hard and as fast and deep as possible ,the feeling was indiscernible her mouth was so accommodating with her teared up eyes looking up at me while grabbing her head and fucking her throat for all was worth was enough for me , I exploded down her throat then as I pulled out I exploded again all over her face completely covering her face and hair with cum, before I was finished my dad came up next to me and he fucking exploded all over mom already cum plastered face and chest .Mom looked so happy kneeling there covered in our cum , dad took his deflating cock and slapped moms face with it looking at them I could not believe that I was a part of this. I took my now rock hard cock and pressed it up on her other cheek slowly humping her sexy face all the while staring into her beautiful blue-green eyes. Dad: I want you to turn around and show your son what he’s been lusting over. Mom turned around on letting her hair down and shaking it out got on her hands and knees., arching her back, while seductively moving her ass in little circles first clockwise then counter clockwise. All the while looking back over her shoulder at us with a devilish smile.- smirk on her face. Me and dad just stood there mesmerized ., at least I was. Dad: look at her now if that not a fuckslut I don’t know what is , then mom asked me ” so Billy boy , do you like your moms ass.” oh fuck yea mom. Mom: do you want to shove that big, hard, man cock up your mothers tight little shit hole. At this point my eyes are glued to her small muscled ass with a bulls eye, that looked to tiny to put my finger in. Dad: go on Billy give her what she needs fuck the shit outer her.,I walk up to moms ass , she gets down to her elbows resting her head on top , this has the effect of further presenting her ass hole for my inspection. Her ass is so perfect in my eyes . I instinctively get down behind her and start licking her asscrack . Sticking my tongue deep down her little ass hole she starts moaning and I hear dad behind us start moaning also, I then grab her hips and press my cock into her crack . dad : ” hold on son let me help then dad moves over and starts feeding mom his cock, I then press my cock into moms asshole, dad then turned to me and said shove it in she likes a little pain. So I do, and mom squeals, I continue pounding her ass , as dad facialized her. Moms asshole felt so tight but just having her like that was heaven. dad : look at your mom son , see the kind of whore she is. he then pulls his cock out and says to her” tell your son what you are bitch, mom: baby I am a whore for your father and you ,(I start pumping her ass faster) from now on you and your dad can have me any time of the day or night, son you can have my mouth, my pussy , my ass, or do any perverted thing you can think off. I am yours baby , and that fucking cock feels so good up my asshole. I’m going to cum , mom straths moaning loud , dad then shoves his cock back in her mouth and says ” moan on this , I grab moms tiny waist hard and start ramming her asshole for all I am worth . Mom starts cumming dad pulls out of her mouth starts jacking his cock mom is moaning so loud someone a mile away could hear her . I yell fuuucck yeeaaa as I fill her ass with cum, I lean o ver her back grab a handful of her perfect breasts kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear (I love you mom) she caress my face and says ( I love you to son) dad : ok right you two brea it up ,let me at that ass Billy boy ,and good job my boy” thanks dad ” I respond as I get off mom my semi hard cock makes a popping sound exiting her ass. Dad mount her and starts fucking her cum filled ass hole. Mom:” come here hon so I can clean you up. ” I move over to her front and sit, she starts sucking my cock and licking my balls , my cock gets hard for a third time in one hour. Mom continues this for about ten minutes , before dad announces “I am going to fucking fill u up you fining dumb little fuckslut. Mom: fill me up baby give it to me. Dad moans and blasts her asshole. As dad exploded into moms asshole , I was trusting my huge muscled cock into her mouth, feeling like some kind of wild a****l. Dad got up slapped mom on her ass , saying .”that’s a good girl” walking out the front door naked . I guess to wash up. Looking at mom on her hands and knees, arching her back so her ass sticks up in the air, moving her ass side to side slowly , seductively, all the while sucking my hard cock. I look down at her face and she looked up at me with my cock deep in her mouth, making eye contact and holding it. I moan and say “‘your my fucking bitch now” “say IT” mom keeps the eye contact and repeats ” yes my love I am your fucking bitch , whore , slut, cunt, fuckslut, at this point i start rubbing my cock and balls on her beautiful face , looking into her blue-green eyes ,as she continued. ” fuck toy, cum bucket, any thing you want I will do? you are part of me, and my man you came out of me all that I am here for , is to fulfill your needs, and wants. this declaration puts me over the edge mentally my primal a****l lust goes into hyperdrive , I grab her by her throat ” you want to be my fuck slut, you fucking cunt “‘mom: yes baby yes” I look her dead in the eyes and spit in her face. She responds by opening her mouth .So i spit in her mouth then her face again ,then again. “your such a good cunt mom, she moans. Say fuck , I command her , “fuck” she looks up at me her face covered in fresh spit and old cum. Say it slow and sexy and repeat until I say stop, mom:”mmmm ,fuckkk, fuuucckk” And she does over and over again. I start humping 1xbet giriş my mothers sexy face again , shes moaning now and fingering her little pussy then I start forcefully throat fucking her the back door opens and, Dad walks back into the house, he walks right up to mom , and starts rubbing his cock and balls , on the other side of her face. (big happy family, aren’t we son? ) “fuck yea dad” I reply with sweat pouring off me. Thrusting my cock into his wife’s mouth , dad is right close to me. Resting his cock on moms head as he roughly pulled and squeezed and slapped moms tits. I pull out my cock slap moms face with it, spit on her face, then grabbing a handful of hair rubbed my cock and balls on her face. Dad looked at me smiling ” that’s my boy” mom: fuucckkk, fuucckkk. Dad “that sounds good. Your are enjoying fucking your son ain’t ya”. Mom : ” yes” dad :”let’s move this to bedroom.” I get off mom but first I tell her” open your mouth bitch” she does ,pulling her hair back so she’s looking at the ceiling I spit in her mouth and push her away .she looks me in the eyes and swallows then licks her lips smiles . Mom then gets up off her knees , for the first time in two hours. She gives me a hug wrapping her hands around my bull neck she is a few inches taller than me so her breast are right in my face I start caressing her back and ass as i start to suckle at her breast . Dad comes up to mom grabs a handful of mom hair and starts guiding her to the bedroom. This breaks our embrace. In my state of hormonal a****listic lust , I yell at dad ” I wasn’t fucking done yet. ” dad let’s go of mom and turns to me , ” you think your more man that me , grabbing my neck with one hand he tries to slam me ,into the wall behind me . Mom says stop it and dad back hands her in the face knocking her u*********s . I am to strong dad can’t budge me he’s towering over me . I snake me left hand out and grab his neck. Still holding my neck dad punches me with an over hand right.I see stars, in the second that dad retracted his arm after punching me. I strike him six times driveing his bottom lip through his top tooth. The hallway wall was keeping him upright I grabbed his head in a reverse head lock and squeezed, he tried to resist but in his stunned state it was futile. After he stopped resisting I released him , he fell to the floor semi conscious I straddle his chest , and slap him awake he looks at me. I say to him” I am more man than you”SAY IT. He looks up at me in stunned disbelief” your more man than me” I look down at him ,” from now on I get what I want first then you then mom ok ” he looks up at me “yea””SAY IT!” I reply. He tries to push me off him but I am to strong, I punch him in his chest , he starts coughing “SAY it” dad: first you then me then her. Who is the man of the house.? Dad “you are”. I get off him. And help him up I look at my dads deflated face. And say to him, ” dad I still love you , and we can still share mom , but I want what I want when I want it and I can’t have you questioning that. “ok son I understand. Dad I want to put down some guidelines for when we are sharing mom . You are not to call her bitch or any other name , that’s my job now. Second I get honors you can fuck a hole only after I fuck it. And dad from now on I think I should sleep in the big bedroom with mom. ” dad seemed to be finally back to himself, dad : “you know if you weren’t my son I would shove a knife right up your ass” to this my response :” you would try”. Dad looked at me and smiled dad: you are my son so I will obey your rules, the last one is a little hard to swallow, but I will be away most of the year anyway with this new job. I put my hand out and we shake hands I pull dad in for a hug , dad is surprised by this I mean we are both naked, but with the perverted things going through my head , I need him to be comfortable with having close contact. I tell dad to give me and mom some time alone , and he goes to the main room to stitch his lip and disinfect it. I go over to mom she is still u*********s , I give her a little shake nothing . I lift her up and take her out side it’s a beautiful day. I carry her over to the outside pump. Resting her down next to the trough and splashed some water onto her head and face. Mom wakes up . ” oh my god Billy are you ok.” she tries to get up , but i put a hand on her shoulder to keep her sitting on the grassy ground. It’s very erotic to be out side with the sun beating down on our bare skin having mom looking up at me with those beautiful blue-green eyes her long legs tiny waist , her big breast with pink nipples sticking out, her red hair and face covered in old cum . knowing that beautiful face is my mother. And knowing that I have already defiled that face. And fucked this beautiful woman’s asshole. Mom looks at my now fucking hard cock and smiles.” where is your father is everything ok now. ” I tell her ” don’t worry about him baby all you need to know is my needs come first then his.” she looks at me with disbelief” really honey , but how” I close the distance between us .”shut your cunt up , ” and shove my cock down her throat grabbing her head and holding her there. She is such a good slut her hands stay in her lap even thou my cock is in her throat. ” mom that’s good” I pull my cock out . ” hon” i guess I really should get cleaned up” I grab mom under her chin look into those eyes and tell her I’ll clean her up, I then spit in her face at point blank range, I then step away from her and angle my cock at her face .” open your mouth you dirty fucking whore.” she does she has a look of surprise on her face as I start peeing all over her lovely face, hair and body. Mom starts squeezing her tits togetherAnd moving around sexy she is so turned on, she tries to catch my stream in her mouth , and I oblige her. After I’am finished I grab her head and start fucking her mouth like a pussy, after a couple minutes of this I bend her over the trough ,her ass is so small but muscled and shapely. I can’t help but admire it , before I start pounding her tight cunt., mom offers no objections as I start alternating from her pussy to her ass ,asshole to cunt, I pound her in this position for more than 45 minutes . It feels great sweat pouring down my body and hers the sun on our skin ,her on her hands and knees looking back at me occassionally, taking my cock., her pussy is so tight ., I grab her by her hair and waist and really start pounding that pussy for all i’am worth. 1xbet güvenilirmi I explode deep in my mothers tight sweet cunt. Afterword I was spent, and so was mom she turned to me with this big smile on her face. “Honey that was amazing, I can’t believe it, but I think all my life I have been waiting and wanting to be dominated like that. ” “anyway . Let’s wash up and go talk to your father. Having sated my a****l lust, I found my self feeling a little unsure of my earlier actions ,with my dad. As mom and I entered the kitchen from the back door we found dad sitting at the kitchen table . Turning to face us ” you two come sit with me for a moment.” Billy boy I want to apologize for what happened earlier to you and your mother” it’s ok dad I am sorry to , I don’t know what came over me.” no no son that’s fine I am actually turned on by the turn of events . I am intrigued to find out where it goes, I’am ok playing second fiddle to my boy. But only if we can keep the v******e under control”. ” yes dad I am sorry .” mom: will one of you tell me what’s going on .” dad: ” honey Billy here is going to assume the Man of the house role . mom had a look of shock on her face , wondering were bitch or cunt turned into honey. Mom: “what do you mean hon” dad” well first off he will be sleeping in the big room with you.” “actually dad I was thinking there is no reason , if we are sharing mom , we can’t move my small bed into the big bedroom and put it against your bed , then we can all sleep and enjoy mom together. Dad “ok we can do that “‘ let’s do it now dad I am starting to get hard again. Mom “oh no you dont, I have to make my men some dinner to keep your strength up. So go move the bed then put some clothes on, and do your evening chores, The a****ls aren’t going to feed themselves, are they.? I look at mom standing there . This beautiful naked redheaded goddess ,tall ,slim, amazing feminine form framed by the afternoon sun coming through the kitchen window behind her. I snap out off my sexual daze realizing even if my mother satisfies all my depraved sexual desires , she was still my mom. “thats true , your right mom.” me and dad then went to move the bed ,’we both got dressed and dad helped me with the chores. We did all this in silence , both in our own thoughts.About six thirty mom called us in for dinner. I walked in ahead of dad, to see mom had indeed prepared a man size meal. With sausages, barmbrack and Irish stew with bacon.Well, dad and I made short work of that meal, mom started cleaning the kitchen, before we were finished eating. I looked at her in her long dress that only showed her ankles, and realized for the first time , I did not have to imagine what was under it. Mom had her back to us doing dishes , I decided to try out my new powers as man of the house. Getting up from the table I walked up behind mom hugging her from behind. ” your such a sexy little bitch mom.” mom: thanks honey , and your a sexy stud with that big hard cock of yours.” I pressed my now hard cock against mom’s ass, holding her hips tight. She pushed her little ass up against my hardness, I ran my hands along her tight stomach grabbing one tit in my left hand kneading it, my other hand pressed against her jaw , turning her mouth back towards me so I could kiss her lips. I slip a finger into her mouth. She gently sucks on it . I shove it deeper into her mouth, she sucks it harder. I can’t take it any longer, I step back from her she goes to turn around.” stay there like that bitch and take your dress off slowly.Mom bends over pushing her ass towards me in the process. I start stripping. Mom pulls her dress over her head. She is naked underneath. I glance over at dad, he has his cock out slowly stoking it. He raises his hand motioning me on. I turn back to mom. ” shake your ass mom” mom puts her hands on the sink pushes her ass back, and slowly gyrated her little ass in small circles. I finish stripping , then run my hand up and down her ass. I can’t believe how perfect her ass is, small but at the same time shapely and meaty. I press my rock hard cock against her perfect tight ass , she continues doing little circles against me. I move to the side pressing my dock into her hip, as i squeeze and slap her ass. At this point mom is moaning. “say your my sexy cunt mom”. Mom: i’am your sexy cunt baby, I’ll never say no to you.” I slip my fingers into mom’s ass crack rubbing her now wet cunt. My left is wrapped around her tiny waist. I look up at mom’s beautiful face, into her mesmerizing blue-green eyes, and shove two fingers into her tight wet cunt. “kiss” I command her. Mom moves her head down to kiss me, I move my hand up from her waist to the back of her head, pressing her mouth against mine, shoving my tongue down her throat. With my other Hand shoving two finger into her tight sweet pussy.I pause for a moment adjusting my hand , so I could insert my thumb into her tight asshole. Mom moans with lust. I think to my self ( two fingers in the pussy thumb in the ass , fucking heaven) I give one of moms 34 c’s a little slap. Mom: “harder ” I am shoving my thumb in her ass , and finger fucking her with one hand , while pressing her up against my pulsating cock humping her , I say ( you want it hard you fucking sexy little cunt I fucking love you ) I spit in her beautiful face. She moans and opens her mouth. I slap her tit like I really want to Testing her . She responds( ahh , ) I grap a handful of her vibrant red hair . Looking into her perfect blue- green eyes I see my mother but I also see the woman she is for the first time, she is a dream, the perfect woman for a man in-touch with his inner a****l self, at this moment I embrace this side of myself there are no boundaries , the weight of society and religion is lifted and in this little house in the middle of nowhere I know, this little bitch, my beautiful mother is going to get opened the fuck up. I pull her head gruffly toward mine shoving my tongue into her mouth , At this moment i feel so close to my mother, but I need to get close. I break our embrace extracting my thumb out of her bum and my fingers out of her pussy. Mom is so wet and horny, she is hot to the touch. I look over at dad, “what do u think bedroom?” dad “yup” dad is standing there looking at us slowly beating his huge cock. Before I let go of mom’s hair I give her one more kiss and squeeze her tits up. Non to gentle with my hand in her pussy juice covered . I release her. Mom start walking towards the bedroom, I look over at dad he’s looking at mom’s ass . Then we make eye contact , smile at each other, we are both thinking the same thing ,( this is going to be good) i then start following mom’s sexy little ass with dad a few steps behind me.

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