Man’s Best Friend Ch. 06


It was mid morning when I awoke. Immediately I was elated to feel Kate soundly asleep next to me, still loosely gripping my arms. Thank god it all wasn’t just a dream. I was a morning person and felt almost bad that half was already wasted. Remembering our deal, I was eager to get to work, and quietly slipped away. Kate roused, flipped onto her belly and continued her deep slumber. I heard a bunch of cackling hens in the distance, and walked outside onto the deck where my faithful pipe waited for me. Just as a lit up I glanced over to the barn.

Oh my god, Petey. I took a quick draw and quickly made my way out to the barn, poor Petey, he wasn’t used to being cooped up, Petey didn’t like being away from me for extended periods. I opened the door expecting an enthusiastic greeting, what I saw was a groggy dog, with his buddy’s muzzle resting on his hind quarters, his expression indifferent, his effort to greet me was anti-climatic, his tail only managed a small wag as I knelt down, giving him the usual scratch behind the ears.

“Sorry Boy, who’s my good boy?” Petey gave me a feeble lick to the face then looked back at Shamus who was now alert watching the our greeting, he got up to and leaned into me, also wanting a piece of the action.

“Yes Shamus, you’re a good boy too, c’mon guys, let’s get yas some fresh air.

They ran and immediately horsing around outside and started barking and nipping at each other, I quickly snapped on Shamus’s yard lead, and rigged Petey’s leash to it, giving them some freedom to wander around together. I felt somewhat slighted by Petey’s preoccupation with his new friend; they seemed to get along almost as well as Kate and me.

I made my way back into the kitchen, and clearing up the remnants from the night before, I filled the kettle with water and out it on the stove to boil, I washed up the dishes (I was OCD about a cluttered work area) and prepared a tray, tea, milk cups spoon, what else? I yanked the Kelvinator’s heavy door; I rummaged around the slim pickings, but found half a pint of fresh strawberries. I rinsed them off and poured them into the bowl, suddenly remembering to steep the pot. I filled the pot up with hot water then waited for the kettle to boil. I sat down satisfied with my handy-work thinking of anything else I could do to impress Kate.

I rummaged through some cupboards, and found some bran flakes – perfect, it would be not only a good gag, but also let her know I was listening and picked up on her ‘fibre’ barb. I poured a bowl and placed it on the tray, the kettle came to boil and I prepared a bag in pot, and then carried on to the bedroom. Kate was now lying on her back, the sheets kicked to the bottom of the bed, as it was already heating up in the room. I placed the tray on the nightstand and took the bowl of bran and out to the deck. There was a light breeze but it was going in the wrong direction offering no relief.

I thought it may be nice may be nice to provide her a cool sponge bath when she awoke, I went to the bathroom, something told me there would be a washbasin in the old school dentist cabinet there. I opened the door, damn – no basin, just some scissors, towels, washcloths, and what seemed to be a scented candle, (that may be nice mood enhancer) I pulled it from the back of the cupboard, it wasn’t what I expected it to be, it was a sealed old mason jar, filled with orange hair, then it hit me – she saved her hair for me, that was what the answer was! I beat myself a little for not registering that earlier, but really, who would think of someone saving their body hair? It was a bit odd really, a serial killer memento perhaps? Regardless, I had another idea, I took the jar and went back to the bedroom and hid it under the bed, and soon I would have a little fun with her.

She was still sound asleep; lightly snoring, I watched her sleep a while, her pale body camouflaged against the white sheet, her wide hips twisted her legs together off to the side, she really had a nice body, I wanted to kiss it all over and run my lips over her soft flesh… God – I hoped she was a morning person. I decided not to wake her just yet, I strolled out onto the deck, to take in some sun, eat some bran and perhaps, finish off what was left in the pipe.

I lit up and took it took it all in, It had been a long time since I had have a gal lying naked next to me; a new excitement flooded into me, much stronger than my puppy love attraction to old Jackie, which in a young boy’s world, was pretty intense. The pipe spent, I peeked back into the room then approached the bed and sat next to her, I was getting a little impatient so I tentatively pushed her hip trying to rouse her. She stirred but did not wake, then rolled her hips; her ass flat to the bed revealed her massive clit resting under her bare and puffy Mons.

I swallowed hard; it looked so juicy my mouth literally stated to salivate. I wondered if I should wake her up with a blowjob. To me, there was no better way to greet the new day; surely she would güvenilir bahis enjoy it as well.

I gingerly hovered over her and gently kissed her pubis, delicately exploring its rapturous smoothness with my tongue; thankfully her female scent was coming back. I moved down and popped her button softly into my mouth, Kate remained completely still. I flicked my tongue over the marble sized head, and then worked my lips down the relatively heavy shaft. My cock stiffened as I slowly began to suck her off, becoming more and bold with each stroke. Kate snoring turned into barely audible moans, I was sure she was still was half asleep, even as her hand moved toward her crotch. I went down on her deep lapping between her pee flaps; a delectable tang of old cum welcomed my starved tongue, which forced me to hasten my efforts,

Kate stirred then slowly awoke and quickly grabbed my head;

“Ye dinnae waste anytime dae ye?” she whispered, pushing her hips into me,

“Mmmm, feels so nice, Guid morning’ tae ye too, William.” She held my head firm, and then took the lead, pumping her micro-penis in and out of me. I increased the pressure over her;

“Mmmm, sook mah clit joost like that.” She spread her thick lips, and tried to help me along

“Yer already making meh leak, A’m already hot and wet.”

I groaned in felicity, and continued giving her head. Determined to make her cream, I brushed away her hand, I didn’t want her help, I only wanted to tease her. Kate relaxed laying back leaving me to task; it wasn’t long before thick white ooze began to emanate from her hole. I smoothed it into her skin, into her groin, her pubic area and down towards her ass, determined to get her good and ripe, for later. I kept sucking on her until her legs tensed up, knowing she was close to a full blown climax, I slowed my tongue and then defying every fibre of my being; reluctantly drew away from her throbbing clit.

“Don’t stop now, Kate hissed, “A’m so close.”

“I know you are baby, just relax,” I scooped up more cream, and then massaged it into her until her entire groin was covered with a shiny film of her fresh discharge.

“I think were done here.” I announced, then got up to taking took a strawberry into my mouth. I leaned in sharing it with her through a kiss.

“Morning Kate.”

Kate looked at me wondrously;

“Morning, soo yer just gonna leave hanging like this?”

“Ya, I am.” I smugly replied, ” I’m saving it for later.”

Kate cracked a smile,

“Ahh, A see.” she smirked, “Ye miss meh howfin’ fud, well A suppose A can forgive ye for that.”

“Tea M’ lady?” I offered with a nod, handing her the cup.

“Please, Kate graciously accepted.

I was noticeably trembling as I poured, despite our familiarity, I was as nervous as a schoolboy, asking his sweetheart for out the first time.

Kate noticed, and steadied the cup as the pot’s neck clanked into the China.

“Are ye alright? Ye seem a little out of sorts.”

“I’ve had some time to think, I’m known to be a good listener, and to be honest, I’m pretty sure you’re having me on last night.”

Kate twisted her face, and then took a sip of tea.

“Very good William; A was having some fun with ye, truth be told ye’ve been very attentive: Well when yer not staring at this;” Kate ran her hand over her curvy hip. I was somewhat shocked over her the somewhat easy abdication offered by her;

“So, this stuff about saving me something was all just a ploy for you to get out of answering my question.”

She shot me a look of naive innocence:

“An’ whoot question was that again? – Oh yea, A remember noo, ye ken howfur A became sooch a guid jobby eater.”

I needed a moment to translate, then got the gist and nodded.

“Yes, and you said if I was a good…”

I was quickly interrupted;

“Mah yer an impatient bugger aren’t ye? A haven’t even finished mah tea, an’ you – young mahn haven’t finished yer breakfast. Kate pulled out the bowl of bran from behind her pillow, and then reached over a plopped a strawberry on top.

“Tsk, Tsk; Tsk, sooch a naughty boy.”

I looked through the patio doors, the bowl left on the rail was gone, and suddenly a knot tied in my stomach.

Kate placed the bowl back on the night stand;

“An’ you’ve been going through meh things, haven’t ye.”

Damn her!

“You were awake the whole time.” I sheepishly resigned, hanging my head, feigning shame.

“Not until mah Shamus began kickin’ up a fuss, ‘es sooch a good boy, alerting meh of intruders, ye noo the like, bad men and all.”

Yep, I was totally busted, I looked up at her guilt ridden;

“I supposed I deserve a spanking”

Kate let out a hearty laugh;

“Ye should be so lucky, snooping around ma things hmmm, now show meh what ye have hidden under the bed.”

I had little choice but to obediently obey, Kate had a strawberry in her hand, looking quite satisfied with herself, I awkwardly groped under the bed, got up and tried handing the türkçe bahis jar to her;

“Open it, she commanded, taking a seductive bite,

“Now, smell it, get yer nose right in there, pretend yer sniffing yer weed.”

I smiled her cleverness, talk about déjà vu, I took a comparable sniff to the one she did the night before;

“Well I wouldn’t say herbal, but certainly strong.” I quipped.

She took the jar, and took a small sniff herself, closed it and placed it next to the bran.

“Oooo, Aye, ’tis at that, it’s sooch a shame that A’m gonna have to keep it for masell, tell meh William, tell me why A have to keep it for masell.”

” ‘Cause I’m a bad boy.” I sheepishly replied, performing a swiping kick at the floor

Kate popped another strawberry into her mouth, and paused while chewing it up.

“An’ what’s this about yer question, then?”

“Nothing,” I whined submissively.

She chuckled at my regretful demeanour, then looked around the room and took sip of her tea;

“Did you steep the pot?”

Sensing forgiveness, I quickly responded,

“I did, no really I did, honest… and I tidied up the kitchen too.”

“Easy Now, A believe ya, William, if not only cus this is a fairly decent cuppa, A do recall hearing quite a racket down there.”

A glimmer of hope brightened my defensive posture, like a shamed child, I fought back to win back her approval;

“It’s much better than we left it, that’s for sure!”

“She tried not to laugh at my juvenile exuberance, then straightened up.

“But the trust is gone now, isn’t, it, perhaps if you answered a few questions of me own honestly, A could forget about yer scheming ways.”

Taking a sip of tea she crossed her legs, I underestimated her, and now she had me in her sights;

“Why did ye hide the jar?”

I looked up at her, surely she knew why I hid the jar, but I suppose she wanted a full confession;

“So you couldn’t prove to me that I wasn’t listening to you, that way you I could confirm you were having me on, ergo you would be forced to answer my question.”

Kate grimaced at my words;

“Well it seems to me that not only did prove meh point, along with being a right twat, ye also proved tae me howfur glaikit ye ur. An’ you want a business arrangement with meh? What would possess meh tae partner oop with a sneak like ye?”

“Well, sneaky maybe, but I’m not stupid, face it, had you not been awake, I would have had you wondering where the hell that jar went, you would have been in a difficult position. C’mon Kate, you know I would have shown you this before holding you to it, it was meant to be, well a clever joke.”

I straightened up, almost believing myself, She remained stern;

“Aye, clever, well what’s not so clever is had you been listening, before we went to sleep, you would have known that all ye had to do was be a good boy, A would have answered ye anyway. I already forgave ye for not remembering what I have saved fer ye. Ironic isn’t it, you went out of yer way to pull one over on me, an’ it wasn’t even necessary. If ye hadn’t done it, well A would say the rest of yer efforts would deem ya a very good boy. Ye’d be all hot an’ steaming by now, listening to meh story, but now look at ye. No, A think you blew it.”

Popping another strawberry into her mouth, she anxiously awaited my next move, I tried not to laugh, I could see her trying to contain her laughter as she chastised me. A submissive and shamelessly insincere response was my only option;

“Your right Kate, I’m a dumbass, but truly I was just being playful. What was truly stupid of me was to think I could pull one over on you, you’ve headed me off at every turn, what can I say, I bow to yer superior intellect!”

She, shook her head, trying to keep her stern persona;

“An’ now more sweet talking condescending shite, comes out of yer cakehole, A truly feel sorry fer ye. PATHETIC!”

She was right, I was stupid, so naturally I had to double-down, my tone quiet and regretful;

“Your right I’m pathetic, I’m not thinking straight, I’ve been through a lot, being teased, spit at, bitten, pissed on and into, verbally and physically abused, oh and the topper being coerced into doing things with my ass that well, was really quite traumatic”;

Kate blew out a massive chortle then laughed

“Oh please, traumatic, fer ye! Oh aye… Ha ha ha ha!”

“No let me finish, really I’m serious, the thought of it put me through great trepidation, it truly wasn’t my thing.”

She had to interrupt again laughing;

“Well it certainly became yer thing soon enough!”

“You didn’t let me finish, and your right, I really enjoyed it in the end, but that doesn’t extinguish the fact that it was a huge jump for me in the beginning. But I jumped Kate, I jumped over a canyon for you!

Kate giggled out of control.

“Stop, joost stop, If A hear another word, A’m gonnae pee masell, you sir are th’ biggest bull shitter A’ve ever come o’er, A mean ‘ave ye any shame?”

I güvenilir bahis siteleri tripled down, obscuring the truth with platitudinous worship.

“No I’m afraid not, obviously I’m a disillusioned by your mere presence. Look, when I watched you take all of me in, with such devotion, I stopped fighting all doubt, I’ve never fallen for somebody so quickly and so hard, as I have for you.” To finish off my soliloquy, I chose the corniest line I could think of;

“You complete me.”

My big sad eyes melted into hers, expecting another break out of laughter, what I got was quite the opposite.

“That’s noot funny William, those aren’t words ye should be playing around with.” She had a sombre look on her face and began to tear up.

I went to hug her and she turned away, beginning to sob;

“Well I think it’s funny, I always think humour based on truths is usually the funniest, don’t ya think…. Kate… Kate?”

Kate’s back began to heave, I didn’t expect such a strong reaction, suddenly she turned and grabbed my nipple, pinching and pulling it without mercy;

“I complete ye, eh? Well whoot a wonderfully stupid and gullible man, tell meh something A don’t know.”

“You forgot, playful and handsome,” I shamelessly added.

“Aye, ye’re playful at that, she twisted my nipple before releasing it, then gave me a wet smack on the lips. Now it was time for me to go all in.

“So your saying, I’m a good boy again, we can pick up where we left off.”

Kate shot me a look of denial;

“A said no such, thing, your still bad, as all mehn – a dug needing training. Finish yer bran while A think of the appropriate punishment for you.”

She handed me the bowl, and poured in just a bit of milk, I gave her a less than sincere, sad face;

“You have to admit, I did remember the bran thing that has to count for something, no?”

Kate smirked;

“Aye it was a nice touch, put a smile on meh face fer a wee moment, Strawberry?”

“Please” I suavely accepted.

Kate grabbed the mason jar, opened it then taking a pinch of befouled hair inside, then sprinkled over my cereal;

“There you go.” she chirped,

I wasn’t going to warrant her the satisfaction of rebuff;

“Thank-you.” Then took a big spoonful, popped it in my mouth and over-enthusiastically chewed, then swallowed it down;

“A complete ye eh?” She laughed, “Here then have another;” Kate took a bigger pinch from the jar a sprinkled it evenly into the bowl.”

“Your too kind,” I dryly responded taking another spoonful undeterred;

“Mmmm, tasty, a little dry mind you, could use a little more milk,” I jested.

She took the creamer, faked right, and poured the rest of it into her tea.

“Now, be a good boy, stop yer complainin’, an’ finish up now, when it’s all done you can go out and tend to th’ dugs.”

“Awww, But I want to stay inside, with you!” I pouted.

“Wheest, you seem to forget yer being punished, little mahn, there will be no more of this, she got up, and walked across to the bureau caressing the wobbly expanse of her massive butt cheeks, she slowly bent over keeping her thick legs straight, to make her point clear, and just to drive me crazy. She opened the drawer and slowly rummaged through it, I began unconsciously stuffing my mouth with bran, fixating on her exquisitely pale and rubenesque form.

“There they are, I knew I had these someplace, Look William, look what found.”

Kate laid out a set of black nylons in front of me, the kind with the seam running down the back, the type that had to drive my dad mad in the late 40’s.

“A use to wear these tending bar in Glasgae, when leather mini-skirts are in fashion, good fer tips, geesh that was long ago, A wonder if they still fit?”

She sauntered back to the drawer, her cheeks bouncing even more than usual, again she bent over her thick, pink vulva peeked out at me, as she rummaged through the drawer. Along with a red garter she pulled out 2 more pairs of nylons, one white, one pink, then strolled back laying them out in front of me also.

“Which ones do ye like best William”, she maliciously teased, snapping the garter around her waist.

My growing cock answered for me and naturally pointed to the black ones.

“Meh too”, she smiled, then sat on the corner of the bed extended her leg in front of me, arching her foot to roll one on.

“All finished, I announced showing Kate the empty bowl.”

Kate ignored me and finished putting on the stocking then stood up, and looked in the full length mirror;

“Hmmm they seem to be a bit tight.. Oh! A know.” She strolled to the bathroom leaving me to wonder what to do with myself, then came back with the scissors, sat on the bed and pulled on the nylons until able to cut off the foot, then adjusted them pulling it high up her thigh.

She got up and took another look,

“Mooch better then walked back and quickly clipped the foot on the other then repeated her seductive pose, slowly rolling on the other, then she stood up and adjusted the seam so it was straight and perfectly centered down her calves. She stood up and carefully clipped them to her garter, making sure they perfectly framed her chubby pubis;

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