Mantis Ch. 02: Negotiations


Author’s Note: Anything in () indicates a Characters thoughts. This is a direct continuation of Mantis Ch.01: The Prey. This series has a strong story focus and aims to mix an interesting tale combined with an erotic edge. I hope you enjoy and continue reading!]


Arthur tentatively approached the table. Evalyn had wrapped a think robe around her figure and was nursing a cup of coffee. He was happy to see the pistol was nowhere to be found. Jacob moved around Arthur and took a seat at the table. He smiled, shook his head and sighed.

“Alright. We have a dilemma. Arthur, you have stumbled upon a secret we would have preferred to keep hidden. So, we need to discuss what is needed to keep your secrecy.”

Evalyn grunted and sipped her coffee. “How much?”

Arthur blinked. “What?”

“How much do you want to keep my secret? What is it going to take to ensure that you never speak about this to anyone?”

“I don’t want your money Evalyn.” Arthur looked to her with honesty. ” I won’t tell anyone. It’s not my business what you do in your free time. Though your recommendation could land me a job I need.”

“You expect me to believe that?” Evalyn slammed her fist on the table. “That you won’t tell anyone because you’re a nice guy? The world doesn’t work like that. How long before you decide you want to blackmail me or feed my name to the press! I can’t let you leave this room until I can ensure your lips are sealed.”

“Evalyn, I am insulted. You said you trust me.”

“In the bedroom. This is different. One wrong word and everything I worked for will come tumbling down around me.” She crossed her arms and glared. “I have worked too hard to get where I am. And as good as a lay you are, even you aren’t worth giving all of this up.”

Jacob raised his hand. “Would a binding contract ease your worries Madam?”

Arthur and Evalyn exchanged glances. She bit her lip as she looked him over. Closing her eyes with a tired sigh, she nodded. “Yes, having a written agreement would do a lot to help me accept this.”

“If it will help with your trust. Then ill agree.”

“Excellent!” Jacob pulled a laptop from his travel bag he had carried up to her suite. “Alrighty, this is progress. You will have to forgive her, Arthur. Madam has a long history with betrayal and dealing with corruption. Contracts have always given a sense of security for her. Now where shall we start. First point Arthur must acknowledge that he is no ways to discuss, share or reveal the knowledge he has learned tonight to anyone.”

“Thank you, Jacob.” Evalyn gave a relieved smile as she sipped her coffee.

“And Arthur, what would you like in compensation? Money? Rare art?” Jacob looked over the laptop at the wavy-haired man. “Forgive me I am blanking on your interests, but I am sure we can offer you something suitable.”

Arthur scratched the back of his head. “Well. Umm. I’ve never really been a money focused person. I make enough to get by at the moment. You really don’t need to try and buy me.”

“Just name something. It doesn’t feel right for me to be putting this pressure and possible danger upon you without anything from me.” Evalyn confessed. Her eyes darted between his, seeming to search for something in his eyes.

“Well… to be honest. I really enjoyed tonight. I don’t want your money, but I would like to continue spending time with you.”

Evalyn’s blush was immediate. Her legs crossed as her mind flowed back to just a few hours ago, her arms wrapped around her body hugging herself. Her confusion was evident in her voice. “What?”

“I’ll admit it. I really like you Evalyn. Not because you’re some vigilante, or a rich business woman. Or even how stunningly beautiful you are. All of this helps but it’s the chemistry I felt in my time with you. I connected with you like I never have been able to do with any of my previous partners. I want to work at this and see what happens. I want to keep feeling like I did tonight.”

Evalyn looked down towards the floor, her eyes flicked across the details in the tiles. Arthur noticed her hands start to tremble. It was Jacob’s voice that refocused his attention. “Evalyn, if I may. This would be immensely beneficial for your health.”

She glared daggers. “The fuck are you talking about Jacob?”

“You are a woman of great power, and many enemies. Your stress levels are astronomically high and have been getting worse. It HAS been wearing down on you. Your physical health has been degrading rapidly and I won’t even get started on your emotional balance. Tonight, was the first time I have seen you smile in months. I mean a genuine smile. It is my professional opinion that you should continue your relationship with Mr. Reinhelm.”

She opened her mouth to object but then closed it as she pondered it over. After a long silence she looked back to Arthur and nodded. “Fine. I will accept your proposal of a relationship, provided you are not to sleep with anyone else without my express Starzbet permission. Also, I would like you to reside here where I can keep an eye on you.”

“No deal.” Arthur crossed his arms. “I need to be free to have my own living space. I said I wanted to see where this goes, not marry you. You don’t own me! If you expect me to monogamous then you have to do the same.”

Her fists clenched. “You son of a-“

“Ahp!” Jacob interrupted. “might I remind you of the little ‘incident’ last month.”

His words hung in the air between them. Arthur look confused as Evalyn bit her thumb. He looked her over, her body tense with concentration and her robe leaving very little to the imagination. He could feel himself getting aroused as it clicked in his head that she was going to be needing his ‘services’ a lot more.

“Fine!” She declared. “I accept this deal if he does.” She sighed and put her head in her hands. Her delicate fingers combing her blond hair. “Why can’t anything I do be easy.”

“Excellent!” Jacob typed furiously at the computer. With a resounding click he looked to the two at the table and beamed. “Now, Mr. Reinhelm. As you will be the Dom, you have full rights to discipline Ms. Evalyn if it will help you with your role. Ms. Evalyn as the sub in the bedroom you will be expected to be submissive to Mr. Reinhelm’s requests…”

“No issue there… when he puts his hands on me I melt. Don’t think I could say no if I tried.”

Jacob raised an eyebrow but continued. “And you have full control to slow or stop activities through use of safe words. I will print this out later for the both of you to sign. Arthur I will also attach a list of acceptable toys and restraints. Anything not of the list will need to be confirmed before use.”

Arthur curiously tried to peak at the laptop screen. “A list? You know what she likes?”

“Oh yes, I am aware of everything Ms. Hunter needs. I keep track of her medical and psychological records as well as I am familiar with her escapades.”

Evalyn groaned as she dropped her head to the table. “I hate to admit it, but Jacob knows me far too well. He knows what I need, when I need it, before I am even aware of my wants.” Lifting her head up she pouted her lips. “You know Jacob, if you weren’t so damn good at your job it would be damn creepy.”

“No, ma’am. It is creepy. It just does not outweigh the usefulness of my continued employment.”

She nodded. “That’s Fair.”

“Well that settles that.” Jacob clapped and rubbed his hands together. “Mr. Reinhelm you will begin your employment on Monday.”

Both looked in shock to Jacob. “What?!” They exclaimed in unison.

“Well his employment is necessary as a personal assistant. Your stress peaks before and after crucial meetings. Keeping him within the building for times of emergency should decrease stress levels ten folds. And seeing as Arthur does need to work to maintain his own living space, this solves that problem. He will be free to maintain his independence and continue working while being on call for when you need him most with minimal travel time.” Jacob’s face beamed with pride. “It’s rather brilliant if I do say so myself. Full time, with benefits. Substantial pay increase.”

He brushed a lock out of his eyes as he looked between the two. “Whoa wait a min. I would need to resign my current position. And would this be a conflict of interests? Plus, I want to maintain my freedom, employing me would mean I’m just under her thumb anyway.”

“Oh, I think you misunderstand me.” Jacob leaned forward with a wicked grin. “You would not be Ms. Hunter’s Assistant. You will be working for me.”


“I can do a lot of things. Ms. Hunter can attest to that. But no matter how good I am, I am only one man. I’ve been looking for someone I can trust with any sort of task, including more classified projects. To be entirely honest, you will hardly see Ms. Hunter on a work day. She is an extremely busy woman. This is the best arrangement for everyone in my opinion. But it is a job and only if you want it. I understand if you have some reservations.”

Arthur rubbed his hands nervously. “Well. Um, if you think I can do it. I suppose it will work. As long as it won’t cause tension with Evalyn. I mean, it’s not like I am in love with my current job.”

Adjusting his glasses, Jacob typed quickly on the computer. “Well this position has been open for a while now. I have been very careful in my screening of every application for any job that came through our doors. Of the thousands, I have researched, only ten were suitable. You are at the top based on your history, morality, work ethic and now connection to Ms. Hunter. I would be relieved if you took the position as I could then get the assistance I need, and Ms. Hunter needs. As well as allow me to refocus on more important matters.”

“Well I mean… How does Evalyn feel about it?”

She leaned back in her chair, her fingers toying with the edge of her robe. Starzbet Giriş A sly smile slipped across her lips as she gave Arthur a teasing shot of cleavage. “It’s logical. I’m fine with the arrangement.” A shiver ran down her spine as she stared into his eyes. “Plus… I’ve always wanted someone to fuck me on my desk.”

Arthur raised his eyebrow. “Oh, really now?”

“Mhmm.” She nodded, leaning forward she propped herself up on the table. Lust blazed in her eyes as she stared him down. “You saunter in, your head held high. You approach my desk and look down on me with that look you do so well.”

“Go on.” Arthur grinned. In the background, Jacob looked between the two and was typing at a rapid pace.

“You sweep my work off my desk, commanding me to stop. Then you pull at my clothes… telling me I’m overdressed. Then you…” She turned to look at Jacob. “Seriously Jacob. What the fuck?”

Jacob didn’t even look up from his computer as he typed. “Don’t mind me. Just taking notes. Usually I have to infer what you want rather than hearing it directly. Hearing your own words will help me set up more favorable situations in the future. This is all to aid you Ms. Hunter.”

“It’s a serious mood killer.”

“Duly noted.” He closed the laptop and smiled. “But none of this matter’s if Arthur turns down the offer.”

“Well, let me sum this up. I get to continue doing things with Evalyn.” Arthur spoke as he looked to Jacob nodded at each point. “I get a new job, and I won’t have any more guns pointed at my face?”

Jacob adjusted his glasses taking a very serious tone. “That is the jist of it. Though you would be liable to be caught up in our… other business by association should we have leaks of information, be caught or other complications. Is this an acceptable risk?”

Arthur shrugged. “Sounds great to me. Evalyn is an amazing woman and I’m happy that tonight isn’t the end of my time with her.”

Evalyn coughed. “Excuse me I am still here in the room.” Despite her tone, he could see the undeniable smile on her face as mischief glittered in her eyes.

Jacob nodded with a smile. “I am well aware Miss. But it seems we have come to an agreement. It is my belief that this will work to the benefit of all of us.” He stood, collected his laptop and bowed. “Good evening Ms. Hunter and Mr. Reinhelm. I wish you both a wonderful evening.”

She stood, her face darkened quickly. “Jacob wait! Have you found anything yet?”

“Sadly, I have not. I will continue my search. Good evening.” He bowed and promptly left the suite leaving Evalyn with a dark look. She turned away from Arthur and approached the wall of windows overlooking the city. The yellow lights of the night life looked beautiful from up in the suite. The time was so late (or early) that all the party goers had long gone home. Only the lights of the streets, signs and the occasional building room remained alight. But against the stars of the night sky it was beautiful contrast worthy of painting.

Evalyn sighed heavily as she looked out the window pondering something. Arthur felt a sense of amazement. (And the most beautiful sight is right here in front of me.) He couldn’t tear his eyes away from how the thin semitransparent night gown flowed around her body. The beautiful curve of her spine leading to her finely curved rear. His gaze wandered to her toned legs as she shifted from foot to foot. Softy he rose and approached.

She looked back at his footsteps, gave a flicker of a smile and then turned back to the window. “You know… I was hoping we could have gone on like yesterday… at least for a little bit longer. I had fun. Genuine fun.”

“There is nothing that says we can’t.” Arthur shrugged. “As long as you’re paying. The meal would have bankrupt me.”

She sighed. “That I suppose. But now, I have you dragged into all my … issues. Hell, of a first date. Fancy dinner, Mind blowing sex, followed by threatening you with a fire arm and making you sign a contract… What the fuck is wrong with me and how are you still calm?”

He stood behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. She closed her eyes and rested her cheek on his hand. “Well when you put it like that. Yeah that is a bit crazy. But I don’t know. My gut tells me that this is where I should be. And that I can do better being there for you than I would being your enemy.”

“Good choice. My enemies tend not to live long.” She chuckled. She felt his hand tense on her shoulder. “A joke! But in all seriousness, thank you. You didn’t have to sign the contact. And it’s not like I can enforce it at all. Taking it to a court would be self-incriminating and I would end up in a jail cell before I could argue.”

“If it helps you, I don’t mind. Plus, now I am contractually obligated to give you more mind blowing sex.” Arthur chuckled as he leaned down to kiss her neck. His affections elicited a soft moan from Evalyn as she melted into him. “And there is the voice I love to hear.”

Evalyn Starzbet Güncel Giriş closed her eyes and leaned her head back against his shoulder. Her hands reaching up to the back of Arthur’s head. “I’m not sure if you’re crazy or stupid to keep going on with me… but right now I won’t complain.” Her breath heavy with excitement as she wove her fingers into his hair.

He ran his hands across her hips with a gentle touch, his fingers dancing across the thin fabric that donned her form. He swept his hands upwards across her stomach and up to her breasts, cupping the twin globes in his fingers. “Maybe…” He said in a husky voice, “I just find I have good synergy with you… and I’m not ready to give that up just yet.”

Shivers ran down her spine under his touch. She could feel the corners of her lips pulled back in an uncontrollable smile. Evalyn clapped her hands twice and all the lights in the room flickered off, leaving only the moonlight flooding in the wall of windows.

Arthur grinned as he hooked his fingers on the hem of her robe and drew back the thin cloth. His breath caught in his throat as moonlight illuminated her pale skin. He loved the way the blue light danced across her breasts, her nipples already hard. Taking the two sensitive buds between his fingers he whispered into her ear. “You seem more than ready my dear.”

“The way you say that.” She breathed. “It does… things to my mind.” She closed her eyes, keeping them shut to focus on the sensations.

He chuckled, a deep rumble from within his chest. “I’ll keep that in mind.” His fingers gave a twist of her nipples causing her to gasp. “And I can’t get enough of how sensitive you are.”

Evalyn pressed herself back against him. She could feel his hardness pressing against his pants. With a sly smile, she pressed her ass against him. Subtle shifting of her hips massaged his member with her ample cheeks. “it looks like we both drive each other crazy then.”

“Ready for something new?” Arthur growled by her ear, brushing a blond lock with his fingers.

She shivered and pressed against him eagerly. “More than ready.” Backing up her statement by grinding her hips against his crotch.

“Very well.” His hands left her body and went to his belt, drawing it from the loops. Evalyn could hear his fiddling but was unsure of what she was doing. Despite her curiosity, she kept her eyes forward. Arthur took the belt between his two hands and gave it a good snap testing its strength.

Her eyes went wide. “Yellow.” She called out, her voice ringing through the empty room. Arthur froze on command. A small seed of doubt flickered in her mind. (Would he listen? Will he stop?) But to her relief Arthur didn’t move a muscle.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. Though he was certain of the answer.

“The belt. You… don’t plan to hit me with it in some sort of fucked up revenge?”

Arthur shook his head. “I wouldn’t dream on it. Don’t you remember what I said back at dinner? But if you still don’t feel comfortable I’ll go a different route.”

With a heavy sigh that shook her whole body, she reluctantly shook her head. “No… it’s alright. I… I said I trust you. Just…please be gentle.”

Her eyes closed as Arthur planted a tender kiss at her neck. “As you wish, My Dear.” His words stirring a response down below. She kept her eyes closed as she felt her hands drawn back and the belt wrapped around her wrists. Tight enough to restrain but loose enough that the leather didn’t bite into her skin. Her hands playfully pulled at his restraints. Finding them secure she felt a new wave of excitement as his fingernails dragged along her thighs.

Her knees trembled under his graceful caress. His voice cooing in appreciation as his feather light touch ran up her stomach and over her bound arms to her shoulders before dancing back down. Her breath soft with anticipation as he stimulated her spine.

His smiled spread as she moved like putty in his hands. His light strokes would make her shift and a heavy pet brought forth her wonderful moans. It was like playing an instrument of immaculate beauty. His touch danced across her skin, approaching her most sensitive places but pulling away before giving her the contact she craved. Arthur loved the way she writhed within his fingertips.

“Please.” She huffed.

“Hmmm?” Arthur placed his hands on her shoulders. His lips grazing the edge of her ear. “What did you say?”

“Please! Stop teasing. I need more…”

Arthur whispered, his excitement and lust undeniable. “I love it when you beg.” His hand snaked between her thighs, placing his palm over her mound. Her soft sigh encouraged him onwards as his fingers teased the edges of her outer lips.

“yes, like that!” She groaned as she pressed herself up against his fingers. Her hands hungrily clawed at his pants. Her fingers brushed across his erection. Her nails pulling at the cloth that separated her from her prize.

He pulled back from her. “Now, now. I bound your hands for a reason.” She sunk with disappointment. Arthur quickly removed his pants and boxers, then an idea crossed his mind. Evalyn gasped as she felt the warm flesh press against her hands. “Is this what you wanted?” He whispered.

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