Mapping out her body Ch. 02


He kept staring at it. Admiring the protruding buttocks in front of him. Awaiting his attention. Enticing him with its majestic allure.

He looked on, transfixed by the ample size of her behind. The warm undertone of her glowing, olive-toned skin. The alluring back dimples arched towards her bum crack. The light stretch marks around the back of her thighs, running up toward her cheeks. Even the tiny blemishes and bumps, like the small birthmark on her left cheek, right at the edge of the fissure. All beckoned him towards its grandeur.

He especially could not stop gazing at the deep narrow line, splitting the hefty halves in two, for the dark fissure held within, that which he coveted.

“Do it. You know what I want. So, just do it,” he said huskily. In a state of high arousal.

“Say it. Tell me what you want baby. I need to hear you say it.”

“I have to see it. Spread it. Spread it wide open for me. Please.”

“See? See what exactly?” She asked teasingly.

“Open up your ass cheeks right now Mom. Spread it. Spread them open. As wide as you can, for me.” He said, his tone a desperate one.

She turned her head towards him and gave him a little smirk before turning back, this time arching her back further and pressing her face against the bed sheets, making her butt more pronounced. Her hands were adjacent on each cheek.

Then, it happened. She slowly pried her cheeks apart and kept them open for his viewing pleasure.

His breath caught in his throat.

All he could do was stare and take it all in.

Her vulva was obscenely spread. The insides bared wide open for him. Bright pink and ripe. The engorged outer labia completely unfurled. Having a coffee-colored complexion. The hair on and surrounding it was long and shiny. Unruly and wild and slightly damp from her secretions.

And then there was her dainty, little anus. The skin surrounding it was a warm brown, cocoa color. The sweet little anus itself was a delectable dark chocolate-colored delight. The delicate hair surrounding it enchanted him even further.

But what enraptured him most was the small bump peeking out from under her hairy pubis, and what it symbolized. His baby, growing inside her.

He put that baby there. Inside the woman who birthed him. Inside the woman that raised him, which still seemed foreign to him somehow. Even though they engaged in many sexual trysts, he still struggled to wrap his head around it. He inseminated his mother. And he loved doing it too. The very thought of that fact excited him to no end.

With that in mind, he was brought back to the task at hand. She excited him and he was going to show her just how much.

He shifted his eyes and attention back to the marvelous delicacies in front of him. Went in closer and took both her hands off while laying delicate kisses on her bottom. Reverting her cheeks to their original state.

“Where… do… you… want…it?” He said between each soft and sensual kiss.

“Want what baby?”

“This”, he said before sucking on her little birthmark.

“Baby, are you really planning on doing…that?” She asked in a voice overflowing with enthusiasm, unable to keep the excitement out of her tone.

He broke out in a smile behind her, his lips still pressed next to her crack, catching on to her clear eagerness.

He let go of her hands and started manipulating her cheeks. Kneading them softly. Opening and closing her anal cleft. Playing peek-a-boo with her cute, little anus.

He loved looking at it. Her anus that is. Arguably the most intimate part of her body. And only he got to see and appreciate it for its comeliness. But he had yet to become fully acquainted with it, but he was more than willing to rectify that.

And so he spread her buttocks one final time and held it in place. His face moved closer and closer toward her delicacies until he stopped just before making physical contact.

He subtly took in her scent. Trying not to make her feel self-conscious but breathing in her aroma nonetheless.

He indulged in her earthy musk. The fragrance of a distinctive perfume was overwhelming but a hint of something peculiar, yet pleasant remained.

The sweat of her butt left a trace of its natural spiciness behind. A scent that he found highly erotic. Not overpowering, but subtle. Barely noticeable, but there. Her pheromones and the mixes of fragrances sent him down a psychological, sexual spiral.

So, he started kissing her. Not directly on her anus, but on the surrounding area. Circling it slowly with open-mouthed kisses. His tongue slipped out more and more as his excitement grew. He didn’t even care about the hair surrounding her anus but rather saw it as a part of her eroticism. He loved every part of her.

Sucking on the innermost part of her hairy, gluteal cleft. Slightly grazing her butthole. Her little groans increased in volume as his tongue neared. He, in reality, very much would have preferred to get down to business immediately. But sarışın gaziantep escort as always, the rational part of him that wanted to prolong and maximize her pleasure won out. Pushing his impulsive needs to the side and taking care of his woman’s needs. Besides, teasing her was always fun.

She was starting to get restless. Moving her butt around, trying to align his tongue with her little hole. Nearly succeeding but not quite. He had half a mind to switch back to her cheeks, maybe move his attention towards her lower back, just to see her reaction. But thought better of it. Doubtful that it would play out so well for him. She might just pull his hair out in frustration.

And so, he slowly, tentatively, took the first lick on her anus. Which immediately elicited a moan from her. He spread her cheeks even further apart and went in for an even firmer lick, then another, and another until he was steadily and diligently lapping away at her butthole. She gasped and moaned from the attention he was giving her little anus.

He licked her anus with the flat side of his tongue but soon realized that it would not be enough. For him or her. He wanted to go deeper. Explore further. She was squirming around. Trying to get as much of his tongue on her anus as possible. So he thought it would be prudent to oblige her.

He hardened his tongue and took a jab at her sphincter. Which was incredibly tight, but her little balloon knot stood no chance against the slippery invader, and gave way, thusly, he found himself at the dawn of her rectum. Opening up a passage that was once sealed from any foreign intruder. But here he was, thoroughly digging through her insides. Going where no man had gone before. Frenching her anus.

Her moans were becoming sharper and higher in volume. And then he realized why. She was playing with herself. His mother was getting off to this. Having his tongue deep in her ass. He dove in with even more enthusiasm as he made that realization. Sucking and tonguing her with as much passion as he could muster. Not letting up for a single moment.

She groaned and whimpered out her pleasure. Her movements becoming more erratic. He realized she was on the presupposes of an orgasm. By the sound of her mewls, a massive one. And her man was more than happy to get her there. Charging a relentless assault on her poor butthole.

She stood no chance. Letting out a cry and howling out in pleasure. Bucking her butt towards his face in quick succession. Riding out her pleasure. Her butthole pulsed against his tongue. Her orgasm not letting up. The anal walls squeezed and released the tip of his tongue.

He took out his tongue after the pulses stopped and laid his cheek on her bum. Pressing it there in an affectionate manner. Her body sagged down. Laying down gently on her swollen belly. He remained cheek-to-cheek with her. Stroking her back and butt. Lovingly caressing her. She sighed and purred in tranquillity and enjoyment.

“Hold me baby”, she said in a soft-spoken voice, barely above a whisper.

And that’s what he did. He took her in his arms and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Holding her body in a tight embrace.

“Oh, my poor baby. You’re so hard. Mommy is going to take care of it.”

Shhhhh, it’s okay. I can wait. This is about you right now”, he whispered. Clutching her closer to him. Breathing in the fragrant scent of her hair and kissing the love of his life on her forehead.

He soon disengaged himself from their lover’s embrace.

“Where are you going, sweetheart?”

He didn’t say a word. Instead rolling her onto her back while she looked on in curiosity and interest.

He opened her legs, looked at her treasures and she immediately knew then, what he was planning. All she did in response was spread her legs further for him.

He rubbed her legs and thighs in a slow, soothing motion. Unhurried, yet calculated. His eyes never left her private areas.

And then he sat up close, next to her, on his side, his eyes still on her bits.

And started running his fingers over the long strands of her silky smooth pubic hair. Pulling on it gently. Admiring it.

But soon shifted his attention to her mound itself. Rubbing the fleshy part above her clit in a soft, sensual manner. Rubbing big circles over the flesh there. Moving towards the clitoral hood. Both of them stared intently at what he was doing.

But instead of rubbing over her clit as she expected, he instead opted to move a finger toward each side of her clitoral mound. Each finger was adjacent to one another. Creating an upside-down V over her mound, thus sandwiching her clit between the two outer labia. And applied gentle pressure. He soon added more fingers to the equation, squeezing them together, suffocating her clit between her lips. He then rolled them around. Giving her little clit lots of indirect stimulation.

She was loving this. Panting and moaning her head off. gaziantep sarısın escort Having never experienced anything like this before. But loving every single second of it. He continued pulling on her labia and pinching her clit as she was slowly losing her mind next to him. Losing herself in the sweet pleasure of his ministrations.

He soon turned his attention to her holy grail, her clit. And rubbed directly over it. In small, tight circles, just the way she liked it. Continuously rubbing over her clitoral hood. She let out whining noises as her orgasm hit. Reaching her release much quicker than usual. All the excitement of the day was getting to her.

As her orgasm raged on, he palmed her clit. Applying some pressure while allowing her to hump his hand. She let out some cooing noises of appreciation and love, while the last of the muscle contractions simmered.

She kissed him relentlessly, everywhere she could. His cheek, his jaw, his forehead, and his lips. Especially his lips, with all the passion and fiery desire she could muster. Overwhelmed by her love and lust for her son.

She knew where his lips and tongue were, but sucked and licked them anyway. Loving him even more for it. Turned on by the fact he had tasted all her orifices and that she tasted a certain hole of herself on him indirectly. She felt so dirty for doing so. And she loved it.

But even though he loved doing that. Kissing her was always a breathtaking experience for him. But he had this thought at the forefront of his mind. He needed to see something, badly. With a burning desire. He simply could not curb it. So, begrudgingly he ceased their passionate make-out session.

She looked on in confusion. Still hot and heavy from their shared passionate kiss. Then she saw his eyes, seeing his faraway stare, looking at her sex once more, and knew then that he was a man on a mission.

He looked toward her wet, splayed open vulva, then to his real target, her clitoral hood. Or more specifically, what lay beneath her hood, her clit.

He wanted to see her little pearl. Not in any rush to stimulate her. But just for his pleasure and delectation. He loved seeing it. To him, it was the most captivating and delicate part of her body. It fascinated him.

So, while she recovered from her orgasm, still in a state of post-orgasmic bliss, he lifted her hood.

He knew her clitoris could be sensitive after an orgasm, but at that moment, he didn’t care. He needed to see it. And even though he had seen it, countless times at that point, he was still awed by its beauty and all-around prettiness, just like the first time he saw it.

It was a shiny, bright pink jewel. Not too big in size but definitely not small either. It was tumescent, absolutely engorged with blood. It had been hidden by the skin before but was unmistakable then. He could not miss it. Her clit drew his eyes immediately to its enchanting beauty.

He wanted to suck on it but thought better of it. She did just have an orgasm a few moments ago, after all, and would probably not be ready for a full-on assault from him. So he would have to explore different avenues. Which wasn’t a problem. He would soon be returning to it soon enough, but in the meantime, he would play with her other goodies, which was just as fun. And he already had an idea brewing for his next target.

“Suck on it”, he said while his eyes were still locked on her sex with his finger pointed towards her mouth.

“Baby?” She said with bated breath.

He looked at her eyes, then her lips. Then back toward her eyes and simply said, “Open”, in a clear, firm voice.

She nodded, understanding, and opened her lips, taking his finger in her hot mouth.

“Suck on it, Mom.”

And that is what she did.

She started sucking on his finger. Rolling her tongue over it. Trying to coat his finger with as much of her saliva as she could and even took him in deep. Simulating fellatio. He quickly added a second digit.

Her little show was definitely having an effect on him. His penis had been perpetually hard for the entire ordeal already but now his boxers were positively soaked with his precum.

She was really getting into it. But like all good things, it had to come to an end. He took his fingers out and put a pillow under her butt. Elevating her pelvis slightly.

He got his moist fingers in position. His digits were ready. Perfectly lined up with her vaginal opening and slid them in, slowly inside. Painstakingly slow. She cooed with delight as his digits slid in all the way to his knuckles.

Which turned into a low moan as he retrieved his fingers from her depths. Sliding his fingers over the roof of her vaginal lining as he did so.

He felt an area with a slightly different texture than the rest of her smooth vaginal wall. Slightly more pronounced. A squishy bean-shaped bump. Which he found quite interesting. He slid his digits back over the upper gaziantep sarışın escort bayan wall, feeling for the textured area, and found it. He pressed gently on the area. Press, release. Press, release. Pulsing his fingers over the area. Which sent her into a frenzy. She moaned out her pleasure. Loving the strange new sensation.

As much as he loved her reaction to his ministrations, he wanted to explore different ways to stimulate the area. He found a brand new hotspot on her, and he was going to play around and explore.

He stopped the pulsating motion abruptly, bringing her moans to a halt as well. Which was soon replaced by a groan of frustration.

He smiled and rubbed the area in a circular motion. Firstly some big circles then some smaller ones. Then clockwise, a moment later, anticlockwise. He took his time on each variation. She liked some more than others but didn’t have quite the reaction he hoped for. That was until he tried something different entirely.

He tried a beckoning sign with his fingers. Or a come here motion if you will. Sliding the tips of his fingers up and back like he was trying to gently hook the spot, and then forwards again. And so, he repeated the motion.

He expected some sort of pleasant reaction from her. But was very much surprised by the result he actually received.

She went absolutely ballistic in a matter of moments. Letting out a series of loud, screeching moans. The small bump soon ballooned out. Absolutely engorged. And made wet-sounding, squelching noises, as he motioned the come hither gesture through her insides.

His fingers suddenly got drenched and were violently expelled from her vagina. She let out the mother of all sobbing cries as a clear liquid squirted out of her hole with quite some force behind it. Letting out a few forceful spurts before trickling out slowly, before stopping completely.

Her body convulsed through that whole proses. She raised her back, butt, and legs off the bed. Back down and up again. Letting out a cry laugh as her body shook and jerked about. Her hips bucked involuntarily on their own, and the jumping and jolting of her body were completely mechanical. She soon stopped laughing and started sobbing uncontrollably. He tried consoling her but she rejected his offered affection. Sobbing her heart out as she folded her arms over her chest, embracing herself.

He backed up for a moment. Just observing her. Giving her some space. He did not expect that response from her, at all. But could see she needed some alone time to process her emotions. He thought about maybe leaving the room but then decided against it. Whatever she was going through, she was going to need him soon enough. So he stayed close by. Allowing for some space between them. But stayed close enough for her to know that he was there for her when she needed him.

“Come… come here… my baby. I-l… need… you. Please. Please. Oh God… I love… I love you. I love you. So much.” She said in a quivering voice. Overwhelmed with love and overcome with emotion.

And like the good son and lover that he was, he did just that, he held on to her as she quivered in his arms. She tightened her hold on him. Almost like she were afraid he would disappear.

This was not usual behavior for her at all. It did feel good to be wanted, but he definitely found her behavior odd. It was so unlike her, being so vulnerable. He rarely ever saw this side of her.

After giving it some thought he came to the simple conclusion that she was human too, and could not always be strong all the time. Which was strange seeing as his whole life, she was the one consoling him, shielding and protecting him. He never saw her complain or even cry in all that time. He realized then that it had to have been mostly a facade. She had to be a strong single parent for him, her baby boy.

But there was no need anymore. He needed to let her know that this was okay. That it was okay to be vulnerable with him.

And so, he did just that. Reassuring her, Telling her that it was okay. To just let out it.

And that’s what she did. She sobbed in his chest. Letting out years of pent-up emotion.

Her sobs eventually tapered off into a pule, while her body only made some slight jerks and twitches.

“That was some orgasm wasn’t it”, she said in a weak voice, while beaming at him. Love and admiration plastered all over her face.

“How about another one”, he said in a playful, teasing tone.

“You want to kill your mother, don’t you? But I tell you what though, baby. Since you’ve been such a good boy today, I think you deserve a little treat.”

His eyes lit up after hearing that. His interest definitely piqued.

“Nope. Get your mind out of the gutter, buster.”

“What? I didn’t say anything”, he said with what he perceived to be an innocent smile on his face. Trying to conceal his excitement. But failing miserably. A Cheshire smile broke through instead.

“You want mommy’s butt, don’t you. Right? You don’t have to say anything. I know you do. And guess what? So do I. I want it too. Your dick in my butt. But as much as I would like that; I’m just not ready. You took a lot out of me baby. You really did. Just look at this. Look. Look here. I’m still shaking. You see. You did this. You- my man, made me cum harder than I ever did before. But not just that, you made me feel loved and safe.

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