Perfect Ass

Subject: M.A.R.C. Ch. 12 M.A.R.C. Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy. It never happened, except in the author’s imagination. This story may contain sex between teenage boys, a man and a teenage boy or multiple male teens. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and little children. If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what you’re supposed to do. Delete this file and find something else. If this kind of story turns you off, delete this file and find something else. If you’re looking for a story that has someone having sex in every other sentence, this one is not it. The author retains the copyright for this story. Placing this story on a commercial web site or in print without the authors permission is a violation of that copyright. Disclaimer: M.A.R.C. is in no way related to a certain movie character or characters of a similar age and construction and/or recently released sci-fi movie. Any and all similarities are purely coincidental. Comments to aol, pro and con and of a constructive nature, will be gratefully received and acknowledged, if possible. Flamers will be ignored. * * * * * * Dear Readers * * * * * * Okay. Here we go again. Billie Holiday is crooning in the background and I’m on a roll. I’ll try to get a chapter a week out … or maybe two weeks, depending upon the weekend weather. Once again, thank you for your many kind words, great ideas, strong support and patience. Near the end of Chapter Eleven: Marc blushed. “Can I ask you a favor?” “Shoot! … Oops, you already did.” I giggled at my adolescent humor. “Ack! You’re terrible!” He jabbed me in the ribs which was becoming a habit I could only blame myself for. “I know but I love being silly with you.” “Well, okay. Anyhow, I like it when you call me sweetie but please, PLEASE!” he pleaded. “Don’t ever do it around anyone else.” I laughed and grabbed him. I smothered him in sloppy kisses. “I’ll try sweetie.” I got another jab in the ribs. “UGH!” Those ribs are getting sore. I held my side in mock agony. “You know, there’s still time to drive around town a bit if you like.” “Okay. Cool.” “Yeah.” I mumbled. “And maybe the doctor is in and can give me something for my sore ribs.” “Awe, pooah baby. Shall I kiss his liddauh booboo and make it bettah?” He leaned over and put his lips to my ribs. It actually felt pretty good until he blew a loud farting noise and collapsed in a fit of giggles. Chapter Twelve – How could anything so good, so right, be wrong “Herumpf! I’d say act your age young man but I guess that’s what you’re doing.” This time I dodged his jab. “Seriously Marc, those jabs are a bit hard.” “Oh! I’m sorry.” He looked concerned. “I guess I get a little carried away or maybe I’m stronger than I thought. But you do make a lot of bad jokes Uncle John.” “Thanks for your concern. I’m okay.” I laughed. “You know, I can’t remember being this happy in a long long time Marc. You are good medicine for this old man. And, when I’m happy I can get very silly.” “Hey! Don’t over do the old man thing.” He looked at me with more than a little sexual interest. “Your age turns me on.” “Okay, okay.” I chuckled and tried to divert his raging hormones … or electrons … or whatever it is that drives the lusts and passions of an adolescent android. “Let’s get dressed and take a drive.” “Okay.” He gave me an exaggerated wink and chuckled. “If that’s what you really want.” He went about gathering up his clothes and putting them back on. Then he noticed that I was watching. “What?” “Huh? Oh.” He caught me by surprise. “You know, you even look sexy getting dressed?” “Really?” “Yup.” I kind of shook it off and gathered up my clothes. “I’ll be right back. I have to run upstairs to get another pair of shorts. Then we’ll go.” “Okay, I’ll meet ya’ outside Da …” There was a long silence. Then he spoke softly with a tremor in his voice. “I almost called you Dad.” I reached over and lifted his chin up. “That’s a very nice compliment Marc and I think your Dad would understand. Thanks.” I stroked his cheek with my thumb and he smiled. I took my clothes, ran upstairs and came back a couple minutes later and found Marc out front. “All set?” “Yup. Where to first?” “Well, there’s the school, the library, the movie theaters and we’ll başakşehir escort see if there’s an arcade some place. How about we just go and see what we see?” It was a nice afternoon and I enjoyed driving around showing things to Marc and just chatting. He admitted that he actually liked school and learning. I wasn’t surprised but wondered about the future. When he didn’t age on the outside, we might have to move to avoid the inevitable questions. And, would he get bored repeating the same grades? Perhaps, in the future, I would have to register him as being home taught. He also asked if we could get him a library card when we stopped in the library. Then we checked out the movie theaters which were in the middle of town and, finally, the arcade which turned out to be in the mall … where else. At the arcade, he cleaned me out of quarters and I gave him a five dollar bill as well. He was excited about finding a new game, one he hadn’t played before. A typical 13 year old I guess. I found a coffee place and getting a larger flavored decaf, I sat by the fountain. The mall occasionally had a piano player who was a very good jazz pianist. He was there and wonderful, as usual. It was very relaxing and the time just slipped by. I enjoyed watching the shoppers come and go, in and out of shops, window shopping or just people watching like me. “YOU MUSTA BEEN CHEATIN’!” I heard a shouting adolescent voice crackling with anger. “I don’t cheat!” It was Marc’s voice and he was very angry too. I turned to look. “Well, you musta.” The other boy accused. “I never seen anyone score that high.” “Well, I did!” I could tell Marc was trying to keep relatively calm so I decided to stay out of it. “Besides, how do you cheat? It’s a computer game.” The other boy seemed to calm down as Marc kept his control. “Maybe you got some inside info like off the internet or somethin’.” “That’s the first time I ever saw that game. Besides,” Marc reasoned. “If I did research … well, what’s wrong with that?” Now they were just talking. The anger was defused. Marc did well at controlling himself and the other boy. Finally, I got up and ambled over. “Hi Marc. All out of quarters?” As I walked up the other boy, who I could now see was a year or so older than Marc, went back in to play more of the game in question. Marc looked up and smiled thinly. “No Uncle John. We were just talking about the new game I found.” “Oh, okay. Well, if you’re going back in I’m happy to continue listening to the piano for a while longer.” “That’s okay. I’ve played enough for today.” He went to hand me back the leftover quarters. “Here’s the change.” “Why don’t you keep it. I’m sure a kid can always find a use for a few bucks in quarters.” “Thanks Uncle John and thanks for not coming over sooner. I know you must have heard all that.” I smiled at him. “Yup. Sure did. Half the mall did but I think you handled it just fine. So, it’s almost supper time, want to go to a restaurant or go home?” “Let’s eat here. Is that okay?” I suspected he had an idea up his sleeve. “Sure, any place in mind?” “I saw a cool sounding Mexican place listed on the directory. It’s on the top level.” He grabbed my hand and started pulling me to the escalator. Come on, let’s check it out!” After two long escalator rides we surfaced on the top level and the “La Hacienda” Mexican Restaurant sprawled in front of us taking fully one-third of this side of the floor. It was laid out as a traditional Mexican hacienda. The area with the tables was in the center court yard with a bubbling fountain as the focal point in the center. The fountain was complete with a naked anatomically correct cherub who had a definite never ending bladder problem. Marc was captivated. He giggled. “That’s cute John but he must drink a lot of sodas to keep going so much.” I broke up laughing. “Talk about making bad jokes Marc.” I side stepped a gentler jab at my ribs. I told Marc to take charge as the hostess came over to us. She was dressed in a beautiful Mexican skirt and white frilly low neck blouse with an antique comb in her hair. I remember my Great Aunt having something like it but couldn’t remember what it was called. She was quite young and took to Marc right away, openly flirting with him. Marc shyly smiled back at her and very formally asked for a table for two near the halkalı escort fountain. She seated us and asked if we’d like a drink while we browsed through the menu. I ordered a Margarita, straight up with salt and she suggested the nonalcoholic Sangria Punch for Marc. I teased Marc as she walked off to the bar. “I think she likes you sweetie.” “Grrrr!” I think he could scowl and growl with the best of ’em. “What?” I asked with exaggerated feigned innocence. “You promised.” “I’m sorry. I just can’t help it. Besides, no one heard mi amigito.” He smiled. “My little friend. That’s okay … I guess.” A waiter brought the drinks and introduced himself as Jose. He listed some specials and than said he would give us time to check out the menu. It was beautifully done with color pictures of all the main dishes. I don’t eat Mexican often but usually settle on one of the plates that gives you a sampling of various items. I do particularly like Guacamole and refried beans though. Marc ended up getting something similar. It was a very pleasant evening, our just chatting about all sorts of exotic places in the world that we’d like to see and different foods that we’d like to try. When we were done neither one of us had room for desert. So, I paid the tab and we headed home. As we descended the escalators and crossed by the arcade, the boy that Marc had talked with came out on his way home. “Hey kid! How about playing more sometime? I want to learn your secret.” Marc looked up at me but I just shrugged. “Okay but I don’t know when we’ll be back here.” The boy produced a scrap of paper. “I’m Josh. I wrote my name and number down before hoping I’d see you come down.” He handed it to Marc. “Give me a call some time man and sorry about before.” Marc looked at the paper and smiled at the boy. “Thanks. No problem.” “See ya’ man. Gotta catch a bus.” The kid sprinted down the corridor. I put my hand on Marc’s shoulder as he looked up at me. “You’re making friends faster than I can count. Three in one day.” I slipped my arm over his shoulder and he slipped his around my waist. We headed home, tired, stuffed and happy. After getting home we enjoyed a very pleasant and quiet evening. I sat in the living room reading and Marc went up to his room to get more acquainted with it. I heard a hammer once and some scraping of furniture but I figured he’d yell if he needed a hand. He may be an android but as an android, he was a typical 13 year old. When the very active day’s stresses finally caught up with me it was only 9:00pm. I walked up the stairs and ambled into Marc’s room. There was a flurry of papers and a funny look on his face. Had I walked in on something? I smiled inside. I’m glad he was acting his apparent age. I thought it bode well for the success of the project. “Sorry if I’m interrupting” I said, “But I’m bushed and I’m hitting the sack. You just go to bed when you get sleepy, okay? I know you’ll use good judgment. If you need me just come wake me up.” I kissed the top of his head and he smiled up at me but looked a little bewildered. “Night John.” “Night sweetie.” As I went through the connecting door into my room Marc called after me; “Uncle John? Can I still sleep, ah, is it okay if I … ah …” “What is it my boy?” I asked, knowing full well what he wanted. “Oh, that’s okay. Never mind” he said kind of wistfully. I did my bathroom thing and, in my robe, stopped by Marc’s doorway. With a mock serious whisper in answer to his unfinished question; “Yes, of course you can. I love you my boy.” As I walked back to my bed I wished I’d waited to see the love in his eyes. By 9:30pm I was out cold sprawled on my stomach. I don’t know how long I had been asleep but certain pressures had begun to build in my nether regions. Refried beans have a way of reminding you that they’re just passing through … so to speak. Soon their desire to be heard brought me to semiconsciousness and, thinking I was alone, I let loose a very loud, long and satisfying ‘RRRIIIIPPPPP”. Then I heard a very sleepy boy’s voice; “Huh? … What the … OH GAWD!” I opened one eye to see a shadowy form leap up from the other side of the bed. “THAT’S DISGUSTING!” Marc shouted with revulsion while exaggeratedly holding his nose. I couldn’t help myself. I broke up laughing. Marc postured himself indignantly with one hand şirinevler escort on his hip and the other still holding his nose. “That is really gross! What if I had been snuggling up behind you?” His pose and comment were too much for me and I rolled onto my back bursting into even louder guffaws while holding my belly and squeezing my butt cheeks to prevent further outbursts. I tried to speak. “Whe … whe’hell, if it wah … wah … was wihinter it wohooda wah … warmed ya’.” The poor kid just stood there and glared back at me. “I … I’m sorry Marc.” I tried hard to stop giggling. “Well, you should be.” He declared and just as he dropped his other hand to his hip for emphasis I heard a small boy sized fart escape from behind him. The look of embarrassment on his face, as his mouth formed a perfect little “o” in surprise, was priceless. I started to laugh again and, in spite of himself he began to giggle too. “Ain’t nature wonderful Marc? I guess we’re both disgusting.” He started for the bathroom. “Where’re you going?” I asked with a touch of concern. “You okay?” He didn’t answer but came back with the air freshener spray. There was a determined look on his face. “Here, lean over.” Then we both started to giggle again. He did spray it about a little and made sure all the windows were open. Then, after a quick pee, we both climbed onto the bed again. With all the excitement I hadn’t noticed before but, as Marc snuggled up to my left side, I realized that we were both naked. I wrapped my arm around him. “You know that that’s not the last of ’em.” I warned him. “I know.” He giggled. “It just caught me by surprise.” I chuckled again. “Yeah, me too. Let’s keep the top sheet off, it’s warm enough.” “Mmmmmm …” He sighed and started to softly move his left hand over my belly and down. I slipped my hand down over his hip and held a soft round bottom. He kissed my neck and upper chest, working his way down to my left nipple. He whispered as he licked his way further down. “This is for the incredible pleasure that you gave me this afternoon.” His hand found my already hard cock and he raised up on his knees, turning to take it into his warm mouth. His tongue swirled around the head as his soft lips closed on my shaft causing me to shudder with pleasure. Slowly he worked his way down until the full length of me was in his throat and then he began. His movements were gentle and loving. It was obvious to me that he was enjoying it every bit as much as I was and that made it even better. I continued to caress his bottom and tried to get him to shift so that I might suck him as well. Eventually he turned enough so that I could lift his leg over my head and get to his very stiff and wet cock. He was getting me close and I wanted to be sucking him when I came. I craned my neck and, with a free hand, slid his foreskin back and guided him into my mouth. As my tongue wrapped around him he slid it into the back of my throat. The filling sensation and his taste and smell pushed me over the edge and I started to pour my love out and into his suctioning mouth. The first squirts in turn pushed him over the edge and I grabbed both his ass cheeks and pulled him deep into my throat as his cock matched mine throb for throb and squirt for squirt. After, we just lay there connected to each other and catching our breath. Eventually, he lifted off me and turned right way around to lay in my arms. We kissed and caressed for a few minutes whispering our love, each into the other’s ear. If there were any more disturbances due to the refried beans, we mercifully slept through them. Soon the birds were twittering like they always do before dawn. Then, slowly, the morning sun rose and it’s tendrils of light began seeping in through the windows and washing over us. It was so peaceful to lay there with this soft sweet loving boy in my arms. The cool breeze swept in from the water through the open windows. It brought the fresh scent of the sea, gently moving wisps of his pale blond hair. I let my gaze move down over the smooth curves of his nearly perfect form. He was molded to my side in what was becoming his usual position. His head on my shoulder, his left arm over my chest, his left leg between mine with his knee just touching me below my testicles and his groin pressed against the curve of my hip. This vision of a peaceful and loving boy made me ask the question; what expression of love could be more natural and wholesome? How could anything that was so clearly good, so right for the two of us, be thought of as wrong? Next: Chapter Thirteen – It would be best for Marc and I if I stayed out of it

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