Marci near Midnight


I was in town for a short visit and made plans to hang out with my old friend Debbie for a night. We’d never been more than friends but we always had fun when we hung out together. Given that, I was planning to crash on her couch so that, after a few good craft beers, I wouldn’t have to worry about driving. She had a two bedroom townhouse but she also had a roommate so the second bedroom was not available for guests. After we’d been hanging out for a few hours, her roommate came home from work and joined us. I’d never met her before but she was a bit younger than Debbie and me with dark, curly hair, glasses and a nice figure with surprisingly big boobs. When I say “surprisingly big” I mean that they sure didn’t look that big until she freed them from her clothing. We’ll get to how I came to know that soon enough.

Marci hung out with us for a bit and I would have been fine if she’d stayed longer, but she departed to her room so as not to sidetrack our little reunion. Debbie and I stayed up a bit longer but eventually she headed upstairs, too, and I made myself comfortable on the couch after my nightly ablutions. I was still lying awake when I heard footsteps on the stairs, so I was curious to see who was coming down. It turned out to be Marci.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” she said as she came around the couch wearing a robe, “I would have woke you up if you hadn’t been. Debbie took something to help her sleep so, along with the alcohol, she’s completely out. I checked. Even this won’t wake her up.”

She clapped twice, loudly, and a lamp popped on at a low setting. I chuckled as I realized she’d just used The Clapper to turn on the lamp and provide us with just a bit of light.

“So having the freedom to be noisy at this hour is important?” I asked, feeling like there was only one direction this could be heading.

“When you start making me moan,” she replied, starting to open her robe, “I don’t want to feel like I have to suppress myself.”

I was glad she’d turned on the lamp as she opened her robe and exposed her body. As I said, her boobs were surprisingly big; she must have been wearing a sports bra or something similarly restraining earlier. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them and maybe my cock between them. Her dark brown bush was nicely groomed and I got a close-up view of it as she dropped her robe and immediately straddled my head on the couch. güvenilir bahis I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand then ran my tongue along her slit, tasting the pungent juices that were abundantly flowing. She started moaning as I lapped at her pussy, though I don’t think Debbie would have heard it even if she wasn’t medicated. I glanced up, admiring her big boobs dangling above me, as I slipped a finger into her snug, slippery pussy. As I slowly slid my finger in and out, I was licking and sucking her clit, which did cause her to moan a bit louder. Given how quiet the house was at that hour, it’s very possible that Debbie might have heard her that time if not for her sleep aids.

My cock was rigid as I was devouring her pussy and, though I obviously didn’t know her very well, I was optimistic that she wouldn’t leave me hanging once she’d cum. I was hoping, however, that I wouldn’t have to choose between fucking her snug, slippery pussy or her succulent tits or having her blow me; ideally, I hoped to experience all three. The unexpected opportunity to see her naked and eat her pussy was definitely a pleasant surprise but I really didn’t want the night to end with that. Whether it would help her decide how far she wanted to go or wouldn’t matter because she’d already made up her mind, it was still my goal to provide her with as much pleasure as I possibly could. While I was pursuing that goal, I was also enjoying the opportunity to eat a pussy I’d never had the pleasure of eating before. She’d been very wet when I’d started eating her but I didn’t know whether that was just from the act of seducing me or if she’d been worked up when she’d been in her room and that was what had inspired her to pay me a visit. Either way, her pussy was only becoming even wetter and her moaning louder and longer as I continued to eat her.

She had one hand on my head and the other on the back of the couch as she was humping her pussy toward my face. Even not knowing her or her body well, it was obvious that she was building quickly toward an orgasm. I wasn’t necessarily aiming for her to have a quick one, and I’d have been more than content to keep going after she’d cum if she’d wanted, but I also wasn’t going to back off to try to stretch out the build-up. I continued pumping my finger in and out while licking and sucking her clit as I felt her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged than it had türkçe bahis already been. She seemed tense up a bit as her moaning became almost like gasping then she relaxed and started shaking as her orgasm hit. I kept up what I was doing through her orgasm, which appeared to be pretty intensely pleasurable.

When she finally climbed off of my face, she took my pants down, releasing my rigid cock, then had me sit up. She immediately straddled me as I reached for her succulent tits. While I was caressing and fondling the soft, smooth flesh, she guided my cock to her pussy and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her snug, slippery pussy engulfed my throbbing tool. She sat for just a moment with it fully embedded inside her then started to slowly move up and down on it. Her pussy was so hot, wet and snug that it felt amazing as my cock slid in and out of it. Her tits also felt amazing so, since I wasn’t sure I’d ever get another opportunity to see them, much less fondle them, I was savoring the opportunity and committing every aspect of them to memory.

As she progressed to riding me harder and faster, her tits were bouncing beautifully so I leaned back to watch them while reaching around to caress her ass. I wasn’t pushing up into her, just leaving her in control while enjoying the experience. She seemed to be enjoying it, as well, based on the sounds she was making and the expression on her face. I only wish that I could have enjoyed having her riding my cock for much longer but I couldn’t really complain that she was achieving an orgasm too quickly. She seemed to be striving to remain fairly quiet even though it was unlikely that Debbie would hear us but I could still tell that she was getting close to cumming. When she dropped down onto my lap and just sat there, a moment later she gasped and her entire body started trembling. I brought my hands back around since her tits had ceased bouncing for the moment and fondled them while she was cumming and after she’d finished.

She remained on my lap as she was recovering then climbed off and knelt in front of me. I couldn’t be too dismayed about her tits being out of my reach or no longer being embedded in her hot pussy because she immediately started stroking my rigid cock then engulfed it in her mouth. Watching her sucking my cock was incredibly hot and I was grateful once again that she’d turned on the lamp before we’d güvenilir bahis siteleri started. She definitely had some experience when it came to cocksucking and I appreciated the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of that experience. The only thing that could possibly have improved upon receiving a highly pleasurable blowjob from her was when she straightened up and brought her tits to each side of my cock. She squeezed them together so that I could fuck them, which I did slowly so as to savor the feel of the soft, smooth flesh against my rigid cock. Since she’d already cum twice, I appreciated that she was giving me the opportunity to experience the pleasure of her body in more than one way.

I could feel my orgasm building steadily by the time she went back to sucking my cock, though she didn’t necessarily seem like she was in a rush to make me cum. She put her skills to work to draw out the pleasure that I was experiencing and I relished both her mouth and the visual of her sucking my cock. The closer I got to cumming, the more my cock was swelling but it didn’t affect her ability to orally pleasure me. Even when I started to spew into her mouth with a moan, she just continued to suck me off as I was cumming. She only stopped once I was completely spent and had started to soften.

“That was fantastic,” I said and she smiled up at me.

“Yeah, that was fun,” she replied, “You’re leaving tomorrow, though, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, “mid-morning, probably.”

“I will try to be up to say good-bye,” she said, “but can we exchange contact info in case I’m not?”

“Yeah, absolutely,” I replied, thinking this could be a good sign. I grabbed my phone and she told me her mobile number then had me send a text since her phone was up in her room, charging.

“It’d probably be a good idea if we don’t tell Debbie about this,” she suggested, as she was getting up and grabbing her robe.

“You’re probably right,” I agreed, watching her boobs bouncing and swinging and getting one last look at her bush before she covered it up.

She kissed me then clapped, turning out the lamp, and headed back upstairs. I pulled my pants back on and, while I was ruminating on what had just happened, I fell asleep. I didn’t end up seeing her the next morning but, the first time I had an opportunity to check my phone after I was on the road, I was pleased to see a text from her that included a photo looking down along her naked body as she lay in bed. I’d have been plenty happy if this had been the only photo she’d ever sent but she turned out to be pretty prolific when it came to sexting and naked selfies.

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