Maria Eleison Pt. 02



Maria is an existing person, whom I still meet today. However, we see each other more rarely now than at the time of our activities in an oratorio choir.

My amorous adventures with Maria never took place in reality. But, while writing the first chapter, it became clear that I had not yet reached the end of my fantasies. Still, I did not want to continue writing immediately. In part, I wanted to wait for your reactions which, on the whole, were not exactly enthusiastic but also not devastating. So I decided to add a second chapter. On the other hand, I needed to consider what and how I could write down further fantasies decently. And that just takes time.

So, here is the continuation. Whether there will be more parts, we’ll see. I’m sure that you let me know what you think. I recommend that you read chapter one before this.


During the next rehearsals, Maria and I were totally smitten by the beauty of Bach’s B minor mass. One evening, Gloria in excelsis and Et in terra pax was repeated. Simply great – and above all – sensual music which went right to our hearts.

After the rehearsal, Maria and I met with our group of singers for a glass of wine before she drove me home once again. I had a rather stiff boner in her car because Maria was dressed again in a very sexy wardrobe. She wore a daringly short black leather miniskirt with this ominous “fuck me” shine. This was topped with a translucent white blouse with subdued floral patterns.

There was no bra underneath and I could clearly see the proud nipples on her little breasts, inviting to be caressed and sucked in. Because of the natural beauty and softness of her peach-like skin, Maria had the sense to always wear a very subdued make-up. An exception on that day was a deep red lipstick with a sticky looking shine.

Her voluptuous hair fell nicely to her shoulders framing her beautiful face. Maria’s outfit was incredibly attractive and, at the same time, looked skillfully and artistically slutty. It immediately made me want her savagely.

By the time we got to my apartment, I couldn’t stop myself. The kiss on Maria’s lips turned into a heavy love play of tongues. My hand went up her skirt, looking for her pussy under the tiny thong which she wore again. I finally dipped my finger into her seeping fuck hole, pulled it out again, covered with her juices, and put it in her mouth. The feeling was indescribable of her licking my finger clean with relish. The steaminess took dangerously hold around us both.

“I want to fuck you right now until your pussy is going up in flames!”

“I can hardly stop myself from feeling your hard cock in my cunt. But, unfortunately, we can’t fuck tonight. I have to go home right now and want to spread my legs to my husband as we agreed earlier. But – I promise – we’ll fuck again, in hopefully sexy surroundings.”

I thought about that for a second. The idea of Maria soon to be impaled by her husband’s dick made me feel tight in my pants. There was no reason for any jealousy anyway. First of all, she was not my wife but had offered her pussy to my unbridled lust, nevertheless. Secondly, I had met her husband Heinrich in the meantime. He was a smart, capable, and successful businessman. We actually liked to talk to each other. I really couldn’t grudge him for having Maria.

But what did she mean by “hopefully sexy environment”? I wanted to know this immediately. She answered:

“Sometimes I really get a tingling sensation between my legs when I suspect that I’m being watched as a man’s cock shoves in and out of my pussy and gradually gets slick from my juices”.

True, the atmosphere was already heated up by our previous wet kisses. But, all the same, I was flabbergasted by her wonderful dirty talk. As I said before, Maria usually comes across as a rather shy person. So, how could she use such vulgar expressions? When I could regain my speech, I asked her:

“How do you imagine making this a reality? Would you like to go to a swingers club with me? And what would be our advantages of doing that”?

“Yes, the fantasy of public sex makes me really horny. I think you will surely come up with something appropriate. But for now, I really have to run.”

I said goodbye to Maria with a sloppily wet kiss. And I could not resist to fondle her again between her legs under her satiny panty and I stuck my fingers into her slick love tube. But then, I regained my composure, wished her well, and disappointedly went to my apartment.

I thought for a moment how I could find a suitable address for an amorous affair with Maria that had spectators. I needed to find a sex club which did not cater to a bawdy clientele. Inexperienced as I was in such matters, I had to do some studies on the internet. Maybe, a site visit was also necessary.

There also was the issue of safe sex. Just to use condoms seemed dangerous to me because they seem to break notoriously every now and again. The last thing Ankara escort we needed was to contract AIDS, but I also had no desire for many other infectious STDs, even if they can be treated successfully.

My research eventually came up with something promising. I suggested to Maria a club which looked suitable for our intentions. An on-site visit confirmed the high standard of the establishment. Still, I reckoned that our first visit should be reserved to get acquainted to nice people with whom we could possibly have sex. We wanted to find a group of lustful friends who would be willing to undergo a medical examination just before an orgy could be staged. If there were no health issues, we could indulge in a happy group fuck without further problems.

The club was located not far from our town on a hill in an old, stately mansion. The establishment made a very dignified impression. Accordingly, the prices for a visit were not exactly low. I also had studied the facilities. First there were cloakrooms where you could safely store valuables before you could sit down at a bar in a common area for stimulating drinks. There was also food offered at a buffet which was stocked by a famous, highly decorated local restaurant cuisine. All kinds of love games in private or club-public surroundings were catered for: sauna, whirlpool, swimming pool, pleasure meadow for group sex, role-play room etc.

On Thursdays, couples were expected to come together, but some solo ladies and gentlemen were also welcome. The important thing was the balanced number of males and females and of course high hygiene requirements. Only clean people neatly dressed in suitably sexy attire were admitted.

I suggested to Maria after the next rehearsal that we should visit the club together on the following Thursday. I had told her already my views on safe sex and she entirely agreed with me. The appropriate apparel for the club certainly was no problem for Maria. Her outfit from a week ago would make her an eye-catcher right away.

Things were a bit more complicated for me, though, because I don’t usually dress in particularly flashy garments. But in the end, I also found something suitable. It was clear that Maria and I would fuck only with each other. However, we would do so under the eyes of nice and friendly people who would share our views on safe sex before we would engage in lustful group enterprises.

After Maria and I had agreed on all of this, we went to the club on one of the following Thursdays. This time, Maria was dressed in a bright red leather skirt which was even shorter than the previous black one. Again, it was shiny and almost looked like a latex skin. On top of this, she wore a white blouse with a huge décolleté. Nothing hid her magnificent tits because she had, of course, no bra underneath. The nipples almost penetrated the light textile. In addition she wore transparent nylons and high heeled pumps, all in matching red color.

Needless to say, Maria’s outfit was extremely daring and clearly designed to cause every man around a decent bulge in his trousers. Nevertheless she was stylish again and did not at all give the impression of a cheap hooker. Rather, she had the air of a hot party girl. She definitely knew how to dress.

Maria told me on the way to the club that she had no dessous on because she wanted no obstacle to an immediate fuck. This remark resulted in my immediate grip between her legs where I discovered her pussy already overflowing with her slippery juices. My balls immediately started a big racket and my fuck pole stiffened on the spot. I myself wore a light shirt and short tight pants which rather exposed than covered my assets. But now , they almost painfully constricted my balls and cock. Maria also grabbed my cock and pressed it lovingly. Nevertheless, we wanted to move on quickly to fuck as soon as we could.

When we arrived at the club, we felt surrounded by many really nice people. At the bar we met Judith and Thomas with whom we could immediately form the beginnings of an interest group. Judith was a very tall, slim woman. She must have been more than a staggering 6 feet tall. She had raven black hair and large, dark, and mysteriously glowing eyes. She sat topless at the bar and presented a pair of full but firm breasts with unspeakably long nipples.

Judith also wore a miniskirt of a thin white fabric. Adequately for her large frame, she had a considerable but very firm bottom. Between her thighs, which opened from time to time, a magnificent pussy was peeking out which almost begged to be caressed and aroused.

Thomas was a real gentleman who discretely gazed at Maria’s charms. He had a warm aura with an athletic figure and silver-grey hair. He wore an elegant, beige men’s wardrobe showing off his rather essential masculine features very well. From his light blue eyes, a pronounced flash of mischief immediately impressed everyone. Maria almost devoured him with her eyes and immediately tried to enchant Ankara escort bayan him with her own assets. This soon proved successful, as he soon began to caress Maria’s thigh along the inside. The erotic tension between the four of us increased almost every second.

Judith and Thomas were both physicians and were also interested in music, however preferring jazz and country music. But they were enthusiastic about our impending performance of Bach’s B minor mass and promised to visit the concert. Fortunately, they did not solicit a vocal sample.

“That’s terribly sweet of you, Judith, and I want to kiss you for that.”

“Be my guest!” she answered.

Judith pursed her beautiful dark red lips before she stroked my cheek with a velvet hand. I couldn’t help but intensely kiss this woman, fully aware of her erotic allure. She spread a scent of indefinable, sweet-smelling flowers which immediately surrounded and excited me.

“If you keep this up, I’m going to eat your tongue out of your delicious mouth” I said to her.

Soon enough, a violent tongue fuck developed. She whispered to me with half-closed eyes that, contrary to all our previous agreements, she was about to fuck me now and confirmed this with a gentle but firm grip on my balls. How could I do anything else but take care of her pussy, which I stroked with devotion before I massaged her perky clit.

Meanwhile Thomas and Maria held hands and watched us with interest.

“These two make me ferociously horny”! Thomas announced to Maria. His voice was clearly loud enough to be heard by Judith and me.

“Then help yourself” Maria said without further ado and stretched out her provocative breasts just barely covered by her blouse. Of course, she didn’t need to tell Thomas twice, and he immediately twirled Maria’s protruding nipples. Her reaction was to free the tip of a hammer cock from Thomas’ pants and started to jerk it off intensely.

That was very fast! I realized that if we didn’t change our tactics very quickly, we would soon throw to the winds our vows on safe sex. However, I had no desire to ever fuck Judith with a condom. So I spoke up and urged the others to moderate themselves.

“You spoilsport!!!!” came out of three mouths simultaneously.

“I’m not! I reckon that we better join the other couples who already are fucking upstairs right now. I think all four of us are adequately prepared for that.”

“He’s right, of course,” said Thomas. “And a good fuck with Judith would at least take the pressure out of my balls.”

“I already long for your cum, darling” Judith whispered to him.

I liked that! Didn’t the two have nicely relaxed manners and graciously few inhibitions? But I had to intervene.

“Hold your horses! Judith’s volcano still has to be prepared properly! This is a promise: I’ll lick the first orgasm out of your clit on the love matrasses!”

Meanwhile, Maria had completely exposed Thomas’ cock which was sticking up into the air. So thick and long was this fuck bolt that Maria could hardly grasp the shaft completely with her dainty hands. Two full and heavy testicles hung underneath. Everyone – and especially every woman – could see how much they longed for relief. With Maria already being appropriately aroused I could easily imagine how wet her slit was already. But Thomas would also have to make her ready for my savage ride on the pleasure meadow.

Everything developed very well. I was to prepare Judith for a thunderous fuck with Thomas. I told her that I’d like to spoil her in a sixty-nine while she got me hard for Maria. At the same time, Thomas was to lick Marias slit and to nibble on her clit to get her ready for a fuck with by me. Maria should demonstrate to Thomas her marvelous abilities, blowing him ready for Judith.

We hoped to do all of this for the amusement of women and men surrounding us. They were to join us in a general fucking session as soon as possible. We dreamed of loud groans and lustful screams before copious amounts of sperm flooded cunts already making sloshing noises.

Free fucks across the boundaries of partnerships, however, still had to wait until we made sure that the conditions were right. The anticipation of this would be delicious enough to ensure that as many couples as possible would agree to our safe sex rules.

The gang of four, namely Judith, Maria, Thomas, and me, moved into action. We got rid of the last remnants of our sparse clothing and approached the pleasure meadow, the two ladies with slippery snatches and hard erect nipples, Thomas and me sporting hard fuck poles and almost bursting balls. When we arrived there, we found several couples already making out.

But there was an eerie, almost devotional silence. Every guy concentrated hard on his partners pussy and, vice versa, the ladies gave quiet but intensive blow jobs. There were soft sighs and moans and a steamy atmosphere developed but no one cared what was going on around.

“I believe Escort Ankara we should do a good job of roughing up this tame club here” I whispered at Thomas.

Thomas nodded at me understandingly and again drove his finger intensively through Maria’s wet slit. He circled her clitoris intensely which made her groan with a rough voice. The two of them were not yet even on the mattress but, soon enough, they sank down in a lecherous fight in plain public view.

Meanwhile, I worked up Judith who transformed into an aroused maenad more and more. I pushed myself between her wide-spread thighs and licked her shaved crevice. What a grandiose cunt rested between the legs of this enormous woman! Judith was one single dream of my lust. Her clit protruded clearly between the nymphs, ready for a hot siege by my tongue. I immediately began to lick this twat into a stormy orgasm which soon washed through her trembling body under her shrill screams.

“O my God. Knead my tits and lick my cunt until I blow up. Oh fuck!”

My balls began to squeeze dangerously and my cock almost drilled a hole into the mattress underneath ourselves.

“If you don’t moderate your foul language, I’m going to fuck your brains out! Holy mackerel!”

Maria and Thomas were also dangerously close to the point of no return of a staggering fuck. She sucked his cock like a maniac until he squirted his sperm around under a roar fit for an attacking Viking. The flying cum splashed on Maria’s breasts, but also on the back and the ass of a chick nearby. She was fucked from underneath by her man acting like a steam hammer. She gradually got carried away by our lusty exclamations to a dirty language of her own. But her man didn’t want to take second place to this and growled between his teeth:

“I’m going to flood your cunt with my sticky cum!”

The four of us clearly had become role models. Shortly after, the room filled with loud groans and indecent mutterings of everyone. Really vulgar profanities flew around and the women equaled their men in terms of crudeness of their expressions.

Although his balls were decently relieved by Maria, Thomas’ fuck-pole was still poking hard into the air and towards Judith. It was clear that I had to abandon now my cozy place in front of Judith’s cunt. I did this with pleasure because I, for my part, was encouraged by Maria to mount her in an urgent fuck. She was more than sufficiently prepared by Thomas’ pussy-eating treat for a very hard penetration by my cock.

Thomas and I swapped places and literally jumped on our women, ramming our thick bolts into their gaping, slippery twats as deep as possible. They both screamed out loud as we hit their cervix in the depths of their love tunnels. I rode Maria brutally and Thomas did the same with Judith. Both women uttered things like:

“Come on, give it to me, fuck me right through! My pussy needs a rough ride now. Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

This spurred everyone else around into wild fucking. One women after the other climbed lickety-split to the peak of a thundering orgasm. The moaning and screaming became immeasurable and, finally, the hot pussies fucked raw were soothingly filled with lakes of cum. Tired out, the sweaty bodies fell apart while gushes of sperm splashed from gaping cunts onto the thighs of the women gasping for air.

Gradually, one exhausted couple after the other rose up to find the showers. But before that, they agreed to have a drink at the bar to get to know each other better in conversation. I could say for myself that I already had a growing sympathy for the women messed up deliciously with sperm but also for their men with their increasingly flaccid cocks. After this spectacular group fornication, I was pretty sure that we could look forward to joint afternoons and evenings of great fucking.

At the bar Maria and I got acquainted with Dagmar and Ernst. Both had very sporty and attractive bodies with a muscular build that immediately caught the eye.

Ernst’s six-pack obviously was the result of intense bodybuilding. His thighs were powerful and he could probably outdo most club visitors in arm wrestling contests as well. He had a mixture of dark blonde and greyish hair which looked like carefully combed even after the strenuous sex escapade of just before. Ernst also had a pert man’s ass that even I found beautiful (Maria agreed with a furious nod of her head!).

What struck me immediately, though, were his eyes, not so much because of their undefinable greyish-green color, but because they were so similar to Dagmar’s. The two almost looked like incestuous siblings but they were not, as became clear later. Ernst, too, was an intelligent man with whom one could have excellent conversations. Neither a braggart nor a little sneak, obviously familiar with good literature and versed in many fields of knowledge.

Dagmar simply was a beauty. I was sure that no male club visitor could resist fucking her at once. I was almost sure that Judith’s shiny and deeply black hair with its blueish hue were a fake, albeit an incredibly beautiful one. But there was not the slightest doubt about Dagmar’s hair. She obviously was a natural brunette who wore her long hair with utmost grace.

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