Marina and Russell Pt. 16


“Looking into your green, slanting eyes”

(All characters are over 18 years old)

Morning. Today Russell will have day at work. I think what to cook for breakfast? Fried eggs every morning… and I decided to cook toast for breakfast. Me and Russell ate them, and I said:

“Russell, I’d like to see what your work looks like, what you do.”

He answered:

“Well, I work as an auditor in the office and I, as an auditor, have a lot of responsibilities, some of them are consulting on accounting and financial management, evaluating expected financial transactions and auditing.”

I said:

“Oh… you have a lot to do at work… maybe you always get very tired at the end of your working day…”

And he answered:

“That’s right. But I feel good right away when I go home and see you, my dear.”

I smiled, embarrassing, and asked:

“Darling, can you take me to your work?”

He answered:

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. You don’t work there, so you just can’t be there.”

And I said:

“What a pity. All right, you gotta go. Sorry for the delay!”

And he answered by taking a sip of coffee:

“It’s all right!”

He changed clothes and went to work.

And this is his job, here he works as an auditor. As it happens that in one office only men, so it is easy for them to have men’s conversations. By the way, Russell is among them the oldest, he is already 72 years old, and the rest are from 20 to 35 years old.

Today they have a new office worker, his name is Chuck and he is 23 years old. He’s doing something on the phone. Someone called him, and he left his phone on the table. Russell accidentally saw what was on the phone screen. There are private messages and a photo with an image of a penis. Chuck sat down at the table, and Russell said to him:

“I don’t recommend sending anyone photos like this.”

Chuck asked:


Russell answered:

“Most of the women don’t like it, after all it’s like sexual harassment.”

And then Chuck asked:

“Did maltepe escort you send someone a picture of your penis, too?”

And Russell answered:

“No. I just know about it.”

Chuck got a message where his interlocutor is unhappy. And then he said:

“You’re right!!! She was mad at me!! What do I do now?”

Russell said:

“Don’t get upset, find a girl for a real relationship, and not for some chat. Why do you need a chat? Or have you not found a suitable girl yet? By the way, did you have sex?”

Chuck answered:

“Not yet.”

And then Russell said:

“Oh… Then I can give you some valuable advice. You can rely on me, I have a lot of experience in this. So, for a start…”

While Russell is giving Chuck tips about sex, the boss comes into the office. And two office workers are trying to distract him so that he doesn’t scold Russell and Chuck. And Russell still gives advice:

“…and do not allow yourself to cum ahead of time, let the girl experience orgasm for as long as possible. I have, for example, sexual intercourse with a girl can usually last about 30 minutes, the least is 15 minutes, and the most is about 45 minutes, and once the duration of sexual intercourse was even an hour! It’s a great progress for me, at my age.”

Chuck asked:

“How old are you? Stop! Don’t say anything!! I’ll guess! Are you 55?”

Russell answered:


Chuck said:


Russell answered:

“No. I’m 72 years old.”

Chuck was surprised:

“Whaaaaat???!! 72 years old????!!! I thought you’re about 60 years old!!! So, you’re 72 years old, and you’re not impotent yet?!!! So you have someone!”

Russell answered:


Chuck asked:

“Cohabitant? Let me guess how old she is! 41? … 35?”

Russell answered:

” … 22″

Chuck was very surprised:

“Whaaaat????!!! A young girl sleeps with an old man???!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist, I’m just really surprised!”

Russell said, grinning:

“Yes, everyone escort maltepe who finds out is surprised.”

Chuck asked:

“Is she satisfied with such a big age difference?”

Russell answered with a smile:

“She loves me. And she loves my old age.”

Chuck said:

“But outwardly you don’t even seem old… congratulations.”

Russell answered:

“Thank you!”

Russell had a candy in his mouth and began to calculate something on the calculator. And suddenly he remembered something…

“Chuck, can you take a picture of me at the table? My cohabitant wants to see how I work.”

Chuck picked up the camera and answered:

“Of course!”

And he took a picture of Russell at the table.

Evening. Russell came back home, he went to the living room, took off his jacket and tie, and lay down on the sofa.

“Russell, what about dinner?”

He said:

“Sorry, I’m very tired, I want to lie a little. Could you give me a foot massage?”

I answered:


I squatted down and started massaging his foot. He told me with a smile that he was very pleased. I kissed his foot and continued to massage it.

Later we had dinner, and after dinner Russell shows me a photo and says:

“Look! It’s me at work.”

In the photo, Russell is sitting at the table, he is in a business suit, and on the table is a laptop, a calculator, paper with a pen, a mug… and a little bag of candies! How cute! He eats sweet even at work! And then I decided to make a surprise for him.

I went to the shop, bought candy and other groceries. Back home, I hid the candy, and tomorrow I’ll make a surprise for him!

We’re in the bedroom now. We’re having a rest, lying on the bed, Russell yawns and says:

“I think I’m really tired today…”

I undo my blouse and say:

“I’ll wash.”

Russell watched me undo my buttons on my blouse, at that time my breast became bare, he looked at it and felt that his fatigue was slowly disappearing. He started feeling my breasts and maltepe escort bayan caressing my nipples with his fingers. I began to kiss him, and we kissed for a long time, licked each other’s tongues and lips. I kissed his cheek and neck, feeling his soft skin and wrinkles. He caressed my nipples with his lips and tongue, how hot between my legs… Then he took off my panties and started making me cunnilingus, I feel his tongue and lips, and he inserts his tongue into my vagina and moves it. I feel so good…

“aah… aaaah…”

Now Russell is undressed, and I’m caressing his breast with my hands, I lick and kiss his nipples. I looked at his penis and thought: his penis looks so yummy… and his testicles, too…

And I started making to him a fellation. I kiss and suck the head of his penis while I do back and forth movements with my hand on the body of his penis, then I lick the body of his penis, and at this time I caress his testicles with my hand.

“I feel good… oh yeah…”

Russell enjoys this moment… And now he asked me to lie on my right side, he’s lying on his left side, I put a leg on him, and we’re turned to each other. He put his penis into me and began to make frictions. A strong orgasm spreads throughout my body, I look into his slanting, loving, green eyes… his loud and rapid breath merged with my loud moans, I feel his penis in me… I feel so good!!!

“ah… Russell… aaah… Russell, don’t stop! ah! aaah! aaaaah!!!”

And then he ejaculated into me, he filled me with his sperm, so sweet… And then we fell asleep.

Morning. It’s time to make a surprise for Russell! I collected completely various candy for him! One with nougat, the other with nuts, the third with praline, another with waffle… there are only 10 of them. They’re in the same little bag. While Russell is brushing his teeth, I put a little bag of candies in his briefcase. He will be very pleased with such a surprise!!

Russell at work. He opens his briefcase and sees a little bag of candies and a note, it says: “For my Russell and his sweet tooth. Marina.” He was surprised and very touched, and with a smile he took a candy into his mouth, starting his work.

You’re making my life sweeter, Russell… so let me also make your life as sweet as the little bag of these candies…

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