Marksmanship And Tactics


Once a month, my wife tortures me. It’s not what you think. Once a month, Cathy lets our pre-teen daughter invite a bunch of girls for a sleep-over. Our sons flee the premises. I try to make up an excuse to get out, but my wife insists that I need to be there. She pretends that the kids need a good example of a loving and supportive couple. While the girls watch PG movies about princesses and ponies and falling in love, my wife hangs out in the kitchen and makes snacks. I get to help her and also make sure that the back-yard camp fire is ready. When the movie is over, the girls like to sit around the fire and roast marshmallows. My wife and I try to stay out of their chatter, but sometimes they trick us into joining in. I made the mistake of starting the fire too soon. The movie ran longer than I thought it would, and by the time the girls wandered out, it was down to coals. It was perfect for roasting treats, but the girls wanted nice flames for a while. I wasn’t even listening to their conversation as I carried in some split wood for the fire. “Was it like that for you, daddy?” my daughter asked. “Like what, dear?” “Like in the movie,” she answered in an exasperated tone. Apparently, I should have known what she meant. “I wasn’t watching it, dear. Were there ninjas and a rock concert?” “Daddy!” she groused. “The girl knew she would fall in love with the boy, but he didn’t know. Did mommy have to win your love, or was it love at first sight?” Eight pre-teen girls focused their attention on me like I was an exotic insect they had never seen before. I looked at my wife and smiled. “It was nothing like the movie then,” I observed. “There were ninjas and a rock concert.” “Daddy!” my daughter wailed. I looked at Cathy and shrugged. What else could I do? === I probably should have gone to college right after high school. Money was tight, though, and a short four year stint in the military sounded like an exciting way to have money for school. That plan would have been great if someone else’s mistake hadn’t shattered my ankle. I got out after two years with enough money to cover school, but not much else. To earn some spending money, I was able to put my military training to good use by getting a job as a camp counselor at a youth camp. They ran weekend sessions year round and a full schedule in the summer. I taught marksmanship and tactics. A lot of kids liked to shoot the bb-guns. Not so many wanted to learn to think. Most of the other counselors were college kids. Even though I was pretty much the same age as they were, somehow I felt older, and I was sort of treated as an outsider. The second year that I was there, a college freshman named Mary joined the team. I wanted her from the first day I saw her. She fell in with the other counselors, Erenköy escort and she mostly ignored me. I tried to get to know her, but she didn’t make it easy. Her father was an officer in the US Marines. She scoffed at my short Air Force career. Her college major was US History, but all she really seemed to care about was US Military History. The first time we actually talked to each other, she was auditing my tactics class. I used the Civil War Battle of Atlanta as an example for the tactics I was describing. She flat out told me I was wrong, and then cited multiple reasons why. I tried to explain why those were the exact reasons I was using this battle as an example, and she blew up. We didn’t talk much after that. She was smart, and pretty. I still wanted her. I needed a plan. There were two factors that came together to give me a chance with her. The first factor was the fall dance at school. It is a big deal at our school, and if I were able to get her to go with me to the dance, I was sure that I would be able to impress her. The second factor was the fact that Mary learned a lot about military skills from her father. One of the skills that she had mastered was stealth and camouflage. Have you ever seen the videos about the snipers that put on the big brushy suit and hide in plain sight? She was an expert at that. I walked in to the dining room one evening and heard a loud conversation. Mary was trying to convince the camp master that she should teach a class on camouflage technique. He agreed that it was an interesting skill, but he saw no reason to teach it to the kids. I was able to draw a few more people into the discussion. By twisting their words a bit, I made someone else challenge whether Mary was that good or not. I tricked another person into making a bet with her. The next evening, she would prove how well she could hide in a game of hide and seek. I tricked another person into setting the stakes as a date to the dance, and then I tricked Mary into agreeing that whoever found her would win. All I needed to do was be the winner. Just as quickly as the bet was made, I almost gave up. One of the other guys that worked there was a jerk named Todd-oh. He was one of those good looking guys that women always love. He would introduce himself and tell you his name was Todd-oh with so much confidence that you would never ask what kind of screwy name that was. Some of the guys took to calling him Turd-oh. Rather than be offended, Todd-oh started telling everyone that his nickname was Turtle because he was bulletproof. Almost everyone loved Todd-oh. The manager loved him, the kids loved him, and visiting parents loved him. The women counselors loved him. Even as he bedded half of them, and içerenköy escort bayan left them broken hearted, they loved him. As soon as the bet was made, Mary went and whispered something to Todd-oh. There was a gleam in her eye as she flirted with him. I had no doubt that she all but told him where she would be. I hated him. I hated him and I had to beat him. Most of the camp knew about the bet, and the next morning, kids and counselors gathered around while Mary put together her camouflage suit. She enjoyed the attention, and she turned it into the training session she wanted to teach. She gave detailed descriptions of how she intended to move and hide with the suit on. It was very easy to see that she was not happy that Todd-oh avoided the class. A bunch of guys spent the day pestering Todd-oh to find out what she had told him. He brazenly told every detail, because, in his words, ‘the bitch was hot for him, and it didn’t matter who found her.’ The crass fool went on to brag about who he was going to bed after he added Mary’s notch on his bedpost. By the end of the day, I was fairly certain I understood what she had said. He bragged about how badly she wanted him. He said she had simply told him that it would be tight for a big badger like him. He admitted that it probably was a hint as well, and he warned everyone to stay away from the tight bend in Badger Creek. He knew he would find her there, and he knew that she was going to show him some other tight curves as well. The challenge started about an hour before dusk. While we all waited up by the lodge, Mary donned her suit and walked out to the edge of the grass yard. She stopped about four hundred yards away, right at the edge of the tall grass and woods. She dropped into the grass, and it was very hard to see her moving. For those of us that could see her, she seemed to move back another ten yards, and then settle in next to some shrubs. She had ten minutes to hide, so when the time expired, the hunt was on. A look from Todd-oh stopped most people in their tracks. I was very confident of what we would find as we followed him down to the tall grass. I have to admit, that even from fifteen yards away, it was hard to tell which clump of debris was her hiding place. Todd-oh finally found it, and lifted the suit with a loud “Ah-ha.” There was a bit of a natural trench underneath the suit, but as I expected, no sign of Mary. “I should have gone straight to the creek,” Todd-oh muttered. With a wry smile, he added, “I don’t care who follows or watches, but she better not hear you and you better not interrupt.” With that, he set off with a purposeful stride. Badger Creek was near the back of the camp property, nearly a mile and a half away. Escort Tuzla Several people lingered a bit, and then stealthily followed him. Most of the counselors shrugged, and headed back into camp to wait by the camp fire and eat treats. I generally joined the group that was heading up to the fire. I quietly drifted away and then circled back around to the point from which Mary had disappeared. She had to have hung the camouflage suit and then dropped into the ditch. Following it led down to one of the groomed trails. Following that trail to the right would have been a long trek around the property, including a stretch near Badger Creek. Following the trail to the left led past a tumbled field of granite stones and down to the lake. The rocks were off limits to the camp kids. Most of the boulders were nearly as big as a car, and there were too many pitfalls and crevices where a person could get hurt. There were at least two places where the boulders formed natural dens. One of them was very hard to get into because the opening was a tight squeeze. I had no doubt that I would find Mary there. I almost immediately knew I was right. I didn’t want anyone else to see where I was going, so I planned to use as much stealth as I could. From the ditch, it was far too easy to cross the trail into the woods unobserved. The trees hid me from view as I moved down towards the rocks. Once there, I had to move up into the rocks, but several big boulders near the front blocked me from sight from every direction except straight up. I found the opening that I was looking for and then struggled to squeeze between the rocks. As I scrambled through to where the den opened up, a quiet voice whispered, “Shh. Don’t let them know you found me yet.” As I scraped through the last tight spot, she added, “What took you so long? I’ve made myself all horny thinking about finally having you to myself. Come show me how well you fuck.” She gasped as I stepped into the den. There was barely enough light filtering in for her to see me. “You’re not Theodore,” she whispered in dismay. She pronounced his name ‘The-adore’. “He was too busy bragging about his next conquest to listen to your clue,” I answered nearly as quietly. “I’m going to show him that he doesn’t need anyone but me,” she declared, although softly. The space seemed to require quiet voices. I had a million arguments for why she wouldn’t need anyone but me. They all sounded shallow in my head, and I couldn’t speak. She barely thought before she quietly spoke. “Listen. Name any girl you want, and I will get her to go to the dance with you. I can almost guarantee she’ll put out too. Just go get The-adore and send him here.” I didn’t want any other woman. I wanted her. It was a risk, but I trusted my plan. “I won’t go with any other woman,” I told her. “I could force you to go with me, but I won’t. You can have your Turd-oh for the dance, but I want one thing. I want to be the first to kiss you.” “What do you mean?” she asked, her voice full of disdain. “One good kiss, full on the lips, lasting at least twenty second.

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