Marriage, Divorce, or Sex? Ch. 01 (The making of a


Marriage, Divorce, or Sex? Ch. 01 (The making of aA good marriage requires stability, security and honesty. The wife said so, it must be so. With that in mind I set out to be the best husband I could be from the beginning. I joined up and after surviving Uncle Sam’s boys club, I came away with the ability to provide a stable and secure future for our budding family.Although, I was away more than home, I provided the lifestyle my gorgeous wife required. Happily, I honored her wishes and built a small business capable of supporting her and all her worldly needs.Our marriage turned out to be a union of convenience, rather than the romantic loving sexually charged relationship I’d hoped for. After three rocky years we settled into a routine; I worked long hours and traveled for business, while Nicole my wife, (Did I mention the fact she was absolutely drop dead gorgeous?) remained home spending the proceeds from my efforts being pampered and spoiled by the best domestic help money could buy.As time passed I realized a change in Nicole, at first I thought I was imagining it but it seemed her vagina was sore, she said it was because I was gone so much of the time she wasn’t use to having sex and the first time always hurt. I took her word for it and rolled away after our interlude. Our sex life included intercourse when I came home from a business trip and intercourse the last night at home before leaving on a business trip, al- ways with the lights out and me on top.Coming home from a very lucrative three week trip abroad I happily took my lovely sexy wife in my arms and smothered her with kisses while telling her of our good fortune.”We’re rich Nicole,” I said as I led her by the hand to the bedroom. “We’ve tripled our cash flow, I have a lot of work to do but you can have that car you’ve always wanted. What was it again, a Porsche?”The response I received wasn’t as grand as I hoped but Nicole’s eyes did light up at the mention of the car, if only for a moment.As usual she stood perfectly still before me as I disrobed her slowly and methodically. How I wished I could find the right buttons to push to bring my stunning wife out of her prudish shell.I carefully folded each garment as I removed them. I unbuttoned her blouse slowly to reveal her breasts. Nicole’s breasts made all others pale in comparison. Removing her bra was always a thrill for me, one I cherished and relived every night I spent alone masturbating to my fantasies of her doing things I’m sure she would never do. Her nipples and large brown areoles kept my attention as my hands explored and fondled her soft fullness. I pushed her skirt down below her hips letting it fall to the floor as I admired her choice of panties and her long graceful legs. I fondled her back, hips and lovely legs as I knelt to retrieve her clothing letting her lean against me as she stepped out of them.Nicole retired to bed turning out the lights on the way. I hurriedly high stepped it to the bath smiling at my good fortune and the beautiful creature I was lucky enough to be married to awaiting my return to her side. Looking at the mirror I wondered what Nicole saw that kept her waiting for me as I traveled the world over in search of contracts to keep our company profitable. I was an overweight, balding, approaching middle age, business man who was never around, but she always greeted me with a kiss when I walked through the door.Nicole took me in her arms allowing me to enter her. I felt her body tense as I gently pushed inside her, she moaned slightly as she relaxed letting me have my way. Her breasts against my chest felt wonderfully soft and supple. But something didn’t seem right; her vagina seemed loose. Although Nicole acted as if she was enjoying our love making she couldn’t hide her soreness or the fact I could barely feel her as I tenderly made love to her. My penis wasn’t the biggest in the world but it sure as hell wasn’t getting smaller. The realization of someone or something having violated my sovereign territory caused my erection to dissipate in a most disturbing way, one minute I’m humping along and the next my erection is gone, my mind reeling with jealously and suspicion.Rolling away I felt every imaginable emotion, all bad. Mainly, I was pissed I missed out on whatever had taken place between Nicole’s legs. I had one fantasy that always resulted in an erection and now I had evidence it had happened. I was jealous, angry and could care less about sex.My company succeeded due to my ruthless business decisions and ability to keep my emotions hidden. Those qualities took control as I sat up in bed. Turning on the light and looking down on Nicole’s beauty I faltered, I couldn’t bring myself to accuse her of cheating but the evidence was overwhelming.”What’s the matter Richard, are you ok, you can’t possibly be finished?” Nicole asked.”Nicole we need to talk,” I responded.”I’m busted aren’t I?” Nicole said not letting me finish my thought. “I was wondering how long it was going to take you to figure it out,” She said point blank with no remorse. “I want a divorce,” she continued as she scurried naked from the room.My first impulse was to chase after her and demand she tell me everything. Instead, I took a moment to gather myself and my thoughts. Slowly I formed a plan to get what I wanted out of this bazaar turn of events. If I was lucky I had a whore downstairs who wasn’t going to be happy about loosing out on a two hundred thousand dollar raise coming into our household.Donning a bathrobe and nothing else I decided to play my hand. I found Nicole in the kitchen. Too my surprise she hadn’t bothered to cover herself and again I faltered at the thought of a confrontation with my lovely wife.”Nicole we need to talk, there’s things you need to know before you decide a divorce is the answer.” I said as I pushed my briefcase toward her.”What’s this?””Open it, take out the top envelope, inside you’ll find the first installment check for our services.”Nicole’s expression was one of confusion as she examined the check. Her nipples hardened as she counted the zeros behind the number five.”How much of this is ours?” She asked.”That depends on your definition of ‘ours’ Nicole,” I stated bluntly. “You just asked for a divorce remember. Now, would you mind explaining just what I’m supposed to figure out?””Just that I’ve been cheating on you every chance I get and türbanlı ordu escort I’m tired of it. I want a divorce so I can do what I want, when I want and with whom I want.” Having sex with you is so boring I’m actually glad it’s over in less than six minutes and worse yet it took you all this time to catch on to the fact I’ve been unfaithful.”I felt the color leave my face. Being kicked by a horse wouldn’t have delivered the wounding blow I felt. It was obvious to Nicole she had struck a nerve, the look of fear spread across her face as she realized what she had said.”Why Nicole? Haven’t I provided everything you need and most of what you want? Haven’t I provided you with the lifestyle you were accustomed to at home growing up?”Yes, you have! You’ve put me exactly on the same pedestal my father had me on, where everything is done for me, where I’m protected from the world and all its dangers. Do you have any idea what it’s like to wake up every day knowing exactly what’s going to happen, knowing there will be no surprises. I don’t even get to dress as I wish, there’s always the image to keep up.”I was looking at a stranger, a naked beautiful stranger. I had now seen my wife naked in the light longer than ever before and in the kitchen no less. I studied her beauty while I considered her blunt confession.”Even now you’re sitting there calm and collected after I tell you I’ve been unfaithful most of our marriage! Don’t you care enough to be angry? What do I have to do to get your attention, fuck the pool boy in front of you or maybe the pool boy and the chauffer at the same time? Would that make you mad enough to loose control?””Oh I’m angry, angry enough to give you the divorce you want, but keep in mind I’ll take everything and if I can’t I’ll keep it tied up in court until your old and gray you’ll be lucky to come out of this marriage with enough money to live in a low rent apartment across the tracks. Is that what you want?””I’m entitled to half of everything Richard, I’ve already checked with a lawyer, you’ll have to pay alimony, sell the house, cars and split the savings with me,” Nicole screamed as she jumped up her anger showing.”Nicole I love you more than life itself. I thought we had a good relationship I wasn’t aware you were so miserable. I’m sorry it’s come to this but the company owns every thing, the house, cars and all bank accounts, checking and savings everything even your credit cards. If you divorce me you will have nothing except alimony and my income is all expense accounts. Why I couldn’t pay your cab fair once you’re no longer my wife, the stock holders wouldn’t allow it.”Nicole’s expression changed from anger to panic as she plopped down in her chair causing her breasts to jiggle. She was unbelievably beautiful; I wanted her like never before.”Are you sure you won’t reconsider and reconcile our marriage. I’m sure we could work this out if we try.””Do I have a choice? If I leave you’ll take everything and if I stay I’m sure you’ll torture me.””Maybe you should tell me everything and then we can decide Nicole, I’m sure you’re not the only one who screwed up in this relationship.””Oh I’ll gladly tell you how you screwed up. You leave me alone weeks on end and when you come home you take me to bed, wham, bam thank you ma’am, its over and you leave! Richard I have needs to, needs that you obviously don’t understand. Do you have any idea what its like to be perpetually horny married to a man who thinks sex is something to be ashamed of.””I don’t think sex is something to be ashamed of, actually I’ve always thought you did Nicole. I’ve tried to be forgiving and not bother you with it any more than necessary. All through high school and collage you never let me do anything but play with your breasts.””Tits, their tits Richard and this is a pussy, that has needs,” Nicole said pointing at her bush. “In high school and collage I was a virgin and when we made love the first time if that’s what you want to call it, it hurt like hell and I was glad it was over so quickly but we’ve been married for six years now and it doesn’t hurt anymore and I’ve learned to like it a lot more than you know.”I was stunned beyond believe sitting in front of me, my dream girl and wife was admitting she liked sex and had been cheating to satisfy her cravings. I hadn’t felt so many emotions since our wedding night when she had pushed me away as soon as I climaxed, crying and hiding her face in the pillow. I vowed to never again hurt my beautiful bride and now I have.”How can I ever make it up to you Nicole? Can you forgive me, I’m so sorry, you should have said something.””You can’t! Maybe four or five years ago but not now, and if you think for one minute I’m staying for the money you can forget it! I know what I like and how to get it…””You can’t mean it Nicole, I can’t believe you’re leaving because I’m lousy in bed, I try to be as quick and easy as I can, so as not to bother you with it, but you’re so damn beautiful and sexy, occasionally I just have to have you.”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my wife, sitting in front of me like a stripper in a club I frequent, except the lights were bright instead of a hazy dimly lit bar. Nicole’s comment of four or five years ago intrigued me as well as scared me; I was starting to panic, sweating profusely in my bathrobe, my voice becoming shaky.”So what is it you like and exactly how do you intend to get it?” I asked, my voice betraying my feelings. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited and fantasized about something like this, and now you’re leaving?””Why didn’t you call and let me know you were coming home tonight? You always call first so I can send the chauffer to pick you up.” Nicole said as she rose from her chair, giving me the opportunity to view my beautiful wife in all her glory.”I wanted to surprise you with the news of our good fortune. Sweep you off your feet and take you out to celebrate.””Well I have plans with the boys tonight and we’ll be celebrating my freedom from you!” Nicole said as she stomped from the room with a new angry determined look I’d never before witnessed.Watching the most beautiful ass on the planet, ‘I know because I’ve enjoyed every naked ass in every strip joint and gentlemen’s club I could find around the world’, walk away after hearing Nicole’s last statement brought waves türbanlı ordu escort bayan of nausea and made the room spin. I sat dumfounded in my chair at the kitchen table letting my robe fall open looking down at my out of shape body, my shriveled penis hidden by my fat. I couldn’t even see my pubic hair, no wonder Nicole wanted a divorce.Pulling myself together, I followed Nicole to the bedroom. I realized my wife was more possession than wife, I was angry she was leaving. I sat on the bed while Nicole showered and dressed.Her choice of clothing and makeup brought the realization she wasn’t going anywhere. She strutted around the bedroom in a teddy with her hair pulled back in a pony tail, her deep red lipstick making her luscious lips even more desirable. This was all new to me; my prudish wife parading around dressed in next to nothing was a dream come true, but somehow I knew it wasn’t for me.”Nicole…””Richard stop! Not now, I’m going downstairs, the boy’s should be here anytime now, unlike you they’re never late!””Are you telling me you have men coming here tonight and you’re expecting me to allow you to see them dressed as you are?””You don’t allow me to do anything Richard. You’re not the boss of me any longer and as to how I’m dressed, I won’t be dressed like this for long. You can stay in the guest bedroom tonight or leave, it’s up to you, but stay away from the living room you might not like what you’ll see.”How had I let this happen? Nicole and I had been together since high school. We went to collage together and later married, both still virgins on our wedding night. I needed to do something, but what? I was no match in a fight with Nicole, let alone two guys.The doorbell jarred me from thought; I could hear voices downstairs, familiar voices. I was sure I detected the deep booming voice of our chauffer Charles, but the other voice wasn’t familiar. I heard Nicole giggle as she led her guests into the living room. She rarely laughed; I couldn’t remember the last time I’d heard her giggle.’I was still the man of this house and would be damned if I would stay out of the living room I paid for it.’ That was the best decision I made all evening although it didn’t start out so. The view from the top of the stairs shocked me, I grabbed the banister for support my legs felt weak and rubbery. Downstairs in plain view was Nicole standing between my chauffer and another man with her arms sticking straight up letting them remove her teddy. She d****d her arms around Charles’s neck as he took her left breast in his mouth.”Stop, guys remember the rule for the evening you two had your fun last night my pussy is still sore,” I heard my beautiful wife exclaim. “Tonight I’m finally going to do something I’ve wanted to do since my wedding night,” Nicole said as she looked me straight in the eye, seeing me at the top of the stairs. “Carry me to the couch and whip ’em out boys,” Nicole ordered.I realized my penis was hard and my breathing was shallow, I couldn’t move, the scene below had my total attention. Nicole sat on the couch between Charles and the younger guy letting them fondle her breasts but keeping her legs crossed. She groped their crotches as she looked first at one then the other occasionally looking up to see if I was still there. I wasn’t going anywhere except down to get a closer look. I suddenly didn’t care what happened, I was going to enjoy this last night with my wife no matter what and let tomorrow take care of itself. She wasn’t the only one who had been sexually deprived over the years; I had jacked off so much I got an erection every time I washed my hands.Charles saw me as I stepped from the landing, He jumped up from the couch in a panic, but Nicole took his hand telling him not to worry.”Nicole, you do whatever you have to, but if you’re doing it in my house you’re doing it in front of me.””What ever you say Richard, you might as well see what you’ve been missing the last six years.”Nicole jerked Charles back in his seat and moved to her knees between the two men. She slowly released them from the confines of their trousers taking each man in her hands. Looking up from the penises in my wife’s hands I noticed both men were staring at me with expressions of disbelieve and fear. I didn’t care, before me was something I had only seen in dirty movies I’d secretly watched on business trips. I couldn’t see Nicole take them in her mouth, but I knew she was blowing them because their penises were wet and shiny when she alternated from one to the other. I had never made her do that, she had offered early on, but I had too much respect for her to expect her to do such a thing.I wanted to see her face I needed to know if she enjoyed what she was doing. Maybe they were blackmailing her into this.If there was any doubt it was squelched as I rounded the end of the couch. Her expression was one of pure bliss with glazed over eyes as she looked at me while moving over the penis of the young man to her right. Nicole engulfed him making him shudder and moan I could see her working her way down pleasuring him as she stroked Charles her hand barley closing around his member. ‘His manhood must stretch her mouth terribly,’ I caught myself thinking as she switched again. I was confused, I felt things I had never felt, but lust super-ceded everything else. I was turned on like never before and wanted in on the action, I moved forward in a trance unable to stop myself from what I was about to do. Letting my robe fall open I moved toward the back of the couch with my erection in hand slowly stroking it like I had done so many times before while fantasizing something like this with my bride.Nicole noticed me as she switched partners again she pushed in between her gentlemen callers and attacked my cock and balls with her mouth and hands. My climax was immediate; she swallowed my seed and pushed me away.”Just what I expected from you Richard now sit down somewhere until you can control yourself.”My lust and my erection dissipated leaving me jealous and felling inadequate. I fixed myself a stiff drink and tried to relax in my favorite chair, but watching my wife suck and fondle strangers wasn’t the turn-on my fantasies had promised it would be. I worried my beautiful Nicole was leaving me and couldn’t understand why I cared watching her slutty behavior türbanlı escort ordu on the couch just a few feet away. I felt like the k** with the toy he didn’t want, but wanted to scream and cry if another k** touched it. She was mine to have and to hold until we … No she’s a slut that deserves the divorce she asked for.”Take a break boys,” Nicole said as she stood and moved in my direction “Enjoying the show? I’m glad you decided to join us; it’s an added thrill knowing you’re watching.””How long has this been going on, this lewd behavior in my house behind my back.””Em… about three years now and don’t start, we can talk later!””You mean to tell me you have been cheating on me for three years and you’re not even a little sorry?””Richard no, I’ve been unfaithful since our honeymoon I just started doing it in OUR house three years ago, now drop it until later!” I’m going back to the couch and I’m going to drop to my knees and suck little Jimmy off. I’m going to swallow his cum and lick his balls. After he gives me all he has, which won’t be much after last night, I’m going do the same to Charles but he cums a lot so I may get it on my face before he’s through. I hope you enjoy the show, it could be the only one you’ll get with me.”Moments ago I was contemplating murder, but now I wanted nothing more than to watch Nicole in action. My penis rose to attention and she knew it as she voiced her intentions in my ear, her luscious breasts only inches away. Her breath had the musky smell of sex and her bright red lipstick was smeared across her face increasing the height of my excitement.Nicole arranged her fellows to allow me the best view possible. As she promised she went to her knees and unceremoniously swallowed half of her young man’s penis cupping his balls with one hand and grasping his buttock with the other urging him to fuck her face. I was amazed at his staying power when I noticed Nicole swallowing; she took his softening member in her hand and applied loving kisses, licking up and down the underside including his balls before engulfing the whole thing one last time. Pulling her mouth away with a loud pop she looked up at her friend and winked at his smiling face.”Next,” Nicole blurted as she reached for the massive male member belonging to Charles. He didn’t need to be asked, he was reaching for my Nicole still on her knees as he moved in front of her. Nicole’s pony tail was a mess with all the hands running through her hair. Charles shoved his cock in my Nicole’s mouth stretching her lips until I was sure she was in pain his cock was so thick and long I felt sorry for my wife but she had put herself in this predicament all by herself. Nicole sucked and fondled my ex chauffer soaking him, her saliva dripping from his balls onto the carpet. She took his massive male member between the lovely breasts I loved so much, letting him finish there. His load splashing my Nicole’s face and breast even getting it in her hair pushed me over the edge once more. My climax stained the inside of my robe.After silently freshening my drink I retired up the stairs to contemplate my situation. My wife had vanished while I was away on business, leaving in her place a nympho- maniac. She found me sitting quietly on the side of the bed after her fellows had said good night.”Aren’t you full of surprises, I didn’t expect to find you here? Aren’t you mad?””Oh it’s not as simple as that, I’m more than angry, I’m hurt, I’m jealous and I’m scared I’m loosing you,” I said as I straightened from my slumped position on the bed-side looking up to see my wife still a mess from her interlude. “I feel like a drowning man grabbing at straws sitting here trying to understand what went wrong Nicole, can’t we work this out?” even as I asked I wondered why I would want to keep this whore in my house.”I can tell you where you went wrong Richard, remember our honeymoon? I’m sure you do, you popped my cherry and before I stopped crying, for reasons I can’t even remember, you had us on your surprise three day sailing adventure. I wanted to stay in bed, make love and do things husbands and wives do but you wanted to go sailing, so we went sailing. Remember me trying to fool around and what did you say, do you remember? Quote (You don’t have to do that I’m not like most guys I can control my- self.) that’s when I started cheating, I wanted to experience oral sex and you wouldn’t let me so Ramos the captain got lots of blow jobs on our honeymoon, blow jobs that should have been yours!””I don’t believe you, you and him were never out of my sight long enough at the same time!””Remember him letting you steer the boat, remember him sticking his head out of the forward hatch to keep an eye on things? That was the first time I cheated.””You’re killing me Nicole, telling me this stuff; no matter, I want to hear it all.””Hell, I can’t even remember everything that’s happened over the years, besides you’ve heard enough and seen enough to give me a divorce,” Nicole said as she entered the bathroom.Listening to the shower soothed my anger, the sound of running water somehow brought the reality life goes on even after death, in this case death of my marriage to my beautiful Nicole. That person is no longer with us and the new Nicole doesn’t want me; however I want her even more with the threat of loosing her. Even if by some miracle I’m lucky enough to save our marriage it will never be the same.”So how about it,” Nicole asked as she entered the bedroom drying her hair. She was a goddess, a blue eyed goddess, with shoulder length blonde hair, long slender legs, perfect ass, rippled torso and beautiful full breasts. “Do I get a divorce without a fight or what?” She continued as she sat on the bed beside me crossing her long shapely legs.”Not if I can talk you out of it Nicole, where would you go, what would you do?””You really are full of surprises most men would have thrown their wives out on their naked asses for what I’ve done this evening, but then you’re not like most men, you can control yourself except where its most appreciated, like in bed.”The room was spinning again, I panicked letting my guard down, “I’ll do anything if you’ll give me another chance, I promise, anything you ask Nicole, I don’t want you to leave me!””Richard you can’t be serious. Anything I ask sexual or not? Before you answer, understand, I’m not interested in sexual frustration, I can and will change my mind any time I feel taken for granted, I’m through with that.””Really, Nicole you’re gonna stay, you’re not leaving me?””I’m starting to feel neglected. I think you need to learn how to treat a woman right for a change,” Nicole said as she pushed me back on the bed straddling my face with her pussy.The end

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