Married women 12 – Susanne


Married women 12 – SusanneI used to own a shop in which I sold all kinds of art books, posters, prints and stuff. Not much after I opened, a young woman came in early on a Saturday morning. I knew her, her name was Susanne, we had worked in the same company two years before. I knew she was married and had a little daughter, I kew where she lived – and I knew she wasn’t interested in art at all.It was a busy day in the shop, lots of customers, but Susanne was there all the time, looked at everything and pulled out books and leafed through them in the reading corner. I realised she wasn’t here because of a sudden rise in her interest in art – it had to be because of me! This somewhat excited me … I’d never noticed any interest of hers in me, and she hadn’t much caught my eye either. She was of medium height, had blond hair, small eyes, very güvenilir bahis full lips, laughed a lot … a likeable woman, but not more.Only a few days before her husband had been in my shop. He showed me a very old book of his and wanted to know if I could sell it for him in my shop. I didn’t know him well, had only met him two or three times before, and I’d always thought he was a strange kind of guy, even if he seemed to be pretty jolly, and I told him I was sorry, I only sold new books. He didn’t seem disappointed, on the contrary, he even left only after buying a comparably expensive book.And now Susanne was here … and obviously wanted something from me. Every time I passed the reading corner, she looked me in the eyes, and we smiled at each other. We didn’t talk much, and I didn’t press the issue … I simply waited ….At türkçe bahis four o’clock I closed the shop … Susanne said goodbye and thanked me for the nice day! I just smiled back – but my decision was made! I tidied up and did everything that has to be done after a hard day’s work in the shop, and then I went the half mile to where she lived … I rang the bell … and the automatic door-opener buzzed …. I went upstairs and saw her door standing slightly ajar. I went inside and heard her voice: ‘I’m in here’! I went into the voice’s direction and found her in her bedroom busy with the laundry. She laid down whatever it was she was just holding … just in the nick of time before I took her in my arms! She laid her head back … and we exchanged our first wild kiss! My hands felt her medium-sized, soft breasts underneath her t-shirt güvenilir bahis siteleri … slipped underneath her bra … her nipples were rock-hard, her kiss grew even wilder, she even bit my tongue ….About a minute later we were both naked on her bed! My left hand wildly explored her cunt … she was soaking wet, and three fingers found their way inside her … she panted loud and squirmed in my hands … her skin was dotted with red blotches … she gasped, whimpered and moaned … and then she came ….Then I mounted her … resolutely shoved my throbbing cock into her married cunt … she gave off a muffled scream and whimpered with every thrust … she was so wet, I hardly felt anything, so I fucked her for what seemed like ages … hard and fast … her breasts flew up and down … and finally I came … I quickly drew out and shot a huge load on her tummy, her breasts and her throat ….Her husband must’ve somehow gotten wind of it … a mutual friend of ours told me he hated me … but nothing happened … and Susanne and I hit the sack together many times ….

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