Martial Love


He held the wooden training sword over his head with perfect form, inhaling slowly. Sliding forward on his front foot, the sword fell. It was all in slow motion. It always was lately. Breath in breath out. Step, slide, cut.

Training alone was difficult. Training alone could get monotonous very easily. The same movements over and over would in time sharpen his skills like a blade on the grindstone. Yet the true martial artists always sought a partner. Someone to test them, find their flaws, and make them better. That’s what the martial arts were about after all. They weren’t about trophies, how many bricks someone could break with their bare hands, or how quickly someone could beat a man into a pulp in an octagon shaped ring.

No, the arts were about peace in the end. They could be a swift and deadly force of destruction, but the objective of being a skilled martial artist was in the end to train the mind to understand the situation. That was one reason why Trey Freedman preferred the art of Aikido. The versatility and adaptability of the art to handle any situation against any number of attackers was unlike most other martial arts available.

Whereas some arts were designed to kill or maim no matter the conflict, the use of Aikido could be adjusted to handle the stupid and rowdy drunk without causing injury, or absolutely destroy the men trying to force you or a loved one into a van.

Trey finished his five hundredth cut with the sword and breathed deeply, sliding the blade along his arm and sliding it into his hand as if it were a sheath at his side. He bowed and headed for the door of the small yoga mat room at the local gym near his new home. Trey looked at himself in the wall mirrors that were there for the dance classes that took place in this room earlier in the day. His grey muscle shirt was crowned with damp sweat spots, and his lean muscular chest heaving with each breath. He grinned at himself and smoothed his damp, dark brown hair, even though it was really too short in his military style to worry too much about. His hazel eyes were turning a darker shade of green today as the winter approached, and he winked at himself in congratulation of another good workout. Then his smile faded.

Trey was tired of training alone. He longed for his old dojo in Arizona, and the weather was much to cool here for his taste. Still, the move had been necessary to stay ahead in his career. Trey had tried to start a new school on his own beginning here at the local gym. He was high enough ranking to teach beginning to intermediate students fairly well, and he had figured that the lure of a martial arts program at the gym would have brought in at least a few curious students. The gym was even more surprised that Trey wanted to do the class for free, and out of curiosity and in the name of publicity, the gym managers had let him announce his class.

Yet no one had come. Aikido was just not well known as either a workout or a viable means of self-defense. After all, the most basic skills of Aikido took years to develop, and most people simply did not have the patience. Trey packed up his sword in its protective tube-shaped bag and prepared to leave.

He reached for the door to the small mat room, beyond which was the main workout area. This area was, of course decorated with rows and rows of weight and cardio machines facing small portable televisions. But the door opened toward him before he reached it, and a beautiful young woman stumbled into the room.

She wore basic cotton sweat pants and a sky blue tank top supported by a black sports bra. She was curved in all the right places and only a few inches shorter than he was. Trey stumbled back in surprise.

She giggled in embarrassment and brushed a strand of blond hair from her face.

“Oh, sorry,” the woman said in a cheerfully high voice. “I was looking for the uh… self defense class?”

“Well,” Trey said, scratching the back of his head. “It’s not exactly self defense, but it is a martial art and it will be better than any self defense class in the long run.”

The woman nodded vaguely, smiling politely at him.

“Uh, never mind,” Trey said begging to brush past her. “I think you want the class on Monday’s and Fridays.”

She caught him by the arm.

“Oh, no. Tell me about what it is you teach. I’m interested.”

She looked up at him with pleading blue eyes.


Trey felt something inside him melt just a bit. He wanted more than a student from this girl, he realized suddenly. Could he keep it professional?

“S-sure,” he said after a long moment. “What was your name?”

“Emily,” she said, shaking his hand firmly.

“Nice to meet you Emily,” Trey said. “I have a feeling you are going to like this art.”


They had been training together for two weeks, and already Emily was very much into Aikido. Trey was a good teacher. He was kind, patient, and willing give himself completely to her learning so that she üsküdar escort got the feeling he was trying to make her better than him in the end. And he was also very easy on the eyes. She couldn’t believe that after this long she was still his only student, but she certainly didn’t mind.

They began the training session as they always did, by practicing the solo kata. Emily still felt awkward and clumsy going through the motions. She still watched Trey’s feet and tried her best to mimic him as he moved, turned, and slid through a very simple dance that covered all four cardinal directions. She tried to remember that she was supposed to have the sensation of what Trey called “falling” as she moved. She breathed deeply, becoming lost in the movement.

When she finished, Emily took a deep breath. She turned facing the mirrors and adjusted the white belt of her gui. She wore a white t-shirt underneath to protect her modesty, but she loved the way Trey’s gui hung slightly open, so that she glimpse see his very strong and smooth looking bare chest. He turned after a deep breath of his own and smiled at her.

“Good!” he said cheerfully. “You’re starting to get the hang of the movement.”

She beamed at him, waiting for him to describe what they would be doing for today’s lesson. Sometimes he began with a lecture of sorts, other times he just started walking her through movements. His touch as he guided her movements, standing so close she could feel his breath on the back of her neck . . . it had driven her crazy. But she was already needing his help less and less.

“Well start today with the four sections of the Misubi Renshu that you’ve already learned, and then I thought it would be fun to try starting you out on some ground work today.”

Emily wrinkled her brow. “Umm, Mish-rubi what now? Which one is that?”

Trey laughed. The sound was musical to her. Emily found herself blushing. This stuff was still so foreign to her and the last thing she wanted was to seem goofy in front of this gorgeous guy. Could he tell how uncomfortable and exposed his gaze made her feel?

If he could, Trey didn’t let it show. He merely bowed low at the waist, a formal Japanese tradition before beginning the next round of training. Emily bowed in return, once more feeling somehow alien even at the simple task.

Trey stepped forward and presented his wrist for her to attack, and suddenly she remembered which kata he was talking about. Trey had explained that it wasn’t like in other martial arts where the teacher might say, “this is what you do if someone grabs your wrist.” Instead, it was a simple drill of balance and counterbalance, designed to teach sensitivity to the connection that forms between two people when an attacker makes contact and places energy into a system of two bodies. Trey continued to prattle on about physics, her footwork, and the way she should recover her balance as she connected and reconnected with his wrist.

They took turns, going back and forth with the simple motions as he guided her body harmlessly past him, and then she attempted to do the same to him as he attacked her wrist. It was a strange but powerful dance, and she smiled as she made him bend over backwards and he tapped his chest to indicate to her that she had him under control.

“Good!” Trey complimented cheerfully as he gracefully recovered his posture. “You’re coming along smoothly with releasing energy. “Now for something a little different today.”

Trey sat cross legged on the ground before her, and when she just stood there for a moment, he indicated she should do the same.

“Now,” Trey said. “It’s a common myth that most fights go to the ground, and people will even show you statistics to try to prove this. Plus, you see it all the time in cage fighting nonsense like ultimate fighter championships and what have you. But the truth is those statistics often come from police reports, where police officers are trained to take their perpetrators to the ground, and even mixed martial arts fighters train specifically to take on one opponent in a one on one match. They don’t have to worry about the guy’s buddies who might be hiding in the shadows jumping into help. So, you want to avoid letting a fight get to the ground if you possibly can, and Aikido is designed to do that.”

Emily nodded. Everything was making sense so far. At least he wasn’t speaking in Japanese yet.

“Now, Tasidori, or the art of ground fighting originates with Judo and . . .”

There he went again. Emily started to zone out a little, nodding politely as Trey went into how the physics on the ground were exactly the same as if they were standing. Whenever she got lost like this it helped to just concentrate on his smile, and it seemed the entire world just made sense. What was wrong with her! This guy was her teacher. There had to be some kind of rule about liking him this way.

“Emily,” said his voice into her thoughts. She didn’t gaziemir escort quite hear him.

“Emily, come on, this first pin is easy. I won’t bite I promise.”

Trey had lain sprawled out on the ground, his gui slightly open and his face toward turned her smiling.

Yeah, but I might. Emily thought devilishly as she crawled toward him.

“Now, cradle my head in your arm like this, hold it tight to your hip.”

“Like this?” Emily asked, yanking on his head and locking her arm around his neck.

“No, wait,” Trey said grunting. “Scoop more, your body and leg should be forty five to perpendicular to mine. Yes! Ack! That’s right. Now, roll a little more on your side, your legs should form a right triangle with where you have my head locked as the point.”

“I think I got it!” Emily said excitedly. “This is fun!”

“Now,” Trey panted as she leaned down on his chest a little more. “Anywhere I move you should be able to shuffle your feet and move with me, keeping me pinned. Let’s try it. Are you ready?”

Emily felt her jaw drop. “Oh gosh! There’s no way I’m going to be able to hold you, you’re too strong.”

Trey grunted. “Strength doesn’t matter here. It’s just like if we were standing. If you keep this posture and this pressure, my body can’t fight gravity to get up. Trust me. Get ready.”

Emily took a breath and set her jaw. “Ok.”

Trey spun in a circle and he moved so abruptly that Emily almost lost her grip on him. He was powerful and quick, but Emily found to her surprise that she could feel everything he tried first and adjusted appropriately. She squealed in triumph when he at last gave up his thrashing and lay flat, panting.

“Good!” Trey beamed. “See, easy right?”

“I guess I’m just a natural,” Emily said with a boastful shrug, as she continued to press down on him. “There’s really no way out of this then?”

“Of course there is,” said Trey. “I just have to take your center back.”

Suddenly Trey bent at the belly, pressed a hand against her hip, and the next thing she knew he was laying on top of her, with her head cradled in his arms in the exact position she had just been in. Her eyes widened.

“Hey, no fair!” she protested.

“Don’t worry,” Trey said grinning down at her. God he had beautiful eyes! “I’ll teach you that next. It’s all part of the training plan.”

Emily felt her heart race in her ears. They were both sweating. He was smiling that smile again. She was completely helpless against him, she knew, but she had one move. He had been saying all along she should just let her movements become instinct instead of fighting them. So, she acted on instinct, and kissed him.

It was just a light kiss. A small peck as her straining neck could barely reach even though he had been gracious enough to bring his face close to hers. But it surprised him, and he loosened his grip. Then kiss returned the kiss fully, and soon they were studying the way two bodies connected through their tongues. He tasted of salt and sports drink, and he was powerful but not smothering. It was bliss.

Then it ended, and far too soon. Trey broke it off and quickly stood.

“I- I’m sorry,” Trey said. “I shouldn’t have done that. We should close for the day.”

“No. No, it’s alright.” Emily said. “It’s my fault. I got carried away.”

Trey turned, looking apologetic. “I’m sorry. I don’t think I can keep teaching you. At least for a while. Maybe if we get some more students I . . .”

She took his hands in hers, and to her surprise, he let her. She bowed, even though she was close to him.

“Onegaishimas,” she said. “Please teach me.”

“This is going to get complicated,” Trey said.

She touched his cheek lightly. “I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Alright,” he said with a huge grin. “Let’s do this.”

The rest of the training session that day was, a bit tense. Trey could have cut the pheromone soup in the air with a knife. But somehow they got through it, professionally. It had been very difficult, and he even considered just calling and asking her for a normal date. Maybe if they got to know each other better off the mat, then it wouldn’t feel so awkward while they were training together.

And yet, he found he couldn’t do it. It wasn’t as if he were to shy or felt unworthy of such a beautiful girl. There was just something about her that drove him crazy, and deep down he was afraid to face it. So he didn’t see her again until she stepped back onto the mat again the following week and bowed in to him with a polite little smile.

Trey had never tried to train with a giant elephant in the room before. Emily was doing her best to carry on as if nothing had happened last week. She was listening intently, nodding her head, asking questions. Just like she always did. She was a very teachable student, and usually made the corrections he offered on the first try.

He was trying to show her how to perform sancaktepe escort the first technique of the ju nana hon kata, when the elephant was finally exposed. The kata, he had explained to her, represented the seventeen standard techniques of Trey’s Aikido linage. These were all “middle of the road” techniques that could be creatively modified or linked depending on the situation. They all were practiced off the same basic attack, a simple forward push to the chin that, when done correctly, would lock the spine of the person being attacked and cause them to have to fall — their legs literally sweeping out from under them.

It was said that the first technique was designed to be the most difficult for a reason. It set the standard for the rest of the kata. The idea of the technique was simple. Move yourself off the line of attack very slightly as you turn and touch the attacking person’s wrist, drawing them off balance and causing them to have to take an extra step that they were not expecting to take. The extra step usually causes the attacker to turn and try to continue the attack…by crossing the other arm under the one making the first touching at the elbow, the attacker is unable to continue the attack as he or she recovers. Finally, just as the attacker is about to recover their balance, the technique is completed by locking the spine with a push to the chin…landing the assailant flat on his back.

Trey bowed to Emily and identified himself as the attacker. He moved really slow in his attack, giving her a chance to remember where her hands and feet should go. She hit all the right points on the first try, though she was still and unrelaxed, and obviously very nervous. As Trey took a fall, he realized the air had to be cleared between them or she would never be able to relax. He just didn’t know how to proceed, and he didn’t want to lose her as a student. He was very certain of that.

Trey got up, set his distance, and attacked again. Through it all she watched him carefully, maintaining eye contact and staying focused. She really did learn fast. This time she didn’t move far enough, and her arm bent at the elbow, which drew him directly into her. Trey couldn’t stop his momentum, and as he fell forward they both toppled to the ground, with Trey smiling sheepishly on top of her. He didn’t get up right away. He was transfixed, lost in her eyes. Her parted lips and panting breath called to him, and despite every warning bell in his mind…he kissed her.

This time though, Trey didn’t hold back. He didn’t try to stop, didn’t care that someone might walk in from the outer gym at any moment, or that the door wasn’t locked. Nobody every came into this little mat room anyway. It was the least of his concerns. All that he was sure of was that he wanted her, and that her enthusiastic kissing and clawing of her hands on his back made him sure she wanted him.

He propped himself up slightly, straddling one of her legs as he tugged at her belt. He flicked his tongue gently behind her ear, leaving a trail of kisses down her jaw line. He gave a low growl as he tore open her gui and began to work his hands up her smooth belly under her white t-undershirt that she had been wearing for modesty’s sake. She arched her back, moaning into his mouth while he tried to work free the clasps of her sports bra.

Then she shocked him by crossing her arms and grabbing his gui just below the throat. She kicked out and rolled hard, pinning him to the mat and choking him as she began to kiss his neck. She was taking control, and he liked it.

Then she threw his gui open wide as she worked her way down and began to kiss his smooth slick chest. He writhed underneath her and moaned as she took one of his nipples into her mouth.

“Emily!” he gasped as she began to work his pants down while her teeth scraped over to his neglected second nipple. “Emily, we ca – …oh…not here!”

But Emily wasn’t listening..her head was already even with his abdomen..her hands tugging at the string ties to his pants. He squirmed as he felt her breath between his legs, and a draft on his thighs as his pants began to come down. Swiftly, he hooked his legs under her arms and rolled, pinning her again as he pressed against her face with his crotch.

She squirmed as her teeth scraped through his workout boxer briefs on his swelling member. He saliva dampened the cloth, and Trey barely kept his sanity as he turned a hundred and eighty degrees to face her feet. In only a second, he had her in a new pin.

His knees were flush against the top of her shoulders, bracketing her head to either side as he clutched at her legs with his arms. Unless she applied the proper balance break, there was no way out of this, Trey knew. But Emily didn’t want out..instead, he felt his briefs being pulled down with her teeth, and his erection spilled out in its full impressive size. Trey smiled as he heard Emily give a little gasp of delight.

Encouraged, Trey began to undo the string ties on her own pants…he pushed them down, scraping his nails down her thighs as he felt his engorged member fall into her mouth. She was so warm, and her tongue worked around him so furiously he couldn’t help but buck his hips. He feared he would choke her, but when he felt her tongue grazing his balls he forgot all caution.

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