Mary Back in the day


Mary Back in the dayMary – Blonde girl with nice curves and a pretty face. Homecoming dance that neither of our regular dates could make it to. No frills, just escorting each other to the dance.On the way home I stop at a secluded spot and made out a bit. Then asked if she’d lower her dress and let me see those ( what I imagined to be) gorgeous breast, She smiled and lowered her gown top. My breath caught in my throat. Large, well shaped soft orbs of flesh with pert, pointy nipples. I lowered my head for a taste and she started trembling as I flicked my tongue over each nipple. Mary then surprised the hell out of me by hiking her dress waist high and asking if I’d use my tongue “there”? Hell before she changed her mind, her panties were on the floor and my face was buried in her pussy. She moaned and twisted as I worked my way around the hot moist cunt. I eased two fingers in under my chin and began to finger her as my tongue tickled her clit rapidly. Her breath quickened and her hips rocked, then she shook in a massive climax. Oh shit, thank you, it has been awhile since I had an orgasm. Her hands moved to my belt and zipper and in no time she had my cock deep in her throat. She flicked her tongue, took me deep and rolled her tongue all around my pulsing organ. Her hand gripped my shaft and stroked it like a pro. I looked down at that pretty güvenilir bahis face with my cock buried in her mouth, my testicles tightened and a shot spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it quickly and continued to suck me. She re positioned, spread her legs and guided my stiff prick to the opening of her honey hole. ” Do it” she said with a look of anticipation. And as I slid my cock slowly into her pussy, she gasped and blurted out – Pound that fucking cock into me, give it to me, Oh Shit I NEED a fuck. You feel so good, I love how you fill me with that thick cock. OH, I’m going to CUM! Her already wet pussy seemed to double in wetness and heat. I can’t wait to feel you flood my cunt with sperm. Then I’m going to clean our cum off it real good. Fuck me hard, drive it into me She came again just as I exploded inside her. And true to her word she licked every drop of fluid off my cock.When I saw her again it was like nothing ever happened. Same smile, a little conversation, but the look in her eye was different. A couple years went by and I was riding by her home. There she sat on the front steps looking frustrated. My roomies went to the beach while I was out and I’m locked out. If you know what beach I can take you there and get a key. You’d do that? You are really sweet, let’s go. We found them and she got the türkçe bahis key. The beach was at the end of a long dirt road and I pulled into an abandoned gravel pit. She looked at me nervously and said ” I’m a mess, you don’t want to do this. I’m covered with hickies and cum.” Mary, that wouldn’t bother me, I think about the one time we were together and think how good that night was. But if you say no, I’ll understand. You could have left me sitting on that step, If you want sloppy fourths, I wouldn’t mind having a cock that really fills my hole. With that I started removing her clothes. Hell, she had love bites on her arms, neck tits, ass and thighs. Her pussy was matted with cum and some had dried on her stomach. Fourth, So how did three guys get to ravage you? An old boyfriend was leaving for the army and we got a little buzz on and got going at it when his 2 roommates walked in. Well he’d told them I was a great fuck and they wanted to find out for themselves. Quite honestly I have fantasized about more than one, but I wasn’t sure I was ready for three, but I survived and now it looks like a 4th in less than six hours. I feel a little like a whore. No, I would say an attractive lady that men want to enjoy. And that’s about what I’m going to do. She took my cock in her hand, looked up at me and said ” I hope you understand, I’ve never güvenilir bahis siteleri been with more than one guy in my life. To have an old friend who I also have thought much about, understand and be my fourth guy in one day.” My cock disappeared in her mouth and I could tell she had practiced since our last encounter. I looked at her fantastic body covered with reminders of an earlier fuckfeast. I took my cock from her mouth as pushed it into her sopping, well used cunt and started a rocking motion. I could feel previous deposits ooze around my shaft. Whoa, that’s a little tender. Would you mind putting that cock in my ass? Only one of them did me there and surprising to me, I liked it. first time with multiple partners, first time ass fucked, first time 4 in one day, first time I ask a guy to butt fuck me. OH GOD! you are much larger than he was. Shit that feels good. I got a steady rhythm going and felt her butt muscles relaxing to accommodate me. She whimpered as I plunged in and out her poop shoot. When I reached around and fingered her clit, she bucked and rammed back into me harder, I stuck one finger in and felt my own cock through the thin membrane, and that’s when we both started convulsing in a pleasure packed orgasm. She took her blouse and wiped off my cock. Thank you for topping off my most sexual day ever. She then made love to my cock with her mouth until I blasted a second load. I hope you don’t think less of me, but this has been a great day. No, Thank you for letting me be a part of it. She gripped my cock, smiled, and said Yes, the biggest part.

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