Master , His Sunflower


Chapter 1

She was sitting alone there at the bar, staring into her amber drink that she had only taken a sip of. She was wondering what she was doing there, she never went to bars, and she very rarely had a drink, and she certainly wasn’t in the mood for one tonight, but then again, maybe that’s why she was there. It had been exactly one year to the day that she had signed the death certificate for her husband. He was a good man, and treated her well; he gave her anything she ever wanted, and more. His passing was expected, but still hard to cope with none the less.

She and her husband had explored her submissive side, but nothing really came of it, and she always wanted more. Now, sitting here, she was feeling a bit aroused with the passing memories of her husband spanking her before he fucked her so rough that she wasn’t able to move afterward.

She glanced around the bar at all the couples, and started feeling melancholy for her past. She felt eyes on her back, and turned around in her bar chair to discover the most dashing man looking at her, well, he was staring at her. He did not take his eyes off of her, and she started wondering why this man was so brazen as to keep staring at her. She sat there and defiantly lifted her chin and met his gaze minute for minute. A slow smile found its way across his face at her show of insolent attitude. That intrigued him about her, even more so than her beauty that she didn’t seem to know she had, and her mysteriousness, a darkness that he sensed dwelled deep within her, a sexuality that was boiling beneath her subdued demeanor. And, he wanted to tap into all of that.

“What is he smiling at!?” she thought. She had finally had enough of his rudeness, so she turned back around in her seat and resumed her staring into her drink that she was nursing. She lifted her tumbler and took a small sip and as she sat it back down she felt a presence behind her. It was so strong that the hair on the back of her neck stood up. Shivers went all over her body when she heard a whisper in her ear, and felt breath on her neck. “Mind if I join you, beautiful one?” She could feel her pussy throbbing and getting quite wet. If she didn’t know any better, she would have sworn she had just had an orgasm.

She turned her head and her eyes landed upon a pair of the darkest, sexiest, deepest eyes she had ever seen. So spellbinding they were, she almost lost herself in them. His eyes were coal black and bore directly into her soul. She had never felt so alive than she did at that moment, that rip in time.

She had a hard time tearing her eyes from his. She followed his gaze until he helped himself into the seat beside her. For the longest time neither one of them said anything, they just kept staring into each others eyes. She finally came to her senses and darted her chin in the air and asked him rather defiantly “And just who gave you permission to sit there?”. He loved the fire in her, and vowed right there to bring all of that out in her. “I did, after all, it looked like you were mesmerized and unable to speak”. She could feel her face getting redder and hotter, God she hated it when she blushed! But it seemed to amuse him even more, in fact, it did. It showed him that even though she was defiant, that she had a soft, vulnerable side to her. What an amazing mix of attributes, all wrapped up in, his opinion, a nice package.

The band stuck up a song, and he decided it was time to dance with her. He stood up and held out his hand to her, and said “Dance with me.” He said it as more of a demand than a request, but she didn’t care, she was just so enamored with him, that she took his and allowed him lead her out to the dance floor. “Sea of Love” by the Honeydrippers was the song, and she loved it but never really paid that much attention to the words. “Remember this song” he whispered low into her ear. His voice just sent shivers up her spine.

He held her close in his embrace, as if they had been lovers for years, not one of two people that had just met. She so desperately wanted to let go of her inhibitions and just relax in his arms, his long, dark arms that were wrapped around her like he was never going to let her go. It seemed like the song was playing on and on. She felt almost drunk because of how light she was feeling. When the song was over, and the dance floor emptied, he still held her in his strong arms. He reached up and put his finger beneath her chin and lifted her gaze to meet his. She thought he was going to kiss her, and indeed she wanted him to, but he instead he said “You will be mine” he said in a low, almost growl, barely audible for her to hear, but the stirring deep in her soul was an indication that she did, indeed, hear him.

He guided her back to the table and bid her to have a seat. As they seated themselves, she finally go the nerve to ask him a question. “What is your name?” He smiled at her as he said “My name is Mitchell, and your name, as far as I am concerned is Sunshine because you are lighting and warming places Starzbet in me that I thought were long dark and cold, but I would like to know the name your parents gave you when you were born.” While saying that, he reached out and caressed her cheek. She just closed her eyes and felt the warmth of his hand, and melted into it, sighing, and craving more from him. She looked up at him with drowsy eyes and told him that her name was Kallista “but my friends call me Kalli” she said.

“Then I shall call you Kallista, because I plan on being much more than a friend, but there is more of a chance that I will call you sunflower because you remind me of the graciousness of the bold flower, and how its color will light up any room, as well as it is nourishing to nature, just as you will be nourishing to my soul.” She blushed at his words, but smiled at him, and started feeling completely at easy.

She let her eyes flow over him and take in every detail. He was very tall, at least to her, she was only five foot tall. He had piercing dark brown eyes, his complexion was dark and she wondered to herself what his hand would look like caressing her ivory skin. He was bald, which she liked very much, he had a mustache, but other than that he was clean shaven. She felt very aroused by his appearance, but it scared her. She knew he was different than most men, she knew he was strong willed, and would expect a lot from her.

“Kallista, I want you to gather your things together, we are going to find a place more intimate so we can carry a conversation without interruption.” As if she had no will of her own, she did as he asked. Kallista usually had a very strong intuition about people, and several times it warned her to stay away, but she felt nothing but peace about Mitchell. “You shall drive your own car, and if you have a cell phone, I wish for you to call a friend or family member and let them know where you are, and what you’re about to do. Then I want you to keep your phone in your pocket while we are alone. I want you to feel perfectly at ease and safe with me.” Kallista knew this was strange, but she was having strong feelings of desire weld up inside her. But more so than that, she was becoming enamored with this man. “What kind of charm are you putting on me?” she though.

“Ok.” was all she was able to say because she was so taken aback by him, and his concerns for her comfort and feeling safe.

“We will go to my home” he said bluntly. He wrote down the address and gave it to her, along with the phone number. “Give this address to the person you call, and tell them to call you in an hour on my phone line, to ensure of your safety, then tell them you will be home in two and a half hours.” She just stood there with her jaw open. He leaned in and with the crook of his finger lifted her lower jaw until he heard her teeth click together. He smiled down at her “Get busy young lady, if you’re going to be home in two and half hours, I want as much of that time as I can get. My home is 10 minutes away, and I will lead the way, you follow” She will soon find out that the statement he just made was not just instructions, but it was his way of life.

He held the car door open for her as she climbed in. “I will give you ten minutes to make your call, then I will leave. I will see you when we reach my home.” and with that, he closed the door and walked to his car. She picked up her cell phone and called her sister and told her what was going on, and gave her the address and phone number that he gave her, and she told her sister that she would have her cell phone, and she asked her to call her on his home phone number, just like he told her to.

He was true to his word, exactly ten minutes later he started driving off. She quickly followed him.


When they arrived at his home, she was amazed at what she saw. His home was beautiful. It was at least three stories and there were terraces everywhere, it looked like a flagstone fortress. Lights were placed around the grounds to illuminate the house. She was just awe struck, and she never imagined that this house was even here, even though she lived in this town all of her life.

He walked up beside her and opened the car door for her. She was defiantly not used to all of this chivalrousness. He held out the crook of his arm for her to take, he wanted to lead her to the door. As they walked up the windy path through the garden to the house he said “Did you make your call?” She told him that she did, and that she is expecting a call. He smiled at her obedience.

They finally reached the massive door, and it seemed to open itself, but there was a butler there. Alexander was a staunchly looking man. He was short, a little round around the middle “like I’ve got a lot of room to talk”, she thought. He was balding but still had a little bit of hair around the sides and back, and it was grey in color. He wore glasses that made his green eyes seem to flash even more in disapproval of her. He made a quick half bent bow Starzbet Giriş as Mitchell walked in the door with her on his arm.

“Alexander, this is Kallista. Please bring us coffee in the main room. Thank you.”

“Yes, Sir, I will have it there promptly.”

“It is nice to meet you, Alexander.”

“Likewise, Ma’am.” And with that, Alexander ducked down a hallway leading to the kitchen to get the coffee.

As they entered the main room, she could not take her eyes off of everything around her. She was trying to drink it all in, but felt a bit overwhelmed. He had art everywhere, but this was not your run of the day Monet, no…..this art was quite different. This art portrayed a lifestyle that she had only dreamt about. It was at this point that she knew what it was about this man that drew her. He felt her get somewhat stiff on his arm, and he paused walking and looked down at her.

“What is wrong?”.

“It’s all this art work you have here.”

“Beautiful isn’t it?” He asked.

“Yes, but…” she paused to try and choose the right words.

“Do not try to keep from offending me, for you will not. This home is mine, everything in it is mine and it is something that I enjoy, and I know that you do as well, but I imagine that it scares you a bit.”

“It does scare me, because now I know what has drawn me to you. None of this art offends me in anyway, I love all of it, but it makes me wonder why I am here, and what is going to happen.”

“I’ll tell you what is going to happen.” He said with a calm smile. “We are going to have a cup of coffee, and we are going to talk. But we aren’t going to chit chat, I can find that anywhere, I want to find out about you, and not surface issues either, I want to know you, what lies deep within you.”

“Ok” she said with a slight stammer, not knowing exactly what to say.

He could feel is arms burning to hold her, but he had to show his restraint. He motioned for her to sit down in a luxurious overstuffed leather chair, and he sat on an equally luxurious couch across from her. Alexander brought in the coffee and sat it on the glass coffee table in front of them. He already knew how the house Master liked his coffee and had it prepared for him. On the tray were fine bone china cups, fresh cream, sugar cubes, cinnamon, and freshly seeded vanilla beans. Alexander left the room, but before he did, he gave the same short bow as he did when they entered. She would soon discover that Alexander is consistent in that ritual.

“What would you like in your coffee?”

“I would like cream, and a few vanilla beans, please.” He prepared her coffee as she wanted.

“‘Would you like sugar in it also.”

“Yes, of course I do, but I am refraining from those little indulgences, I don’t need any more ‘sugar’ on my hips.” She said with a half hearted smile.

“Kallista, if you want sugar in your coffee, have sugar in your coffee. We will discuss your body and self image at another time.”

Another shaky “ok” came from her. “I’ll have one cube.” He added two and smiled at her. She thought about refusing him, but decided it would be a futile thing to do, so she took the cup offered to her. After taking a sip of her coffee, she closed her eyes and had a smile come across her face. “This is the best coffee I have ever had, it is absolutely decadent.”

“Thank you, Alexander brews a special blend for me and my guests.”

“He does well” she said with another sip. She was feeling more relaxed now, but still a tad uneasy, but that was of her own deep desires that she feared immensely. She shifted a bit in her seat, trying to get comfortable as he returned to his place on the massive sofa.

“Tell me, Kallista, have you ever been in a D/s relationship?” His face never betrayed his want for her.

“Oh dear! You don’t waste any time, do you?”

“No, I don’t.” He said. “I don’t have that much time left with you before you must depart for your own home, and I want to gather as much information as I can. You understand. Now, please answer my question, and have no fear of not answering truthfully. The truth is of utmost importance to me, as it should be to anyone that has honor and integrity. I want to hear the truth regardless of what it may be.” He saw a look of melancholy come across her face as she answered him. She told him of her husbands passing, and what kind of relationship they had as far as bondage and discipline and domination and submission was concerned. She explained to him how she always wanted more, but her husband wasn’t that much into it, that he only did what little he did do to please her because he loved her so dearly, and wanted to make her happy.

He sat back, and listened to every word she said, and heard some words she didn’t say. He listened with his ears, his head, and with his heart. Even as he listened, he kept to himself his true lifestyle. He knew that this woman held so much passion within her, that she was on the verge of erupting, but just needed Starzbet Güncel Giriş that little push that he was craving to give to her. He knew that she was perfect for him.

“Tell me about your family, your work, and your interests.” She was about to speak when they heard a telephone ringing. Kallista heard the butler answer the phone with his very distinctive voice.

“That must be your safe call now.” He said, smiling, remembering how she obeyed him. That pleased him deep within. Just as he spoke those words, Alexander appeared in the doorway, and cleared his throat.

“Ms. Kallista, you have a phone call waiting for you in the den. If you will follow me, I will escort you there now.” As Kallista rose from her chair, Mitchell quickly rose from his place on the sofa and held his hand out to her to help her rise. She took it, and with a soft smile, said “Thank you, Mitchell.” He gave a quick bow of the head as if to honor her, then smiled a most beautiful smile. She could almost see the desire dancing in his eyes, although she couldn’t imagine why he would be desiring her.

As Kallista followed Alexander down the long hallway to the den, she took in all the sights of the house, and was still in awe of everything she saw, but she was also very much aroused. They reached the den, and Alexander pointed the phone out to her and with a quick bow, exited the room and closed the door. Kallista picked up the phone and spoke with her sister on the other end. She told her sister that she was fine and not to worry, that she was with a very nice man that seemed to be quite concerned with her feeling safe.

“Yes, I’ll be home in about an hour or so, I’ll call you from there and tell you how it all went… Ok, bye…I love you too.”

When Alexander heard the phone conversation ending, he opened the door and bid Kallista to follow him. They did not go back to the main room. This time he took her down a different hallway to what looked like a garden type sun room. It was exquisitely lit with soft light on all the exotic flowers, and she heard a waterfall somewhere in the room. The room was lit enough to ensure a more intimate atmosphere, but she could still see the stars through the massive window ceiling, and walls. Alexander led her around a cobblestone path winding through all the foliage and beautiful flowers. They finally reached the sitting area where Mitchell was waiting for them. He held his hand out to her and bid her to have a seat on the heavily constructed oak sofa. It had extra soft cushions, so there was no feeling of being uncomfortable. On the table in front of her, she saw two champagne glasses filled with bubbling drink. He turned to Alexander and said “Alexander, please, no disturbances. In one hour, please have Ms. Kallista’s car brought around to the front of the house, I don’t want her to have to walk far after our time out here.”

“Yes, Sir.” He turned to Kallista, and asked her for her car keys. She reached in her pocked and gave him the keys there.

“Thank you, Alexander.” With a quick bow, he left the garden.

Mitchell sat down beside her on the large oak sofa, and reached out to offer her a drink. She accepted the glass and took a sit. He loved the look of surprise on her face as she tasted Sparkling Apple Cider, which she loved. “I don’t serve alcohol in my home, for reasons you will learn later.” He said with a smile. She was actually glad, because she didn’t like champagne, and wasn’t looking forward to pretending that she did.

Mitchell sat back in a more relaxed manner and drank in the sight of her, as he drank his faux champagne. He was very pleased with her. He enjoyed how her nearly waist length red hair hung in waves down her back. He loved looking into her eyes that were simply the color of the ocean at high noon, a color which he has never seen before. He had many plans in mind for her 5 foot frame, and her very curvy body which he adored, but he could tell that she did not feel the same way. He cold feel the raw lust for this woman weld up inside him, and it was all he could do to control himself.

Kallista saw him staring at her, and she blushed a crimson color on her freckled cheeks; this made him want her even more.

“Come; let’s take a stroll around the gardens.” This was more of an instruction than an invitation. He stood and held his hand out to her, and she took it. She was beginning to love this chivalrousness in him, but she had no idea of the cruelty that dwells within him.

Chapter 3

They took their time walking through the paths of the gardens, taking in every sight. They came upon a small sitting area located in the center of the gardens. There were candles lit everywhere, and two chairs that were facing each other. One was a plush leather chair and the other was a straight back chair with arms. To one side, she saw a table covered with a silk cloth, and she wondered what it was covering. She felt anticipation and desire begin to stir within her.

“Please, have a seat.” She heard him say. She took a step toward the plush leather chair, and he put his hand on the small of her back and guided her towards the straight back chair. “No, my flower, this is the chair I want you to sit in.” She looked confused, but took the seat offered her.

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