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Subject: “Master of River’s Bend” Chapter 23 Master of River’s Bend Chapter 23 “Massa Charles’ Resting Place” Written by Jean-Christophe, February, 2018 This is a story of erotic slave fiction with the emphasis on interracial male on male sex. If you are under the legal age or should the subject matter offend you, then read no further. This story is the product of the writer’s imagination and not based on any actual persons or events. Please respect the integrity of the writer’s work and don’t do any rewrites, make alterations or add another person’s artwork without permission. Nifty needs your financial support to continue posting these stories for your enjoyment. Please consider making a donation fty/donate.html My tumblr blogs: White Slaves of Aljanna Plantation http://tobyboi.tumblr Chosen for blr Chapter 23: Massa Charles’ riverside resting place is idyllic. Isolated and hidden from the sight of the slave gangs and their overseers working in the nearby fields, it affords Yancy the utmost privacy where he can indulge himself with the pony-slave, Chico. Yancy unties Ramses and orders him to unfasten Chico from between the shafts then, true to his word, he whips Chico but not as hard as he would like lest he causes damage to the valuable slave’s impeccable, olive hide. Yancy reminds himself that he is a novice whip master who, until yesterday, had never wielded any instrument of corporal punishment and he had, in fact, always been the recipient of such punishments. Now the boot is on the other foot, and thanks to Charles, he is a free man who has authority over the son of the man who, until yesterday, was his hated, white master. Yancy looks forward to becoming a novice overseer of the plantation’s white slaves working under Boss Edward’s tutelage and he is well aware he has much to learn about whipping a slave. Preferably, he would love to fuck Ramses but Charles has withheld his consent for that and so he has to make do with Chico. Not that Chico is in anyway deficient or a poor substitute for Ramses. Quite the contrary; as Yancy enthusiastically applies his whip to Chico’s sweat- sodden ass as punishment for his earlier presumption, the slave is mightily aroused. But, given his new-found freedom and the fact that Luke Trevannion is now merely the slave, Ramses, Yancy is anxious to assert his control over his former master’s son. And so, for now, Ramses remains an unknown quantity although, from what Charles had said earlier at breakfast, he is a “great fuck”. And that is a pleasure Yancy looks forward to discovering for himself in the not too distant future. Yancy wastes little time in mounting Chico as Ramses looks on with a mixture of apprehension and envy in the certain knowledge that sometime soon he is to share Chico’s fate. For Yancy, the pony’s ass is most delightfully responsive. With each thrust of his hips, Yancy plunges his cock further into the recesses of Chico’s ass and with each lunge, the powerful ass muscles work their magic on the young black man as they firmly grip, massage and milk his invading cock. Earlier, Chico had promised Yancy a good time and he is delivering on that promise. As the anal muscles clench and relax, Yancy is raised to new heights of a sexual pleasure he’d never previously experienced before coming to River’s Bend. In fact, until yesterday, he’d been a virtual virgin and his sex had been restricted to an occasional illicit “fumbling” with another young, male slave but never with a female. His former owners, Ramses’ parents, are strict, bible-belt churchgoers of the Southern persuasion who frown on sex as carnal lust; they see it as something dirty and degrading and to be avoided at all costs except for the necessary act of procreation. This is especially true of Martha Trevannion and it was most fortuitous for her that Luke was her first born. With his conception and birth, she’d fulfilled her spousal obligations by giving her husband the son and heir he expected from the marriage. Perhaps the fact that Luke remained their only child suggests that conjugal sex no longer played a role in their marriage and forced Robert to use his male slaves for his sexual release. If Martha knew of this, she never spoke of it and despite regarding it as sordid, she much preferred he use their male slaves rather than enter into adulterous affairs with the wives of their friends thus sparing her the public disgrace and humiliation resulting in such liaisons becoming public knowledge. Martha knew of several women who were ostracised by “polite society” because of the public disclosures of their husbands’ philandering. And she too sanctimoniously refused to receive these women in her home and never acknowledged their presence in public. Although she regarded sodomy as an abomination and a sin against God, she convinced herself that applied only to sex between white men and not to them having sex with their coloured, male slaves who, after all, aren’t quite human but an advanced form of a jungle primate. An only child and therefore an heiress, she is well schooled in contempt for all slaves; a state of mind she’d acquired from her father, James Bellamy ankara otele gelen escort the brutal owner of two large rice and sugar growing plantations near Savannah. For the several hundred cruelly oppressed and overtaxed slaves who toil in the fields, these plantations are truly “earthly hells” where the overseers’ whips are never still and the blood-stained flogging posts are utilised daily. Martha forbade all sex between her household slaves especially that between males and females which should only be tolerated on the rutting bench in a breeding barn similar to those used by her father on his plantations. Therefore, not surprisingly, Yancy has had very little experience with sex. That is, until yesterday, when he’d had his first full man-sex with the slave, Immutef. He’d quickly followed that up overnight by using Ptolemy to full advantage and now he is vigorously pounding Chico’s delectable ass. In the space of less than twenty-four hours, he is indulging in full anal sex for the third time and he is enjoying it enormously. As the slave, Nestor, he’d bathed “Massa” Luke and while doing so, he’d lusted over the white boy’s youthful body while his gaze lingered on the curvaceous lines of his pert, lily- white ass. Once, in a moment of impetuosity, he’d slowly slipped a finger into Luke ass- crack and tentatively teased his puckering hole. He’d been rewarded with Luke’s sharp intake of breath, the stiffening of his nude body followed by the gradual relaxation of his taut muscles and the suggestive pushing back against the exploratory finger. Encouraged by Luke’s silence, he’d probed deep into the rectum and further emboldened he began to slowly finger fuck his young master. No words were spoken but obviously both master and slave enjoyed the moment and from then on, it became a ritual of Luke’s bathing. As Nestor increased the pace of his finger probing, he’d marvelled at the almost alabaster white lustre of his young master’s skin and had compared it with the warm, mahogany- brown of his own complexion. Nestor could neither read nor write and had received no education but he possessed a high level of intelligence – a fact not recognised by his white owners – and it always seemed to him that the colour of your skin determined who or what you are. A white complexion defined you as a free man and a master whereas black or brown skin marked you as inferior being and condemned you to a life of servitude to the white man. White skin bred the arrogance which led whites to believe they had the God-given right of ownership over black folk while black skin demanded submission and total obedience to the white man’s will and insatiable greed. Being a “bred slave”, Nestor had long accepted his inferior status and though it rankled, he knew that freedom for him was just an illusory dream as it was for all black men. He’d been born a slave and he would die a slave. And this had fed his hatred for all white folk; a hatred that festered and grew within him and which he directed primarily at his owner, Robert Trevannion and his family. But miraculously this had all changed with his arrival at River’s Bend plantation the previous day. Through the good graces of Charles, he’d been set free and his former master enslaved. And soon, with Charles’ permission, he’ll be able to satisfy his lust for Ramses and use the new slave’s body to satisfy his youthful lust. As he quickens his pace and deepens his thrusting into Chico’s oh-so-tight asshole, Yancy fantasises it was Ramses he is fucking. And the smell of sex assailing his nostrils, the sound of his powerful hips slapping against the pony’s sweat-drenched buttocks and the slurping sound of his cock as it ream Chico’s eager ass feeds that fantasy. Momentarily, Chico becomes Ramses as he is brutally used by Yancy to dissipate the anger and rage he feels toward his former owners, Robert and Martha Trevannion and their brat of a son, Luke. Through Yancy’s rough use of him, Chico serves as Ramses’ whipping-boy. As Yancy climaxes, he pumps a seemingly endless supply of his semen into Chico’s ass. It is as though all his pent-up emotions and the tensions of the past are released in an orgasm of volcanic magnitude which leaves him temporarily weakened. As he rests atop Chico’s back waiting for his erection to subside, Yancy feels the cool clamminess of the slave’s sweaty body against his own, the wild pounding of his own rapidly beating heart and the steady rise and fall of his chest as his breathing normalises. He feels the slow shrinkage of his cock as it begins to slip out of the tight embrace of Chico’s ass; an ass that seems to be reluctant to let the invader retreat as the anal muscles try to hold it in one final, tight embrace. Finally, Yancy stands and as he does so, Chico crawls forward to kiss his feet and to express his gratitude. “Thank you, Boss Yancy, suh! Thank you for fuckin’ Chico so hard. You be a natural at fuckin’ a slave boy, Boss. That be one of the best fucks that Chico ever had, Boss Yancy, suh! Chico sure hopes Massa Yancy fucks him again and real soon. And thanks for whuppin’ öveçler escort this slave’s sorry ass, Boss Yancy, suh. Chico done learned his lesson never to speak out of turn ‘gain, Boss Yancy, suh.” Yancy ignores the slave grovelling at his feet. Nevertheless, he is pleased to hear Chico’s endorsement of his sexual prowess and there is no doubting the sincerity of his words. Ramses, listens in silence as Chico praises Yancy. He is envious of his fellow slave and wishes it had been him who Yancy had used for his pleasure. He knows that inevitably; Massa Charles will give his permission for Yancy to fuck him and he looks forward to it with a mixture of anticipation and dread. Contemptuously, Yancy puts his foot to Chico’s upturned ass and sends him sprawling nose first into the soft earth as he tells him. “You stink to high heaven boy. Get to your feet and return to your place between the shafts. And you, Ramses fasten him in place while I go to the river to wash the white slave stink from my body. And when you have done that, resume your place alongside the cart and await my return. You understand me boy” “Yes, Boss Yancy, Sir! Ramses understands what he’s got to do, Boss Yancy Sir!” “Good boy, Ramses! You’re a fast learner and with the proper training, we’ll eventually make a good slave out of you. What do you say to that, boy? You do want to be a good slave, don’t you, boy?” “Yes, Boss Yancy, Sir, I want to be a good slave and please you and Massa Charles, Boss Yancy, Sir.” “Good answer, boy! It pleases me to hear you say that. But one thing we need to do is train you to act and speak like a proper slave and not in that dandified way you learned at Monsieur Henri’s Academy for rich, white boys. You need to remember you are no longer a privileged white boy. You are now just a naked slave on your way to joining a work-gang in your master’s fields and you best be acting and thinking like a real slave. From now on, when you are working with the other slaves listen to how they talk and copy them. Not that you’ll be doing much talking. Slaves need to keep a still tongue in their heads and just to listen to the instructions their betters give them. Do you understand, Ramses?” Before replying, Ramses has to do a double think of how his father’s slaves talk. Strangely, he’d grown up hearing and understanding their patois but now when it comes to using it, he is at a disadvantage. His mother had never allowed him to imitate the household slaves’ language even in jest. But now, Boss Yancy demands it of him and he knows he must obey or risk angering him and incurring his punishment. And despite his latent masochistic tendencies, Ramses does fear the cane and the whip. Nevertheless, from memory, he tries to imitate the way his family slaves talk. “Yassuh, Boss Yancy, suh! I’se do me best to talk and act like a real slave, Boss Yancy, suh!” “Good boy, Ramses. Not your best effort but it’s a start at least!” Ramses is aware that Yancy is humiliating him and revelling in the changed circumstances that now see their roles reversed. It rankles him to be spoken to so condescendingly by his former slave – now his master – yet at the same time it excites him. To be spoken down to in such a manner further degrades him and re-enforces his new status as a real slave and not the pretend one of his erotic fantasies. As Chico returns to his place between the shafts and Ramses chains him in place, Yancy removes his remaining clothes before entering the river to wash. He walks unashamedly naked in front of the two slaves and unselfconsciously, he stretches his body and flexes his muscles in a way that brings both Chico and Ramses to full and rampant erections. Is he aware of the effect he was having upon them? If so, he doesn’t show it and he disregards them completely. And as Yancy continues to preen in front of them, Ramses is able to fully appreciate his black man’s perfection; he is in every aspect a “Black Adonis”. Lustfully, Ramses watches as Yancy cavorts in the water; captivated at the way the water beads on the glistening warm mahogany of his skin and which serve to highlight the perfection of his body. He watches as Yancy disappears beneath the water’s surface only to re-appear a few moments later; exploding back into sight like some mythological god rising from the ocean’s depths. Neither slave can take their eyes away from his magnificent body and both are fascinated at the way the water trickles in meandering rivulets down over the contours and plains of his torso. Finally, Yancy uses his powerful arms on the river’s edge to lever himself bodily out of the water. The stress this places on his body highlights his every muscle and sinew and throws into sharp relief the outline of his impressive physique. Ramses eyes are drawn to his ass and he decides the rounded contours of his beautifully proportioned buttocks can best be described as sheer perfection. Yancy bursts from the water in an explosion of youthful energy and stands momentarily at the water’s edge as he palms the excess water from his glistening torso. Ramses is reminded once more of the ancient pendik escort Greek statue of a nude athlete sculpted out of black marble that has pride of place in his father’s office. Then, doglike, Yancy vigorously shakes the excess water from his body and slowly saunters over to where the two slaves stand with their heads bowed waiting patiently and silently for him. He dresses quickly and reties Ramses wrists to the side of the trap. Then, with a dismissive slap on Ramses’ ass, he says. “Best be on our way, boy! Time to get you working for your Master.” Despite it still being early morning, the sun’s intensity is making both slaves sweat profusely. Yancy wrinkles his nose in disgust and comments. “Phew, you two stink to high heaven. You smell like rancid butter. Still, if I am going to work with Massa Charles white slaves, I guess I better get used to your slave stink. But then, you are just filthy work animals after all and I suppose it’s not your fault. But, I’m glad I washed the pony’s stench off my body in the river. I don’t fancy carrying that stink around under my nose all day.” Yancy’s words cut deep; they are meant to do so and he’s chosen his words deliberately to further shame Ramses. Yesterday, on the way from the river to the big house, he’d been in close contact with a gang of slaves working under Boss Edward and their stench had been overpowering. He’d identified their malodorous condition with the filthy state of their unwashed bodies and it was, his nose told him, a pungent combination of ingrained grime, of both stale and more recent sweat and the sickly smell of urine, excrement and vomit. Ptolemy had told him the slaves weren’t allowed to break the rhythm of their labours to attend to their bodily needs and relieved themselves as they worked without the chance to clean up afterwards. Yancy’s reference to them being “filthy work animals” smelling like rancid butter serves to re-enforce his contempt for them. As a slave, this contempt has been dormant within his breast but now, as a free man, he can openly show it and put words to it. Yesterday, Ramses had wondered why the slaves were in such an unkempt state. Even his father’s plantation owner friends treated their livestock better than this. Their cattle and hogs are cleaner than Massa Charles slaves and even their horses are washed and groomed daily by slaves. And of an evening, the slaves themselves are allowed to douse their bodies with buckets of cold water to wash away the grime of their day’s labours. But not so at River’s Bend Plantation apparently. Eventually, Ramses will understand the slaves are deliberately kept in such a filthy state to demoralise them and to impress upon them the sense of their own worthlessness. It is meant to dehumanise them and make them the lowest of the low of all River’s Bend livestock; lower even than the hogs which supply the kitchen with ham and bacon. That this is done is a deliberate ploy on Massa Charles part. It shows his bitter, deep-seated hatred of the white men who’d owned him and cruelly oppressed him when he’d been a slave and it is a visceral reaction to his contempt for all whites. He uses it as a form of retribution and his slaves’ suffering is viewed by him as an inadequate reparation. Nothing the white race does will ever warrant his forgiveness. Ramses thoughts are interrupted by Yancy’s imperious command “It’s time to go!” He climbs into the trap and as he eases himself into the driver’s seat, he uncoils the long driving whip and flicks it a Chico’s ass and asks. “Do I have your attention boy? You may answer me but be brief.” Chico winces as the whip cuts across his buttocks but answers immediately. “Yassuh, Boss Yancy suh! Chico’s list’nin Boss.” “Do you know where Boss Edward is working, boy?” “Yassuh, Boss Yancy suh. Boss Edward he be workin’ down by the river in the irrigation fields. Boss Edward supervisin’ a gang of slaves as dey clean out the irrigation channels. Does Boss Yancy wants for Chico to take him there?” “Yes, I do and be quick about it. It’s time to put Ramses’ sorry white ass to work. Walk on boy!” Chico strains between the shafts and as the cart lurches forward, Ramses has no other option but to follow. Yancy settles back in his seat and watches the erotic interplay of flexing muscles and overstretched sinews in the bodies of the two slaves running before him. He watches the undulations of their buttocks as they move and he even catches a brief tantalising sight of Ramses’ puckering asshole. This only serves to feed his lust for his former master. He really needs to fuck Ramses – and soon! He hopes Charles won’t be too long in giving his permission for him to do so. Once more, he applies the whip to Chico and instructs him to “Quick trot!” He is enjoying the experience of driving a pony and trap and he really needs to get Ramses between the shafts of his cart to serve as his slave pony. But he knows – from what Edward has said – they’ll need to condition Ramses before this can happen. They need to darken his hide, toughen up his body, harden his muscles, strengthen his legs and to build up his lung capacity through physical exertion and hard manual labour. Suddenly, the incentive to reach Edward’s work gang and put Ramses to work becomes more urgent. He leans forward and twice more applies his whip to Chico’s sweaty torso straining between the shafts. And impatiently, he orders. “FAST SPRINT! NOW!” To be continued ……………..

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