Master said I Enter Our Sexting


Note – Pussy and clit are Master’s


Master – Mine is in the shower with me and wants to bend over, spreading her ass cheeks for me. I would bend you over spread those legs wide and grab your ass with each hand, open you up and slide my hard cock in your wet pussy as you were leaning on the shower wall

Tears – I want your cock buried in so deep…your hands on my breasts…water dripping off my body, running down my back. I want you fucking me soo hard, so deep, making me only yours…so my pussy knows it’s Master… My clit knows its Master

Master – As it pools in the small of your back as it bounces off as I am hips into your ass cheeks holding your it’s all soapy and slick, your pussy grips my cock and welcomes me with each stroke

Tears – I squeal and make all my noises…hands on the wall… begging you not to stop…don’t stop not ever. I lose myself, I leave reality and go with the sensations you create…I wiggle my ass…my clit swells

Master – I lean back some to go deeper in that sweet warm nest of flesh, being your pussy as I feel your juices cover my cock, making it slick as I move in and out…feeling you shake and wiggle and hearing you scream. I push and smack your ass. I fuck you as the shower runs and washes your juices away as you cum

Tears – I tighten on your cock…I roll my pelvis to squeeze your cock and begin milking your seed up from your balls as you can’t help but feel your cock swelling and throbbing inside your pussy

Master – It jumps and grows and with some faster thrusts in that wet pussy I shot my load in you, filling you up as I let out a loud moan. My fingers dig into your ass holding you and pulling you towards me as my cock jumps and my cum mixes with yours

Tears – You explode inside after ramming your cock in so deep. I begin to tremble but you hold yourself inside while I milk your cock. When you withdraw, you turn me around and hold me close. Our bodies pressed together. Your cock jumps and hits my clit making me squeal again


Tears – Giggles and lies on the bed playing with my toy, waiting for my Master to come back to the hotel. When my Master gets back to the hotel from meetings, he finds his pussy soaked and his girl moaning

Master – Then make her do it for me and tell her to come hard or she will be punished

Tears – I play letting it build. I almost cum but my Master stops me. I calm down bit. He releases and I again begin. My Master won’t let me stop on his clit. The button swells as I begin grinding in the bed. Master tells me to keep it up. Finally he sees I reach the point and let out a scream

Master – Good girl as I watch you drop on the bed and catch your breath as you shake some

Tears – “Master please claim yours and your pussy.”

Master – “Why?”

Tears – “Umm, cuz you care for yours and your pussy needs your cock. Please Master.”

Master – Pulls you to the edge of the bed and spreads your legs open and sees my pussy wet and dripping. Unzipping my pants, my hard cock falls out and I rub it over your lips and then push into you

Tears – Squeals happily, wrapping around my Master’s cock so it’s covered in warm honey. My Master holds my legs up, pounding his pussy hard, my fingers grasping the covers

Master – Pumps your pussy fast and hard holding your legs up and open just looking at you and feeling your wet pussy grip my cock. Releasing as your cum covers my cock and drips on the bed Sahabet and the floor as my works you and you move forward with each pump and thrust. The sound of a wet pussy fills the room as your moans and squeals fill my ears.

Tears – Wiggles on the bed as my Master pummels his pussy, tries to buck up, squeals loudly and snags pillow, tossing it… pulls a large pillow over my face to cream into it loudly

Master – Pulls you to holding you right, making sure you take this hard cock in your with each inch I can give. I begin to move faster and harder not caring, just fucking like an animal. Making you feel all of me, watching you trying not to scream, making you cum again

Tears – I try to buck my pelvis up when I can. It’s hard when my Master holds me where he wants me. My nails dig into the covers and my palms. My head thrashes from side to side under the pillow. “MASTER!!”, crying out for him.

Master – Pushes hard and fast then without warning my cock jumps and shots my hot load deep in you. I pull you to me and hold my cock deep in you

Tears – My naked body rises as my Master pulls me to him. I cling to him as my body trembles. His hand caresses my face as the fingers of his other hand roam through my hair. My arms wrap around his body. He kisses the top of my head. “My sweet girl.”

Master – Smiles at you and covers your up and watches you begin to fade to sleep

Tears – Drifts away, but when my body feels his come to bed, I instinctively move to curl up against him. He smiles, knowing I know exactly where I belong and to whom I belong. One arm goes around me as my Master sleeps

Tears – We leave the hotel and you had me dressed in a wrap-around dress with a tie in front. You sent me to wait in the car. When you got in the car to drive home, I had already untied my dress and was lying down with my legs open. One leg on the back of the seat and the other leg on the floor. You were very pleased I was lid open for you in the car. When you needed me to cover up, I just pulled the wrap over. I almost bounced out the car seat. You told me to hand you the toy and I did. You drove me crazy as you drove home. Men in the other cars and trucks saw it

Master – I played with you until I thought it was enough but keep your legs wide open so I can look at my pussy

Tears – Then I turn around to suck your cock but I’m was naked on my knees so in my window they saw your pussy and I your window they saw me sucking your cock as you played with my hair and rubbed my back. Then I fall asleep with my head in your lap, lying naked. You stoke and petted me

Master – I stop at the rest stop and fuck you hard in the car. I fucked my pussy good and hard.


Tears – Giggles and wiggles between his legs at work. Almost bumps my head but my Master catches and stops me, I nuzzle my cheek into his hand.

Master – Rubs her cheek slowly

Tears – Nuzzles my Master’s leg. Sits cuddled around his legs

Master – Runs my fingers through your hair.

Tears – Rests all snuggled, listening to him on the phone talking to others. Feeling his fingers through my hair. Giggles softly as others peek under his desk and see his girl. They ask “is she the writer?” my Master says “Yes. This is my girl, the writer.”

Master – I smile down at you, as I say it feeling proud of her work as a writer.

Tears – I giggle waiting for my Master to finish work… poke him

Master – Pokes you Sahabet Giriş back

Tears – Pokes twice to get his attention

Master – “Yes Pet what is it?”

Tears – “Master your lavender says hurry up so we can go home or a storage room.”

Master – “Oh, it needs some attention does it?”

Tears – “Yes Master. Can we go now?”

Master – Later pet or you can lock the door.

Tears – Giggles. “Yes my Master.” Kisses him

Master – “Ok pet.” Kisses as I reach down and rub my clit some.

Tears – Squeals loudly

Master – Sucks and bites on your nipples as I squeeze the other one in my hand and shove another finger in my wet pussy. I move it fast and harder than before, making her shake and squeal.

Tears – Squeals happily as my Master’s fingers are covered with my juices. Begins quivering and asks “Master please fuck your girl.”

Master – Stands up and lays you on the desk as I spread your legs open and pull out my desk. Then rub the head over your clit some and I push it in you all the way, while holding your legs up and open. I begin to push and out fucking what’s mine.

Tears – Happily raising his pussy for him, kissing my Master. “Master pls don’t stop. Yours needs” …squeals and cums again

Master – Keeps shoving my cock as deep as it can go inside you, pulling you to me with his thrust. I work my pussy hard making you take my cock. Not stopping for anything, just taking you. Claiming this pussy as my own.

Tears – I grip the sides of the desk bucking with my Master… squealing and moaning…cuming over and over as his cock is covered in honey. I reach for my Master.

Master – Grabs her hand and holds it as I work her even more. Pulling her to me shoving my cock in and out of my pussy as she drips on my desk and the floor. The sound of my wet pussy being fucked fills the room. Her breathing hard as I continue to work her.

Tears – I try very hard to speak but my Master has me having orgasm after orgasm… I hold his hand tightly as my Master avoids my nails. I continue bucking to his cock crying out “harder Master, please harder” my Master beats his pussy up. I hear and feel his balls hitting me.

Master – Beginning to move fast and harder slamming my cock and balls into her. Our bodies ran against each other as I let go of her hand and grab her waist with both hands. I move fast and hard as I can. Turning her hips red from impact, I arch down some and my cock begins to jump. I know my time is close.

Tears – “Master cum with me please.” I cry out, wanting to feel us cum together. My Master enjoys my verbal cries of pleasure. My Master pounds his pussy hard, watching his cock shoving in and out as he feels me tighten again on his cock

Master – Pushes deep and hard moving faster as I take the pussy once again and with one final push my cock jumps. I push deep and hold, unloading my cum in you filling you up as I let out a moan. I grip your leg tightly as my cock jumps and shoots hot sticky cum in you

Tears – I squeal loudly as I cum with my Master. When finished, my Master walks around I open my mouth to take his cock. I lick and suck it clean, and then my master lets me scoot to the bathroom

Master – “Clean up mine then come back. I have a call to make”

Tears – “Yes Master” I hurry to clean up and pee. Then dress so I can scurry back to my Master.


Tears – “Master, please fuck your pussy with anything. Sahabet Güncel Giriş I’ll go get whatever you want to use.”

Master – Stands up and opens my pants, pulls out my cock but its only half hard. It still can slide in. I lift her legs up and push her knees into her as I lean down and push my cock in her and it slides in easy

Tears – I try to tighten around your cock but I’m so slick that you move easily. I cum again as my Master also brushes on his swollen clit. I happily buck with my Master as best I can. “Please don’t stop, I need you so much. Oh god Master! I squeal. Please claim yours hard again very hard please Master

Master – Pushes deep in my pussy I feel your swollen clit rubbing against me and then I pull out and slam into you and push and thrust in my pussy. I fill you up with every inch I have. I move hold you in place, hitting my clit.

Tears – I squeal and scream loudly. I reach for my Master and cover his ears. I cum over and over as my Master beats his pussy.

Master – I hold her legs up opening my pussy even more. I feel her cum over and my cock as I begin to move smoothly due to my wet cock and my soaked pussy wet and sticky. My cock thrusts hard and fast in you over and over again. I take your nipple in my mouth and suck on it as I fuck my pussy.

Tears – I hold my Master’s head but then dig my nails into your shoulders as I cum again. “Master, Master oh god fuck me Master!” I roll myself up which exposes my Master’s asshole. “Master, take your girl’s virgin ass. I want you to take it now Master, please.”

Master – Lifts her legs up and pulls out fast then shoves my cock in your tight ass. Slowly at first as I push it in while rubbing that hard clit while I take that tight ass. “Take it girl. Take this cock in your ass.”

Tears – I squeal and cum as my Master rubs his clit. His cock pushes in all the way as a virgin ass is so tight around his cock… my legs kick… barely. I reach for kisses as my Master takes his ass for the first time. He kisses me deeply knowing this is a big step for me and very meaningful to him that I asked for it.

Master – I push slowly in and out until her ass opens up and then begins to move in and out your ass a bit faster but not hurting you. I see your eyes roll back and feel your pussy jump as I rub the clit. I fuck you until I am ready to stop. I take this ass and claim you as mine again.

Tears – “Thank you Master.” I kiss my Master again and then scream down his throat as I cum again. I relax and when I stiffen up, my Master says “Relax mine.” I giggle as that is what the nail salon ppl say to me when they want me to relax my hand. I close my eyes and let myself feel all the sensations my Master gives me.

Master – After you relax I push in your ass and begin to go faster. I rub that swollen clit and stick a finger in my pussy too. I go faster and faster then my cock jumps and I fill your tight ass with my cum. I push and hold as I moan. I grab both tits hard. I squeeze as I shoot loads in your ass. I hold as I lean down and kiss you with my cock still in you. I pull out and take a pic of your cream pied asshole.

Tears – I hug you tightly. “Don’t leave me Master, please.” I push Master over and pounce to snuggle. Giggling happily as cum drips out. “I’m never leaving you Master.”

Master – “Glad to hear it,” as I grab and pull you to me.

Tears – I laugh, kissing my Master…snuggling happily, knowing I am finally home where I belong. I stay cuddled, happy to be in his collar and his arms. I nibble on his earlobe.

Master – “Hehe Stop pet.”

Tears – “No” then I giggle and kiss your nose. Settling down in a quiet snuggle so he sees I’m teasing and obeying.

Tears – “Hehe, you’re cute pet.”

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