Master Takes Control


It had been a week since I had touched you and longer since I had allowed you an orgasm so when I sent you into the playroom you were ecstatic and giddy. Removing your gown and kneeling in wait until My arrival your eyes couldn’t help but wander over the room. Hooks, chains, and ropes hung all over the walls and ceilings. Various tables and chests held toys of delicious torture but this night nothing was laid out in preparation. There were no clues as to what lay ahead.

The echoing of my boots on the hardwood floors fore told My arrival. Standing at the door My eyes gazed over your naked body surveying your posture and appraising My prize. On My command you rose as I walked slowly around you. My hand absentmindedly caressing your curves as I moved directly in front of you. Taking each of your arms in turn I raised them into the air and secured them to a shackle suspended from a chain straight above your head. My lips pressed to yours as My tongue forcefully snaked into your mouth to dance with yours as I took you in My arms. It was a long passionate kiss while my hands roamed over your back and kneaded the cheeks of your ass. I could feel you moan into My mouth as I pulled you against Me grinding My bulge against your fast moistening sex.

Pulling away left you breathless as I kicked your feet apart and knelt in front of you to attach your ankles to a three foot bar with cuffs at each end. Once again I paced around your helpless body and tugging a chain behind you watched as your body rose into the air dragging you onto the balls of your Starzbet feet. The heat of My body pressing against your back caused you relax against the restraints and fall back against Me as best you could. I savored the softness of your skin as My fingers danced along your stomach. Roaming casually from your breast down between your legs probing your sex and rolling your swelling lips idly between my strong fingers. Whispering into your ear, My you are letting this Pussy of Mine get very wet. I allow you to begin to move in response to My workings for a short time before pulling away again behind your field of vision.

Today I am going to show you that you are Mine but I can’t have you interrupting me or distracting Me, I tell you as I place a fairly large ball gag in your mouth. It is just large enough that your jaws are stretched in discomfort but not enough to prevent breathing if you work your lips just right. While I am tightening down the straps you feel Me pressing against your hip and you can feel I am already growing hard.

I walk along the wall in front of you gazing at the display of flogs, crops, and whips. I select a long black riding crop with suede square swatch at the tip as I return to you. I can see your eyes widen with the most beautiful mixture of fear and lust. Should My slut be punished for her doubts of My intentions? you slowly nod yes… Does My slut deserve to be punished, I ask as I draw the tip of the crop lightly up your side almost tickling with its feather like touch. you shake your head yes… I Starzbet Giriş tease your body with the soft tip, flicking at your hard nipples, tickling your soft underarms, even caressing your swollen clit as it emerges with your growing arousal until your head hangs down loose with your eyes closing, surrendering to the feelings.

The first real stroke across you ass startles you more than hurts and were it not for the gag would have caused you to cry out. It is followed by a second harder stroke a couple inches higher. Each stroke grows harder and stings worse, each stroke causes your body to jerk and then wriggle to maintain your balance, each stroke adds to the heat building on your skin. They seem to land almost rhythmically as the impact varies never hitting the same spot but always close to the last. Moving in front of you I land the first strike to your breast and you cry out into the gag. Less fierce than the ones on your back these land the soft tip around your breasts and shoot fire into your mind. By the time I move my attentions to you inner thighs tears are streaming down and dropping onto your red marked burning chest. In your mind you know it has been minutes but the burning pain makes it seem hours when I finally walk away and return the crop to its resting place.

A flash from my direction shakes you through your daze and tears. I am walking around you taking pictures of you and your beautifully striped skin before I move to lower and release you. Catching you in My arms as you are freed I lower you to your Starzbet Güncel Giriş knees so you can kneel with some semblance of stability. Lifting your chin with my hand I remove the ball gag and gaze into you eyes as you move your jaw around recovering from the strain.

I hold your face upwards to me as your sobbing begins to subside. My hands go to my belt and allow My pants to fall. Seeing My erection spring free you quickly move to take it in your mouth. Taking a fist of your hair you realize I am not going to allow you to please me, I am going to fuck your mouth. Pushing quickly into you mouth you taste my salty precum as I work my entire length in. you work to keep from gagging as I push into your throat and begin to swallow. From my groan you know your swallowing motion is milking the head of my swollen cock and as I pull back you rake your teeth down on Me the way that drives Me wild. In seconds I am withdrawing from you mouth, two strokes and I explode shooting cum into your open mouth. you work to catch it all and then to clean off the head of My cock as is pulses in front of you.

Once I regain My composure I help you up and walk you into the bedroom telling you that now you know your are wanted and belong here and that I have a special gift for such a good slut. At the foot of the bed is beautiful large open chest that runs the width of the king size bed. It is a loosely woven wicker basket lines with a custom mattress and black silk sheets. I motion for you to climb in and lay down. It is just big enough for you to lay in but small enough that you are kept very cozy. As your head hits the pillow you feel the cool silk against the welts striped across your body stealing away the heat from your skin. Kneeling beside you I caress your hair and smile down at you. Wrest now My pet.

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