Master’s Experiment

Double Penetration

Kitty wished that she could scratch her nose. An itch had been developing slowly but steadily over the past ten minutes. She felt her arms tremble, but she kept her hands clasped in her lap. Master had told her that she wasn’t allowed to move, and she had absolutely no intention of disobeying him. Kitty kept her eyes closed, and tried to keep her mind as empty as she could.

The bed beneath her was soft and yielding. Kitty sank down slightly into the mattress. She was barefoot, dressed in a simple t shirt and leggings. Her balance felt a little off, but she kept her back straight and her cross legged position. She didn’t know how much time had passed since Master left their hotel room. He had gone into the village to “get something” some time ago, but had given no indication when he would be back. He had simply told her that she wasn’t allowed to move (unless she was somehow in danger) and that she should keep her mind as empty as possible. She longed for his return, but she wasn’t worried that he would leave her like this for a painful length of time. Kitty had been with Master for almost a year, and while he could be stern, he was never cruel.

Unless I ask him to be, Kitty thought with a shiver.

When Master had told her that they would be going on a vacation, she had been quite excited. They’d arrived in a quiet town settled next to a small lake, almost identical to a hundred other towns across the US, just a few hours ago. They’d spent nearly six hours driving to it, and Kitty had expected Master to want her to please him as soon as they checked into a hotel room. She had been surprised, and disappointed, when he’d left for the village instead. Kitty had no idea why Master had wanted to come to this far away town in particular, but it didn’t really matter to her. She was just happy to be able to spend more time with him.

Kitty felt her wavy blonde hair tickling the back of her neck. The sensation was quite annoying, and she longed to brush her hair over her shoulder. I can’t move! She thought fiercely. I won’t disobey. But her nose was still itching, and the tickling feeling on her neck was growing more irritating. The feelings blended together, demanding her attention. Her arms trembled more violently, and she knew that she was losing her grip.

The itching grew unbearable, and Kitty unclasped her hands. She scratched her nose as quickly as she could with one hand, using the other to move her hair off her neck and over her shoulder. She clasped her hands in her lap once more. The entire movement lasted for hardly more than a second, but a feeling of shame flooded through her. Despite what Master had told her, she had moved. Disobeying him always made her feel a horrible knotting sensation in her gut, like a fist was being twisted around in her stomach.

Another few minutes passed by. Kitty tried to let go of her guilt and empty her mind, but it was no good. Her already closed eyelids tightened in shame. Once she disobeyed Master, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else until she admitted what she had done to him. She hated feeling as if she had disappointed him, but keeping secrets and lying to him felt much, much worse. There was never any question in her mind that she was going to tell him that she had moved, even though she dreaded doing so.

Kitty was so absorbed in her guilt that she almost didn’t hear the lock on the door click. She wondered if she had imagined the sound, but then the door to the hotel room swung open. Her entire body tensed as she felt someone step into the room. The door swung closed behind the someone, and she heard the lock click once more. The person stepped into the room with heavy but evenly spaced steps, and Kitty’s pulse quickened as she recognized the familiar sound. Master was back!

“It’s me,” he whispered, his voice soft and as even as his footfalls. “Please don’t open your eyes yet, Kitty.” As he spoke, she also heard a gentle crinkling sound that was strangely familiar.

Kitty nodded, keeping her eyes squeezed shut. She waited for a moment, but Master didn’t say anything more. Hesitantly, she said, “Master, may I tell you something?”

“What is it?” He murmured.

“I…” Kitty felt the fist in her gut clench horribly. She took a deep breath, and said in a rush, “I moved while you were away. My nose was itching and my hair was tickling me and… oh, I just couldn’t bear it any longer, I’m so sorry.” She hung her head, ashamed.

Kitty gasped as she felt Master’s hand squeeze her right shoulder gently. “It’s not your fault, Kitty.” Master said apologetically. “I never meant to leave you like that for so long. I got held up in the village. You don’t have to feel bad.” She felt Master lean in close to her. His scent, a blend of pine and sandalwood, wafted under her nose. He gave her shoulder another reassuring squeeze.

Kitty breathed a small sigh of relief. “It’s okay, I’m just glad you’re back.” She felt the guilty tension leak out of her, chased away by Master’s words and his intoxicating scent, which always Kartal Olgun Escort made her feel safe,

She felt Master’s hand leave her shoulder. “I got you something in the village, Kitty. I think you’ll enjoy it quite a lot.”

She smiled. Master was so thoughtful! “Thank you, Master. What is it?” She felt an urge to open her eyes to see what it was, but she wasn’t sure if Master still wanted her eyes closed.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Master said airily. “Or rather, you won’t see. But before I tell you what I got…” his voice dropped to a warm whisper. “Are you alright, Kitty? Do you need water, food, the bathroom, or anything before we start?”

Kitty shook her head. “I’m all set.” Her stomach fluttered with anticipation.

“Okay, then. Keep your eyes closed for just a moment longer.” Master’s voice had gone back to its normal low tone.

Kitty nodded slightly, then jumped in surprise as something silky was pressed against her face. It felt as if a piece of fabric was being draped over her eyes. The fabric was wound around her head, and she felt it being pulled tight and knotted.

“You can open your eyes,” Master said from somewhere to her right. She opened them, and was unsurprised to find that she still couldn’t see anything. Master had blindfolded her! The blindfold was snug against her eyes, preventing any light from sneaking through. The fabric felt cool against her skin, and was strangely soothing. It felt familiar, as if she had worn it before…

Kitty thought back to the clothes she had packed for their vacation. “Did you use my scarf to blindfold me?” Kitty asked, tilting her head to the right.

Master chuckled. “I figured you wouldn’t mind if I borrowed it for this,” he said in an oh-so-innocent tone.

Kitty cocked a coy eyebrow above the scarf. “And what is ‘this,’ Master?” She asked sweetly.

“Shhhhhh,” Master said, “no more talking for a moment, Kitty. I want to show you what I got in town.”

She heard Master step away from her. For a moment, there was silence. Kitty strained her ears, trying desperately to catch any clues about what Master was doing. The crinkling noise she had heard earlier sounded again to her right. It was a strangely familiar sound, and she rooted through her memory. She realized suddenly that it was just the sound of a plastic bag.

Oh, Kitty thought sheepishly. I guess I shouldn’t have gotten all worked up over that. It’s probably just a bag that he got while shopping for whatever- “Oh!”

Something warm was being pressed against her throat, scattering her thoughts and making her gasp in surprise. She recognized the touch of Master’s palms at once. They were rough textured, but held against her throat lightly. She shivered, feeling slightly vulnerable as he caressed her neck. Master’s hands shifted, and his warm touch was joined by something wonderfully soft. The something was wrapped around her neck, and she heard the quiet clink of metal against metal.

“Is that too tight?” Master murmured to her.

Kitty shook her head and raised her hands to her neck. Her fingertips brushed against smooth leather. The leather seemed to be backed by a nubby fabric, like the down of a warm blanket. Kitty’s hands trembled with excitement as they traced their way around the leather, meeting a small piece of metal right in the middle of her throat.

“You got me a new collar!” Kitty exclaimed. It had been weeks since she had worn a collar for Master, and she was surprised at just how much she had missed it. She absolutely loved the way wearing a collar marked her as belonging to her Master. She took extra pleasure in knowing that Master had put the collar on her himself, that he wanted her marked as his Kitty. The feeling of the collar wrapped securely around her neck felt like the most natural thing in the world to her. It just felt right to wear it.

“The collar looks very good on you, Kitty,” Master said, sounding pleased. “Of course, you can’t see it yourself, but that’s quite alright. I would also like you to know that the collar is locked, and I have the only key.”

Kitty’s pulse quickened at this. “Thank you so much for the new collar, Master!” She bubbled.

“Now that I’ve got you properly marked,” Master said briskly, “I’d like to do a little experiment with you, Kitty.”

“What sort of experiment?” She asked, trying to sound nonchalant. Images of Master claiming her in the most intimate of ways flashed through her mind before she could help herself.

She heard Master chuckle again. “I’d like to see how ticklish you are.”

Kitty tilted her head to look in the direction of his voice, then remembered that she was blindfolded. That was not what she had expected at all. “Oh, really?” She hoped that she didn’t sound too disappointed.

For a moment, there was silence, and then Kitty sucked in a breath as she felt Master’s fingertips brush against her sides. She felt him pull her shirt up and off, marveling at how his precise movements barely disturbed her blindfold. Kartal Sarışın Escort A cool breeze hit her bare stomach, sending a small shiver through her body. Her blonde hair, which had caused her such trouble earlier, fell against her now exposed shoulders in waves. It tickled a spot between her shoulder blades, making her shrug her shoulders involuntarily.

“If you’re getting tickled by your own hair,” Master said silkily, a smile in his voice, “then you’re going to have a little trouble with this.”

Kitty nodded slightly, then tensed even more as Master’s fingers hooked into the edges of her leggings. He pulled them down slowly, taking care not to disturb her panties. Kitty uncrossed her legs, allowing the leggings a clear path off of her. Finally, Master pulled her leggings completely off, and the cool breeze flowed over her exposed thighs. She couldn’t help but shiver again.

She heard the rustle of Master depositing her clothes on the bed behind her. Master’s pine and sandalwood scent suddenly wafted under her nose again, and she knew he must be leaning in close to her again. She inhaled, letting his intoxicating scent soothe her. “Very good,” Master murmured in her left ear, “you wore my favorites.”

Kitty remembered suddenly that she was wearing a matching set off bra and panties. They were both a royal blue, decorated with lacy flowers along their edges and little bows on their fronts. Kitty adored how feminine they were, and she (vainly, she worried) loved the way that they looked on her. Master had told her many times that this was his favorite pair of underwear that she wore, so she tried to wear them whenever she thought that they were going to do something special. Her cheeks flushed with pride at Master’s approval.

Master shifted. Kitty listened hard, wondering what he was going to do next. For a few agonizing moments, there was nothing but silence. Then, Kitty’s eyes widened behind the blindfold as she felt two very slight points of pressure on her right hand. She realized that Master was resting two light fingers on the back of her hand. His fingertips were softer than his palms, and were surprisingly warm. Master stayed completely silent as he began to trace his fingers up her hand and onto her wrist. Kitty couldn’t help but shiver at Master’s gentle touch. His fingers moved across her wrist in a lazy, circular motion, then began to travel up her forearm. Kitty’s skin was smooth and sensitive. She could feel every minute motion of his fingers, every path that they traced over her skin. His fingers traveled all the way up her arm and onto her right shoulder. She gasped as she felt two more fingers join the tracing, and she tilted her head to the left, trying to signal Master to touch her neck.

“Are you ticklish, Kitty?” Master said, his tone casual as he moved his fingers onto her neck. She let a quiet sigh slip out of her as his warm fingertips pressed against the base of her neck. His touch disappeared for a moment, and Kitty assumed that they were passing over her collar. Her suspicions were confirmed a second later as she felt his fingers curl into the edges of her collar. He gave it a very gentle tug, ensuring that it was still secure. He seemed to be satisfied, as his fingertips released the collar, moving up her neck and onto her face.

Master’s touch shifted, and Kitty felt a rough palm press against her right cheek. Kitty could feel herself blushing, and knew that Master must be able to feel how warm her cheek was. Kitty smiled slightly, reveling in the touch of Master’s hand on her cheek. He seemed to sense how much she enjoyed the touch, and he let his hand linger for a long moment. Finally, his hand shifted, trailing up her face, over the blindfold, and coming to a stop on top of her head. He began to run his thin fingers through the roots of her hair, brushing aside the wavy strands delicately. Kitty let out a long note of contentment. Soothing waves of pleasure trickled down from where Master’s fingers massaged her scalp.

To Kitty’s embarrassment, the head massage began to turn her on, and she felt her dick stiffen slightly. She knew that Master would be able to see the growing bulge in her tight panties, but he made no comments. A sensual heat was pooling slowly but steadily in her stomach. If this is Master’s idea of tickling me, she thought as she bit her lip to stifle a moan, Then I’ll have to tell him that I’m horribly ticklish.

Master’s fingers withdrew from her scalp, leaving her yearning for more. “Are you enjoying this, Kitty?” Master asked, his voice low.

“Mmmhmm,” Kitty mumbled, unable to keep the heat out of her voice.

“Alright,” Master said lightly. “I suppose I’ll have to try harder.”

“What?” Kitty asked dazedly.

Master didn’t reply. Instead, she felt his fingers touch her again, but not on her head. She felt eight tiny points press down right above her belly button. The fingers were still for the briefest moment, and then they began to quickly trace tiny circles. Surprised, she sucked her belly Kartal Şişman Escort in, but the fingers stayed on her, each one moving back and forth rapidly. Kitty giggled, then pressed her lips shut. Master was actually tickling her!

She hadn’t really expected Master to tickle her. Master could be playful, but he was usually on the more stoic side. He had never done anything like this, and she was caught totally off guard. His fingers danced across her belly, and she hugged herself, involuntary giggles occasionally slipping through her pursed lips. Kitty was quite ticklish, something she hadn’t ever discussed with Master. Obviously, he was now aware of that.

Master’s fingers traced rapid circles up her belly, stopping just shy of her chest. To Kitty’s surprise, the warm pool of arousal in her stomach wasn’t dissipating from the tickling; if anything, it was growing more intense. Her giggling sounded breathier, and her dick was pressing insistently against the edge of her lacy panties. Master was tickling her right below the cup of her bra, and she thrust her chest out, trying to communicate her desires to him. She longed for his fingers to tickle and tease her nipples. Master’s fingertips danced around the edge of her breast, following the line of her cup. They reached her strap, and for a moment she was sure that they were pushing under her cup. A thrill of excitement ran through her, which was chased away by disappointment as his touch fell away once more.

Kitty’s giggles slowly died down. She had tears in her eyes, and she sucked in a few gasping breaths. As much as she had longed for Master to brush his fingers over her nipple, she recognized that he had stopped tickling at a good time; it had been getting difficult for her to breathe over her giggling fit. Master stayed silent as she recovered.

“How did you know I was ticklish?” Kitty asked, her voice slightly higher pitched than usual.

“Because your hair is always tickling your neck,” Master said from somewhere to her left. “I’ve watched you shrug to clear your hair off of your neck a thousand times. You’ve got such sensitive skin, it really isn’t much of a surprise.” He cleared his throat. “What I didn’t expect was for you to be so into it.” Kitty felt him press a finger to the very tip of her dick, and she let out a husky moan. She thrust her hips, begging for him to touch more of her. His finger fell away, leaving her with a rising feeling of frustration. “Did getting tickled really turn you on that much, Kitty?” He sounded bemused.

“I… well… yes, Master,” she admitted. She hung her head, and the collar pressed against her jaw. “I was surprised by it, but, your touch…” she was aware that she was babbling. “Your touch just feels so good! And it isn’t really all that hard to turn me on,” she mumbled, face burning.

Master laughed. “I expected you to like it, but I thought it would just be some light fun. I didn’t expect my Kitty to have a thing for being tickled. I’ll remember that for the future.” Kitty grinned sheepishly, but her heart was pounding at his words.

“Alright, Kitty,” Master said. His voice was suddenly right in front of her. “You’ve been a good girl, letting me have my fun with you. I’d like to reward you.” As always, he said the words causally, but Kitty’s gut clenched with yes please! “Hold still,” he whispered, sounding very close now. His pine and sandalwood scent tickled Kitty’s nose once more. Kitty kept herself still as she felt Master’s hands on her back. He unhooked her bra with a practiced motion. As he pulled it off, his hands brushed the sides of her boobs, and she had to make a concentrated effort to keep herself from quivering. Finally, her bra was pulled completely off, and her boobs hung free. She could feel how stiff her nipples were. Her arousal was only building, and her breasts ached to be tugged, teased, tickled, touched. She knew that Master had to be able to see how helplessly turned on her body was. Judging by the long moment of silence that followed, she assumed that he was admiring the sight of her arousal.

Master’s rough palm pressed against her left shoulder. It rubbed against her soft skin, and for a moment she almost felt as if she was being tickled again. But Master suddenly pushed, and she laid back on the bed with no resistance. She sank into the yielding mattress. She was still blindfolded, but she could picture the scene clearly: her clearly aroused body pressed into the bed, naked save the blue panties around her hips and the collar around her neck, blonde hair streaming out above her head. Master, tall and broad shouldered, standing over her prone form, able to do whatever he pleased with his pet’s body.

Kitty felt pressure on her left thigh, and knew that Master had placed a hand on her. His hand drifted slowly towards her most intimate parts. She spread her legs slightly, giving Master easier access to her. He pressed a gentle hand to her dick, and she arched her back. Master didn’t bother with removing her panties; they had talked about her feelings about her body quite early in their relationship. Master knew that she never liked to have anyone see her dick unless she expressly asked for it, and he took the utmost care in respecting that boundary. He did, however, have her permission to touch her dick as he pleased, unless she asked him not to.

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