Mature bi fantasy old and young mmf

Mature bi fantasy old and young mmfI was a horny 19 year old male. It was 1996 and I had just split up from my girlfriend and was seeking some extra spice to get over the break up. I went into town and bought a contact magazine. I always got a thrill and surge of excitement when buying top shelf material. I hung around the store and waited for the right time when nobody was there and reached up and bought it. I rushed home, rolled myself a joint and perused the ads. My preference was for a mature lady or couple. I went to the couples section and immediately spotted a perfect couple. Debbie was a stunning petite blonde and was 55 years old, her husband, Tony, was 60 and described himself as bi curious. Their advert sounded so horny and were into the same things as me, role play, masturbation, watching and being watched. I decided I would write to them and try my luck. I posted the letter and enclosed a naked photo of myself. A week went by and to my surprise I received a reply. I was shaking with excitement as I opened the letter. Tony had written it and included a photo of Debbie. She was a stunning petite blonde. Tony said they would love to meet up that weekend and that they were both excited at the prospect as this was their first time too (I got the feeling they were just saying that to put me at ease). The Saturday arrived and I was throbbing with excitement, Tony met me at a pre arranged place and I followed him back to their house. He opened the door and shouted “Debbie, we have a guest, come and say hello” Debbie walked in a minute later and had the confidence and charisma that I hoped she would. She was wearing a lovely summer, flowery dress and strappy high heels. “Hello bursa escort Steve, lovely to meet you, would you like a drink?” I said I would love one and Tony opened a bottle of champagne. As Tony went to get some glasses, Debbie came over to me and started kissing me, her tongue was darting in and out. She then whispered seductively to me “we’re going to have a great night and that anything goes…within reason”. I was literally shaking with sex, this was actually happening.Tony came back in and said “Debbie, sit on the settee opposite us and show Steve whats under your dress” without hesitation Debbie sat opposite us slowly took off her dress. She was completely naked underneath, she kept her shoes on and opened her legs, she put one leg over the arm of the settee with the other spread wide. She then opened her pussy and rubbed a finger up and down her slit, I could see how wet she was as her cunt was totally shaven and her lips were glistening. She then slowly put a finger inside her as she slid down the chair, she was in total control of us. Debbie then said “boys, why don’t you take your clothes off and get comfortable” my cock was throbbing and I couldn’t wait to release it. Tony got his cock out and it was huge mine was about 7 inches erect but his must’ve been 10 inches! The sight of Debbie opposite masturbating and Tonys 10 Inches next next to me was a fantastic, horny sight.”Debbie then said to us both “slowly rub and wank each other off while I watch you, it really turns me on” this was the first time I had ever touched another man’s cock and I was unbelievably aroused. I took his massive cock in my grip and slowly started wanking him, he did the same to me. I had escort bursa so much pre cum on the tip, Tony got his index finger and started rubbing the tip, showing a trail of pre cum to Debbie. Seeing this she got of the settee and slowly crawled over to us, she took Tony’s cock in her hand and then started to suck me off. The sensation of watching this demure, immaculate and horny blonde was amazing. Debbie then said to me “come and lie on the floor Steve while I suck your cock, I did this and her mouth was incredible, her tongue darting over the tip and taking the whole length in her mouth enthusiastically. As she was doing this she said to Tony, “come and suck on Steve’s balls” he came straight down and started caressing my balls and sucking on them. The sensation of having two mouths around my cock and balls was amazing, but the fact that they were a mature, horny bisexual couple was more than I could dream of, I was in heaven. Debbie suggested we move into the bedroom, myself and Tony were following Debbie, we got halfway up the stairs when she stopped, bent over and spread her arse cheeks wide open and asked me to smell her maturity, I put my nose right into her hole and licked her. As I was doing this, Tony put his hand under my legs and started squeezing my balls.We moved into the bedroom and Debbie asked me to “suck on Tony’s cock as he loves another man’s mouth around it” by now I was game for anything and went down on this monster cock, as I was doing this Debbie lay underneath me and started sucking me off. I could see this image in the wardrobe mirror and I couldn’t believe my luck. Debbie then got on all fours with her bottom expertly positioned in the air. She bursa escort bayan reached both hands underneath and spread both holes wide open. She told Tony to “fuck her” while I lay there watching. I had seen loads of mature porn but to be here experiencing this was like nothing else, Tony slowly edged into her inch by inch, as he was fucking her Debbie asked me to finger her arse hole, she was holding herself wide open was moaning in ecstacy as I fingered her perfect hole. It was now my turn to fuck her, she lay me on my back and stood above me. She was spreading her shaven, dripping pussy as she slowly squatted onto my cock. She was clenching her pussy muscles tight around my pulsing cock as she slowly slid up and down. She had kept her shoes on which was a massive turn on and allowed her to perfectly balance as she was sliding up and down. Tony by now was watching, his huge cock was impossible to miss as he was wanking himself off. ‘Tony, come and fill my other hole” Tony came over and slid his monster into her gaping arse hole. The feeling of his cock inside her at the same time as me was fantastic, his balls were rubbing against mine as we were both fucking her. I was ready to explode at this point and my balls were tightening, with a final thrust I came inside her, the excitement and images I had in my head from the meeting was too much, I came and came and Debbie screamed out in pure sex. Tony then came deep into her arse, he was jerking his body as he came. Tony then got off and Debbie, with shaking legs, stood above us both and dripped every last drop onto us. It seemed like there was gallons oozing out of her as she stood above us. Debbie then lay next to us and rubbed the spunk onto our bodies. This was the start of a fantastic friendship and we have become good friends ever since. I have met them both separately and together. I will share these experiences with you in the future.

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