Mature Prudish Woman Blackmailed Ch. 03


This is part 3 of a series and it is highly recommended that you read the first two parts in order to understand the characters. As usual all comments are welcomed and encouraged.


A year had passed since my sexual escapades and I had returned to the familiar role that I had had throughout my married life. I became the timid, shy and submissive housewife to my husband.

I loved being such.

He also insisted that I start to dress according to my persona and changed from wanting me dressed in stockings and suspenders all the time, to wanting me in plain cotton bras, panties and modest dresses.

At first this seemed a little strange and unusual, yet I soon realised that this would preserve the special time for dressing up. We did not want it to become commonplace and to lose the exciting, novelty that went with it.

Being a drab little housewife to the public, did not mean I wanted to screw with my beloved husband any less, it just meant that our personas and roles in life, as portrayed to the outside world, seemed more natural and suited to my submissive nature.

Away from prying eyes, Jack would still spank me from time to time. Just as we refrained from overdoing the ‘dress-up’, we also wanted our punishment sessions to be infrequent and therefore not lose their novelty and excitement.

I still loved being chastised by my dominant husband like a child, my bare bottom being spanked as I was told off for my misdemeanours. The butterflies were still be there as I prepared myself in my stockings, garter and heels and the delicious tingle that would run into my vagina, never failed to excite me. I would stand in the corner, hands folded in front of me, looking down at the floor like a naughty girl awaiting a spanking, as I waited dutifully for my owner to command me over the bed.

I was blissfully happy with my life. I had the wonderful bonus of having given birth to two beautiful children, long after the time that I had given up hope of being a mother. Although they were growing fast and I was slowly encouraging them away from my milk, I still breast fed my children from time to time. (This was still the wonderfully bonding experience when it came after a punishment. I can’t explain why the feelings of my sore, tender, bruised and incredibly swollen nipples being tortured with the exquisite, beautiful, and painful pleasure it brought as I nursed my babies, somehow created a feeling that they owned me too and that I was there to serve them.)

Jack knew that he owned my body completely and he could do with it whatever he so wished.

He had a plan.

We had watched gentle porn clips together and I knew that Jack had a thing about women flashing stockings in public, the exhibitionist and the voyeur sections were always a favourite of his. We watched and learned from couples who did this, their skill in subtly and innocently teasing their audience was sexy to watch.

These couples and their videos became our inspiration and our motivation.

One day Jack said,

“When you dress for me on our ‘Special Occasions’ I love the fact that you belong to me and that I own you but I also want other men to look at you as well.”

Jack loved owning me and when we went out he always made a big play of such. He admitted that he wanted to exhibit me a little more and that he wanted to observe me in everyday situations flashing my stockings for him. He also wanted to see other men’s reactions to me, as I gave them an ‘innocent flash’. This culminated one evening with him demanding that I dress as ordered but in a skirt even shorter than usual.

It never ceased to amaze me how a person could be so different on demand. When Jack decided it was time for me to change persona to pleasure him, I could change into my alter ego simply by virtue of dressing. I would fix my hair differently, put on a little make up and simply by the addition of heels, nylon and lace, I was transformed into my alter ego, like superman in a phone booth.

That night, as we walked down the street where most of the bars in our town were, my heels clicking on the pavement and my skirt only just covering my stocking tops, I felt incredibly sexy.

I felt wonderful when men took sly looks at me and I was amazed how strange it was, that simply dressing up took me from one extreme to the other. From drab prude to sexy mature woman.

We would sit in bars, not being obvious or crude about it, but subtly allowing men to see my stocking tops, garter belt clasp and the contrast between the black nylon and my white creamy thigh as I crossed my legs. I would go shopping and bend, twist and move in such a way as I subtly and selectively allowed men to see up my skirt.

Jack would always be ‘just another guy’ browsing the shop, as he watched my performance and my audience’s appreciation. He was always filming with the hidden camera for our enjoyment later.

This was very mild, saucy and innocent fun. It sounds a little pathetic compared with what Escort Bayan I had experimented with previously, with the extremes of sexual activity that some people indulged in and with the ‘raw dirty sex’ written about in erotica. Yet Jack and I absolutely loved the innocence of it all.

It was sweet juvenile flashing and I came alive with the feelings of being desirable, that I got from all the attention.

Jacks love of internet porn also gave him an idea for showing me off further. He had really enjoyed watching the clips on websites where women exposed themselves to delivery guys.

We talked about how something like this needed to be mutually exciting, it needed to be for both of us, not just one and decided to give it a try.

It was so incredibly exciting, don’t get me wrong, this was very gentle controlled flashing, it was naughty rather than dirty. We started by flashing at home with pizza delivery etc but we realised that it would inevitably become a taking point between these guys and we didn’t want to get a reputation. Due to take away food options being limited, there was only a limited scope for showing myself without it being to the same guy twice.

We decided that the best environment would be the hotel room, as a hotel room consisted of a bedroom and a bathroom, therefore being in various states of undress at the moment room service arrived was quite natural. The incident would then seem accidental, which helped us keep the exposure ‘innocent’.

On the arrival of our target, (almost exclusively young men, but I once did have the thrill of exposing myself to a young girl which was quite a turn on.) I would emerge from the bathroom wearing just a robe. I would have it tagged back at the shoulders a little so as to expose my breasts when I moved or bent in a certain way. I would on occasions, allow the cord around my middle to work loose and give the service guy fleeting glimpses of my pussy through the gap.

As we progressed we inevitably graduated to the full towel drop. I would drop the towel and exclaim like it was an accident (the blushing embarrassment genuine.) I would hesitate a few seconds to allow this perfect stranger to take in my breasts and vagina, before bending to grab my towel.

I would always deliberately stand on the corner of the towel, so as I straightened it would snap back out of my fingers, therefore giving the man even longer to fully appreciate my naked body.

Being an old fashioned woman, brought up the way I had been and in the marriage that I had, meant that these games were terribly daring. They brought me alive and made me feel attractive and desirable. It was so fantastically inappropriate for me to be naked in front of young boys who were total strangers to me, to which the heat and trembling between my legs were ample testament to. However what made them really special, was the fact that without exception I was punished for it afterwards.

One day I revealed myself to the young boy that had been sent up with our order. I stood fully naked before him as he nervously and embarrassingly tried to look away from me.

A task he found impossible.

I felt a delicious tingle inside my pussy as he tried valiantly not to look at me, a task that was ultimately doomed to failure. He gave up trying and just brazenly stood and gazed at my breasts and the neat black triangle covering my vagina, before I began (my embarrassment as obvious as his) stammering my apologies and covering myself again.

When he had left Jack’s voice filled the room.

“What do you think you are doing?” said Jack as he emerged from the bathroom (he had been able to watch through the gap in the door.)

“Nothing baby, honest I stuttered. I just had an accident with the towel that’s all baby,” I claimed as I realised what was about to happen and I slipped into the role demanded of me with ease.

“Don’t give me that you little slut, you have been letting men see your body again haven’t you?”

Amidst all my protestations of innocence I was dragged to the bed and after placing the pillows across the bottom of the bed, Jack ordered me across them.

“Oh no please baby, please, I wasn’t doing anything wrong honest,” I cried as I lay across the pillows, placing my pelvis in just the right place to raise my bottom seductively into the air.

My young lover then proceeded to spank my lying, slutty, cheating ass for me as I deserved. The dialogue between us never really changed – there was no need to change something which worked so spectacularly well and ‘did it’ for both of us every time.

The words started to come, interspersed with Jack’s hands spanking my reddening cheeks unmercifully.

“You dirty little slut,”


“You have been letting men look at your saggy tits again haven’t you?”


“You have let strange men see between your legs haven’t you?”


“You want them to look at you don’t you, you dirty old whore?”

Whack Bayan Escort

My protestation of innocence in reply to the accusations changed under the beautiful and exquisite onslaught on my buttocks. I began to admit the charges.

“I am sorry Darling I cried, I can’t help being a little slut, I want them to see my saggy tits and look at my pussy, I am sorry I am a whore,” I cried.

Whack, whack, whack. My cheeks had long since turned red and were now in the process of bruising. I was not only turned on by the scenario we were playing but in the knowledge that this sexual excitement would stay with me for days to come. The exquisite and oh-so-exciting feeling of pain in my ass, stimulated incessantly by every movement I would make, would keep me sexually aroused and primed for my master for days to come.

Jack stopped spanking my cheating ass and I nearly came on the spot – it was time for him to fuck me!

Roughly gripping my already sore buttocks he spread me wide.

“This is what dirty, slutty, cheating, cheap little whores like you deserve,” he snarled, and plunged his huge cock into my sopping desperate vagina.

I felt the tight ring of my opening and my small labia being bulldozed apart as his rampant beautiful cock defiled me. His length spread me internally all the way along the length of my pussy, in the most sensationally exciting and brutal way. To a submissive, this raw fucking I was now getting was heaven, I was being used and abused by my master and I started to cum.

As Jack pounded me, verbally abusing me in the same manner as he had whilst punishing me, I was in heaven. My master’s cock pounded me as I serviced him with my lying, cheating worthless pussy.

The sensations, both physically and mentally were everything I needed and the onrushing orgasm from my poor little defiled pussy took over me completely. As the firework display went off inside me, my whole body convulsing, with perfect timing my master completed the scene.

Jack came inside me and I fulfilled my role. I felt like a subservient woman should when her man spurts his cum deep into her vagina, I felt so feminine, so womanly and so complete when the ultimate act was finished and the hot, pink, intimate depths of my pussy was filled by my man’s semen.

That night my gorgeous young lover and I, laid in each others arms. I felt so complete. Spanked and fucked by my master, then cuddled and loved my man, as he kissed me and told me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me.

We made love incredibly tenderly and gently as if to reinforce these feelings, I even cried with happiness as I had a sensual and satisfying orgasm underneath my young lover.

One day, a little while after this episode, my in-laws again had the children for the night. Jack came home in the evening and after our meal he simply pointed to the stairs and said,


I knew instantly what that meant and without a second’s hesitation, I obeyed my young dominant husband.

My life had been so crazy since I met Jack, with my sex life seeming to change course quite regularly. That night Jack took to me to a club, it was a member’s only club and Jack presented the doorman with an introduction from one of the leading members of the club and we were granted admission.

The furniture in the room was very casual and it seemed more like someone’s home rather than a public place. There were easy chairs, ‘throws’ and sofas all around and didn’t seem to be laid out in any organized fashion.

“Sit here, said Jack, and I will get us a drink.”

While he was gone I looked around at the other people in the club and suddenly realised that the women were dressed very similarly to each other. All the women had short dresses on and I could even see some of them were wearing stockings and suspenders, the realisation that I was dressed in my ‘special outfit’ in very much the same manner, both unnerved me and intrigued me equally.

Everyone was dressed very much in the Dom/sub style. In the middle of the floor was a strange looking shaped thing. It was a soft upholstered arc, a curved shape with the flat to the floor making an ‘n’ shaped structure.

Jack brought me my drink and we sat silently, he was letting me quietly take in the sights.

Throughout the evening the tension perceptively rose and to my consternation, I suddenly realised that sexual activity had begun to take place. Women who were covered up for the most part earlier, were now openly flaunting their stockings and garter belts and were unashamedly preening themselves and strutting about quite openly to attract male attention. Shortly afterwards I watched as these women openly sucked their partner’s cocks and progressed to having full sex.

I was astounded and nearly jumped out of my skin in fear, as Jack took my hand and made me stand. I was frightened like a kitten as he led me through the club and relieved (or was I?) when we left and went home.

Jack takes up the Escort story.

I had taken Julie to the club simply so that she could observe what went on there and what type of club it was. It was definitely not a BDSM club. It catered for the discrete and discerning individual who wanted a very mild and low level form of Dom/Sub or an exhibitionist opportunity.

I loved Julie desperately and we enjoyed our ‘games’ together in a mutually consenting, loving and inclusive way but I had fantasies and a vision of what I would like from her and I had to know whether it was what she wanted.

It was one thing being dominant, it is quite another to be abusive.

We had a discussion about only wanting what was good for both of us etc, at the end of which Julie took out my cock and as it lay across the palm of her hand she began to kiss it. Interspersed with single kisses came the words,

“Make me… Force me… Order me… Command me… I am your property to do with as you please,” Julie whispered between the tiny pecks on my rapidly hardening length.

The next time we visited the club, I pushed Julie just a little further.

“Take off your panties,” I ordered.

Julie stood to go to the ladies to obey.

“Here,” was the only word I needed.

In front of the whole room, (In truth not many actually saw, they had their own thing going on) Julie pulled down her tiny lacy panties and sat down again.

Whilst we were watching everyone else, I ordered her to open her legs in order that people in the room could see her cunt up her skirt. As men would slyly move into position to see between her legs, that’s all she did – sit with legs apart knowing that strangers could see her cum bucket under her skirt, all done innocently, as though she had no idea she was on show.

Julie resumes.

Unknown to me, before the next visit Jack had acquired a little accessory to complete my look. Whilst we sat and had a drink just watching the rest of the room, Jack reached into his pocket and drew out a collar. It was very soft around the neck with little studs on the outside and it had a length of chain leading to a leather handle. I was shaking with excitement as Jack fastened it around my neck, then pulled me to my feet by the lead.

He led me into the centre of the room by the collar.

I was incredibly conscious of myself and how I looked, I was shaking like a leaf in front of all these people who had stopped to watch. On 4in heels I walked across the room, my breasts swaying under my dress provocatively.

He guided me round one side of the ‘n’ and he walked around the other, so that when he pulled the lead towards him it was obvious what he wanted me to do. Shaking like a leaf I lay across the frame.

Jack moved from view and walked behind me, I had no idea what was going to happen. Suddenly I felt my skirt rising up around my waist allowing the whole room to see my stocking clad legs, garter belt and the small triangle of my thong as the rest disappeared between my cheeks.

I was the first crack across my ass that sparked me into life.

“Oh no Jack, please not here,” In the time it took for that thought, Jack had spanked my buttocks twice, three times, four, five.

“OH MY GOD.” I couldn’t believe it, I was being spanked in front of the entire club, my feelings and emotions were an absolute maelstrom.

Humiliation, embarrassment, shyness, were all there but so too was excitement, shock and disbelief, not to mention the actual physical sensation of my poor little bum being assaulted like this.

Jack whispered the usual things that he knew turned me on and belittled and shamed me. Others couldn’t hear too well but, the usual,

“Dirty, exhibitionist, slut, whore, cum slut, you want all these strangers to see you don’t you, you dirty little slut.” all came pouring out.

As usual my responses were the same. I denied it like a little schoolgirl protesting my innocence and virtue, until I was beaten into submission and I ‘confessed’ to being all the things Jack said I was.

My pussy was on fire as I lay and admitted to being a dirty whore that wanted strangers to see my dirty pussy. I thought I was going to cum without even being touched on my vagina. Jack recognized the signs and abruptly stopped, he dragged me to my feet, my dress falling back down and regaining some modicum of modesty for me.

He led me to the back of the room where I prayed he was going to fuck me, he sat back and said one word.


In front of a room full of strange men and women I sucked him off. My lips sliding over his engorged crown unable to get much further down his big length, running my tongue around the head and swirling around his cock. I sucked his balls sluttily and ran my tongue up his hard rod repeatedly, all the time knowing that I had an audience and that they would be judging me.

I did not disappoint and when Jack could take no more, he spurted into my open mouth, I worked him with my hand, I worked his spewing cock with my lips and mouth, as a room full of strangers watched jet after jet of cum shoot into my mouth. Jack made me play with it so that everyone could see my shame and brazen sluttiness, until the second command

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