Maureen: Lust Unleashed


Hi Everyone! Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything, but here goes! It may help to read the first installment of “Maureen”, before reading Part two. Cheers!

* * * * *

Maureen felt free and confident, slipping in and out of traffic as she sped down the main drag towards downtown. She knew there were lesbian bars in such a big city, but did not have the slightest clue where they were located.

“Lesbian bars,” she repeated in her mind. Maureen thought for a moment about changing her mind, altering her course, going to dinner by herself, and then visiting a familiar dance club.

“No, fuck it,” she said aloud.

She kept on driving, past row upon row of strip malls, still heading downtown. In the distance she could see the bright pink sign “Pussycats”, a well-known strip bar. It seemed to her that a strip club would be as good a place as any to start with.

She pulled in, parked, locked her car, and went inside. The girl working the door quickly looked her up and down, seemingly approving of her tight jeans, white blouse, and high-heels. At this time of the evening, there were not that many patrons there yet, so Maureen felt rather comfortable. She took a seat at the bar, and after ordering a martini, surveyed the scene around her.

It seemed to her a typical adult club, with a raised stage, and two runways for the girls to dance. Two dancers were showing their stuff onstage, to the amusement of a group of men sitting between the two runways.

“Hi, can I sit with you?” Maureen turned to see a young, attractive blonde take a seat at the empty bar stool next to her.

“Yes, certainly. No…uh…I mean, sure, go ahead.”

“Thanks. I just have to get off my feet for a few minutes. My names Angel,” the blonde said.

“Maureen. Nice to meet you,” she replied.

“Waiting on someone?” Angel asked as she lit up a cigarette.

“No, just decided to go somewhere different for a change. Nice place, too.”

“Oh, thanks. I have been working here about…let’s see…six weeks now. I like it, and the money is good,” Angel explained.

“You seem really young,” Maureen continued, instantly regretting what she had said.

“Well, thanks. I get that a lot. I’m twenty-one. And you?”


“Wow, I would have guessed in your twenties, at least,” Angel complimented.

Minutes passed, and the two women exchanged small talk.

“Angel, can I ask you something, and you won’t freak out or anything?” Maureen said.

“Sure. I have heard just about everything.”

“Ok. I am not sure how to ask this, so I will just say it. Do you know where there are any gay bars? Lesbian bars, to be specific.”

Angel smiled broadly. “I had a feeling you were going to ask me something like that.”


“Honey, I know where they’re ALL at!”

Maureen breathed a sigh of relief.

Angel placed her hand on Maureen’s leg, and leaned over closer to her. “My name’s Kristen, just to let you know. I have to dance one more dance, and then I am off work at seven. I have been here since noon, and it’s my night off. I was planning on hitting the bars anyways, so we can go together, ok?”

“Sounds great, Kristen,” Maureen eagerly replied.

Just then, the song that was playing wound down, and the disc jockey announced the next dancer, Kelly.

“That’s my cue, baby,” Kristen told Maureen. “I am up after this girl. Back in a little while.”

Maureen watched Kristen prance off, and she admired the young woman’s tiny outfit. A white see-through teddy barely hid her breasts, and a white thong and heels finished off the getup. She ordered another martini, and gazed at the two dancers moving erotically on each runway. Closing her eyes, she felt the first pangs of arousal, and shortly thereafter, the faintest feelings of wetness. She briefly looked down to see the hard nubs of her nipples showing through her blouse.

“Damn, I do want it so,” she thought outloud. When Kristen appeared onstage, she watched her intently, gazing at the blonde’s wonderful body, trembling ever so slightly when Kristen stripped out of her teddy. She watched every move that Kristen made, and as the second of Kristen’s two songs wound down, she willed herself to mentally snap out of it.

With the music moving into the next song, Kristen strutted her way up to Maureen.

“Give me about five minutes, ok?” Kristen said.

“Sure,” Maureen answered.

The women decided to take Maureen’s car, and soon they were motoring toward their next destination. They exchanged small talk, learning the basics about each other.

“So where are we going, anyway?” Maureen asked.

“You’ll love this place. It’s called the Oasis…kind of a hidden hole in the ground. It’s right downtown.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“So, are you single?” Kristen asked.

“Very, very single.”

“You will definitly have fun, then. There are always a ton of single girls here. I have a girlfrriend, and you’ll poker oyna get to meet her.”

It was nearly 7:30 as Maureen pulled her car into a parking lot behind a row of buildings. The Oasis was in the middle of a strip mall, and the entrance was in the rear. She glanced at Kristen, who had changed into a tight mini-skirt, tube-top, and heels, and Maureen couldn’t help but feel a hidden desire for her, even though she knew now that Kristen had a girlfriend.

Kristen led the way, strutting confidently into the Oasis. Maureen’s heart was pounding like a drum now. They passed a muscular woman working the door, and she just nodded at Kristen, waving them both in. Maureen was nervous, but excited. As the scene unfolded before her, Maureen let her eyes wander about the bar. There were two pool tables to the left of her, several tables in the middle of the room, and the bar was toward the rear. Women of all descriptions were everywhere to be found.

Walking toward the bar, Kristen turned to her.

“Definitly the after-work crowd, honey,” she said to Maureen.

“I guess so,” Maureen replied. She could feel the eyes on her as she followed Kristen. Luckily, there were two open barstools, right in the center of the right-angled bar, and they eased into them.

“So, is your girlfriend here?” Maureen asked.

“No, not yet,” Kristen replied. “She is a lawyer, and she had some kind of party to go to, until about 9 o’clock. She should be here around 9:30 or so. Her name’s Rebecca.”

“I see. Been with her long?”

“Almost a month or so. I met her at the strip club. You will like her, and she is a lot like you, in a way. A little older, but totally hot!”

Maureen began to watch all the other women in the bar. And that is what it was…all women.

“Do men ever come in here, at all?” She asked.

“Never. This is a private club. Women only.”

“Wow,” was all Maureen said.

“Look sweetie, this is a total lesbian club, and you can find anything you want here. It’s a place for women to pick up women, and as attractive as you are, and as new as you are, you won’t have any trouble meeting someone.” Kristen replied.

“So, what’ll it be, ladies?”

Kristen and Maureen turned, and the bartender was waiting on them.

“Oh, Hi Miranda. This is my new friend Maureen.”

Miranda just glanced at Maureen, giving her a quaint smile. Miranda was in her forties, short black hair, wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

“Do a shot, Maureen? Kristen asked.

“Sure. Tequila for me, and a dry martini. No, make that a draft beer…any kind.”

“Same for me,” Kristen added.

The bar was still filling up, and smoke filled the air, the jukebox beating out several Madonna songs. The beers and shots arrived, and Maureen and Kristen shared a toast to beautiful women.

Maureen was meeting women left and right, being approached form all sides, each woman seeming to take turns talking to her. She began to feel much more relaxed, and after doing another tequila shot, much more aroused. The bars, the women, her feelings, were all searing a spot deep in her soul. This is what she wanted. She began to readily accept it. She wanted this so incredibly bad.

Suddenly a dark-haired woman made her way toward Kristen, finally taking her hand, and planting a deep kiss on Kristen’s lips. Just the sight of that made Maureen quiver. It had to be Rebecca.

Maureen looked her up and down, taking in the image of her stilleto heels, tight white mini-skirt, and plunging black top, which showed off her healthy breasts.

Kristen introduced them, and Rebecca moved to Maureen, giving her a huge hug. The feeling of their breasts pushing together sent chills up Maureen’s spine. Kristen then asked Miranda for another round of shots, and three more beers. Maureen was having a blast.

The night continued on, with Maureen meeting more and more women, so many of them touching her, flirting with her, huge smiles all around her. For quite some time Kristen and Rebecca had disappeared, but then Maureen spotted them over by the pool tables, kissing heavily in the corner. The fire continued to rage inside of Maureen’s body; the music resonated in her ears, the shots wiping out her inhibitions. She stood, turned toward the bar, and began to sway back and forth to the music, watcing Miranda as she worked. Maureen wanted to make the women notice her even more, and she swayed her ass to and fro. She knew it was her best “asset”, and she pictured herself dancing as Kristen in the strip club.

Suddenly, the noticed a different motion, off to her right, and she watched in awe as a short young blonde eased her way up onto the bar, and began to dance, her hands placed on the ceiling for balance. Several women hooted and hollared as the girl began to grind to the “Dixie Chicks” tune that was pounding out from the jukebox. She wore only short shorts, tennis shoes, and a white tank top, her nipples poking out through the material. It was plain to see she wore no bra, and canlı poker oyna her pretty titties were attracting quite a crowd.

Rebecca and Kristen appeared on each side of her, pushing closely beside her.

“Why don’t you dance, Maureen?” Kristen prodded.

“I would love to,” Maureen replied.

“If you feel like it, you can strip down to your panties in here, if you are wearing any,” Kristen added.

Maureen smiled broadly, handed her purse to Kristen, and practically jumped up onto the bar. After taking a moment or two to get her balance, she began to dance, moving to the music, swaying back and forth, she loved every second of it. There were no second thoughts, no inhibitions in her mind. The jukebox continued to blast the music, and now most of the women in the bar were watching her and her blond co-dancer. Maureen and her finally exchanged quick glances and smiles, and it was at this moment that the blonde peeled off her white t-shirt and tossed it into the crowd. Maureen’s eyes went wide as she gazed at the blonde’s full breasts, and suddenly she heard the chant’s of “take it off” being directed at her. She didn’t need that much encouragement at this point; Maureen began to slowly unbutton her blouse, and the hoots and howls grew louder. She slid the top off, and tossed it to Kristen and Rebecca, who were both grinning from ear to ear.

Maureen seemed to be hypnotized by the music. She strutted down the bar, meeting her blonde friend directly in the middle. They danced and swayed together now, and Maureen couldn’t take her eyes off the blonde’s pretty breasts.

“I know you like what you see. I’m Jules,” the blonde said, leaning into Maureen’s neck.

All Maureen could say was, “I’m Maureen,” as she swooned. The temperature in the bar seemed to Maureen like it had just risen twenty degrees. She felt very hot, in more ways than one. Maureen was now the victim of an uncontrollable urge to take off her clothes. In seconds her white bra was off, and she tossed it into the crowd. As the music and the screaming grew, Maureen basked in the attention she was receiving. She had never felt so thrilled, so powerful, in her entire life.

Jules grabbed Maureen, her arms wrapping around her waist, her full breasts mashing into Maureen’s 34B’s. The blonde’s shoulder-length straight hair tossed limply around her face. The feeling of her fleshy tits rubbing against her own caused Maureen to gasp in delight. Maureen’s mind went blank; her eyes stared blankly at Jules. The crowd of women seemed to quiet somewhat, entranced by the spark of lust exhibited by the two women dancing slowly on the bar.

Jules’ lips parted, and she enveloped Maureen’s mouth with her own. Maureen purred like a kitten as their tongues swirled together. The kiss only lasted a few moments, but to Maureen, it seemed like hours.

Jules broke off the kiss, and looked Maureen in the eye. “We can’t get too wild, at least not here. Keep dancing.” Maureen nodded, and danced back toward the middle of her side. She looked to see that Jules was now taking off her shorts, her firm ass bared for the crowd, her pussy hidden only by a tiny red g-string.

Maureen kicked off her high-heels, and slowly peeled off her jeans. As she stepped out of them, she relished the fact that she was now naked for the bar, except for the white cotton thong that barely covered her pussy. She squatted down on her feet, sitting upright, directly in front of Kristen, who was being held by Rebecca, who was standing behind her. Both women were looking directly between Maureen’s legs, eyes wide, grinning broadly.

Maureen took a quick glance herself, and she could see what had grabbed their attention. Her white thong was entirely soaked, matting against her dark mass of fur, effectively making her thong a see-through version. This only served to arouse her even more, and she began to dance again, only more seductively, more erotically. She loved being nearly naked in front of all of these people.

She felt a tapping on her ankle, and looked down to see Miranda motioning her to come closer. The bartender then told her that there was only one rule: don’t touch her pussy.

Maureen nodded, but now, instead of dancing more, she simply laid down on the bar, her right leg drooping over the side, and she raised her arms over her head, thinking of herself as an object of feminine desire. She thought to herself, barely hearing the music playing now, “This is it. I love this. I want this.”

Hands pawed her body, caressed her breasts, and tickling her feet. Her pussy was completely aflame now, and she began to think of Jules.

Standing, Maureen could see Jules working her way back toward her now and the met again in the center of the bar. Maureen took her in a bear hug, her right thigh pushing between Jules’ legs, and Jules did the same to her. Both women groaned at the added stimulation, and the two exhibtionists began another hot, wet kiss. The loud rap song that was playing provided the perfect background for internet casino the bumping and grinding that they began to do at that moment.

The women stopped kissing long enough for Jules to look into Maureen’s eyes.

“Live alone?” Jules asked her.

“Yes, oh yes.” Maureen answered. She was teetering on the edge now as she rode Jules’ thigh.

“I’m going home with you then.”

“Oh shit…yes…I want you to.”

Jules and Maureen gripped each other tighly, and they began to wide the waves of orgasm. Maureen went over the edge first, looking of Jules’ shoulder to a blurry photo on the wall. She groaned loudly, her orgasm coursing through her body.

“Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” Jules stammered. Her body shuddered as she climaxed, the globes of her tits rubbing completely over Maureen’s chest. For a full three minutes the two women clutched and pawed each other, to the extreme delight of the crowd.

Finally, Miranda got their attention. “Okay you two lovebirds, times up,” she told them.

Jules looked at Maureen. “Get dressed, and meet me at the pool tables in five minutes,” she instructed.

Maureen nodded, and slid down off the bar into the waiting arms of Kristen.

“My oh my, you were fantastic!” Kristen shouted to her. “You need to come work with me, baby!”

Maureen smiled, and a couple of different women handed her jeans, blouse, bra, and heels to her. Maureen dressed quickly, and told Kristen and Rebecca she would return shortly. She made her way to the pool tables, and she saw Jules sitting at a small table, enjoying a cigarette. Maureen leaned over to her, kissing her on the cheek.

“I am ready when you are, baby,” Maureen told her.

“Lets go!” Jules replied.

Hand in hand the two new friends left the bar. Maureen didn’t even bother saying goodbye to Rebecca and Kristen. She knew she would see them again.

Maureen and Jules talked excitedly on the way home, sharing personal details of each other’s lives, talking about what they had just done at the bar, and making each other more aroused by the second. It wasn’t long before they pulled up in front of Maureen’s house.

“Wow. Nice pad,” Jules told her.

“Thanks. I like it.”

Maureen looked at her watch as they entered the front door, and it read 1:28am. They walked into the kitchen, and Maureen poured a glass of white wine for each of them. The effects of the beer and tequila she had consumed earlier were definitly wearing off. She handed Jules one of the glasses and said, “A toast.”

“A toast,” Jules replied.

“To beautiful women,” Maureen added.

“To beautiful women,” Jules returned. Both took deep sips, and Maureen looked at her again.

“To gorgeous tits, like yours,” she said.

“To my tits!” Jules exclaimed. Again they drank deeply from their glasses.

“Be right back, baby,” Maureen told her. She then moved into her living room, unlocked the glass sliding doors, opened them, and walked out onto the large back deck. She then lifted off the cover from the jaccuzi, and turned the jets on, knowing it would only be a few moments for the water to become warm. Walking back into the kitchen, she set her glass down, and once again Jules and her were in each other’s arms. They kissed, and Maureen could taste the tobacco on Jules’ lips. Although she rarely smoked, Maureen found the taste to be intoxicating. She drank in the taste of Jules’ mouth, savoring it, running her tongue all over her teeth.

“Gosh, you taste so delicious,” Maureen said, breaking the kiss.

“So do you baby.”

“Can I have one of your cigarettes?” Maureen asked.

They sat at the kitchen table, and Jules handed Maureen one of her Marlboro Lights. She lit it for her, and watched as Maureen inhaled slowly, blew out the smoke, coughed slightly, and smiled at her.

“I don’t smoke very often, but I am definitly enjoying this one,” Maureen said.

As the kitchen filled with smoke, Maureen and Jules continued talking and teasing. Maureen couldn’t take her eyes off of Jules’ breasts, the nipples hard behind the thin layer of her men’s style tank top.

Maureen mashed the cigarette down into the only small ashtray she owned, and felt flushed, her cheeks turning red. Her pussy seemed to pulse in her jeans, and she felt increasing waves of arousal. She felt high, just from smoking one half of a cigarette.

Jules looked closely at her, knowing she was becoming more and more aroused. Maureen’s nipples were so clearly visible through her shirt and bra, and her eyes were glazed, staring at her.

“You want me, don’t you Maureen? You need to feel me, don’t you?” Jules teased.

“Yes…yes, I do,” Maureen whispered.

“You want to feel my tits, don’t you? I know you want them. You want to kiss them all over, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh god yes…I do…”

“Know what? I like older women like you, even though you are only ten years older than I am. How many girlfriends have you had?”

“None. You are the first,” Maureen answered.

Jules was surprised by her answer. This is one thing they didn’t talk about on the ride from the bar to Maureen’s house.

“Are you excited by what we did at the bar tonight?”

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