Subject: Me and my Daddy Chapter 2 ( Incest ) The Sun was just coming up when I woke up Saturday morning. Daddy was snoring softly and I had my face pressed to his chest. I really had to pee so I eased out of bed and went to the bathroom to relieve my full bladder. I then headed to the kitchen to fix breakfast for me and Daddy. I started a pot of coffee. Scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrown potatoes, with buttered toast and orange marmalade. I started to wake up Daddy. I heard the shower running in the master bedroom. Daddy breakfast is ready. Daddy stuck his head out is the oven off? Yes Sir I just put the plates with our breakfast in the oven to keep warm. Come here he said I want you to shower with me. I dropped my shorts and stepped in under the spray, the water felt wonderful. Daddy reached out and started soaping me up he washed me all over and paid a lot attention to my butt crack. He leaned down and kissed me holding my slender body against his muscled one. He reached over and turned the water off. Daddy stepped out and picked up a big fluffy towl and dried off. Putting his towl on the hook he picked up one for me and proceeded to dry me off. We both put on clean shorts and tank tops. Daddy fixed izmit escort bayan to cups of coffee and I put his plate in front of him. I sat down and ate my breakfast. Daddy finnished before me and drank his coffee. He got up just as I finnished and takimg my plate said go get your shoes on we have to go shopping. We drove off base and across the Chatahooche River into Phoenix City to a large ABS (adult book store). Daddy turned the AC on and told me to lock the doors an do not open for anyone. He walked in and I sat watching men coming and going. Daddy came out after about 10 minutes. He put the bag he was carrying in the trunk. We left the ABS and headed back to the Fort. We pulled in the parking lot at Post Ex.. It’s got everything. Even men and boys designer underwear. 5 different color soft cloth jockstraps. And Andrew Christian very short bright colors of yellow purple, and blue and red. Daddy bought all in my size and his. Looking down at me with a sweet smile and a wink. We drove home and went into house threw the carport door. Daddy told me to strip and go lay down in the tub. Just as I was laying down Dad came in carrying a red.rubber bag with a hose and attached to a hard plastic tube. He izmit eve gelen escort filled the bag warm soapy water he put Vaseline on the tube and put it in my ass and unclamped the hose. I waited til I could no longer hold the water and Daddy helped me sit on the toiletDaddy did this 3x. The 3rd one was clear water. Daddy bent down and wrapping a big towl around my slender body and picked me up. He carried me to his bed laid me on my back. Next he pulled the bag from the ABS out and showing me what he had bought. Beside the enema. He also bought 3 different size like dildos. A bottle of Gun Lubricant. A small bottle of lidocaine to numb up my sphincter. He lubed up the smallest one first. Starting to kiss me he slowly pushed the dildo into me. It went in easily. This continued til he was fucking me with the largest one it was about 8 inches long with the same thickness. It felt great but he wouldn’t touch my little cock. Finally he maneuvered between my legs and spread lidocaine in on around my anal ring and lubed up his magnificent cock, it was cut and very thick with a beautiful slopping head. I had sucked hic cock and Daddy made me cum simply by rubbing my prostate. izmit otele gelen escort Daddy held his cock to my starfish. I could feel his cock slowly pressing in me. I started to push down as he pushed in, his cock was all the in and I felt completely full. He asked me not to move. To allow me to adjust. When my breathing returned mto normal, Daddy start a short pumping movement. I felt my eyelids starting to flutter. I started gasping as every nerve in my body felt like they were being electrically stimulated. I wrapped my legs around his narrow waist. Pleading with him to fuck me harder. Laughing like he knew I would beg for it harder. Daddy sat up while still pumping my hole and moving my feet to his nose and started licking my toes. Oh God that feeling went straight to my nipples and then straight to my cock. Daddy flipped me over and pulled my hips up. I arched my back and he fucked me if possible even harder. We fucked for about another hour and then throwing his head back and gripping my hips started moaning. Back then I could feel every shot of cum.12345678 His cum wes so copious it was slowly running out of my hole and trickling down my legs. Stooping down he was slurping up his cum. I collapsed totally exhausted. Daddy layed down beside me and said Baby that was the best fuck I have ever had. I love you Daddy and now I am yours forever. Daddy said i love you too. I have more ideas for us. He grinned To be contiued. If you wish to offer feedback see my email above. Mark

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