Me and My brother in Law to be.


Me and My brother in Law to be.My name is Sam and I was out on my Stag Do. It was one of those typical lad nights out. Drinking.. drinking and more drinking. I danced with this very ugly woman as a dare. However, I wouldn’t say I was handsome either! At the end of the night my fiancee brother was to stop with us and crash out on the sofa. Me and Steve arrived home, pissed out of our heads and rather loudly entering the house. The fiancee got up to see if we were okay and we said “Fine. We will have this takeaway and head to bed.” She nodded and headed off to bed herself after reminding us to drink plenty of water and get the drink out of our systems. We agreed. She headed off and we ate our meal in relative silence. Having eaten our takeaway Steve said “Best get to bed then.” I nodded and agreed to help him pull out the sofa bed. As I did so Steve was a bit unsteady on his feet and landed onto the bed. We both laughed as we carried on. I’m 32 and Steve was 39. He was pretty good looking and we got on like a house on fire. Of course he was married to a lovely wife. When we got the bed sorted Steve sat back down on the sofa bed and dozed off. I said “Steve, wouldn’t it be best if you got those clothes off.” Not meaning anything by it but we were both soaked in beer having done some drinking dares earlier on in the day. He groaned and said “I can’t get up.” Helping him up off the sofa I took his shirt off for him. Revealing a pretty fit body underneath. I couldn’t tuzla escort help but grin as I bent down and pulled his shoes off. I found myself topple forward onto my knees at this point. I looked up into Steve’s eyes as I undid his belt. He didn’t break eye contact as I undid his trousers. There was some kind of intense look in his eyes. As his trousers feel down around his ankles. The bulge in his tight Calvin Kleins was evident. It was directly in front of my face. “You going to look at that bulge or are you going to do something about it?” whispered Steve. Looking back up at him my mind went back to when we were in the pub when Steve was dancing with a very fit blond. I didn’t know what to say or do at this point. Steve motioned with his hand to pull them off and as an added incentive he said “I sleep naked.” Kind of knowing I had little choice I took them by the elastic at the waist and slowly lowered them over his rock hard cock. His 7″ circumcised penis bounced out and nearly smacked me in the face. Pre-cum glistening on the pee-slit. “Go on jerk me off. No one will know.” whispered Steve. It was the first time I seen Steve’s cock and I was worried that if I said no he would cause an issue at the wedding. Sam carefully put my hand around his cock. I slowly started moving my hand up and down his shaft. In doing so I could feel my own cock start to twitch in my pants. I was staring at his cock and I slowly jerked it. It’s big mushroom head with a lot of sticky tuzla escort bayan precum. Steve gave a little moan and whispered “That blond was so hot. Nice perk tits, nice tight ass. Have you got a tight ass?” Sam stopped jerking his cock and said “No ones played with it if that what your asking.” Sam wouldn’t have been so out right but it was the drink talking. Steve saying about my tight ass made my cock even harder. Sam just hoped that he wouldn’t notice. As Steve said “Your next dare is to lick my cock.””No.” Sam responded to which Steve looked disapproving and said “Sam, you want to get married, shall I call my sister out to see you on your knees with my dick in your face.” He looked in the direction of the stairs and I shook my head. “Well, do it. Imagine your that hot blond.” Reluctantly Sam took a lick of his cock. Then Steve said “Show me what my sister does when she gives you a BJ.” “Your k**ding.” Sam whispered back to which Steve shook his head. Reluctantly Sam took his cock in my mouth. He then grabbed my head and forced all 7″ down his throat and whispered “Take it all bitch.” Sam sucked his cock for ages until he pulled out and said “Best show me what you fuck my sister with Sam.” He then pulled Sam up onto his feet before saying “Strip.” Quickly pulling off his top, followed by shoes, socks, and trousers Sam’s hard cock in his tight underwear was easy to see.”See your just as horny bitch.” said Steve grabbing Sam’s cock. Sam’s cock was escort tuzla 6″ and uncut. It too was sticky with precum Steve said “Get on the bed.” Sam quickly moved onto the bed. To which Steve moved him round until he was in the doggy position”Just remember that blonde Sam. Your acting her part.” It was then Sam knew what was coming as he felt a finger at his arsehole. Then he felt Steve’s warm tongue. RImming his hot sweaty ass. It felt so good that Sam almost spunked his load there and then. Cum dripped from Sam’s cock onto the bed sheets as Steve then used some spit to lube up his cock. “Shame we don’t have lube.” commented Steve before pushing his big mushroom head cock against Sam’s tight rosebud. Then he pushed in. Each inched initially hurt but then Sam started to enjoy the sensation. Moaning softly as Steve began to fuck his virgin ass. It was when Steve’s cock was fully in that he began to fuck Sam harder. Sam could feel Steve’s cum filled balls slapping against his ass. It wasn’t long before Steve said “Bitch Im going to cum in your ass.” With a few more hard thrusts he jetted, jet after jet of hot cum into Sam’s ass. Flipping him around he grabbed Sam’s cock and jerked it a couple of times to which Sam responded in several spurts of cum. Covering Sams upper body. They lay there for a moment as Steve said “Right, off to bed you go Sam. No heading to the bathroom. I want you to remember once you marry my sister you will be my bitch to use as and when.” Sam nodded and headed off upstairs. Creeping into the bedroom his fiancee was fast asleep. Slipping under the bed covers he hoped she didn’t smell cum in the morning. While he ass slowly let Steve’s cum seep out.

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