Me and my mum part 2


Me and my mum part 2Me and my mum. Part 2.So it was Saturday morning and as u read in part 1, my mum had come down to the kitchen fully dressed, with a look of disappointment and kind of happy.Her friend and her husband came down and my mum carried on like normal. We all sat around eating breakfast and talking about what we should do, as my mums friend and her husband have never been to our town we decided to take them out and show them around. My mum decided to go get changed as she wasn’t dressed for going out.After about an hour she came downstairs looking absolutely stunning, iv never seen my mum dressed up like that before, it was almost like she was trying to out do her friend who looked gorgeous in what she was wearing, so we all went out and had a great day, I couldn’t help but check out my mums legs and how her short skirt made her bum look so good, I kept thinking about what happened last night and still thinking that I had got away with it. We stopped off at a restaurant for a birthday meal for my mum, it was really nice, we was all having a laugh and she even let me have a couple of beers with my meal, sitting opposite my mum with every opportunity I could get I looked at her tits, she had a low cut top on and a bra that pushed them up and together, I was in heaven, she caught me a couple of times looking but I quickly looked away. When we finally got home my mum and her friend opened up another bottle of wine and gave me and James a beer each, I remember thinking wow my mum never allows me to drink beer at home, but I put it down to it being her birthday and she was really happy, me and James started playing the Xbox again and left them to talk about the old times, there was a few times my mum was in tears with laughter, iv never seen her this happy in my life, kars rus escort it was good.Time was getting late and my mums friend and her husband went to bed, mum started to clear things up but I told not to worry il do it as its her birthday, she said thank u and gave me a really long hug and a kiss then went off to the shower, while I was tidying things away I kept thinking about last night and it got me all hard and horny, I didn’t want to go up to bed until my mum was finished in the shower and in bed hopefully asleep, the shower had stopped and after about 10 minutes I went up and mum was in my bed laying the same way she was the night before asleep and wearing the same nighty. Sweet if she’s wearing the same nighty that means I got away.I took my clothes off down to my boxers and put my shorts on and quietly climbed over her and on to my side of the bed, I laid there for a while thinking about last night again and I got hard instantly, I thought as I got away with it last night could I get away with it again tonight? I did the same thing, I moved around abit to see if she would wake up but she didn’t move an inch, so I edged myself close up to her and pressed my hard cock against her arse, still she hadn’t moved so I started softly dry humping her, I took my shorts off and carried on, I remember thinking that it felt a little different than last night but I didn’t take much notice of it and carried on.A few moments later I pulled my boxers down, my cock was rock solid, I was so horny, I pressed my cock back against her arse and then realised the reason it felt different was because she didn’t have her panties on, I thought shit I better pull my boxers back up, I don’t want to accidentally slide inside of her, as I moved to kars rus escort bayan pull them up I felt mums arm reach around and grabbed my arse and pulled me back against her, I started to say, mum I didn’t realise, and she said, shhh just carry on.My heart started beating faster than it ever has before, I froze. I didn’t know what to do, she told me to carry on so i did, slowly and softly as I was still in shock. She then started to push back against me with her arm still around me pulling me closer to her.After a few minutes I started to get back into it and started to enjoy it again, as I was rubbing my hard cock against my mums tight pussy I could feel how wet she was getting, i slid my hand up under her nighty and started teasing her nipples which were stiff and hard.She then reached down and put her hand around my cock and started stroking me, my cock was soaked from her wet pussy and then she guided it inside her, it felt amazing, so tight and wet, I was quite surprised that I didn’t shoot my load there and then, i started thrusting my cock slowing in and out of her, I could hear how wet she was, the squelching noise it was making every time my cock pushed inside her made me even more hornier than I was before.She was moaning really quiet so her friend and her husband didn’t wake up to the sound of her son fucking her, she took hold of my hand that was caressing ur tits and nipples and she guided it down onto her clit, she opened up her legs even wider so I could push my cock deeper inside her while my fingers were working her clit, her smooth pussy and throbbing clit felt so good as my fingers explored every part of her pussy.I started to get closer to shooting my load, my pace picked up and so did her breathing, I could rus kars escort tell she was reaching her climax, I started getting deeper and faster, pumping my cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy, she was grinding her pussy down hard on my cock, I whispered in her ear that I was ready to cum, she said she wants it inside her but I told her I didn’t have a condom on, she said that she didn’t care and that she wanted my hot cum shot deep inside her.I slid one arm underneath her body and put my hand on her tits pulling her into me and my other hand was still on her clit, I was thrusting my cock deeper, harder and faster as she was biting her lip trying to keep quiet, after a few more thrusts I started to cum and so did she, it felt amazing, both of our cum mixing together, we were both completely out of breath.Once we both stopped cumming we laid there puffing and panting, my cock still inside her and starting to go soft, after about 15 minutes I finally took my cock out of my mums wet pussy and laid on my back, I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I just fucked my mum, I lost my virginity to my mum, wow.We both fell asleep pretty soon after and didn’t speak to each other, in the morning I woke up and my mum had already got up and was cooking everyone some breakfast, I had a quick shower and went downstairs, my mum had the biggest smile on her face just like me, we all had breakfast and then my mums friend and her husband packed their things and left to go back home, after they had gone me and my mum both sat at the kitchen table, I started to say, mum about last night, and she stopped me and said that she really enjoyed it and had no regrets what so ever, that made me feel quite happy, I told her I didn’t have any regrets either and if she ever feels “lonely” again she knows where I am, she smiled and said that she’s always pretty lonely and that she will come find me.That was the first time me and my mum fucked, and it certainly wasn’t the last.Sorry it took a while but got there in the end.Again feedback is always welcome, and there’s more stories if u all want more

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