Me, Fiona , Abby Ch. 01


I was on my way over to the local shop when I saw two girls I used to go to school with sitting across the road. I decided i would go and speak to them. I shouted to them,

“Hey, how are you?”

It was Abby who replied first.

“I’m really good thanks, a bit bored though, how about you?”

I sat down next to her and Fiona and said

“Yeah I’m fine, just been sunbathing and having a swim in the pool. If you’re bored why don’t you come over, have a swim.”

It was Fiona who spoke now, “yeah that sounds like fun, just give us a wee while to get our stuff ready.”

Abby smiled as they walked off, I headed back over to my house totally forgetting what I had been going to the shop for. When I got home I gave the house a quick tidy and made my bed, I tried to make it a bit respectable. After about half an hour I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door I just stared in awe at the beautiful women before me and invited them in. Abby has medium length brown hair, quite small tits, a good ass and is about five foot six. She had on a tiny miniskirt, a pair of sandals and a skimpy t-shirt that tried it’s hardest to accentuate her tiny breasts. Fiona has long blonde hair, is about five foot eight, also has small breasts but bigger slightly than Abby’s and a really small but firmly demetevler escort rounded ass. She was wearing a pair of denim hot pants, a pair of trainers and a loose fitting white shirt. They had a bag with them.

“Hey you look … great, just follow me.”

We lay on the loungers for a while and talked about what we were all doing and who we liked, the usual shit. Abby rolled over on to her front and said,

“Hey Fiona, could you put some lotion on my back please?”

“Yeah no problem.” replied Fiona.

Fiona got up and walked over to where Abby was lying. She sat on Abby’s ass, legs astride her. She undid Abby’s bikini top and squirted some lotion into her hands. She slowly rubbed it in, I could tell they were both enjoying this by the smiles they both had on their faces.

“There how’s that, now who’s going to do mine?” Asked Fiona.

“Well I think it’s your turn.” Abby winked at me as she said this.

I got up and went over to sit down beside Fiona on the lounger. Fiona was lying on her front as well, I couldn’t help looking at her beautiful ass. I removed her bikini top and rubbed some lotion into her back. I ran my hands slowly along her sides gently massaging the sides of her tits. I moved my hands down to the small of her back and escort demetevler slowly massaged the lotion into the small of her back. I continued to move slowly down until I reached the elastic of her bikini bottoms. I desperately wanted to keep going but I resisted for now.

“How was that then?” I asked hoping she didn’t mind me touching her tit.

She smiled and said,

“That was excellent.”

I got back up and went and lay down. Everyone went silent as the heat took it’s toll on us.

About an hour later Abby sat up, her tit’s sitting pertly in front of her, and asked.

“I’m getting too hot, is it okay if I go inside and have a lie down?”

“Yeah that’s fine, I’ll show you where to go.” I got up and followed her inside. I led her upstairs towards my bedroom. When we got there she lay down on the bed. I was just walking away when she asked.

“You’re not going to leave me here alone are you?”

“What about Fiona?” Was my reply.

“She’ll be fine, she’s asleep.” She answered.

With that I pulled Abby towards me and kissed her passionately our tongues exploring each others mouths and our hands exploring each others bodies. We lay down on my bed together and I took of her bikini bottoms. I ran my tongue over her body, down demetevler escort bayan past her belly button, down to her shaved pussy. I ran my finger lightly over her lips before licking them. I feasted on her beautiful pussy, lapping at it like a thirsty dog. I sucked on her enlarged clit and licked it as vigorously as I could manage until my mouth was flooded with her beautiful pussy juice. She almost screamed as her body was wracked with pleasure. I kissed her again, she kissed all round my mouth trying to suck up all her juices.

“Now it’s your turn.” She said as she got up a few minutes later. She kissed my chest as she removed my shorts. She took my dick in her hands and gently masturbated me. She ran her tongue over the whole length of my shaft before taking the whole thing in her mouth. After a few minutes I stopped her, I was rock hard and ready to fuck. She positioned herself above my waiting cock and slowly lowered her wet pussy down onto me. With every downward push she made I thrust upwards with my cock. We were both moaning and grunting with pleasure. She rode me harder and harder, ramming her pussy down and after about five minutes I shot my load inside her, the feeling of me cumming sent her over the edge as well and she orgasmed for the second time. We both collapsed on the bed.

“Damn.” Was all I could manage to say.

After fifteen minutes, I got up.

“I’m just going to check on Fiona.”

I headed back downstairs and out to the garden.

“You okay?” I asked her as I walked towards her.

I’ll finish the rest of this story later, for now that’s all your getting!

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