me getting a big Atrikan BBC..


me getting a big Atrikan BBC..It was summer and I just gotten back to Germanyfrom a short vacation in SpainI noticed I had nothing to eat so I decided to do some shoppig..I took a shoer and put on a Dress that was just right for the hot weather it was a bit longer then the minis I usally wear I drove in to the cityFirst I went andgot somethings to drinh Case of beer,case of coca cola case of water tgen drove to the other stoe looked for a parking spot close to the stort found on not as close as I wanted but then it was Friday so I took it..I went in and was getting what I needed hadeverything and then had the Idea ofa small bar-b-Q over the week end,one of those where everxbody brings a dish of somethingso I bought some Steaks,some nice rips,some Grond beef for Hamburgers andsome hotdogs..Lpayed the things got bagged I went out side took the bags from the cart and took the cart back inside..So now I had 8 fzll shopping bagsand heeded to carrythem to the car..I picked 2 up webt opened the car put the bags inside put my purse under the front I walked back to geta few bags a Man walked up and asked if he could help in anyways ,I said yes if he would be so kind he helped carry izmir escort bayan the bags to the car I needed t arrange the bags and I bend over and heard him say softly OMG that is very nice and knew he could see my ass ( like Isaid the Dress was abut longer but still short enough to see my ass if I bend over ) Itook a look and could see his BBC was getting hard I turnedto take thelastbag fromhim and brusched my hand on his cock and pressed he drew a big breathand then I bend over to put the bag in the car and my pussy was pressed aginst his cock he said thats real nice.I stood up closed the trunk and felt his hand pushing my dress up I told him if he did he would feel the samething that he had between my legs only a snaller told him I am a Transvestit or if he perfers a Crossdresser he said He knows we moved to the arside of the car he pushed my dress up and said he wanted aQuickie I said ok i bend a little bit and he slid right in I was wet he was in me it was great then he pulled back and went in me hard and deepI moaned just as he cummed real deep in meThen I had the Idea to take him home with mehelp get the things in sideL asked him he saidsure very gladly,,we drove izmir escort bayan to my appartment and told him to brng the stuff in as he did that I was unpcking and putting things away he brought the meat in that I put in the fridge ..then we where done I ask if he would like a coca-cola or abeeror a water..he said a beer would be nce I told him to go take a seat in the living room I would be there in a minute..I went in the livng room with 2 beers I took a drink of my beer andsaid I would be back in a minute,went in to the bedroom and changed it to one of my house dreses it was real short barly coverd my ass I went back into the living room and sat next to him on the couchwe had the television on and the he started kissing me long deep intesiv tounge kisseshe had his hand uner my dress and was strocking my little dickkliti he got it hard then his hand was on my pussy he put 2 fingers in me I was still wet and dripping his spema out,I had my hand on his BBC got it hard..He stoodup and took his shorts off and his under wear and I saw a beuriful BBC long and thick now I saw how long it wasI creaned on his fingers ad he just pushed a little and his hand was deep in my pussy I creamed agin..then he said suck me baby I tried to get it in my mouth but he was to bigso I was licking and he jacked off and then said open up I did and he shot a big hot load of cum in my mouth and I swalloed all of it..then we took a break.we drank are beers and I led him to my bedroom,he heleped me out of my dress I layed down in bed he got in next to me he was hard aginHe got between my legs and lifted them then haasked me ich I like BBC I told him I love BBC he said that I am one of those TV=CD that need BBC in are pussy then he was in me real deep fucking me my pussy was dripping pussy juice I was cummig like a River then I felt his BBC jerking and pumping hot cum in my pussy he said yes just what you need now you get more hu stayed hard and fuck me aginafter he cummed agin he got up and took a shower I did the same cleaned my self up..he asked if I would drive him nome so I fiyed my make up and drove him home a big house standing in front were lots of black guyshe told me his name is Pete and asked for my cellphone number..he told them that I am a guy asked him If I am Gay I said more then I should be Pete said he is Gay just like most of the guys we were talking tohe got out and I drove home..We meet once in awhile I have also had Dates with a few of his Friendsneyt time I go there they wand me to come in the house wait and see..

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