Me , Mrs. Claus


Every year in December Mrs. Claus made a trip from the North Pole to here in sunny Florida. Like Santa, she needed a break away from everything going on in the North Pole. It was several years ago when I met her and we started our affair.

Now I know what you are thinking; how can I be interested in some old woman? Well let me tell you Mrs. Claus isn’t an old woman, at least not in appearance. I don’t know how she has stayed so young looking, but hey I’m not complaining. Ever since our first encounter, she has made it a point to stop at my house and every year I have looked forward to it.

A knock at my door made me jump up from my chair. I knew it was her and I was overly excited. I open the door to see Mrs. Clause wearing a tight little red teddy.

“Merry Christmas!” she shouts.

“Speaking of which,” I say, my voice thick with desire.

She walks in and kisses me. She lingers on the kiss for several long minutes before breaking away and walking into the living room. I guess the long year apart drove her mad as well. She unzips the teddy and lets it fall to the floor before spinning around in front of the fire place toward me. Her eyes are pinned by my gaze at her slender, sexy body. She shivers and takes a deep breath and I know it’s from the heat in my eyes. My gaze drops to her perfectly set breasts. Her nipples are already as my rock hard as my cock.

I close the door and peel off my clothes as I walk over to her. I press my lips against hers in a deep, lingering kiss. This time she pushes her tongue into my mouth in a more controlled manner. I wrap my tongue around hers, tasting her. My hands push her back against the wall next to the fire place. They slide up to her breasts, softly squeezing them. Our kiss grows stronger, harder and more passionate.

Mrs. Claus reaches down between our bodies to rub her fingers against my cock. It feels great in her loving hands. She breaks away from the kiss to look down. “I’ve waited all year long for you,” she says almost sadly.

“Hasn’t Mr. Claus been taking care of you?” I ask.

“He’s not the man that you are. Nor is he as big as you.” She drops to her knees and leans forward, slipping her mouth over the head of my cock. As she slowly lower her mouth down me, I moan softly.

“Lucky me,” I say.

“No, lucky me,” Mrs. Claus corrects as pendik escort bayan she pulls her lips back to the tip of my cock.

She takes me back into her mouth and increases the speed of her movement. She slides her lips along my shaft while sucking firmly on me. At the same time she rubs her hand up and down the base of my cock. I moan deeply as I wrap my fingers in her hair.

“Oh, yes that feels good,” I say. “Keep that up and I’ll be cumming soon.”

She continues to suck on me vigorously, sliding her lips along my shaft. Then my cock begins to throb in her mouth. I grip her hair tighter, pushing her further onto my cock. “I’m going to cum,” I hiss.

A second later I am cumming, blasting her throat with hot, sticky cum. She gives a startled squeal as I fill her mouth. I let out a deep moan of pleasure as I pump squirt after squirt into her tiny mouth. As soon as I finish cumming I pull her to her feet. I could see her swallow the last bit and she licks her lips clean just before I kiss her again. I press my lips hard onto hers and then slip my tongue into her mouth, tasting my own cum.

“Mrs. Claus, that was fantastic,” I say almost excitedly.

She smiles and I take one of her luscious breasts into my mouth. She gasps sharply at the feel of my lips around her breast. I move from breast to breast, licking and sucking. I am in heaven as it has been a whole year since I’ve gotten to suck on Mrs. Claus’ breasts. They are the most perfect, rounded breasts I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. I focused on her two hard nipples, licking and sucking on them. I could be happy to spend the rest of the night just sucking on them, but I couldn’t because I only get to see her once a year.

I drop to my knees in front of her and push her legs apart to plant a soft kiss on her pussy. Mrs. Claus spreads them open even further for me as she looks down. Her face is full of anticipation in what I was about to do. Her eyes flash with both lust and need and I’m not going to deprive her of either. I kiss her pussy again and then run my tongue up the outer lips. Mrs. Claus gives a soft hiss. I reach up and use my fingers to part her lips, then press my face against her and begin licking. I push my tongue into her pussy, causing her to moan softly again. I can feel her leaning against the wall ataşehir escort and she lifts one leg up onto my shoulder to give me better access.

I take the opportunity to lick deeply into her, tasting her juices as I do. Mrs. Claus’ moans grow deeper and I can feel her pushing herself into my face. I move upward with my tongue to flick her clit with it and when I do Mrs. Claus lets out a sharp cry. I smile to myself and flick her clit again. This time the cry is at an even higher pitch than before. I run my tongue over her clit with more rapid movement. I run my tongue over it and around it, circling it rapidly so that my tongue never loses contact. Mrs. Claus’ cries are cries of passion and pleasure.

“Yes, yes!” she cries. “More please!”

I reach up to cup one of her breasts, squeezing it firmly and twisting the nipple between my fingers. Mrs. Claus gasps and then moans. She pushes her body harder against my face. I know she is about to cum so I push two fingers into her pussy, sliding them rapidly in and out of her. I feel her body react as her pussy tightens around them.

Yes, yes!” she gasps as her orgasm hits her. I quickly pull my fingers away and replace them with my tongue. I lick as she cums, tasting all of her juices as they pour freely from her pulsating pussy. Mrs. Claus makes repeated cries of passion as her orgasm sweeps over her. I lick until I feel it die down. As I stand back up, I hook her leg off my shoulder into my hand. Quickly I position myself against her. My cock pushes at her entrance before I ram it up into her, thrusting my cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh god!” she squeals as I ram it up into her.

I pull out and slam it in again and again, repeatedly ramming my cock deep into her pussy. Mrs. Claus gasps, crying out from the sensations I cause. I, myself, moan softly as I feel her tight, warm pussy open around me, squeezing my cock with each thrust.

“Mrs. Claus, you feel so fucking good,” I gasp.

“Ohhh, I love your cock,” she says back to me.

I lean forward, kissing her hard and she kisses back, curling her tongue around mine. I feel her push forward to meet my thrusts. As my cock pushes deeper and deeper with each thrust it feels like I am hitting a wall inside her. Each thrust make her shake and cry out in pleasure.

“Yes, of god yes,” kadıköy escort she squeals. “I’m going to cum all over your hard cock!”

Her body shutters against mine and I feel her juices soak my cock. I continue to thrust hard into her as she cums, adding to her pleasure and sending ripples of ecstasy through her. I slide my hands down tot grip her ass and lift her off the floor. I carry her over to the couch, dropping her on her back. Mrs. Claus lies gasping at the orgasm’s final tingles.

I stand between her legs, starring down at her. My cock rests against her thigh as I reach up to reverently run my hands over her breasts. Reaching down between her thighs, Mrs. Claus takes hold of my cock. If feels slick as she rubs her fingers along my shaft. I look down at her with eyes burning with lust as she puts her hands to her mouth to lick off the juices. I reach for her, pulling her toward me. My cock presses against her pussy and with a hard thrust I am in her again.

If my thrusts were hard before, they were nothing compared to now. I slam into her, pushing my cock totally into her. Each thrust rams me as far inside her pussy as I can possibly go. She gasps hard with each thrust to the point of me taking her breath away.

“Mrs. Claus, you are so fucking tight,” I grunt between thrusts.

Mrs. Claus can only moan in reply. The force of my thrusts has taken the power of speech from her. Mrs. Claus’ pussy feels like a molten fire around my cock. She writhes on the couch, crying out in pleasure as I bring her to the edge of another orgasm.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Mrs. Claus screams as her body shutters beneath me.

Her orgasm is so strong she screams wildly and rolls and twists on the couch. I have to grip her hips to hold her down as I continue to ram into her. I fuck her hard and fast through her orgasm, not letting up once.

“I’m going to cum,” I gasp and she pulls her thighs tight around me.

“Yes, cum in me baby!” she yells.

With one final hard thrust I slam my cock up into her. My cock bursts spewing forth my collective seed into her. The sensation jolts her orgasm back into full passion. She cries out as the orgasm sweeps through her. I can feel my cock being coated with her lovely juices once more. I remain stiff for several seconds, before pulling out of her and collapsing atop of her. Mrs. Claus lies still, gasping hard for breath.

We lay entangled on the couch for what seems like forever before Mrs. Claus gets up and dresses. She leans in to kiss me long and hard and passionately and then says, as she pulls away, “I will see you next Christmas.

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