Me, My Best Friend and a Stranger


I went to Portugal for a long weekend, partly to conclude a business deal for some sex toy products I’m importing (that’s another story), and partly to stay with Eliza, a girl I’d met about eight years earlier.

We became very close friends, but considering we had seen each other every few months for years, even when she was married, we hadn’t had the opportunity to get together for almost a year now, so I was really excited to see her again.

Eliza lived in a beautiful house near Tavira, on the Portuguese Algarve coast. She’s beautiful in every way; kind and generous with a great body and a natural swagger that I find incredibly sexy.

I’m bi-curious, and I secretly flirt with Eliza even though I know she’s not into me in the same way. I love it when she looks me up and down, although it’s sometimes in distaste, rolling her eyes at my mad antics – again!

I’d taken an early flight on the Monday so I could get the business side of things sorted in Faro. Then I jumped in a taxi to Eliza’s house, arriving mid-afternoon, full of anticipation and really looking forward to kicking back and catching up with everything. What I wasn’t expecting, when I arrived, was that Eliza had a lodger now; Rafael. He’s early 30s, tall, swarthy, fit as fuck and smoulderingly sexy. Meeting him for the first time made me slightly giddy, and I can’t deny feeling an immediate tingle when he said hello in his deep, Portuguese accent. He looked straight into my eyes, took my hand and kissed me on both cheeks. Phew!

The weather was typically Portuguese: hot, sunny and dry, so we spent lots of time outside in the sun making cocktails and drinking wine throughout the afternoon, and I very quickly eased into the chilled, holiday vibe. We had a great BBQ on the first evening and were generally getting pretty loaded. It was fabulous.

I’m very comfortable with my body and quite relaxed about what I wear (or perhaps how little I wear), so Eliza was used to me lounging around in skimpy clothing, bare feet and not wearing a bra under loose-fitting tops. Still, I’m pretty sure it was a pleasant surprise for Raf.

I love to show-off and be flirty, maybe tease a little with a cheeky up-skirt or down-the-top view, especially with a hot stranger. It’s such a turn-on for me (it doesn’t take much) and it always makes me feel really good about myself.

Eliza and I are very comfortable together and, being girls, if you’re reasonably body-confident, as we both are, it’s easy to undress and maybe even be naked in front of each other. We’d never had a problem with this as we were forever getting changed to go to, or from, the beach or a club.

I would always ask what she thought of my new, sexy knickers, or a skimpy bikini. In fact, I’ve even asked if she likes how I look after I’ve shaved my pussy. I mean, not full-on legs open – just standing in front of her, feet apart, standing tall and tanned, hands-on-hips doing my best Superwoman pose. My inner lips are clearly visible especially when I’m fully shaved, and I love that I can get her to look at me down there. It’s very cheeky, I know, but it gets me pretty worked up, allowing me to fantasise about what it might turn into. Nothing, obviously, but I can have my fantasies, and she never suspects.

Anyway, the day wore on into the late evening, and we decided to move inside. By 11:30pm, we were all watching a not-very-interesting film on Netflix and trying hard to stay awake.

I popped upstairs for a pee and decided to get ready for bed. Feeling a bit horny again, the temptation to spice things up a bit was too great. I had a quick shower, pinching my nipples to make them hard and running my fingers over my pussy, teasing my clit. I towel-dried myself and put on a cream camisole top that came down to just below my bum, and the smallest pair of string knickers I could find – no bra and bare-foot.

The camisole was pure silk and fitted, so it clung to my body like a second skin – I might as well have been naked for all it was showing and my nipples were clearly visible. I felt fantastic and sexy as it looked really good on me, especially with my tan.

I breezed back into the lounge as though nothing had changed. Raf’s eyes lit up. Eliza looked shocked and said, “Fucking hell Bree, could you have worn any less?”

“Sorry, hun,” I said. “I just thought I’d get ready for bed and chill. You know me.” She just raised her eyebrows and shook her head. She knew how much I liked to flirt.

The combination of the slinky, silk top and probably too much alcohol was making me feel unbelievably horny now. I thought maybe I’d gone a bit too far in front of Eliza this time, especially on the first night and with Raf there. It must have been so bloody obvious I was doing it for his benefit. Oh well.

We sat and watched the film, but all I could think about was Raf’s eyes burning into me, and what I’d like him to do to me, so I was shifting around in my armchair, flashing my knickers when I could. kartal escort I even lifted one leg over the arm of the chair, dangling my barefoot, and this was beginning to really turn me on.

An hour passed and Eliza decided to go to bed, leaving Raf and me to watch the film. I got up to hug her and kissed her goodnight.

Within five minutes, Raf & I were ignoring the film and were talking. He’s well educated and speaks perfect English with a deep, gravelly Portuguese accent.

We talked about all sorts, from home life to work, culture and relationships. Inevitably the conversation got around to sex, mainly because we’re both single ‘nomads’. I have no filter when it comes to talking about sex, especially when I’ve had a lot to drink, and Raf was soon to discover I’m pretty open about it and very graphic.

I told him I’d been with Nick, my now ex-boyfriend, for a couple of years and that we generally had sex eight to ten times a week.

Looking pretty shocked and said “Seriously? I mean, really?”

I said, “I just love making love. It’s so much fun.”

He asked where I got the energy to have so much sex.

I said, “I really don’t know. I just love being fucked every which way. Some days I get the urge as soon as I wake up and I can feel horny all day. I love the feeling of a hard cock inside me, and the orgasms are amazing. Being fucked usually makes me come really hard, but soon after I just start getting horny again. Maybe I’m a nymphomaniac.”

We laughed, and I suddenly felt a bit self-conscious that I was already talking really dirty and swearing a lot, especially considering he was a complete stranger.

He didn’t seem to mind (he’s a man, of course) and it felt like it was adding to my flirting.

“Fortunately, Nick’s got incredible stamina. He’ll often be fucking me for like 15 or 20 minutes, like a steam train! I get wet really quickly though so I can keep going for ages, and I have the most amazing full-on, leg-shaking orgasms.

“We slept naked and would often wake up cuddling. Most mornings he’d have a semi-hard-on, and I couldn’t stop myself from stroking his cock and balls. I loved making him hard while he was sleepy, and he usually responded by fingering me to make me really wet and then I’d end-up straddling him for a good-morning fuck.

“We both loved him coming inside me as he never wore a condom. I’m on the pill, so it was fine and, although I love watching a guy shoot his cum over my body or my face, it also feels amazing when a guy fucks you hard and comes inside. I have the best orgasms that way – they’re more intense, feeling so natural like that.”

Raf said, “Does all that sex make you sore?”

“No, because I get so wet that it’s never a problem. I mean I don’t squirt or anything, well I haven’t yet!, but I’m wet right from the start, and sometimes it literally runs down my thighs.” I said, laughing. “I’ve been acutely aware of how nice it felt to make myself come for as long as I can remember. I always had my fingers down my knickers stroking my clit, or even inside me bringing myself off, and I’ve kind of craved orgasms ever since. In the past couple of years though I seem to have reached my sexual peak and I just want sex constantly. My God, I really do love fucking sooo much.”

I hadn’t had any sex for a few weeks, so I was really enjoying teasing Raf as it was making me feel hornier than ever. With the alcohol, I wasn’t entirely in control of my moral compass, and I was purposely talking really dirty, swearing a lot and exaggerating everything as I wanted to get him worked up. I desperately wanted him to fuck me now.

“You must play with yourself a lot then, especially when Nick wasn’t around?” He said.

“All the time Raf. Nothing’s changed, I still love fingering my pussy and playing with my clit, it’s fantastic. Honestly, I masturbate all the time and anywhere I can get away with it. At home, sunbathing in the garden, on the beach, at work.

“At home, I’m always naked and forever sliding something up inside my pussy and even up my arse for that matter – anything that buzzes or vibrates and will make me come.

“Last weekend I bought a Lovense Lush. It’s basically a small, oval-shaped vibrator that you insert into your pussy, and it’s controlled from a mobile phone – by you or anyone else.

“When I got home, I could feel I was already getting wet thinking about using it. I stripped off naked, slid it right up inside my pussy and switched it on. I was turning the intensity up and down on my phone and changing the vibrations. It felt amazing, so I left it buzzing away inside me and started doing housework, getting more and more worked up. I lasted about 15 minutes before I started to come, so I turned it right down again to stop me from coming. I kept doing that, edging myself, for about an hour. In the end, I had to give in as I could hardly walk, and the intervals between almost coming were getting shorter and shorter. pendik escort Eventually, I laid back on the sofa with my legs wide apart, picked up my mobile and kept playing with the settings, speeding up and slowing down the vibrations, until I had a mind-blowing orgasm.”

“Now that’s something I’d love to be in control of,” he said cheekily.

Rafael had slouched in the armchair with his legs slightly apart. Even in the low light, his stiff cock was very obvious under his thin trousers. He must have been at bursting point listening to my stories. I looked straight at the bulge in his crotch, raised my eyebrows and smiled.

He just said, “So tell me, what exactly is it you can do with your fingers that no-one else can do for you? I mean, I know being a girl you know exactly what you want but hasn’t anyone been able to match your own fingers? Male or female?”

“Female?” I exclaimed, pretending to be shocked. “Maybe,” I said, with a wink.

“It’s all about my gorgeous clit. That little girl is unbelievably sensitive, and she likes to be treated like a flower – gently. It’s not rock hard like your cock is now,” I said, covering my mouth and laughing at what I’d said. He just smiled and shifted in his chair.

“I mean you can’t just grab hold of it and rub, although some guys do. No, she needs gentle stroking, caressing and teasing, sometimes along the sides, sometimes on top, sometimes just inside, you know. That’s why it’s so easy for us girlies to masturbate anywhere as we can get-off just stroking our lovely clits.”

I took a slug of wine from my glass and, feeling much braver now I was already baring my soul to him, I lifted my other leg up over the opposite arm of the chair, so my legs were now properly wide apart, bare feet dangling in the air, flexing my toes. I pulled the waistband of my low-cut knickers down over my shaved mound, just exposing the top of my lips and I started stroking my clit under the material.

“When I’m feeling horny, all I have to do is slip my fingers into my knickers, pull my lips back and I can stroke my clit for ages without anyone noticing. It’s so fucking nice too; I have waves of intense feelings come over me. I love it sooo much.”

Rafael was clearly very good at teasing me by getting me to talk more. He’d quickly worked-out that the more he got me talking – and talking filthy – the more turned-on I became.

He looked down at my crotch as I was stroking my clit inside my knickers, smiled and said, “So what about inside? You do go inside too, don’t you?”

“Definitely.” I said. “I love to feel pretty-much anything inside me that fits: hairbrush handles, bananas, carrots, courgettes. Oh and cucumbers – oh my God cucumbers are unbelievable. I was looking online for videos on female masturbation, and I saw this vaginal cleansing thing, so I just had to try it. You start by peeling off the green skin about seven or eight inches, and you taper the end, so it’s easy to slide inside yourself. Cucumbers are cold and juicy but stay really hard even when you’re fucking yourself. It does disintegrate after a while and makes a right slushy mess but, oh my God, it is so amazing AND… my pussy tastes utterly amazing afterwards. Seriously it’s fucking incredible.”

“Earlier, you said you’re bi-curious.”

“Well, ok, I have experimented a bit. Some women, like Eliza, are just so gorgeous and sexy it’s impossible not to want to fuck them.”

“Hang on, what, you and Eliza?”

“No, no, only in my dreams. But I would given a chance. She’s so beautiful, and her body is to die for. I often think about her when I’m masturbating.

“Where I live in the UK, I used to have a neighbour called Jenny. She lived directly opposite me. I didn’t really know her that well, only to say hi to, and I also had no idea she was a lesbian.

“She was always inviting me over for a drink, but I never went. Then one day I guess I started getting curious when I was feeling really horny, and I’d already drunk a bottle of wine during the afternoon, so I thought ‘fuck it’ and just went with the flow and invited myself over there.

“She was so delighted, and we spent the entire evening together. We must have drunk two or three bottles of wine between us into the early hours. We ended up talking about sex; what we like, who we’ve fucked and all that. Then we got on to how we masturbate, when we do it, what we use, and stuff like that.

“I have to admit that I love talking about sex with strangers as I like being really graphic and seeing if I can shock them. I think you probably know that by now, don’t you?

“Anyway, I was still feeling quite horny, but she was a bit too curvy for me and just sooo not my lesbian fantasy. Despite that, and I’m not sure how this happened, but I somehow ended-up completely naked lying backwards over her bean-bag, hands on the floor above my head, legs wide apart with her pushing the neck of an empty wine bottle up my pussy and playing kurtköy escort with my clit!

“Honestly, I’ve no fucking idea how we got that far, and it was all a bit weird, but I was so pissed that I was seriously enjoying it. Maybe it felt kinky or out of bounds, I don’t know, but it just felt amazing being wanked and fucked by a woman I hardly knew.

“You enjoyed it then? Raf said.

“Way too much, I think. Jenny was sliding this bottle in and out, and the ridge around the top of the bottle felt fucking brilliant as it rubbed inside my pussy. I was so wet, and I must have come about three or four times. As I was getting more worked-up and clearly enjoying myself, she pulled the bottle out and started fingering me. She had two or three fingers deep inside me and was sucking my clit too.

“I could feel myself coming, and I did shriek out as she sucked my clit like nobody else had ever done. I had the most amazing orgasms, one after another. We carried on for ages with her licking, sucking, fingering my pussy and shoving all sorts of things inside me. I was so pissed though and feeling so horny I just didn’t care, and I let her do whatever she wanted to me.

“Like I said, she really didn’t do anything for me physically and, although I was drunk, I wasn’t quite drunk enough to return the favour. I certainly wasn’t going to suck her pussy, not that I haven’t sucked a woman’s pussy before y’know.” …as I winked at him again. “I just let her masturbate in front of me while I fingered myself to another orgasm. Of course, if she’d been gorgeous and slim like Eliza is I would definitely have fucked her senseless all night.”

Rafael was facing me with his legs apart and was now holding his cock through his shorts.

He said, “I think we should have some fun, don’t you?”

I didn’t need asking twice; I was on fire. My legs were still wide apart over the arms of the chair, and my knickers were pulled tight over my pussy as I slid forward. I cupped my pussy over and said, “You need to come over here and lick my pussy, right now.”

I lifted my bottom off the chair, hooked my fingers under my knickers and slid them down over my hips. Rafael knelt between my legs and took over, pulling my knickers down over my feet, just stopping briefly to caress my toes. I pulled my top up and over my head and then flopped back in the chair, now completely naked.

I shuffled down a bit more so my lower back was on the edge of the seat, and my whole crotch was fully exposed. I think my pussy looks pretty good. I’m completely shaved, and my soft, pink inner lips protrude obviously through my outer lips. My inner lips naturally began to open up for him as I put my finger on my mound just above my clit and pulled back, sighing at the tingling sensation as my clit began to come out from hiding.

I was giddy with alcohol, too much sun, all this dirty sex talk and now lying naked, legs wide apart in front of this Latin hunk who I knew was going to fuck me hard very soon.

Raf smiled at me and moved forward, lowering his mouth gently onto my pussy, delicately tracing his tongue around the edges of my outer labia, flicking my inner lips. He flicked my clit with the tip of his tongue and moved slowly down to the sensitive, soft perineum between my pussy and anus. I moved my hands down and pulled my pussy open for him as I wanted him to sink his tongue inside me. Instead, he licked his finger and gently eased it between my lips and inside me, all the way till his knuckles were hard against my crotch.

Then he closed his lips over my clit and sucked it hard into his mouth. The sensation was incredible, and I thought I was going to come there and then. But no, he stopped, looked up and winked at me saying, “Not yet baby. All in good time.”

For fifteen minutes he teased me with his tongue and fingers, bringing me closer and closer to the edge over and over again until I could hardly contain myself as he sucked on my pussy and pushed his tongue in and out. I pulled his head hard into my crotch, his prickly beard stabbing my delicate, sensitive pussy and clit, making me shudder with painful pleasure.

I was properly moaning and groaning. I’m surprised Eliza couldn’t hear me. Or maybe she could, who knows.

“Oh my God I’m coming Raf, please let me come, don’t stop, please, let me come.” I begged him.

This time he continued licking, sucking and fingering me, deeper and deeper, until I couldn’t hold back anymore and literally had to muffle my scream as I went higher and higher into the most intense orgasm I’d had in a long while.

As Raf stopped and sat back, I was literally gasping for breath, my legs shaking as I pulled my knees into my chest, letting the orgasm subside. I had the biggest grin on my face as I let my legs go, and my feet fall to the floor. Raf just smiled at me and said “Amazing and beautiful.”

I lifted my foot up towards his face and put my toes on his lips. He opened his mouth and sucked my toes in, licking all around them. I lifted my other foot and pressed it against his cock through his thin joggers, curling my toes around his shaft and gently sliding up and down as he continued to suck my toes individually and then with all of them in his mouth.

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