Me ‘n’ Jake


I never dreamed that the hottest sexual experience I would ever have would be with another guy, but there it is. It happened between me and my friend, Jake, both in our mid-20’s.

We got together early one Sunday at Jake’s house, planning to repaint every room in his house. Our girlfriends had gone off to the mall to shop redecorating ideas for Jake’s house. His girlfriend, Sonja, was soon to be moving in.

Jake provided an ice-chest full of cold beer for our repainting project. After a couple of hours of drinking beer and painting, Jake and I took a break and settled on the couch to watch a little NFL action on television. Jake fell asleep soon thereafter, and I followed.

After awhile, I awoke, perspiring, and terribly horny, with a big erection.

My girlfriend and I hadn’t had sex in several days because she was uncomfortable about sex during her period. I opened my eyes and observed that Jake, too, had a big erection hanging out of his nylon shorts. I had no idea he was so hung! His was the picture of the perfect penis– thick and smooth, with an engorged head.

I moved the head of my (comparatively, modestly-sized) penis out of the bottom of my cutoff jeans and began softly rubbing the underside of my warm glans with my fingertips. Seeing that Jake was dead asleep (he had been up late the previous night), and feeling so aroused, I got up, stood behind the couch (it was in the middle of the room) and began furiously, but quietly, beating my now rock-hard meat while looking at his great cock. My plan was to cum hastily in my hand, wash up, and return, undetected, to the couch, to watch the game. If he awoke while I was whacking, I could just covertly stuff my dick back in my shorts, pretend I was on my way to the bathroom, and surreptitiously finish Ankara escort masturbating there.

Although an avowed heterosexual, I found Jake’s tumescent cock irresistible. Maybe it was all the beers I had drunk, but I felt overwhelmingly, helplessly, compelled to touch it.

I reached over and tentatively ran the index finger of my left hand softly up and down the underside of his cock, marveling at its heat, while gripping my own in my right. Jake reacted with a quiet moan and whispered a broken-off version of Sonja’s name.

I backed away for a minute.

Then, using some of my copious pre-ejaculate fluid, I resumed rubbing Jake’s cock lightly, off and on, carefully, so as not to awaken him. After a few minutes, a big, clear drop of precum emerged from its slit.

My face flush, and my heart thumping in my chest, I listened acutely for the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway. I became very light-headed, intoxicated by the pure, raw lust that was driving me to take such a risk to my reputation and to a long friendship.

Just when I was becoming as terrified as I was excited by my unprecedented behavior, Jake suddenly awoke to the sight of my hand on his cock. He recoiled for a split-second, but my startled fear immediately dissolved into relief when he closed his eyes and began chuckling softly and derisively in his half-awake state.

“Hey, keep going, dude. It’s not the first time,” he said, enigmatically.

“Well, I… I… I…,” I stammered.

“Hey, dude, you started it!” he interrupted. “Now, what’m I supposed to do with this?” he taunted, pointing at the monstrosity that was resting against his leg. He lifted his cock and threw it down in mock disgust; it flopped, with a loud slap, against his abdomen.

I hesitated, unsure Ankara escort bayan for the moment about what was to happen next, until Jake lifted his ass off the couch and stripped his shorts off, exposing his naked, buff body. My heart leaped. Rapturous anticipation flooded my bloodstream with adrenaline as I stepped around in front of Jake, kneeled, and began slowly stroking his monster cock with my fist. Then, perhaps misguided by macho, I tightened my grip and started jerking his erection fast and hard.

“No, man, slow down and loosen up,” he directed, almost whispering, his eyes still closed.

I complied, and, after awhile, he began producing so much precum that I was able to grasp the base of his penis with one hand, stretching it tight, and lubricate his long hardness rhythmically and loosely with the other, for a long, long time as he, all the while, moaned contentedly. Jake reached down to my own dripping erection, still protruding from the leg-hole of my shorts, reddened and petrified by the constriction; and he began kneading and stroking it, but I was so focused on pleasuring him that I almost resented the distraction. However, I seized the opportunity to drop my shorts, and, pushing my crotch up close to his, I started rubbing our lubricated erections together, astounded at how aroused I was, and at how much I was getting into this. I surrounded both of our cocks firmly in both of my hands, forcing them side to side across each other, in an ecstatic pas-de-deux, continuing this technique for several minutes.

I sensed that Jake was about to let loose. He was breathing briskly and heavily. His whole body tensed and his pelvis arced upward.

“Oh, man… oh, man… OH, MAN! he repeated. I released my grip on us and singly fisted his stiff cock Escort Ankara very slowly and tightly, urging his orgasm out of him. He stopped breathing, then shuddered while his dick spasmed in my hand so violently that I could barely hang on, ejecting seemingly unending streams of pearly white semen onto his smooth, rippled chest, belly and pubic hair.

“OHHH, yeah… OHH, yeah… OH, yeah,” he repeated. His breathtaking exhibition ended with a long, loud moan as he sank back into the cushions of the couch, signaling his depletion.

Jake feebly, charitably, groped blindly for my cock (which was so hard now that, although I was leaning forward, was pressing into my abdomen), but I impatiently grabbed it myself. It was pleasurably painful for me to bring my dick perpendicular to my torso so that I could jack it.

“Go ahead and shoot on me ,” Jake whispered, hoarsely.

Eyes closed, and still grabbing for my dick, Jake grasped my hand, fortuitously placing his thumb under my glans and, a few seconds later, I intensely poured out one of my biggest cum-loads ever over his hand and penis while he massaged it into his fading erection, my moans of ecstasy mingled with his encouraging, “Yeah, yeah, yeah”s.*

Seeing that Jake was completely, physically wasted, I fetched a warm, soapy, damp hand towel from the bathroom and wiped us both clean. We got dressed, watched the end of the football game and dispassionately continued to paint his house, our girlfriends none the wiser.

Jake later suggested that he and I and our young friend, Billy go for a fishing weekend at his dad’s lake cabin the following weekend. Will Billy be an impediment or an experiment? I wonder.

*I describe my orgasm here as part of this experience even though I consider it to be, in hindsight, almost irrelevantly incident to the premiere experience (I would have happily “done” Jake without reciprocation) of sexually pleasuring (this time) a man, something I, now proudly, happen to have known a little something about.

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