Me, Sis and the Hot-tub Ch. 02


If you’re looking hot and heavy sex, then this is NOT the story for you.

It’s a slow moving and gentle story.

It’s an easy and light read about a family exploring their exhibitionism.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment.


Gwen stood up and stepped out of the tub, put on her robe and led mom to her room. She appeared moments later, dis-robed and climbed back in. I was so shocked by what had happened I missed the usual show of her getting back in.

“What are we going to do now?” I asked Gwen.

“John, we’ve done nothing wrong. OK we’re naked but that isn’t wrong. Unusual yes, but not wrong.”

“I know we’ve done nothing wrong sis, but is mom going to get naked? Are we going to see her boobs and pussy? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

“Just try not to stare like you did at mine at first,” she said with a wicked smile.

My real head was trying not to panic, whilst my other head was starting to enjoy the prospect of what might happen. I hoped my other head wouldn’t embarrass me and get stiff.

A few minutes later mom emerged wearing an old robe of Gwen’s. Was she naked or just topless? I’d soon find out.

She stopped where we had hung our robes, faced away and took hers off. She was NAKED. Oh f**k.

She had the same body shape as Gwen, nice wide hips except being older her ass cheeks sagged a little. Then she turned. Her boobs were saggy and in their heyday were probably a B/C cup but her nipples were extremely long and as the cool air hit them, they grew and just like Pinocchio’s nose they just seemed to get longer and longer. My eyes were glued to them and I’m sure my mouth must have dropped open. She sort of hesitated as if unsure how to get in. Gwen and I instinctively stood up and helped her step in and sit down. As she stepped in I couldn’t help but notice that her pubic hair spread like a thick carpet across her groin. Thick and lush. When she sat down her eyes were level with and directly looking at my cock which was embarrassingly starting to re-act the way cocks do when they see bare boobs and hairy pussies, even if they do belong to your mother. I hastily sat down not wanting to become totally embarrassed.

There was a silence that seemed to stretch for an eternity, but wasn’t, before anyone spoke.

“What did you call for mom?” I asked tentatively. “Anything in particular?”

“Well as I was nearby I thought I’d drop by and see how Gwen’s building work was going. I certainly wasn’t expecting this.”

Gwen and I exchanged worried glances. We were probably thinking the same thing. What’s she going to say or do? Finally mom dealt with the elephant in the room.

“Listen you two. Since I’m naked too and sitting in the tub with you, then I can’t be offended by what’s happening. So relax, I’m not mad. You’re both consenting adults; well we are all consenting adults. Nudity isn’t a bad thing. Can we put the jets on? I’d like to see what it feels like.”

I turned them on and mom let out a little squeal. I’m guessing it hit her right on the pussy. She moaned slightly and visibly relaxed. Was she masturbating with the jet too? No, she wouldn’t dare; would she? She closed her eyes and once again Gwen and I exchanged a glance. Her breathing quickened and her face flushed red. Then she let out a gasp before opening her eyes and sitting up straighter.

“Sorry about that,” she whispered. “That was nice.”

“Mom, you didn’t!!” said a very shocked Gwen.

“And if I did?” laughed mom. “Loosen up people and close your mouth John.”

I did as I was told.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t done that too?” continued mom.

To protect Gwen I answered by saying no.

“I suppose it would be messy,” said mom looking at me.

“Where had this woman hidden my real mother?” I wondered.

“Anyway,” she continued. “How are the renovations going sweetheart?”

“All is on schedule and going to plan.”

“That’s great news. Does that mean you’ll be moving back in in a few weeks?”

“Yes three weeks from now.”

Suddenly that thought saddened me. I’d be on my own again in three weeks.

“Will you miss her?” asked mom, “or are you looking forward to getting your own space back?”

“Of course I’ll miss her. I’ve enjoyed the company.”

“I’m sure you have if you’ve been doing this,” joked mom.

“Mom!!” chided Gwen.

Mom just laughed. I think she was enjoying our embarrassment.

“Have you ever done this before?” I asked her.

“No,” she replied, “but I have often thought about it.”

“Naked hot-tubbing?” asked Gwen.

“No not naked hot-tubbing per se, just nudity, naturism, skinny-dipping, nude beaches, that sort of thing. But I was never brave enough to try and now with these saggers,” she said as she cupped her droopy breasts, “who’d want to see them?”

“Great nipples though.” Did I really say that out loud? Oh f**k.

“Thank you, sweetie. Nice of you to say,” she said as she pinched and then pulled on them making them even longer. My cock twitched and I hope, since she beylikdüzü escort was sitting opposite me, that she couldn’t see it growing.

“They used to be firm and pert like yours Gwen, but age, two kids and breast feeding didn’t help. But it did help the nipples,” she said with a grin as she pulled on them again.

This time she did notice.

“Well someone likes the view,” she said as she looked directly at my cock and her comment and stare didn’t help either as I just got stiffer.

“Tea, coffee anyone?” I asked as I climbed out past mom with my stiff cock almost hitting her in the face.

“Be careful where you aim that thing,” she said sarcastically.

“That would be nice bro,” said Gwen. “I’ll give you a hand.”

There was no point covering up, so I just put on my slippers and went in to make the coffee. Gwen followed behind.

“What just happened?” asked Gwen.

“I don’t know. Did mom cum?”

“I think she did.”

As I prepared the cups Gwen sorted out some biscuits and before we could bring them out, mom arrived into the kitchen.

“Probably be easier to eat in here, then, I can head off back home if that’s OK.”

I got some towels for us to sit on and we sat, naked, around the table. There was an awkward silence as we tried to act natural and not look at each other.

“Listen you two,” said mom, “I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed you but, I’ve got to thank you for letting me join you today. I’ve enjoyed sitting naked with you both and hope you have too. It would be nice if we could do it again.”

Gwen and I looked at each other and smiled.

“Mom,” I said, “you’re more than welcome. It was just a shock that not only were we ‘caught’ but also that you joined in without any second thoughts. That you willingly let us see you naked. But I think now that that initial shock

is over, it will be easier next time.”

“Gwen?” asked mom.

“It will be easier and sure John got to see two naked females in a hot-tub, every guy’s fantasy.”

“A special fantasy since the naked women were his mother and sister,” said mom with a naughty wink.

We all laughed and felt a lot more relaxed. The conversation was still not flowing naturally but we did chat.

“Time I was getting home to your father,” said mom,”and don’t worry, this is our little secret. Give me a hug then I’ll leave you both in peace.”

She got up and gave Gwen a hug then me. Her very large and still hard nipples dug into my chest and my cock betrayed me once again as it stiffened against mom’s thigh. I was mortified. She, however, said nothing, stepped back so it could be sandwiched between us which didn’t help my situation and as her thick thatch of pubic hair rubbed against its sensitive head before nestling against my balls. I got a lot harder and pre-cum starting oozing. Mom seemed to let the hug linger longer than she should. Was she enjoying my hard cock rubbing against her? It twitched and mom smiled. The dreaded tingles were starting. Then, before the tingles got too much she released me and headed to Gwen’s room to get ready and a few minutes later she was on her way.

“Hopefully our next session will be sooner rather than later,” she said, “and don’t worry; I’m not going to make a nuisance of myself by dropping by too often.”

Then she was gone. Gwen and I went back to the kitchen table.

“I’ll say it again, what just happened?”

“I don’t know sis. I just don’t know. Did mom just give her blessing to what we’re doing?”

“I think so,” Gwen said with a grin, “and I think she enjoyed your stiffy rubbing against her pubes.”

“Then let’s not disappoint her,” I said laughing, “and get back into the tub.”

With lighter hearts we went back to the tub. I knew things were back to normal when Gwen climbed in as she normally did; only this time she deliberately took her time giving me a long, lingering look at her pussy. My cock stiffened and as she sat down she looked at it.

“I’m glad it enjoyed the view.”

“It certainly did,” I replied making no attempt to hide my erection.

Once we’d settled Gwen put the jets on. Was she going to copy mom? As if she was reading my mind she said, “Would you mind if I copied mom from earlier?”

“Do you mean to masturbate on the jet?”

She blushed deeply. Her neck and chest grew red.

“Yes,” she said quietly.

“You work away sis and if you can give yourself more than one, then all the better.”

She gave me her widest smile yet.

“You won’t think less of me?”

“Certainly not, especially since I’ll enjoy watching.”

She shifted her body over the jet and keeping eye contact with me, she started. Firstly she settled herself over the jet no doubt getting her pussy aroused. Then slowly she started, ever so gently moving back and forward letting the jet caress the length of her pussy. Her eyes closed briefly and her breathing became heavier. When she looked at me again it was obvious that she was in the first throes of her orgasm. Her eyes were glazing bostancı escort over and she started to bite on her lower lip.

My cock was rigid beneath the water. It was all I could do to not begin stroking it. I don’t know how long I could hold out before joining sis with her wank.

Her back and forward movement then turned into up and down moves. Her breathing got heavier and she stared lustfully at me. I couldn’t hold back any longer and stood up exposing my rigid boner to Gwen. She sucked in a heavy breath as she looked at my cock and whenever I gripped it and started to stroke it, she let out a loud moan. Her breathing quickened as did my stroking. She was panting heavily now and her eyes darted between my cock and my face. I could feel my balls starting to tighten as my orgasm approached. The tingling sensations just kept on intensifying. Pre-cum leaked profusely from my cock head. Suddenly I erupted and my cum spurted out in long ropes. My legs buckled and I lost my balance landing back into my seat. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had and it seemed enough to push Gwen into hers as she screamed, moaned and panted, as her orgasm ripped through her. She too collapsed back into her seat.

For what seemed like a long time the only sound that could be heard was the gradual slowing down of very heavy breathing. I was sure my heart would burst from my chest and I wasn’t sure if I was hearing my blood pounding or just felt it so. What an experience!

Eventually our bodies settled and we looked at each other as if to say; did that just happen? Was the silence a feeling of guilt? A feeling of revulsion even?

“Well bro, I don’t know about you, but that was awesome,” said a breathy and exhausted Gwen.

“It certainly was,” I said in agreement.

More silence followed, but it wasn’t awkward.

“I don’t know if I need a coffee or a drink,” laughed Gwen.

“I know what you mean. What if I get us a coffee first?”

“Sounds good to me. Let’s eat inside.”

Gwen stood up and gave me my usual show as she climbed out. This time it was a wet and still aroused pussy that I was seeing.

“Looks like the box is open,” I said.

“Is it indeed,” she replied looking back at me from between her legs.

She held her position and slipped her hand between her legs as if to check the accuracy of my statement.

“So it is,” she agreed as she proceeded to slip two fingers into her pussy.

I stood up. My cock had stiffened again and was twitching at the scene being played out in front of me. It was so hot I never got the chance to warn her as I shot my second load all over her ass.

She smiled and moaned as her own orgasm raced through her.

“Think I’ll need a shower before coffee,” she said as she rubbed my jizz all over her ass.

Even that small act made my cock twitch.

Gwen climbed out and went in for her shower. I tidied up, shut the hot-tub down and locked it up for the night.

As I entered the kitchen Gwen came out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel.

“I’ll do the coffee while you shower,” she said.

In the shower my mind was reeling from what had just happened. Other guys would probably think I was so lucky to get to fulfil a fantasy by cumming over my sister’s ass. My mind wasn’t letting me enjoy that fantasy. Had we crossed a line? Was the innocence of simple nudity now gone? Was Gwen as conflicted as me? Time would tell.

Once out of the shower I went into the kitchen wearing just my towel. Gwen was sitting on the sofa still wrapped in hers and sipping her coffee. I took my coffee and sat at the table.

The elephant had returned to the room.

“Is she ok with what happened?” I wondered. “If we stop the naked hot-tubbing and Mom drops by again, will she wonder and possibly work out what happened? Will she be annoyed or angry with us?”

These were just some of the thoughts that were whizzing through my mind.

“Are you ok Gwen?” I asked with my heart leaping into my mouth.

She looked at me with eyes that showed the same conflict I was having.

“I think so,” she eventually replied. “We got carried away in the heat of the moment and probably did things we wouldn’t have thought we’d ever do. But…”

“Here we go,” I thought. “We’ve spoiled the innocent fun we were having by getting caught up in the moment. She won’t want to continue.”

“…I don’t regret it. In fact, I enjoyed it,” she continued. “Did you?”

“Did I just hear her correctly,” I thought. “Surely not. She enjoyed it?”

“Yes, I did. It certainly wasn’t something I thought we’d ever do. It certainly wasn’t something I expected to happen, but it did and my biggest fear is that it will spoil the fun we’ve had exploring our naturist side. Is it wrong of me to think that?”

“No, because I’ve been thinking the same. I’ve enjoyed the nudity and the innocent teasing. It’s not as if we’re going to be wanking and cumming every time we hot-tub; are we?”

“We’d be exhausted if we did,” I replied.

Gwen çekmeköy escort laughed.

I believe the elephant had been banished.

When she’d finished her coffee, she put her mug in the sink, gave me a kiss to the top of my head as she walked behind me towards her room and wished me goodnight.

I finished off my coffee and went to bed too.

Sunday morning arrived with the sunlight streaming through my bedroom window. I’d slept well considering the previous evening’s shenanigans. I was just about to get out of bed when there was a soft knock on my door. It opened slowly.

“Are you awake?” Gwen whispered.

“Yes,” I replied.

“May I come in?”

“Come on ahead sis.”

The door opened fully and Gwen stepped in. She was naked and I was relieved. It seemed our escapades last night hadn’t frightened her.

“Can we talk?”

“Of course.”

Moving over to my bed, she perched herself at the foot of it, sitting with her legs folded beneath her in a yoga type pose I couldn’t remember the name of. It fully exposed her ‘box’ but sadly this time it was closed.

I threw the duvet off me and sat as well but wasn’t able to copy her pose. We were now sitting close to each other, fully exposed to one another, with my flaccid cock lying against my right thigh.

“I hope that what happened last evening won’t stop the good times we’ve been having,” she said with a certain amount of nervousness.

“Considering you’ve entered my bedroom naked and perched yourself on my bed and I haven’t complained but in fact joined in the nudity should tell us both something.”

She smiled the type of smile that reaches your eyes.

“Then you’re good with it continuing?” she asked.

“Yes, if you are.”

“I most certainly am,” she replied with a huge grin before launching herself on top of me and knocking me onto my back to give me a hug.

She was lying half on top. Her right leg was between my legs while my right leg was between hers. Her arms were around my neck hugging me tight and pressing her right boob hard against my chest.

“Thank you, John,” she said. “I was worried we’d lose this new connection.”

I wriggled to try and get more comfortable but ended rubbing my thigh against her pubes. Knowing that it was her pubic hair rubbing against my upper thigh starting getting me aroused. This was not good.

My reaction was to try and roll over but that only made things worse as I ended up on top of her missionary style with my cock right against her pussy. I was starting to panic but Gwen wasn’t. I thought she’d have let me go and pushed me off, but she didn’t. As I tried to get off her, she tightened her hug, looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t be worrying big bro. It’s not going anywhere. Enjoy the hug.”

I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of her beneath me. My cock did react but didn’t go into full boner mode, much to my relief.

“Shall we get our day started,” she asked.

“I’ll go put the coffee on,” I replied.

I climbed off leaving a pre-cum string connecting my cock to her pubic hair, then reached out to help her up. Spreading her legs to get more push she revealed her now slightly open and moist box. I wasn’t the only one who was getting aroused.

Breakfast was eaten naked. I had my usual cereal while Gwen had fruit mixed with yoghurt. There was silence as we ate but it wasn’t an uncomfortable one and it was as we sipped our coffee that Gwen tried to explain how she was feeling.

“The reason last night didn’t scare me nor put me off what we’ve been enjoying was all down to Mom.”

“How so?” I asked puzzled.

“First of all, she didn’t go ape shit with us being naked and she joined us. So, she must have approved. Secondly, she actually masturbated in front of us and orgasmed. If she was confident and comfortable enough to do that in front of her children, then what we did after must be ok too.”

“You have a valid point,” I agreed. “If she can openly cum in front of us then she can’t complain if we do it in front of each other too.”

“Precisely,” continued Gwen, “and thirdly, we’re not going to have sex. We both know that. We might have feared it could happen, but we know deep down that it won’t…”

“She had more confidence than I had,” I thought but she was right though, I had no desire to have sex with her; but, who knows what could happen in the heat of the moment. I just hope I never prove her wrong.

“… that’s why I felt comfortable enough jumping on you in bed and ending up underneath you. We also don’t have to wank and cum each time we use the tub either. That would only spoil things, but that’s not to say that we shouldn’t if the notion takes us.”

“Ok,” I said. “What’s the order of play for today? When would you like to hot-tub? After lunch or this evening before bed?”

“This evening would be nice then we can just go to bed after,” she said.

“Hopefully separate beds,” I said with a wink.

“You’re incorrigible,” she said throwing a cushion at me.

We both laughed and whatever tension there was evaporated.

After getting showered and dressed we sat about the house doing our own things. Lunch came and went. Dishes were done and I did the last of my ironing. It was after 4pm and I was about to ask Gwen when she’d like to hot-tub when there was a knock on the front door. Opening it I saw Gwen’s friend Sarah.

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