meant to be


meant to beThis story is true in a sense it happened to a friend of mine, I knew him through the years growing up he was a perfectly normal red blooded American guy he played football we chased girls. We talked about girls all the time we were definitely girl crazy I remain the same girl crazed guy ive always been but he changed as soon as he met wendy she so beautiful she had dirty blonde hair green eyes she was so smart and funny. They were perfect together they were meant to be everytime i seen him I saw her they held hands kissed each other hello and good bye at first it made me nauseous but being married and in love now i can understand it. i was even his best man at his wedding he wanted everything to be perfect for her he definitely wanted the perfect house. That is where our story gets interesting it was a crisp summer day the happy couple arranged to meet the realtor but before that the owner wanted to get to know the couple first he had lived with his partner in that house güvenilir bahis for over thirty five years. hIs name was Wilson he was a very neat looking man very well dressed smiling when he saw my friend oh my heres the happy couple he said gleaming at my friend and the lovely woman he said shaking wendys hand as well. well youngsters i have one rule i only talk to the husband about business its old fashioned but i am he smiled at wendy he wanted her to checkout the house on her own while he talked business with my friend. he took my friend to the bedroom my friend noticed he was an old man he always felt uncomfortable around older people he didnt have a strong relationship with his grandfather and he slightly reminded him of his grandfather. ill be upfront with you im eighty years old i lost my partner i have known for over fifty years ive been on my own now for three years its been so hard on me young man he said with a tear in his eye, i see how happy you are with your türkçe bahis newly wedded bride it could never be that way for me my friend asked why the old man said gay men werent allowed to get married in my day and it would have been so special to consumate the years we spent together as partners. i hope i dont scare you with this completely inappropriate and unusual request have you and your misses been on your honeymoon yet well no my friend said we are going next week. the old man looked down ill make you a promise ill make you a great deal on the house ill cut the house price in half if you do me this one favor he old man in a pleading way held my friends hands will you make love to me as you would your bride in this bed as if it was our honeymoon i would pretend you are my partner it would be my dying wish you look so much like him when i met him so long ago youre so handsome and you seem like such a nice young man. my friend was shocked at the request the old man could güvenilir bahis siteleri sense the young mans hesitation i promise itd be this one time ill even put it in writing immediately my friend weighed his options this was the only house wendy wanted and if i could do that for her it would make her happy i kind of swore a vow to make her happy may i ask my wife real quick he said absolutely i wouldnt want you to get in trouble with the misses he said smiling in an understanding way. he went down to explain everything to wendy after explaining the whole thing to her for ten minutes iterating everything he was absolutely shocked when wendy became teary eyed and held his hand omg thats so sad she said he never got to enjoy what we are going to enjoy next week and he was with his partner for so long i dont like practically whoring you out but it is a romantic request and if it helps both of us ill leave the decision up to you she said she kissed him passionately there thatll get you started and it sure did he was harder than a piece of iron. when he got upstairs the door was closed he knocked and a female voice answered come in he opened the door and was absolutely shocked at what he found……to be continued

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