Meet The New Neighbor


A new neighbor had just moved in next door. I actually had not met her, but I found out her name was Becky. She evidently was recently divorced and trying to get back on her feet. This is what the neighborhood snoops had told me. My first encounter with my new neighbor was on a Saturday. My wife’s job involves much travel. She was away that weekend and I was on my own once more.

I got out early and was mowing the lawn. I normally wear just a pair of shorts and my sneakers. By the time I was finished I was sweating a great deal. That was when Becky introduced herself. She said I looked like I needed a cold drink. I said that would be good right about now. We both walked into her house and into the kitchen.

Becky handed me a cold can of soda. As she turned she managed to brush her hand against my chest.

“I am so sorry Matt,” she said to me. We were just a foot apart.

“It’s no problem,” I replied.

The problem was, Becky was resting her hand on my sweaty chest. We were looking into each other’s eyes.

“It’s just been a long time since I touched a man,” Becky told me.

I understood perfectly. My wife and I had been going through a rough patch lately. With her travelling all the time, our relationship wasn’t clicking at the moment. Somehow we managed to move even closer to one another. I reached around and pulled Becky into me. Becky opened her mouth and my tongue darted in. Before you knew it we were groping each other. I felt Becky’s hand reach down and she began to massage the outside of my shorts. I thought my cock was going to break through the material of my shorts.

Becky reached for the waistline of my shorts and they slid off güvenilir bahis my body to the floor. I swiftly pulled Becky’s shirt off as well as the shorts she was wearing. I should tell you about Becky. She didn’t have the prettiest face, to be honest. She did have a killer body however. The nipples on her breasts were upturned. Becky has ample curves and her pussy was shaved down to a small strip of hair.

Becky had her arms around my neck by this time. I reached down and pulled her up, my hands right under her ass. Becky was panting like mad now. I lifted her up, the tip of my cock was pressed at the opening of her pussy. I let her drop onto my stiff member. The air went out of Becky’s lungs. She made this moan I had never heard any woman ever make before.

I began to thrust deep into her love crevice. I was fucking her like a madman. Becky was kissing and biting my mouth and neck. She had her wet muscles clamped around my thick pole and she was milking me . There we were standing in the middle of her kitchen, fucking like two teenagers in heat. If my wife could have seen me then!

The sweat really was pouring off the both of us by that time. I moved us over towards the dining room table. I let Becky onto her back. I lifted her legs up and positioned them over my shoulders. The tip of my cock was barely resting inside her.

“Do you want me still?” I asked her.

“Why are you torturing me?” She said.

I drove my shaft in all the way, I was buried to the hilt.

“Oh fuck!” Becky screamed out.

I slide my cock in and out of her, thrusting as fast as I could. Becky’s pussy was oozing love juices. They were running down her ass and onto the dining türkçe bahis room tablecloth. I then gave her short, hard strokes. My pubic bone was slamming into hers. You could hear the loud slapping noises as my ball sacs were hitting Becky’s ass. I looked into Becky’s face. She had her head thrown back. She looked like she was completely out of it.

Fuck lust was upon both of us. I decided I was going to make her mine.

“You were looking at my cock bulge when I was mowing, weren’t you?” I said.

“God Yes!” Becky blurted out.

“You wanted me to fuck you, I saw it in your eyes,” I told her.

“Please Matt, don’t ever take it out.” Becky was pleading with me.

I kept shoving my cock into her. I reached down with my thumb and I pressed it against her clit. Becky’s hot cunt went into a spasm and she began to spray her cum all over my cock and body. Becky was shouting at me now. I kept my thumb against her clit and Becky kept erupting. One orgasm after another. Her body was shaking when I got through with her. I then did something I can hardly believe doing.

Becky was lying there spent on the dining room table. Becky’s spray was everywhere even though I hadn’t cum inside her. I pulled my cock out and wiped it off on the tablecloth. I went over and pulled my shorts and shoes on. I promptly walked back to my house, leaving Becky all fucked out on her table.

It was later that evening that my doorbell rang. I answered it and it was Becky. She asked if she could come in. She had to ask me something. Why did I leave like that? Becky was nearly crazy from me walking out. She thought I found her undesireable and left her there, half passed out.

I asked güvenilir bahis siteleri her if she was addicted to my cock. She said she was nearly insane because she still wanted me to fuck her some more, and I had left. She hadn’t had a man in nearly six months. My cock had given her so many orgasms, she had stopped counting. I told her she could only have my cock from now on. That was the only way she would ever feel my dick inside her.

I thought Becky was going to jump me right then. She said she my cock stretched her beyond belief. If she couldn’t have me, she would go insane. I took her back to my bed, I stripped her and took her for my own. I used my tongue at first. I chewed on her labia then flicking my tongue up and down her wet gash. I can tell you that Becky was soaking wet also. I worked my fingers in and out of that sweet pussy. I didn’t let her cum however.

I got on top of her and rubbed my mushroom head up and down her pussylips. Becky wanted it so bad, she brought her legs around my waist and pulled me into her by herself. I slipped my hands under her ass. I pulled her into me as I pounded her pussy. Becky squealed and screamed as I circled my cock around. The stretched skin of my cock was rubbing her pussy walls, Becky later said she could almost feel the veins of my cock as I was fucking her.

We fucked all that night and into the early morning hours. By the time we were finished the sheets were drenched with love stains. I now have Becky as often as I like. One small problem is when my wife returns and Becky and I can’t fuck. Becky is almost crazy thinking that I might be fucking my wife. I told Becky that my wife and I rarely make love, but that doesn’t help. Becky can’t have me when my wife is around. I guess one good thing is when my wife does leave for her business trips, Becky is so filled with lust, I barely stick my dick in her and she is cumming. It is working out well for me!

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